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The first time Eric Migicovsky saw his watch in the wild was at Toronto#39;s Pearson Airport last February. Disembarking a late-night flight, he ran into someone sporting a Pebble on his wrist. ;The guy saw me and was like, #39;Good work. I just got mine the other day,#39;; recounts Migicovsky, laughing. ;It was just the weirdest thing.;去年二月,在加拿大多伦多皮尔逊机场,埃里克?米基科夫斯基首次在现实生活中看到自己推出的Pebble手表。从一架午夜航班上下来时,他遇见了一个戴着Pebble手表的人。“那哥们看到了我,然后说:‘我这块Pebble手表刚买没几天。好用极了。’”米基科夫斯基笑着说:“这事真是太不可思议了。”Given its initial success, Migicovsky may want to get used to such encounters. His device, the Pebble smartwatch, became an overnight media sensation last year when it snagged almost .3 million in funding on Kickstarter -- over 100 times the original amount Migicovsky hoped to raise. (The Pebble also quickly became exhibit A for the crowdfunding site#39;s power.) The firm#39;s 11 full-time employees have shipped 25,000 watches to date, priced at for early supporters and 0 retail. They expect to ship another 50,000 this month.鉴于Pebble首战告捷,米基科夫斯基可能要对这种事习以为常了。Pebble智能手表项目去年在众筹网站Kickstarter上募得近1,030万美元——比米基科夫斯基原本想募集的金额高出100多倍,一夜之间引起媒体轰动(Pebble也迅速成为众筹网站Kickstarter最佳例案)。Pebble公司11名全职员工迄今已经发货25,000只Pebble手表,对初期持者的定价为99美元,而零售价为150美元。他们预计本月将再发货50,000只。If brisk sales continue, the Pebble is poised to become a significant player in the emerging wearable computing market, which Google (GOOG) will enter later this year with its augmented reality eyeglasses, Google Glass. Even Apple (APPL) may have a smartwatch of its own coming -- if rumors are to be believed. Gartner Research analyst Michael Gartenberg estimates wearable will become a whopping billion industry by 2015.如果Pebble继续旺销,它将成为正在兴起的可佩戴式计算机市场上的一家重要厂商。谷歌(Google)将于今年晚些时候携增强现实眼镜产品谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)进军这个市场。而且如果传言属实,苹果(Apple)也或将推出自己的智能手表。市场调研公司高德纳(Gartner Research)分析师迈克尔?加腾伯格预期到2015年,可佩戴式计算机将成长为产值高达百亿美元的产业。The sudden swell in backing came as a surprise to Migicovsky, a University of Waterloo graduate with an engineering degree, who first dreamed up the idea of a watch that connected wirelessly with a smartphone while he was out cycling one day. ;I thought, wouldn#39;t it be cool to see text messages, caller ID, and that kind of thing right there on your watch instead of having to take out your phone?; he recalls.米基科夫斯基拥有滑铁卢大学(University of Waterloo)工学学士学位。某天他在骑自行车时突发奇想,为什么不设计一款能与智能手机无线相连的手表呢?而Kickstarter上无比成功的募资让他异常惊喜。米基科夫斯基回忆说:“我想,如果能在手表上查看短信、来电等各种信息,而不是掏出手机,是不是非常酷?”Not everyone shared Migicovsky#39;s enthusiasm for wearable computing then. Early on, Micicovsky had trouble generating interest from many venture capitalists who were reluctant to invest in a hardware company with the exception of 5,000 raised from four angel investors, including Tim Draper, co-founder of the Menlo Park, Calif.-based venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. ;I was thinking, #39;what happens in a post-Apple world,#39; and I decided it was watches and glasses,; Draper explains. And while Pebble first passed through Paul Graham#39;s famed YCombinator, the same startup incubator that yielded Airbnb and Dropbox, it wasn#39;t until Kickstarter that Pebble really found its footing.不过,并不是每个人都看好米基科夫斯基的可穿戴式计算机设备。最初,米基科夫斯基很苦恼无法赢得风险投资家们的欢心,这些人可不愿意向一家硬件新创企业投资。只有四位天使投资人向米基科夫斯基抛出了橄榄枝,其中包括蒂姆?德瑞普。他是加州门罗帕克市德丰杰风投基金(Draper Fisher Jurvetson)的联合创始人。他们一共投资375,000美元。德瑞普解释说:“我一直在思索什么洞悉能够称雄‘后苹果时代’,我的看法是手表和眼镜有望成为真命天子。”保罗?格雷厄姆创建的风险投资公司YCombinator极富盛名,曾孵化出创新公寓出租务Airbnb和云存储技术公司Dropbox等新创企业。Pebble最初经过了YCombinator的孵化,但直到登陆Kickstarter,Pebble才真正得以立足。Although so-called smartwatches have been tried by other companies like Sony (SNE) and Motorola, the Pebble earned a slew of mostly positive reviews that applauded its sleek waterproof design, including that outdoors-friendly 1.26-inch power-sipping screen that was designed with subtlety in mind. Thanks to a 10-month design process that involved over 50 different prototype designs and 3-D-printed mock-ups, the Pebble looks less like those chunkywatches favored by Dick Tracey and more like a contemporary timepiece. It also works largely as advertised. So long as users have an iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth, Pebble owners can screen calls, check email and other messages. (The Pebble vibrates for every incoming email and text received.)智能手表不是什么新鲜事物,索尼(Sony)和托罗拉(Motorola)等公司都曾经推出过类似的产品。但Pebble出手不凡,迅速赢得大量好评。人们交口称赞它精巧的防水设计、用心打造的户外式1.26英寸低功耗显示屏。Pebble的设计周期长达10个月,一共设计过50多个不同的原型和3D打印模型。Pebble看起来可不像迪克?特蕾西所钟爱的那种笨重的手表,它可是一款时尚产品。它的功能就像广告说的那样:用户只需打开iPhone或Android手机的蓝牙,就能在Pebble上屏蔽来电、查看邮件和信息。(收到邮件或短信的时候,Pebble会震动。) /201303/230698

After getting his M.B.A. from the College of William and Mary, Chris Perry knew he#39;d have to venture beyond Williamsburg, Va., to find a good job in marketing and branding.从威廉玛丽学院(College of William and Mary)获得MBA学位后,佩里(Chris Perry)知道他必须去弗吉尼亚州威廉斯堡以外的地方闯一闯,才能找到一份与营销和品牌有关的好工作。The best jobs in his field are in big cities like New York, and industry recruiters weren#39;t coming to his university. So, through the career website LinkedIn he started reaching out to people who worked at companies that he had an interest in. His first few introductions didn#39;t get much response. Mr. Perry acknowledges that his notes were cordial but may have sounded too self-serving. So he softened his approach.他所属领域的最好的工作都在纽约这样的大城市,行业招聘人员不会来到他们这所大学招聘。所以,他开始通过职业社交网站LinkedIn联系那些在他感兴趣的公司工作的人。他最初发出的一些自我介绍没有获得太多回复。佩里承认他发送的信息都挺诚恳的,但可能听起来有点自私。所以他软化了他的措辞。#39;I#39;d put in the title that I was a recent M.B.A. graduate looking for advice, #39; says Mr. Perry. #39;I#39;d focus on talking about them during informational interviews and I#39;d mention any accomplishments of theirs that I may have about.#39;佩里说,我会在标题中写上,我是一名刚毕业的MBA学生,希望获得您的建议。他说,我会在信息性的谈话时集中谈论对方,我还会提到我可能读到的有关他们的任何成就的信息。He also participated in LinkedIn industry groups that allowed him to communicate directly with contacts he couldn#39;t have reached without a chain of introductions.他还参与了一些LinkedIn上的行业组织,这些组织可以使他能够直接与那些在该组织外需要经过一系列引荐才能联系到的人。One fellow group member worked for Reckitt Benckiser, a British consumer-goods company with a major office in Parsippany, N.J. The contact agreed to speak with Mr. Perry on condition that he not ask for a reference. After a pleasant conversation, the contact ended up forwarding Mr. Perry#39;s résumé to the HR department, which helped him get an interview and a job. He#39;s now a senior leader on Reckitt#39;s e-commerce team.其中一个组织的一位成员在英国消费品公司利洁时(Reckitt Benckiser)工作,这家公司在新泽西州的帕西帕尼设有一个主要办事处。这位联系人同意与佩里交谈,但前提是佩里不要求推荐信。在经过了一次愉快的交谈后,这位联系人最终将佩里的简历推荐给该公司的人力资源部门,后者帮助他获得了一次面试机会,最终他在这个公司获得了一份工作。现在佩里是利洁时电子商务团队的高级负责人。Social-media websites like LinkedIn have made job hunting easier by automating many tasks. But one-click networking invitations fall short when trying to reach people, say experts. Instead, job hunters need to engage other professionals on a more personal level. This includes getting introductions to people outside of your network who can help you with your career. The trick is knowing how to ask.类似LinkedIn这样的社交媒体网站,通过使许多工作自动完成,使求职变得更加容易。但专家说,在尝试拓展人脉时,只点击发送关系网邀请是不够的。求职者需要在更加个人化的层面上与其他专职人员接触。这包括使自己被引荐给你的关系网之外、可能对你的职业有帮助的人。窍门在于知道如何提出这样的请求。Focus on your first- and second-degree connections. The former are contacts that have aly accepted your invitation to join your network, or vice versa, and the latter are contacts known to your first-degree connection. Third-degree connections require more than one introduction and can be difficult to reach, as you may not have a mutual acquaintance.将注意力放在你的第一级和第二级关系上。第一级关系是已经接受你的邀请加入你的关系网的人,反之亦然,第二级关系是你的首要联系人认识的人。第三级关系是需要超过一个人引荐的人,你们之间可能难以建立联系,因为你们可能没有共同认识的人。Consider whom you want to get an introduction from. Do research on LinkedIn, Google and even Glassdoor to find out what kind of employee your chosen first-degree contact is, says Dan Schawbel, a workplace expert from Boston and author of #39;Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success.#39;波士顿职场专家施瓦贝尔(Dan Schawbel)说,考虑一下你想获得谁的引荐,在LinkedIn、谷歌(Google),甚至是Glassdoor上查出你选择的第一级联系人是哪种员工。施瓦贝尔著有《提升自己:职场成功的新规则》(Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success)一书。#39;You really don#39;t want an endorsement from somebody that#39;s not liked at work or who has a poor workplace reputation, #39; says Mr. Schawbel. #39;How much do you really know about that person that you connected with at that trade show?#39;施瓦贝尔说,你肯定不想被在职场不受欢迎或者名声不好的人引荐,对于在那次展会认识的联系人你真正了解多少?When asking for an introduction, make it easy for your first-degree contact by mentioning how you#39;d like to be introduced and the reasons you need help, writing out the introduction to be forwarded and providing something in return for the effort. Networking works best when both parties can offer the other something useful.当提出引荐请求时,要使你的第一级联系人能轻松完成这件事,你要告诉对方你希望以何种方式被引荐以及你需要帮助的理由,还要写好引荐信,并且要对对方有所回馈。关系网在双方都能为对方带来益处时能够发挥最佳作用。You should also give your contact an easy way out in case he or she isn#39;t comfortable making the introduction, says New York career coach Melissa Llarena. #39;Always be gracious, since at the very least they might offer useful advice or a referral to somebody else that can help you with an introduction, #39; she says.纽约职业导师利亚雷纳(Melissa Llarena)说,你还应当使你的联系人能轻松拒绝这个请求,因为这个引荐有可能会令他(或她)感到不便。她说,要始终保持友好,因为他们至少可能会提供一些有用的建议,或者推荐另外一个可以帮助引荐你的人。Groups are one way to contact second- and third-degree LinkedIn members directly. But don#39;t join a group and start contacting individual members without making an earnest attempt to participate in community dialogue. You could get ejected from the group by the moderators.加入行业组织是在LinkedIn直接接触到第二和第三级联系人的一个方式。但不要一加入一个组织,就开始联系个别成员,而没有认真尝试参与社群对话。你可能会被管理员逐出该组织。Answer some questions and start new topics. Go beyond #39;liking#39; updates by making thoughtful comments on new posts or by sharing relevant links. You want to show regular engagement, says Mr. Schawbel. That includes answering any network requests promptly.施瓦贝尔说,你可以回答一些问题以及发起新话题。不要只对新帖子点“赞”,要发表有深度的或者分享相关链接。你要表现出你是一个经常积极参与讨论的人。这包括迅速回复任何关系网请求。Preface any requests with regular status updates to show that you#39;re active. It will also give you and your contact something to reference. Just don#39;t share the same personal updates about your cats across all of your social-media accounts. Try to keep your LinkedIn updates on a more professional level.在提出请求前要经常更新状态,这样可以显示你的活跃度。这也会给你和你的联系人提供参考。只是不要在所有社交媒体账户的个人状态更新上分享同一个关于你的猫的信息。试着让你的LinkedIn账户上的状态更新更加职业化。You#39;ll get a much better response if your profile is up-to-date and includes a photo. That includes making your profile relevant to the job that you want to get, says Ms. Llarena.如果你的简介是最新的而且包括一张照片,你会获得更好的回复。利亚雷纳说,这包括让你的简介与你想要获得的工作相关。Once you#39;ve established a regular dialogue, take the relationship offline as soon as you can. Ask for 30 minutes and treat your contact to coffee or lunch.一旦你和联系人确立了经常性的对话关系,要尽快在线下发展这一关系。可以邀请你的联系人抽出30分钟时间一起喝杯咖啡或者共进午餐。 /201311/263578

U.S. researchers are bracing for the prospect that China will once again have the world#39;s fastest computer─and could hang on to the speed crown for some time.美国的研究人员正准备迎接中国将再次拥有世界上运算速度最快的电脑这一现实,而且中国的这一地位还有可能保持相当一段时间。China#39;s National University of Defense Technology last week informed visiting scientists about a massive machine in Changsha whose initial test results appear likely to top the next ranking of the 500 largest supercomputers, scheduled for release later this month.中国的国防科技大学(National University of Defense Technology)上周告知来访的科学家们,中国一台巨型计算机的初次测试结果显示,它有可能在定于本月晚些时候公布的最新一期全球超级计算机500强排行榜上位列第一。Such systems, used heavily by government agencies for purposes such as weapons design and intelligence-gathering, have long been seen a symbol of national competitiveness─and the focus of recent leapfrogging moves by the U.S., China and Japan.巨型计算机主要被政府机构出于武器设计和情报收集等目的而使用,它们一向被视为国家竞争力的象征,世界运算速度最快计算机的宝座近年来一直被美国、中国和日本这三个国家交替占据。A supercomputer in China unveiled in 2010 briefly topped the global speed ranking. But U.S. research institutions recently have fielded the fastest hardware, led by a machine called Titan at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.中国2010年对外公布的一台超级计算机曾短暂成为世界运算速度最快的计算机。但是美国的研究机构又推出了更快的硬件,即田纳西州橡树岭国家实验室(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)的一台叫做“泰坦”(Titan)的计算机。The new Chinese system─called the Tianhe-2, or Milkyway-2─uses two different kinds of computer chips from Intel Corp. INTC -2.60% as well as some homegrown circuitry, according to Jack Dongarra, a U.S. supercomputer expert who saw the system last week. He published details about the machine that were reported earlier by the publication HPCwire.根据上周亲眼看到这一系统的美国超级电脑专家唐加拉(Jack Dongarra)说,中国开发的新系统叫做“天河2号”,使用了来自英特尔的两种不同电脑芯片以及一些国产的电路系统。他发表了这台计算机的具体信息,这些信息早些时候已经被HPCwire网站报道。#39;It#39;s a real system,#39; said Mr. Dongarra in an interview Wednesday. #39;It seems to be y for production.#39;唐加拉周三接受采访时说,这是一个真正的系统。它似乎已经可以投入生产。Mr. Dongarra, a professor at the University of Tennessee who is also on the Oak Ridge research staff, said Chinese officials put the system#39;s theoretical peak performance at 54.9 quadrillion operations per second─or petaflops, in industry parlance. It reached 30.65 petaflops in a standard test known as Linpack, he said, compared with 17.59 petaflops for the Oak Ridge system.唐加拉是田纳西大学(University of Tennessee)的教授,也是橡树岭国家实验室的工作成员。他说,中国官员称,该系统理论上的性能峰值是每秒运算54.9千万亿次。他说,在Linpack标准测试中可达到30.65千万亿次,相比之下,橡树岭实验室的系统可达到17.59千万亿次。The U.S. has previously responded to such challenges, including a system from Japan that temporarily held the top speed ranking. But the next U.S. supercomputer that could challenge the Tianhe-2 isn#39;t expected until 2015, said Horst Simon, another supercomputer expert who is deputy director at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.美国之前曾经回应过此类挑战,包括运算速度曾经排名第一的来自日本的系统。但是另一名超级计算机专家西蒙(Horst Simon)说,美国能够挑战天河2号的下一台超级计算机预计到2015年才会出现。西蒙是劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)的副主任。#39;If anybody believes that the Chinese are just in there for a stunt, this machine has proven them wrong,#39; Mr. Simon said.西蒙说,如果有人觉得中国人研究超级计算机只是噱头,这台计算机可以明他们错了。He argued that the U.S. government has invested sporadically in supercomputers lately, while Chinese agencies have spent steadily. #39;In some areas where there has been a tradition of U.S. leadership, the Chinese are out there to really be in the race and win,#39; Mr. Simon said.他说,美国政府最近对超级计算机进行了零散的投资,而中国的投资一直很稳定。西蒙说,在美国长期占据领导地位的一些领域,中国人已经在参与竞争并且取得成功。No official price has been released for the Tianhe-2 system, which was constructed with help from the Chinese company Inspur. But some U.S. researchers put the likely cost at 0 million to 0 million.天河2号系统的官方价格还没有公布。天河2号系统是在中国公司浪潮集团(Inspur Co.)的协助下建造的。但是美国的一些研究人员认为价格可能在2亿美元到3亿美元之间。Tianhe-2 is a big endorsement for a new Intel product line. The Silicon Valley company#39;s standard microprocessors have been used in supercomputers since the 1990s. But some big machines lately have been enhanced with chips called GPUs, or graphics processing units, from companies such as Nvidia Corp. NVDA -2.14%天河2号是对英特尔一个新产品系列的巨大认可。自从上世纪90年代以来,这家硅谷公司的标准微处理器就一直被用于超级计算机中。但是一些大型计算机近来使用了叫做“图形处理单元”(GPU)的芯片,并因此得到性能上的提升,这些GPU来自英伟达(Nvidia Corp.)等公司。Intel has responded with the Xeon Phi, a specialized chip with as many as 61 calculating engines. The new Chinese system has 48,000 of those chips, as well as 32,000 conventional Xeon chips based on a forthcoming design not yet generally available, according to Mr. Dongarra#39;s report.英特尔的回应是推出了Xeon Phi,这是一种拥有多达61个计算引擎的专业芯片。根据唐加拉的报告,中国新的系统拥有4.8万个Xeon Phi芯片,以及3.2万个传统的Xeon芯片,这些芯片基于一种即将推出的设计,这种设计目前还没有全面普及。In addition, the system has about 4,000 chips developed in China that are based on a standard design called Sparc. Mr. Dongarra said Chinese officials appear determined to reduce their dependence on U.S. components.除此之外,这一系统拥有大约4,000个在中国开发的芯片,这些芯片基于一种叫做Sparc的标准设计。唐加拉说,中国官员似乎下定决心减少对美国零部件的依赖。He doesn#39;t discount the possibility that government agencies in Japan will field a system to rival the Tianhe-2, but he regards the Chinese system as particularly impressive. #39;In some sense, it#39;s a wake-up call to the U.S.,#39; Mr. Dongarra said.他不否认日本的政府机构也可能推出一个与天河2号相竞争的系统,但是他认为中国的系统格外令人印象深刻。唐加拉说,在某种意义上,这对美国是个警醒。 /201306/243278

Will this futuristic design signal the wave of the future for superyachts for the super-rich? Shaped like the top half of a star, the concept vessel measures 162 feet in length and more than 60 metres in height, and has over 3,500 square metres of luxury interior space for guests. Aptly named Star, the private yacht contains a central cluster of four lifts that provide access across eight decks.这一未来主义风格设计是否预示着未来超级游艇将成为巨富们的新宠?这一概念产品形似星星上半部,162英尺长,60多米高,为顾客提供3500平方米的豪华内部空间。这款产品的名字为“星星”,可谓名副其实。这艘私人游艇内含四个电梯使八个甲板各自相连,方便人们通行。With enough space for a helipad, sub-marine viewing deck and viewing platform at the top of its pointed tip, the yacht was designed for 36 overnight guests but can hold over 200 people for parties or other events. The vessel would have a maximum speed of 18 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 14 knots, and it would have the capability of rotating within its own length. The innovative superyacht was the brainchild of Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee, and it began as a rough sketch on a napkin.有足够空间供直升机起落,潜艇观景台,并在游艇顶端设有瞭望平台。虽然游艇设计能使36人进行通宵活动,但实际上能够允许200多人举办派对或其他活动。这艘游艇最大时速为18海里。以14海里/小时行驶时,该游艇可驶出5000海里。虽然该游艇有162英尺长,但能够自行旋转。这艘富有创意的超级游艇是设计师洛阿诺和奈吉尔·吉智慧的结晶。它一开始只是印在餐巾上的粗糙的双桅纵帆船。Designer Igor Lobanov said the initial idea was proposed by Alex Malybaev of FIRMA branding agency after the pair came to the conclusion that all yachts look the same to people outside the marine industry. He said: ‘It seems that modern architecture, product design and car design have no influence on yachts. Malybaev penned an idea “on a napkin”and asked me if a yacht could be like that.设计师洛阿诺表示他们发现虽然对人们而言除了海军舰队外所有游艇的设计都没什么差别,但这一设计起初是由冷杉公司品牌宣传部的亚历克斯·麦尔巴福提出的。他说:“无论是现代建筑、产品设计还是汽车设计都似乎对游艇设计有所启发。麦尔巴福在一块餐巾纸上画下了他的设计,并询问我它看起来像不像游艇。‘I looked at the sketch and set to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht.’ Igor collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee for naval architecture and to assess technical feasibility, and the result was a wildly unusual design for a vessel that could be used as a billionaire’s at-sea playground or an exclusive floating hotel.我看着草图开始制作。这个设计实在是太棒了,我想明它能变成一艘游艇。”伊戈尔与合作测试该潜艇的技术可行性,奈吉尔·吉是海军建筑师。这一与众不同的游艇设计可以作为亿万富翁的海上游玩平台或是独一无二的私人海上酒店。James Roy, yacht design director of BMT Nigel Gee, said: ‘Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science.#39;Star is a tangible view of a 21st century interpretation of art and science. ‘We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible –for clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible.’詹姆斯·罗伊是基本军事训练部的设计主任,他说:“‘星星’是二十一世纪科技与艺术完美结合的最好体现。我们很幸运生活在一个可以让大胆的设计也能成为现实的时代,对于富有冒险精神和创新精神的顾客来说,一切皆有可能。” /201410/338794

China’s Lenovo Group said it would take between three and five quarters to turn around the lossmaking Motorola handset business that it agreed to purchase from Google for .9bn.中国联想集团(Lenovo Group)表示,将在3到5个季度内让亏损的托罗拉(Motorola)手机业务扭亏为盈。此前该集团同意以29亿美元向谷歌(Google)收购这块业务。Targeting a relatively quick recovery, the rosy sentiment was part of an effort by Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo chief executive, to assuage market concerns over the Chinese PC maker’s recent .2bn dealmaking spree, which included the .3bn buyout of IBM’s low-end server unit.加上以23亿美元收购IBM的低端务器业务,联想最近已拿出52亿美元用于收购交易,市场对此感到担忧,联想首席执行官杨元庆希望通过展现出乐观的情绪来缓解担忧,制定相对快速复苏的目标是这一努力的一部分。Mr Yang said the purchases were “not an aggressive action. Both deals fit with our strategy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We did not choose to do it this way, but the acquisitions are opportunity-driven”.杨元庆表示,这两笔收购“并非激进的举措。两项交易全都符合我们的战略……我们没有选择通过收购来实现战略目标,但正好赶上了收购机遇。”“We have the capability to digest the two deals, now we have enough resources and strong leadership to deal with [the purchases]#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;we are confident that we can smoothly digest these two big acquisitions and secure our future for sustainable growth.”“我们有能力消化这两项交易,现在我们拥有足够的资源和强大的领导力来处理(这些收购)……我们确信,我们可以平稳地消化这两个大型收购,并确保未来实现可持续增长”。Lenovo’s dealmaking sparked a sell-off in the company’s Hong Kong-traded shares, which last week fell 16 per cent in a single day amid fears the PC maker was overextending itself.联想的收购行为使得投资者纷纷抛售该公司在香港上市的股票。上周因市场担心联想过度扩张,该公司股票单日下跌16%,Mr Yang told Reuters the deal flurry would hurt performance in the short term, but that Lenovo would require only “a couple of quarters” to turn around the lossmaking Motorola business. Lenovo later lengthened that expected timeframe to three to five quarters after the deal closed.杨元庆向路透社(Reuters)表示,连续收购将会在短期拖累公司业绩,但联想将只需“两个季度”就会让亏损的托罗拉业务扭亏为盈。后来联想公司将这个预期的时间框架延长至敲定交易后3到5个季度。The confident outlook came as Lenovo reported third-quarter numbers that beat market expectations.在联想对前景展现出信心之际,该公司发布了超出市场预期的第三季度财报。Solid sales of PCs and mobile devices in China helped Lenovo post net profit of 5.3m for the quarter, up 30 per cent from 4.9m in the same period a year earlier and overshooting analysts’ forecasts of 4m. Sales in China account for roughly 40 per cent of Lenovo’s turnover.联想个人电脑和移动设备在中国市场的稳定销售,使得该公司在第三季度实现净利润2.653亿美元,与去年同期的2.049亿美元相比增长30%,超出了分析师预期的2.44亿美元。中国销售占到联想总营业额的40%左右。Revenues came in at .8bn – a 15 per cent year-on-year increase – surpassing the bn-mark for the first time, while pre-tax income rose 30 per cent year-on-year to 1m.联想在第三季度实现收入108亿美元,同比增长15%,首次越过了100亿美元的关口,同时税前利润同比增长30%,至3.21亿美元。Ricky Lai, analyst at Guotai Junan International, said the solid quarterly figures would “ease the market’s worries, because we can see that Lenovo’s profit margins are improving”. Lenovo’s operating margins in the quarter rose from 2.6 per cent to 3.1 per cent year-on-year.国泰君安国际(Guotai Junan International)的分析师赖健邦(Ricky Lai)表示,强劲的季报数据将“缓解市场担忧,因为我们可以看到联想的利润率正在改善”。联想第三季度的营运利润率同比也实现了增长,从2.6%升至3.1%。Mr Yang said Motorola was a “perfect fit for out global growth plans” to vault Lenovo from the fourth-largest smartphone seller in the world into third place.杨元庆表示,托罗拉“完美符合我们的全球增长计划”,即让联想从全球第四大智能手机销售商上升为第三大销售商。Wong Wai Ming, Lenovo’s chief financial officer, also attempted to reassure investors over the group’s acquisitions.联想首席财务官黄伟明(Wong Wai Ming)也努力打消投资者对该集团收购交易的疑虑。He said the company had .7bn of y cash, .7bn of which would be soon be spent on the transactions.他表示,联想有47亿美元随时可以提取的现金,其中27亿美元将很快用于这些收购。Mr Wong said Lenovo would owe an additional .5bn three years after closing the Motorola transaction – a deal that included Google taking a 0m stake in Lenovo.杨元庆表示,按照联想收购托罗拉的协议规定,联想将在3年后再向谷歌付15亿美元,这笔交易还包括联想向谷歌转让7.5亿美元的股份。Shares in Lenovo yesterday closed down 0.5 per cent at HK.64 in Hong Kong.联想在香港上市的股票昨日收盘下跌0.5%,至8.64港元。 /201402/275802

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