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中航工业三六四医院妇科检查多少钱襄樊市同和医院陈医生;You married me--that proves you#39;re brilliant and a great judge of character.Put that on your resume!;你和我结婚了--这说明你很聪明且有很强的判断力!把这点写到你的简历中吧。 /201508/395517襄阳妇幼保健院几点开门 A woman surnamed Huang was astonished after activating her new iPhone7 and finding 82 photos aly in the phone#39;s album.在激活自己的新iPhone 7之后,一位姓黄的女士惊呆了,因为她发现手机相册中有82张陌生人的照片。Huang preordered the phone on Sept. 9 via Apple#39;s official website, and received the phone on the morning of Oct. 27.黄女士于9月9日通过苹果官网预定了这台手机,并于10月27日早间收到了手机。After unpackaging and activating the phone, Huang discovered the photos, which included a number of selfies.但是在打开包装激活手机之后,黄女士却在手机中发现了这些照片,其中还包括一些自拍照。According to dates listed in the photo album, the photos were taken between Sept. 27 and Oct. 17.据手机中相册标注的时间显示,这些照片拍摄的时间在9月27日到10月17日之间。Huang decided to contact Apple#39;s customer service. When she did, an employee promised that the company would send Huang a new phone.于是黄女士决定联系苹果的。当她这样做了之后,苹果一名员工承诺将会给黄女士更换一台新机。However, the employee offered no explanation for why the photos were on Huang#39;s - purportedly brand new - phone in the first place.但是这名员工并没有首先向黄女士解释为什么她的手机--据称是全新的--存在其他人的照片。The next day, Apple#39;s customer service contacted Huang to arrange the phone exchange, but this time Huang refused. She demanded a reasonable explanation for the incident.第二天,苹果联系了黄女士安排换机事宜,但是这一次黄女士拒绝了。她要求对方就此次事件给出一个合理的解释。According to the service staff, the incident with Huang#39;s phone, as well as several other similar incidents, were all caused by iCloud account leaks.据这名人员表示,黄女士的手机、以及其他几起类似的事件都是由于iCloud账户泄露导致的。However, Huang claimed that she never used the backup function, and that her account couldn#39;t have been hacked.但是黄女士声称自己从未使用过备份功能,因此她的账户也不可能被黑客攻击。The customer service department then explained that, based on Huang#39;s description, the photos could have been left over from functional tests, as workers may have forgotten to delete them.苹果部门随后解释称,根据黄女士的描述,这些照片可能是测试手机性能的时候留下来的,工人们可能忘记删除了这些照片。Apple pledged to appropriately deal with Huang#39;s appeal.苹果方面承诺将妥善处理黄女士的诉求。 /201611/478572The Major Achievement of Prehistoric Culture史前文化的主要成果The major achievement of prehistoric culture could be seen in the emergence of the primitive agriculture.史前文化的主要成果在于原始农业的出现。In the north, Yangshao culture was mainly represented by the dry land agriculture,在北方,仰韶文化主要以旱地农业为代表,of which foxtail millet was the chief product;在那里粟是主要的农作物。Hemudu culture in the south was represented by rice agriculture on wet land,南方的河姆渡文化已在湿润土壤上的水稻种植为代表,of which rice was the chief product.水稻在那里是主要的农作物。China is among the earliest countries in the world where foxtail millet and rice were grown.中国是世界上最早种植粟和水稻的国家之一。In the era of Longshan culture, the initial primitive characters came into being.在龙山文化时期,最初的原始文字形成了。The primitive graphic characters, carved on pots, have been found, for instance, in the Dinggong site in Boxing, Shandong Province, the Lingyang site in Ju county and Qianzhai site in Zhucheng.被刻在壶上原始的图形文字在例如位于山东兴的鼎公遗址、莒县的凌阳遗址以及诸城的前寨遗址被发现。These kinds of primitive characters were invented 800 years earlier than the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells unearthed in Yin Ruins.这些类型的原始文字比在殷墟中发掘的甲骨文还要早出现800年。Pottery----painted pottery and black pottery (of the late Neolithic culture)----is a kind of great invention.陶器——陶和黑陶(新石器时期)是一项伟大的发明。In the prehistoric culture, the painted pottery of Yangshao culture and the black pottery of Longshan culture were models of handicraft.在史前文化中,仰韶文化的陶和龙山文化的黑陶是手工业的典范。The technique of manufacturing pottery with wheels as tools was also applied to the production of the painted pottery.用拉柸器制造陶器的技艺也被用于陶的制造。The temperature in the sintering process reached between 950℃ and 1050℃.烧制过程总的温度能够达到950至1050摄氏度。The utensils painted on the surface in black, brown or red, or in a mixture of two colors,用黑色、棕色或红色又或是两种颜色的混合绘制在表面的器皿,were a combination for both practical and artistic uses.是实际和艺术用途的结合。The black pottery represented the most advanced level of handicraft industry in the prehistoric culture.黑陶代表了史前时期手工业的最先进程度。This tech was then adopted in the production of a variety of the black pottery in beautiful shapes.这项技艺之后被采用到了许多具有美丽形状的黑陶的生产中。The pottery of eggshell, with its surface brightly pitch-black and the roughcast only 0.1 to 0.2 centimeter thick, is regarded, as the most exquisite artistic products of that time.蛋壳陶艺被认为是那个时期最精巧的艺术制品,它的表面是明亮的漆黑色,毛柸仅有0.1至0.2厘米厚。 /201508/393941襄阳襄州人民医院输卵管再通术多少钱

襄樊四院不孕不育医院预约挂号In an article on Monday, I reviewed the evidence behind coffee consumption and health in an effort to put to rest the idea that coffee is a “vice” or something we all need to cut back on.有人认为喝咖啡是一种“坏习惯”,需要努力改正。在周一的一篇文章中,我综述了有关喝咖啡与健康的据,以期澄清这些误解。We received many comments and questions from ers. In fact, we received so many that we thought it might be useful to respond to some of the most frequently discussed ones.对此,读者们发表了很多,也提出了不少问题。于是,我们决定从中挑出一些最有代表性的问题作答,或许能对大家有所助益。Are the same beneficial relationships seen with decaffeinated coffee?饮用无咖啡因咖啡对健康也同样有益么?Most studies did not include data on decaffeinated coffee, either because too few people drank it or because data were not available. The few studies that did, though, had differing results. With respect to cardiovascular disease, decaffeinated coffee did not seem to have the same protective effects as regular coffee. With respect to the one stroke meta-analysis, it seemed to be just as protective as regular coffee. In two breast cancer analyses, decaffeinated had the same nonrelationship as regular coffee. Decaffeinated coffee was also protective against lung cancer, not as protective against Parkinson’s disease, and protective against diabetes and overall mortality, but perhaps to a lesser extent than regular coffee.大多数研究都没有纳入无咖啡因咖啡的数据,这或许是因为喝这种咖啡的人太少,也可能是因为拿不到相关的数据。仅有少数研究纳入了此类咖啡的数据,但并没有得出一致的结果。无咖啡因咖啡似乎不像普通咖啡那样可以预防心血管疾病。一项关于中风的荟萃分析则表明,无咖啡因咖啡与普通咖啡一样具有预防效果。两项针对乳腺癌的分析显示,无咖啡因咖啡与普通咖啡均无甚作用。无咖啡因咖啡也能预防肺癌,但对帕金森氏症没什么效果;在预防糖尿病并降低整体死亡率方面,无咖啡因咖啡有一定的作用,但或许比正常咖啡稍弱。But for most studies, there just aren’t data available. The conclusion to take away: There’s less evidence overall for a potential benefit, but still, there’s no evidence of harmful associations.但大多数的研究都缺乏相关数据。我们的结论是:总体而言,能明无咖啡因咖啡潜在效益的据较少,不过,也没有据表明它有害。What constitutes a cup of coffee? 一杯咖啡指的是多大容量?Pretty much all studies defined a cup of coffee as an 8-ounce serving. That’s smaller than what I imagine most people drink. A grande-size coffee at Starbucks (what is called simply “large” at most other coffee houses) is 16 ounces.几乎所有的研究都将一杯咖啡定义为8盎司(约合227克)的一份。我想这大概比大多数人平时喝的一杯要少些。星巴克(Starbucks)里的大杯(grande-size)咖啡是16盎司(约合454克)。Are the same benefits seen with tea?喝茶也像喝咖啡同样有益么?The literature on tea is about the same size as that for coffee, and reviewing it thoroughly would take more time than is appropriate for this column. However, a number of studies I reviewed did include tea in analyses, and those I can present here. People who drank more tea had a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease and of cognitive decline. Black tea had a potential protective effect against diabetes, but it was not statistically significant. Green tea had no relationship to the development of diabetes.有关茶的文献与关于咖啡的同样多,要将它们彻底查阅一番需要耗费很多时间,就本专栏而言似乎无需如此大费周章。不过,在我之前综述的研究中有一些确实也将茶纳入了分析,下面我就简单地介绍一下。喝茶较多的人患帕金森氏症以及认知功能减退的风险均较低。红茶或可预防糖尿病,但其不具备统计学显著性意义。绿茶与糖尿病的发生无相关性。If we think there’s enough interest in tea, though, we could devote a future column to the evidence on that beverage.然而,如果有很多人都对茶感兴趣的话,我们可以在未来的某一期专栏里讨论关于该饮料的科学据。Is the benefit from caffeine or from some other element in coffee?喝咖啡有益健康,是因为咖啡因还是咖啡中含有的其它成分的缘故?It’s not known. I also don’t think it’s necessarily the same protective effect in each disease. I think that for many of the neurological issues, it could be caffeine acting as a stimulant in the brain. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that decaffeinated coffee doesn’t seem to be as protective, yet tea is. In some of the other diseases, though, the same benefits aren’t seen from other caffeine-containing beverages. No one is arguing that diet soda consumption is associated with less of a chance of getting cancer. Additionally, some protective effects are seen with decaffeinated coffee as well. It’s likely, therefore, that something else could be at work. We don’t know what, though.目前还不清楚。我认为,对不同疾病起预防作用的成分未必相同。比如,对于神经系统上的许多问题,可能是咖啡因在发挥大脑兴奋剂的作用。我的这个假设是有事实依据的:咖啡和茶都可以预防这些问题,而无咖啡因咖啡却无此功效。但是,对于别的一些疾病,饮用其它含咖啡因的饮料却未显示出同样的效益。从没有人提出饮用无糖汽水与患癌症的几率减少相关。此外,无咖啡因咖啡也同样可以预防某些疾病。因此,很可能还有别的东西在起作用,只不过我们还没有明确那具体是什么。What about high blood pressure or cholesterol?那么,喝咖啡对高血压或胆固醇有什么影响么?A 2005 meta-analysis found that in randomized controlled trials caffeine was associated with an increase in blood pressure. When that caffeine was from coffee, however, the blood pressure effect was small. A 2011 study found that caffeine intake could raise blood pressure for at least three hours. Again, though, there wasn’t a significant relationship between long-term coffee consumption and higher blood pressure. A 2012 meta-analysis of 10 randomized controlled trials and five cohort studies could find no significant effect of coffee consumption on blood pressure or hypertension.2005年的一项荟萃分析发现,在随机对照试验中,咖啡因与血压升高相关。但是,当咖啡因来源于咖啡时,对血压的影响却很小。2011年的一项研究发现,摄入咖啡因的升血压效果至少可持续三个小时。但长期饮用咖啡与较高的血压之间依旧没有显著相关性。2012年的一项荟萃分析纳入了10项随机对照试验和五项队列研究,结果发现饮用咖啡对血压或高血压并无显著影响。And, as has been reported in The New York Times, two studies have shown that drinking unfiltered coffee, like Turkish coffee, can lead to increases in serum cholesterol and triglycerides. But coffee that’s been through a paper filter seems to have had the cholesterol-raising agent, known as cafestol, removed.但是,正如《纽约时报》杂志(The New York Times)曾经报道的,有两项研究表明,饮用未过滤咖啡(如土耳其咖啡)可导致血清胆固醇和甘油三酯增加。但是,用滤纸过滤咖啡似乎可以去除掉升胆固醇的物质——咖啡醇。High blood pressure and high cholesterol would be of concern because they can lead to heart disease or death. Drinking coffee is associated with better outcomes in those areas, and that’s what really matters.高血压和高胆固醇会引起人们的重视,是因为它们会导致心脏病甚至死亡。而喝咖啡对这些问题都有益处,这才是问题的关键所在。Some ers were upset that I neglected to mention some of the deleterious effects of caffeine. What about jitteriness and mood changes?我忘了提及咖啡因的有害影响,这让一部分读者感到不满。那么,喝咖啡与神经过敏和情绪变化之间有什么样的关系?I want to reiterate that the point of the piece was not to tell people to drink coffee. As I said in my recent article on food recommendations, I don’t think there is much value in preaching or judging what others eat or drink. Moreover, this evidence is epidemiologic, that is, based on observations of patterns. I don’t want to fall prey to the mistake of recommending we change our eating behavior without evidence from randomized controlled trials.我想重申的是,本文的论点并非是要劝告大家都去喝咖啡。正如我在最近的一篇关于饮食建议的文章中所说,我认为对别人的食物和饮料指指点点说教评判没什么意义。而且,以上提出的都是流行病学据,也就是说,它们都是从观测研究中发现的模式。在获得来自随机对照试验的据之前,我可不想轻易建议大家改变当前的饮食行为,因为这种建议有可能是错误的。The point of the article was to show that there’s no evidence that coffee is bad for the average person. Data do not support the idea that we are drinking “too much.” Coffee does not appear to be associated with poor health outcomes — the opposite is true. In light of this, we should stop telling everyone to avoid it, or judging others for drinking it. We should also stop feeling guilty or feel we need to consume less.本文只是想要指出,尚无据表明咖啡对普通人有害。有人觉得我们喝咖啡“过多”,但现有数据并不持这一观点。咖啡与损害健康无相关性——事实上,恰恰相反。有鉴于此,我们不应该再阻止大家喝咖啡,或者对喝咖啡的人指手画脚,也无需再因为自己爱喝咖啡而感到羞愧或者认为自己应该克制。That is, unless it’s not making you feel well. As I also said before, individual trial and error is likely necessary when it comes to nutrition. Some people need to avoid caffeine for medical reasons, and they should. If coffee makes you feel bad, or makes it hard for you to sleep, or renders you a less likable person — then by all means feel free to cut back or stop.当然,要是喝咖啡会让你感觉不舒就另当别论了。我之前也说过,在涉及到营养问题时,可能有必要根据个人的具体情况来一番试错。有些人因为医学上的原因不能摄入咖啡因,那么他们就不应该喝咖啡。如果喝咖啡会让你感觉不舒,令你难以入睡,或者会让你变成一个不太讨人喜欢的人,那么,你也尽可以少喝或者不喝咖啡。But if you like it, then by all means enjoy it.但是,如果你喜欢咖啡,那就随心所欲地享用吧。 /201508/396141襄樊人民医院割痔疮需要多少钱 《断背山》男主角希斯#8226;莱杰身亡Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan apartment, naked in bed with sleeping pills nearby. The Australian-born actor was 28. The reason was not clear yet.He had an appointment for a massage at a residence in the tony neighborhood of SoHo, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. A housekeeper who went to let him know the massage therapist had arrived found him dead at 3:26 p.m."We are all deeply saddened and shocked by this accident," Ledger's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, said in a statement Tuesday night. "This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones and we are asking the media to please respect the family's privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known."The medical examiner's office planned an autopsy Wednesday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," where he met Michelle Williams, who played his wife in the film. The two had a daughter, Matilda, and lived together in Brooklyn until they split up last year.Ledger most recently appeared in "I'm Not There," in which he played one of the many incarnations of Bob Dylan.He's had starring roles in "A Knight's Tale" and "The Patriot," and played the suicidal son of Billy Bob Thornton in "Monster's Ball.""I had such great hope for him," said Mel Gibson, who played Ledger's father in "The Patriot," in a statement. "He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss."Ledger was born in 1979 in Perth, in western Australia, to a mining engineer and a French teacher, and got his first acting role playing Peter Pan at age 10 at a local theater company. 澳大利亚籍影星希斯#8226;莱杰(译者注:电影《断背山》男主角)于本周二被发现死于曼哈顿的家中,年仅28岁。莱杰被发现时全身地躺在床上,身旁有一些安眠药片。目前他的死因尚未确定。纽约警察局发言人保尔#8226;布朗尼说,当天莱杰约了一位师来其位于高级SoHo区的家中。但当他的管家去通知他师已到访时,发现他已经死亡,当时的时间是下午3点26分。莱杰的经纪人马拉#8226;巴克斯鲍姆在本周二晚发表的一份声明中说:“我们对莱杰的突然离去感到十分悲痛和震惊。此时他的亲人一定非常痛苦,我们已请求媒体尊重他们的隐私,在事情没弄清楚之前,不要无根据地猜测。”纽约警察局女发言人艾伦#8226;波拉科维说,监察医务院将于本周三对莱杰进行尸检。希斯#8226;莱杰曾在电影《断背山》中饰演一名同性恋牛仔,并因此获得奥斯卡奖提名。后来,他与片中饰演其妻子的米歇尔#8226;威廉姆斯相恋,并与其育有一女玛蒂尔达。两人一直住在布鲁克林区,直到去年分手。莱杰最近出演的一部电影是《我不在场》,他在片中饰演具有多重人格的鲍勃#8226;迪伦的一种化身。他曾主演影片《圣战骑士》和《爱国者》,并在《死囚之舞》中饰演了主人公(比利#8226;鲍勃#8226;汤顿饰演)自杀身亡的儿子。在《爱国者》中饰演莱杰父亲的梅尔#8226;吉布森在一份声明中说:“我对他寄予了厚望。他的事业正处于上升期,英年早逝实在是悲痛的损失。”莱杰于1979年出生于澳大利亚西部的泊思市,他的父亲是一名开矿工程师,母亲是一位法语教师。莱杰十岁那年在当地一家剧团获得了他的第一个角色比特#8226;潘。 /200803/31203襄阳市中医院治疗阳痿多少钱

襄阳那家诊前列腺 Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride hailing app, said it had received a 0m investment from China Life, the country’s largest insurer, further buttressing its war chest for its battle with US rival Uber. 中国叫车应用滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)宣布获得国内最大保险公司中国人寿(China Life) 6亿美元投资。这笔投资为滴滴提供了更多弹药,供其与美国对手优步(Uber)展开竞争。Didi said the investment included equity of 0m and long-term debt of Rmb2bn (5m). Didi’s latest funding round valued it at bn, the group said.滴滴表示,这笔投资包括3亿美元股权投资以及20亿元人民币(合3.05亿美元)长期债券投资。该公司表示,在最新一轮融资中,滴滴的估值达到250亿美元左右。The funding follows a recent bn investment from US tech group Apple in May and adds another name to Didi’s list of high-profile backers. China Life is China’s largest state-owned commercial insurance conglomerate.5月份,美国科技集团苹果(Apple)曾向滴滴投资10亿美元。中国人寿的这笔投资令滴滴又增添了一个知名股东。中国人寿是中国最大的国有商业保险集团。Wang Junhui, China Life’s president, in a statement on Monday called the investment a “vital link in the innovation-driven growth strategy of China Life”.中国人寿旗下的国寿投资公司总裁王军辉周一在声明中称,这笔投资“是中国人寿创新推动发展战略的重要一环”。“We believe our two companies will achieve strong network synergies and complementarities towards creating more vibrant growth of the emerging ‘Internet Plus’ financial sector,” he said, referring to the Chinese government’s policy of combining ecommerce with the bricks-and-mortar economy in an effort to spur growth in traditional sectors.他表示:“双方合作将有助于优势互补,激发双方网络的协同效应,为‘互联网+金融’开辟新的产业发展空间。”他这里指的是中国政府将电商与实体经济相结合的政策,这项政策旨在刺激传统行业增长。“We believe this strategic partnership will bring long-term value to both parties,” said Jean Liu, Didi Chuxing president.滴滴出行总裁柳青(Jean Liu)表示:“滴滴与中国人寿的战略合作将为双方带来长远的价值。”Didi claims to hold 87 per cent of the private car service market and a 99 per cent share of the taxi-hailing service market in China, while Uber puts its market share at 30-35 per cent, according to the companies.滴滴自称占据中国专车市场87%的份额,占据叫出租车务市场99%的份额。优步表示自己的市场份额在30%到35%之间。The battle for dominance between the two apps has cost billions of dollars in subsidies for drivers and rider discounts — a price war that has placed an emphasis on fundraising.这两个叫车应用为争夺市场主导权已投入数十亿美元,用于补贴司机和向乘客提供折扣。这场价格战令融资成为一项重要任务。 /201606/449059襄阳老河口妇幼保健院中医院治疗早泄多少钱襄阳四院介绍

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