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湖北医药学院附属襄阳医院无痛取环襄阳樊城区人民中心医院是公立医院么襄阳人民医院治疗内分泌怎么样 Almost all of the talent Apple acquired from the original Siri team has reportedly left the company, with a pair of key departures having taken place in recent weeks.据报道,苹果公司Siri原创团队几乎所有的人才全部离职,其中几位关键人物在最近几周刚刚离开。Calling him ;one of the last members of the original Siri team,; The Information reported on last Wednesday that Darren Haas has left Apple for General Electric. He#39;ll join Steve D#39;Aurora, another ex-Siri team member who resigned from Apple for GE a few weeks ago.Information网站于上周三报道称,此前自称是“Siri团队的最后几位原创成员之一”的达伦·哈斯已于几周前离开苹果公司,赴通用电气任职。他会和几周前另一名Siri团队的前成员史蒂夫·德洛拉一道前往任职。The changeups also come a few days after a team of ex-Siri personnel unveiled Viv, a new, advanced virtual assistant that aims to offer functionality well beyond what Apple#39;s Siri can currently do. Demonstrated tasks include ordering a car from Uber, buying flowers from FTD, and ordering tickets from a variety of services, and offer intelligent, contextual responses, such as alternatives when a showtime for a movie is sold out.在此次离职潮发生的几天前,前Siri团队成员刚刚发布了Viv。Viv是一款功能类似Siri但性能远胜于其的软件。目前其演示的功能包括呼叫优步专车,通过FTD去购买鲜花,通过一系列其他务去买票,提供如某时段电影票售罄时的解决方案等在内的智能情景响应务。Haas#39;s departure affirms an earlier rumor suggesting Apple#39;s ;head of cloud engineering; was on his way out the door. The Siri team is said to have clashed with management at Apple, and have particularly been at odds with the team that oversees Apple#39;s iCloud services.哈斯的离职实此前苹果“云计算负责人”即将离开公司的传言。据称Siri团队同管理层产生过冲突,和负责管理云务的团队也存在分歧。Apple apparently decided to extend the Siri cloud computing platform to include services under the iCloud team#39;s banner, like iTunes and iMessages. That transition is said to have made some at Apple feel uneasy about job security.苹果公司将Siri云计算平台纳入iCloud团队旗下(包括iTunes和iMessages)的意图非常明显,此举令许多职工担忧自己能否保住工作。Both Haas and D#39;Angelo were key acqui-hires that came on board through Apple#39;s purchase of Siri in 2010. The tech developed by the company debuted on the iPhone 4s and is now integrated into all current iOS devices, serving functions from creating calendar entries to answering basic user inquiries.2010年苹果公司收购了Siri团队,而哈斯和德洛拉是团队中的关键人物。Siri在iPhone 4s中首次亮相,如今已预装在所有使用iOS系统的设备中,功能包括查看日历,回答用户提出的基本问题等。However, Siri was meant to do much more than its current feature set as developed under Apple. Prior to the acquisition, Siri integrated with a number of e-commerce providers, ranging from movie tickets to food orders.然而若非苹果的缘故,Siri本应具备更多的功能。并购前,Siri上能联系到很多电商,用户可以用软件订电影票,叫外卖等。 /201605/445278襄阳市东风医院治疗宫颈肥大多少钱

襄阳第一人民医院不孕不育科A third Saturn moon may have a subsurface ocean with potential for life, researchers say.研究人员日前表示,第三颗土星卫星可能存在表面深层海洋及潜在生命形式。Using gravity data from the Cassini probe, researchers at the Royal Observatory of Belgium say Dione joins Titan and Enceladus as Saturn moons likely having subsurface oceans.比利时皇家天文台的研究人员表示,卡西尼探测器的最新引力数据表明,和土卫六以及土卫二一样,土卫四的表面之下也有一个巨大海洋。Researchers say Dione#39;s ocean is likely 100 kilometers beneath the surface, ;several tens of kilometers deep; and surrounds a rocky core.研究人员认为,土卫四表层之下100千米处的这一巨大海洋深度足有数十千米,周围包裹着岩石。Unlike Enceladus, which has geysers of water that spurt from the southern polar region, Dione appears ;quiet; now, but researchers say it likely had a more active past.和曾经在南极区域向太空喷射巨大水蒸汽流的土卫二不一样,土卫四相对;安静;,但是研究人员认为它的表面远古时期活动性更强。Enceladus#39; ocean, according to researchers, is likely much closer to the surface, particularly in the southern polar regions where the icy crust might be only a few kilometers thick.研究人员表示,土卫二的海洋比土卫四更接近表面,特别是在冰壳只有数千米厚的南极地区。One way Enceladus#39; ocean was discovered was by observing ;large back-and-forth oscillations, called libration.; If the libration was smaller on the moon, it would likely mean the crust was thicker.当时卡西尼探测器观测到土卫二出现较大的前后振动,该现象叫做;天平动;,从而检测到了海洋。如果土卫二天平动幅度更小,那么这意味着其地壳更厚。;Like Enceladus, Dione librates but below the detection level of Cassini,; said Antony Trinh, co-author of the new study. ;A future orbiter hopping around Saturn#39;s moons could test this prediction.;;像土卫二一样,土卫四也存在天平动,但是其振动幅度低于卡西尼探测器的探测等级。;研究报告联合作者安东尼·郑如是说,;未来探测器将在土星卫星周围环绕,来测试我们的预测。;Dione#39;s ocean has likely been there since the moon formed, researchers said, adding that it could be host to microbial life.研究人员认为,土卫四的海洋自卫星形成以来就存在了,这为微生物提供了的宜居环境。;The contact between the ocean and the rocky core is crucial,; said Attilio Rivoldini, co-author of the study. ;Rock-water interactions provide key nutrients and a source of energy, both being essential ingredients for life.;;海洋和岩石内核之间的接触是至关重要的。;研究报告联合作者阿蒂利奥·利沃尔迪尼说道。;岩石和水之间的交互反应提供了关键的营养物质和能量源,以上是育生命的必要元素。; /201610/471140襄阳市割痔疮多少钱 China#39;s Internet giant Tencent has sued the country#39;s Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) after its application to trademark QQ#39;s beeping sound was rejected by the latter.在中国互联网巨头腾讯申请将QQ的提示音注册为商标遭拒之后,该公司将国家工商行政管理总局商标评审委员会告上了法庭。Tencent QQ, one of the most popular instant messaging software services in China, applied to register the signature ;Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Di; notification sound as its trademark in 2014, which is permitted by China#39;s Trademark Law as long as the sound can be easily distinguished.《商标法》规定,只要声音具有辨识度就可以注册。作为中国最受欢迎的即时通讯应用之一,腾讯QQ早在2014年就提出将;滴滴滴滴滴滴;提示声作为声音商标。Tencent#39;s application was later turned down by TRAB, with the explanation that the sound was ;simple and not creative,; lacking in any distinctive traits.但腾讯公司的申请最终被商标评审委员会驳回,原因是它;简单,缺乏显著性;。;We have checked many sound trademarks approved by other nations, including the famous lion roar of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Most sound trademarks last less than five seconds and are quite simple. By TRAB#39;s standards, they also could not be registered as trademarks,; said Huang Yibiao, a lawyer for Tencent, during the court hearing on Dec. 6.在12月6日的庭审上,腾讯公司代理律师黄义彪介绍:;我们查了外国的许多声音商标,包括著名的公司的#39;狮吼#39;,这些商标通常基本没有超过5秒的,也都很简单。如果按照商标委的标准,这些声音都不能被注册。;According to Huang, due to QQ#39;s popularity in China, the public has aly connected the beeping sound with QQ#39;s services, which means it does possess distinctiveness.黄律师表示,由于QQ在中国的普及度,用户听到这个声音后就能直接对应QQ即时通讯务,这意味着它的确具备辨识度。TRAB, on the other hand, holds a different opinion. It reiterated that Tencent#39;s notification sound is merely a repetition of notes, which is not distinctive at all.然而,商标评审委员会却持不同观点。商评委强调,腾讯QQ提示音只是简单的音节重复,缺乏显著特色。According to TRAB, the board is very careful about approvals of sound trademarks, with few successful cases so far. The court will release its final verdict at a later date.该部门还称,声音商标注册的审核工作是相当谨慎的,至今得以通过的都比较少,并表示会在晚些时候给出最终裁决。Tencent#39;s accusation has stirred up online debate, with some netizens supporting the company#39;s appeal and others calling it a joke.腾讯的这一上诉引起了网友们的热议。一些网友持此商标申请,也有人认为这是一个笑料。;I have been using QQ my whole life. Though the sound is quite simple, it always reminds me of QQ services when I hear it. I think the board should agree to make it QQ#39;s trademark,; one netizen wrote.某网友说,;我一直都在使用QQ。尽管这个声音很简单,但当我听到它,确实就会马上意识到是QQ的消息提示。我认为商标委应当通过这个声音商标。;Not everyone agreed, however. ;The beeping is QQ#39;s online notification sound. Do you know that its offline notification sound is actually human coughing? Would we be banned from coughing if the board approved QQ#39;s appeal? That would be hilarious,; another netizen wrote不过,并非所有人都这么认为。另一网友说,;#39;滴滴滴滴滴滴#39;是QQ的上线提示音。但你知道它的下线提示音事实上就像是有人在咳嗽吗?如果商标委通过了这个申请,以后大家是不是都不能咳嗽了?那多荒谬呀!; /201612/484112襄阳谷城人民医院治疗肛周囊肿怎么样

老河口市妇幼保健医院有泌尿科吗吻面还是握手?这是个问题Handshake 'safer' than kissing, flustered Britons advised Kiss or shake hands with a client or colleague? That is the big dilemma which faces workers around the country every day.Workers in Britain are "safer" to greet colleagues of the opposite sex with a handshake than a kiss, a common greeting in other parts of Europe, a study released Friday said.A survey of 1,200 workers by recruitment firm Office Angels said some became so anxious while deciding whether to kiss or shake hands that one in eight forgot the name of the person they were greeting.One fifth had an embarrassing clash of faces as they tried to kiss, and one in 10 became so flustered they resorted to waving instead.A similar number had actually allowed a colleague to sit through a meeting with lipstick on their cheek.And an over-enthusiastic few said they had ended up accidentally groping a colleague or client after opting for a kiss while the other one tried to shake hands.Londoners were most likely to be concerned about the issue, compared with workers in Northern Ireland, where most always went for a handshake, according to the research by the recruitment firm."My advice would always be, if in any doubt, go for a handshake. A handshake is always considered professional and courteous, and being on the safe side of formal is never a bad thing in a work place situation." David Clubb, the managing director of Office Angels said. 问候客户或同事时,是吻面还是握手?这是英国上班族每天都要面临的一大难题。上周五公布的一项调查显示,问候异性同事时握手比吻面“更安全”。吻面在欧洲其它地区是一种很常见的问候方式。“办公室天使”招聘公司对1200名公司职员开展的调查显示,有些人遇到这一两难问题时慌张失措,竟有八分之一的人忘了对方的名字。五分之一的受访者曾在行吻面礼时与对方尴尬“撞面”;十分之一的受访者由于慌乱失措,最后还是以握手了事。另有十分之一的受访者曾让同事面带着红唇印一直在会场坐到会议结束。还有一些“过于热情”的受访者称,他们在问候同事或客户时曾遇到自己准备行吻面礼,而对方则打算握手的情况,在这种情形下,他们则不小心摸了对方。此外,调查显示,与北爱尔兰人相比,伦敦人更在意吻面还是握手这个问题。在北爱尔兰,上班族们最常用的是握手礼。“办公室天使”公司的总经理大卫#8226;克拉伯说:“我一直主张在有任何疑问时选择握手。握手历来被认为是一种职业、礼貌的问候方式,而在工作场合,选择安全的礼节总没错。” /200804/34094 宜城妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗襄阳那里有精子库



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