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Horseshoes One of the most familiar things that are supposed to be lucky is a horseshoe. There are some people even today who believe that finding a cast-of horseshoe brings good luck, and if they hang a horseshoe over a door, witches cannot enter. Some people say the horseshoe is considered to be lucky because it looks like a new moon. There have been many peoples who considered the new moon extremely lucky. The Irish say that the horse was in the stable where Christ was born, and therefore the horseshoe was given magical power. Other people say the horseshoe is made of iron, and iron has always been regarded as a protection against evil spirits. Besides, the horseshoe is made by the blacksmith, and blacksmith, like a wizard, used it as a charm in performing his “white magic”. Pliny says that there is no more excellent protection against illness than the castoff horseshoe found in the road. Nelson had a horseshoe nailed to the mast of the Victory.马蹄铁 日常生活中最常见的吉祥物之一是马蹄铁。至今仍有人深信捡到废旧的马蹄铁会带来好运。如果他们把马蹄铁挂在门的上方,女巫会望之却步。有人说马蹄铁之所以被视为吉祥物是因为它状似新月。许多民族都相信新月能带来极好的运气。爱尔兰人说耶稣出生在马槽时,圈里有马,因而马蹄铁随之带上了神力。还有人说马蹄铁是铁打的,而铁本身就有驱邪的功能。此外,马蹄铁是铁匠打制的,而铁匠像个魔法师,常用马蹄铁做护符,施行他的“白魔法”。古罗马作家普林尼说祛病辟邪最好的东西莫过于路上捡来的废旧马蹄铁。英国海军统帅纳尔逊曾将一块马蹄铁钉在他的军舰胜利号的桅杆上。 /200906/74554世界卫生组织发布报告,指出心脏病、传染病以及癌症仍然是导致人们死亡的前三大病症。这份报告是世卫组织根据2004年全球一百多个国家的死亡登记记录统计得出的。该报告还指出,女性患心脏病的死亡率高于男性,这可能与女性寿命普遍男性比男性长有关。不过整体而言,男性患心脏病的几率较高,原因可能是超重、缺少运动,以及摄入过多高脂高盐的食物。Heart ailments, infectious diseases and cancer remain the world's top three killers, the UN health agency said on Monday.Heart attacks and related problems are the top killer, especially among women, claiming 29 percent of people who die each year, the World Health Organization said in a report on the global burden of disease. In second place, infectious diseases lead to 16.2 percent of worldwide deaths.Cancer, in third, claims 12.6 percent of global deaths, said the 146-page report, which is based on death registration data from 112 countries and estimates where reporting is incomplete.The figures are from 2004, the most recent records available on a wide scale, officials from WHO said. But the rankings are unchanged since 1990 when WHO first did a global check.Some 58.8 million people died worldwide in 2004, most of them over 60, the report said. Nearly one in five deaths was a child under 5.The heart disease death rate was virtually unchanged from WHO's previous study on death causes, based on 2002 figures.The rate for infectious diseases dropped from 2002, when they accounted for 19.1 of the world's deaths, partly because estimates for AIDS deaths were revised downward last year, said Colin Mathers, a WHO expert and lead author of the report.Women die more often from heart disease than men. The rate for females is 31.5 percent, and for males 26.8 percent, the report said.Mathers said the percentage for women was higher because there were more women living at older ages than men.But in general, men are more affected by heart diseases, he said."Men in many parts of the world have a higher risk," he said, adding that they are more often overweight or obese, get insufficient physical activity and eat more fat and salt.Dr Nieca Goldberg, an American Heart Association spokeswoman who was not linked to the WHO report, said: "Oftentimes women's symptoms are more subtle than men's so they are not recognized and the women don't seek medical attention as soon as they should.""For a long time cardiovascular disease was considered a man's disease," Goldberg said in an interview. Doctors therefore often failed to evaluate risk factors in women as aggressively as they should, she said.Higher rates of women in deaths from heart diseases have been observed since 1984 in the ed States, according to Goldberg.Filling out the top 12 causes of death are respiratory infections including pneumonia in fourth place, 7.2 percent; respiratory diseases, including asthma and allergies, 6.9 percent; accidental injuries and drownings, 6.6 percent; health problems of fetuses and newborns, 5.4 percent; digestive diseases, 3.5 percent; suicide, murder and conflict, 2.8 percent; neuropsychiatric disorders, 2.1 percent; diabetes, 1.9 percent; and maternal health problems related to pregnancy or birth 0.9 percent.Dr Ties Boerma, who heads WHO's statistics department, said there is always a time delay in assembling such data from a number of countries."Countries have a backlog of two, three years in publicizing their own information," he said.In nations where no death registration data are available, the figures are taken from research studies, which take a few years to get published, Boerma said. /200810/54467各位有没有想过,为什么在英语写作的时候,第一人称单数的代词I不管出现在句中什么位置都一定要大写呢?为什么you,we,they,he,she之类的人称代词不用大写呢?北京大学英语系教授辜正坤先生在央视《讲坛》“当茶遇到咖啡”系列节目“中西语言文字与文化比较”一讲中对上面这个问题有这样的解读:“我们人类的文化,包括中国的文化和西方的文化,有时候在口语当中容易表现出来,最简单一个字就可以把问题说清楚。举个例子来说,在英语当中,以代词来说吧,你(you),我们(we),他们(they),他(he),她(she),这些代词都是不大写的,但是只有一个字要大写,谁呀,I,我就要大写。那么反过来说,在中国他就刚好相反,同样的是称呼“我”,那么中国人是怎么称呼呢?他就不会去大写了,当然没有那个拼写的大写,用别的方式来表述,会说“在下”、“鄙人”,就是皇帝也会称自己“寡人”或者“孤”,都是尽量地尊重别人,克制自己的这种心态。这跟西方文化当中的“我”一下子就区别开了。一个代词的使用就可以看得出来这两种文化是分道扬镳的,在很多方面极性是相反的。”第一人称单数的代词I大写这个问题在语言学中是有共识的。《巴恩哈特语源学辞典》(The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology ,W H. W. Wilson,1988)中就有这样的解释:"The pronoun 'I' developed from the unstressed form of Old English (about 725) ic singular pronoun of the first person (nominative case). Modern and Middle English I developed from earlier i in the stressed position. I came to be written with a capital letter thereby making it a distinct word and avoiding mising handwritten manuscripts. In the northern and midland dialects of England the capitalized form I appeared about 1250."也就是说,在古英语中“我”最初是用ic两个字母来表示,逐渐演变成为单个字母i。一旦成为单个字母i的时候就出现了一个问题,i这个小写的词在手写体中很容易与前后的词混淆,所以大约在1250年起英格兰中部和北部的方言中就开始使用大写的I。《莫里斯字词源词典》(Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins)也指出,把I(我)大写与ego(自我意识)无关,只是为了避免混淆和错误(the reason for the capital I is simply to avoid confusion and error)。此外,也有语言学者认为,I作为人称代词与you,they,he,she还是有区别的,因为这是书写者的自称,比如John Wilson是作者的话,如果写自己的名字当然要大写,所以当用I来代表John Wilson时也要大写。所以,英语中第一人称单数I大写并不是因为西方人个人至上、自我中心的思维逻辑。说到逻辑,辜正坤教授上面的那段话也有不严谨之处。英语中的I大写只是英语的语法,并不代表其他欧洲语言的第一人称单数也一定大写,比如法语的je(我)在句中出现时就不能大写。辜教授是如何从一个简单的英语单词推广到所有西方语言进而得出西方文化与中国文化“分道扬镳”的呢?当然,我质疑I大写的文化含义,只是认为这个例子举得不够恰当,并非否认英语和汉语词汇区别的确可以显示东西文化差别。美国夏威夷大学汉学家、哲学家安乐哲(Roger T.Ames)教授举过这样的例子:比如用英文说:“Everybody please stand up.”我们要用everybody(每一个身体)、everyone(每一个人)来讲,换作中文来说就是“大家请站起来”,“大家”和“everybody”的涵义是有区别的。在安乐哲教授看来,这个例子说明了中西方文化的差异,中国文化所强调的是一种人与人之间的关系性,人类是彼此依靠的,是相互关联的,了解一个人要从不同的社会关系上去了解。 /201007/108779

Germans have a word for it -- schadenfreude -- and when it comes to getting pleasure from someone else's misfortune, men seem to enjoy it more than women. Such is the conclusion reached by scientists at University College London in what they say is the first neuroscientific(1) evidence of schadenfreude.Using brain-imaging techniques, they compared how men and women reacted when watching other people suffer pain.If the sufferer was someone they liked, areas of the brain linked to empathy and pain were activated in both sexes. To those they disliked women had a similar response, but men showed a surge(2) in the reward areas of the brain."The women had a diminished(3) empathic response(4)," said Dr Stephan, a co-author of the report. "But it was still there, whereas in the men it was completely absent(5)."The scientists said the research shows that empathic responses in men are shaped by the perceived fairness of others." Empathic responses to other people are not automatic, as has been assumed in the past, but depend on the emotional link to the person who is observed suffering," Stephan said.In the two-part study, 32 men and women volunteers played a game in which they exchanged money with four other people who were actors playing a part. The actors were either fair(6) characters, who returned equal amounts of cash that have been given to them, or unfair people who gave little or no money back to the volunteers.In the second part of the experiment, the volunteers were placed in magnetic(7) imaging brain scanners(8) as they watched the actors receiving a mild(9) electric shock, similar to a bee sting. The scientists measured reactions of the volunteers in areas of the brain associated with pain and empathy and reward while the actors experienced pain.The responses shown in the brain images were backed up with questionnaires(10) filled in by the volunteers. Men admitted to having a much higher desire for revenge than women and derived(11) satisfaction from seeing the unfair person being punished."We will need to confirm these gender(12) differences in larger studies because it is possible the experimental design favoured(13) men as there was a physical rather than psychological or financial threat involved," said Dr Tania Singer, who led the study. 德语中有一个词专用于形容幸灾乐祸:“schadenfreude”。伦敦尤尼弗斯特大学科学家从神经学方面实:男性比女性更容易幸灾乐祸。科学家们利用脑电波成像技术比较男性和女性在看到别人受苦时的脑部反应。如果受难者是他们喜欢的人,男女脑中负责同情和痛苦区域的反应同样活跃。如果受难者是他们反感的人,女人的反应没有太大变化,但是男人脑中的奖赏区域的反应却十分剧烈报告合作作者斯戴芬士说:“女性的移情反应有所减弱,至少还有,但是男性的根本就消失了。”科学家们说研究表明,男性是否会产生移情反应取决于他人是否曾善待他。斯戴芬说,同情并非如我们曾经认为的那样是自发的,而是取决于受难者与自己的情感关系。这项研究分成两个步骤,共有32个志愿者参加。首先每个志愿者与4个工作人员换钱。有的“正直”的工作人员交还了同样数量的钱,但其他“不正直”的人要么只还一点要么干脆不还。第二部分中,志愿者们戴着电磁脑部扫描设备观看工作人员遭受轻度的电击(像被蜜蜂蜇了一下)。同时,科学家们记录下他们脑部有关同情、痛苦和回报区域的活动情况。科学家们同时记录下他们脑部有关同情、痛感和回报的区域的活动情况。志愿者们在调查问卷中的回答也进一步实了脑部扫描结果的准确性。男性志愿者承认他们有更强的报复心理,看到对他们不公正的人受苦能获得满足感。坦尼亚辛格·士说:“科学家们认为仍需要进行更大规模的研究来验这一性别差异。因为此次试验主要针对生理的威胁,而不是心理或财务危机,可能会导致男性反应比女性剧烈。” /200804/36984

导言:“淑商”顾名思义,就是淑女商(gentlewoman ient)。“淑”这个字,在中国古代泛指心地善良,性格温柔,具有这样“淑”的女性能让男人产生强烈的“与之相伴,长相厮守”的愿望。   Modern men prefer a woman to have more merits than just being gentle and having good manners. The ideal woman should also be well-educated, funny, psychologically and financially independent, for example. However, the question is how many men deserve a lady of such a high gentlewoman ient.  在现代社会,女子要得到男士青睐,除了要温柔、知书达理外,还需要具备很多别的优点。男人们心中理想的女人应该是,受过良好教育、风趣、心理和经济都很独立,等等。可现在的问题是,有多少男人配得上如此高淑商(gentlewoman ient)的女子呢?  Here are 10 traits that make up a perfect gentlewoman:  以下是构成完美淑女的十个条件:  1. Being beautiful and virtuous—a basic requirement for all gentlewomen.  美丽贤惠——古今淑女的基本条件。  2. Being independent and having her own ideas, which may save tons of trouble for men.  独立有主见,省去男人为其事事操心的麻烦。  3. Being humorous, not keeping a straight face while everyone else is laughing at a joke.  富有幽默感,不会在开玩笑时板着脸。  4. Being capable of adjusting herself to various circumstances and undergoing blows from life.  有较强的适应能力,能遭受现代生活的种种打击。  5. Having an attractive and warm appearance, with an adorable smile.  既有靓丽甚至惹火的外表,也有可爱的微笑。  6. Being able to maintain the balance between work and family.  能掌握好事业与家庭的平衡。  7. Having a driver’s license, a valid passport and a blog of her own.  有一张驾照,一本有效私人护照。有自己的客地址。  8. Enjoying her native culture and fondness for her mother tongue, at the same time, being capable of speaking at least two foreign languages.  喜欢自己的母语文化,但至少掌握两门外语。  9. Owning a certain amount of products from international brands, such as Chanel perfume or Dior cosmetics.  拥有一两件或者更多国际品牌的东西——比如香奈儿香水、迪奥化妆品等。  10. Having her private space and wealth regardless of whether she will get married.  无论是否走进婚姻,都有属于自己的私密时空和财富。 /201107/145057Being the Perfect Girlfriend can be quite a challenge. But with patience, It might JUST BE possible. Here are some tips to get you on your way.Step1YOU MUST RELAX YOUR STANDARDS. Let down your guard, and don't let etiquette be most important. This means eating like a pig (occasionally), burping, etc. Although things should be cleaned up in the end, the experience will allow you to feel comfortable with each other. That's the first important step.Step2DRESS UP SOMETIMES TO FEEL SPECIAL. This obviously is the opposite of step 1. Feel comfortable with each other, but don't get lazy. Dress up, and put effort into it. Look sexy for your man. He will definitely appreciate your effort, feel more attractive, and possibly want to return the gesture by putting more effort towards his appearance as well.Step3BE SENSITIVE OF YOUR MAN'S EGO. Although men will seem strong, our ego's can sometimes be delicate. Make your boyfriend feel good about himself through genuine compliments. Let him know you're aware of his efforts to improve certain relationship issues. And most importantly of all, communicate an idea; don't N about it.Step4ALLOW SPACE. A relationship is important. But so are his friends. He loves you but there are just some things that a friendship with the guys gives to him. So communicate to reach an appropriate agreement, and give him the space to balance out his relationship and friendships.Step5LISTEN. Men love to explain things. Sometimes even if you don't understand it all, try to keep an open mind. After all, he should be doing the same for you. These incidents shouldn't last too long, and he will be very grateful that you care enough to hear him completely.Step6THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART IS THROUGH HIS BELLY. Good food is definitely a plus to becoming the perfect girlfriend. So try to make an effort to having a few good recipes. And if you don't know how to cook yet? Have a list of takeout places handy for just such an occasion. It's important because if we get hungry, we pay less attention to you (sorry in advance). So if you prevent us from getting hungry, our attention will be more focused on YOU. (which should be because you're almost the perfect girlfriend)Step7OVERTIME STEP: (NOT FOR EVERYONE). Bedroom Etiquette. Be mindful that a man's horny level is always around the same point as a woman's maximum horny point during period week. So now that you understand how we are, be gentle. If you aren't in the mood, gently let your man know IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM (remember that ego). TIP: If you are not prepared for that stage of the relationship yet for whatever reason (religion, age, culture, etc), do not feel pressured to give in. He should/must respect your values.Step8Congratulations, You've completed the steps. You are (according to my books) the Perfect Girlfriend. Great job! /200901/60321A bride and groom will have bad luck if they see each other on their wedding day before the ceremony.The bride who married on a sunny day would be happy, wealthy and successful.If one marries on Wednesday one will be happy; if one marries on Friday or Saturday one will be unhappy.If two couples have their weddings at the same time and same place, one of the couples will be unhappy.It is bad luck to try on a wedding gown before the ceremony.To lose the wedding ring is considered to be a sign that something evil is going to happen.A bride should step over the church sill with her right foot if she wishes to be happy for all her life.The best day for a wedding is the day when the moon is full.The best month for wedding is June. June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. So it was considered lucky to get married in the month controlled by her. /200906/73366

西方人不赞成办公室恋情,而在印度,外包公司的员工更有可能把职场当作检验长期关系的好地方。“Office hours sometimes get very hectic,” says 25-year-old D. Karthik as he waits with his colleague and fiancée, K. Tejaswania, at the juice bar of their employer, Mphasis. “If we are still able to adjust to it with our partners, that shows we are best for each other.”“上班时间有时会十分忙碌,如果我们能够与恋人共同适应这种状况,就说明我们是最适合彼此的,”今年25岁的D.卡蒂克(D. Karthik)表示,他与他的同事兼未婚妻K.泰贾斯瓦尼娅(K. Tejaswania)正在他们就职的公司Mphasis的果汁吧等候着。In a country in which young people used to outsource the business of finding a spouse to their parents, workers in India's growing outsourcing sector often look for partners themselves among their nearest colleagues.在印度,过去年轻人的婚姻往往由父母包办,但在不断发展的外包行业,职员们经常在最接近的同事中寻找自己的伴侣。Far from discouraging such relationships, their employers are happy to play matchmaker, according to a new study by the Indian School of Business, the country's prestigious MBA college in Hyderabad.根据印度商学院(Indian School of Business)最新调查,对于办公室恋情,公司方面非但不加以阻止,还乐于撮合。印度商学院是该国知名MBA学院,位于海德拉巴。One of India's most important industries with export revenue of more than bn a year, the outsourcing sector has been at the forefront of economic, social and cultural change since its emergence in the 1990s.外包行业是印度最重要行业之一,每年出口收入超过400亿美元,崛起于上世纪90年代,此后一直处于经济、社会和文化变革的前沿。The ISB cites a survey by Monsterindia.com, part of the global recruitment site Monster Worldwide, that found nearly 58 per cent of 12,191 respondents admitted to either having indulged in, or being open to, office romance. “There is a perception that a lot of companies are encouraging this trend because this accrues benefits to the organisation,” the ISB study by students Anshumita Sen and Naina Bhattacharya says.印度商学院援引了国际招聘公司Monster Worldwide旗下Monsterindia.com所作的一项调查,该调查发现,在接受调查的12191人中,近58%的人承认有过办公室恋情或对之持开放态度。“人们感觉到,很多公司都鼓励这种趋势,因为对组织有利,”调查报告表示。实施该调查的是两名学生安苏米塔·森(Anshumita Sen)和奈纳#8226;巴塔查里亚(Naina Bhattacharya)。[Nextpage]These perceived benefits include “reduced attrition, higher employee engagement, satisfied and happy employees, greater feelings of citizenship towards the organisation and greater productivity through longer working hours at the workplace”.人们眼中的好处包括“减少员工流失、提高员工敬业度、使员工感到满意和愉快、增强普通人对公司的好感,以及因上班工作时间延长而提高生产率”。Some companies have gone as far as welcoming spouses under “referral programmes” in which staff can recommend friends to their human resources departments for recruitment, the study finds. The outsourcing industry says it does not “encourage or discourage” office romances but tolerates them when they develop.调查发现,一些公司甚至欢迎员工的配偶通过“推荐计划”加入公司。根据此类计划,员工可向人力资源部推荐自己的朋友。外包行业表示,“不鼓励也不阻止”办公室恋情,但一旦发生办公室恋情,会采取容忍的态度。Francisco D'Souza, chief executive officer at US-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions, says the company draws the line only when relationships occur between people in a direct “reporting line”. “We have plenty of husbands and wives working for us and that's good.”在美国上市的Cognizant Technology Solutions的首席执行官弗朗西斯科·德苏佐(Francisco D'Souza)表示,公司唯一不能容忍的是上下级之间的恋情。“我们有很多员工是夫妻,这很好。”Office romances are to be expected in such a youthful industry. “If you work with a workforce so young – 80 per cent of our population is under 25 – that's something that's in the air,” says Pratik Kumar, executive vice-president of human resources at Wipro, India's third biggest software outsourcing company.在这个年轻人集中的行业,办公室恋情是可以预期的。“如果一起工作的人都这么年轻——我们80%的人不到25岁——这种事就会很普遍。”印度第三大软件外包公司Wipro的人力资源执行副总裁帕拉提#8226;库玛尔(Pratik Kumar)表示。Many employees in the industry hail from small, conservative communities in India's vast hinterlands and feel liberated when they come to big cities such as Bangalore or Mumbai.该行业的许多职员来自印度广大内陆地区保守的小地方,来到班加罗尔或孟买这样的大城市,让他们感觉像是得到了解放。Wipro even has an internal matrimonial site where would-be suitors can seek partners among the workforce of 96,965. Wipro's gender balance roughly matches the sector average of 65 per cent male.Wipro甚至设有一个提供婚介务的内部网站,想找对象的人可以通过这个部门在本公司的96965人中寻找伴侣。该公司的性别比例大致保持行业平均水平,即男性占65%。One risk from such openness, of course, is emotional drama between employees. Mr Kumar says Wipro has an “ombudsman's process” for sorting out staff disputes that sometimes has to resolve romantic tussles.当然,这种开明做法存在一个风险,即员工之间可能上演情感剧。库玛尔表示,Wipro有一个处理员工纠纷的“调查程序”,有时不得不解决情感纠纷。“Do we get issues? Yes, we do. Sometimes these issues can appear very silly,” he says.“我们遇到问题了吗?是的。有时问题还十分愚蠢,”他表示。The ISB study also cautions that Indian companies need to be mindful of potential problems such as sexual harassment – one issue that has given inter-office romance a bad name in the west.印度商学院的调查还指出,印度公司需警惕一些潜在问题,如性骚扰——在西方,这个问题已给办公室恋情招来坏名声。Indian legal guidelines on harassment require companies to maintain a “complaint cell” for women to report abuses. But the ISB finds that nearly a third of employees surveyed thought their company did not have such a cell or had not heard of one.印度性骚扰法规要求企业成立“骚扰投诉处”,接待女性员工的投诉。但印度商学院发现,近三分之一的受访者认为,自己所在的公司并没有这种设置,或者自己从未听说过。Such dangers aside, Indian parents probably do not need to be alarmed. When it comes to tying the knot, it seems traditional concerns such as caste quickly return to the fore.抛开这些隐患不谈,印度的父母们或许无需担忧。当发展到谈婚论嫁时,种姓等方面的传统顾虑似乎很快又占了上风。Ms Tejaswani says: “I used to bore my mother talking about him [Mr Karthik]. So when the time came, it wasn't difficult at all convincing them. And since caste also was not an issue, his parents, too, agreed.”泰贾斯瓦尼娅表示:“我过去常在我母亲耳边唠叨卡蒂克的事情。因此当时机成熟时,说他们就一点都不难了。而既然种姓方面也不存在问题,他的父母也就同意了。” /200905/69217Did you ever think there was a better, different way to live? Did you ever think, “Maybe I don’t have to go to a job and work 40+ hours a week, feel exhausted, wish for more time for myself or my family, and wonder when the fun stuff begins?” If so, get y: your life’s about to change.When I was a little girl, I woke up every morning with the sun. I opened my eyes, heard birds chirping outside my window, and smiled, thinking about the adventures of the coming day. Fast forward to my last corporate job, when I woke up with the alarm clock, slammed my hand down on the snooze button and laid in bed, a feeling of d in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the eight hours I was about to spend working under fluorescent lights, in a small cubicle, so my boss could take credit for my work and someone else could profit.Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look back on the time I spent in Corporate America, I realize that I didn’t know any better. Despite the entrepreneurial spirit I’ve felt through my entire life, there was a period of time when it simply didn’t occur to me that my life belonged to me and I didn’t have to live according to the narrow path that had been defined for me.It took carpal tunnel syndrome and an inflexible corporate environment for me to realize that I desperately needed a change. And that’s what it took to remind me of the philosophy my dad taught me as a little girl, something I’d long forgotten: that work is what makes the rest of your life possible.From this perspective, “work” takes on substantially less meaning, while “life” takes center stage. I like this because it reminds me where my priorities lie. I’d much rather my tombstone , “She truly lived,” than “She worked a lot.”It’s easy to say “work makes the rest of my life possible,” but how does it look in real life, and how do you put this into play in your own life? How it looks in real life:I wake up each morning, knowing that the day belongs to me. I have a schedule, but I’m not beholden to a boss or supervisor who will dock my pay or fire me if I decide the schedule doesn’t suit my mood that day. One of my priorities is my health and physical well-being, so most mornings I start my day off with a workout at the gym. Since my day is my own, I can work out without rushing, and that allows me to get to know the other members of my gym, which means it’s a social event as well.Then, depending on the day and what I’ve committed to, I may work with clients, do some writing for my blog, e-zine, the book I’m working on, or the other sites I write for, or one of the several books I’m into at any given moment. Aside from scheduled meetings with clients and deadlines, I do what suits my mood the best - if I’m struggling for inspiration for my articles, I spend more time ing. If I’m in the mood to bake b with my husband, I do. And I’ve structured my businesses so that if I want to get on a plane and fly to South America, England, or New Orleans for a weekend or a month, I can do it without a second thought and my income doesn’t change a bit.The point is, no day is completely consumed by work, it’s all flexible, and everything I do for “work” is something that I enjoy doing. If I don’t enjoy it, I either don’t do it or I find someone who does and I outsource that work to them.When I speak to groups, I’m often asked, “How many hours a week do you work?” Sure, just like Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, some weeks I only work four hours. But if I’m working on a book or one of my one-on-one clients is launching his/her business, I work at least forty. Those are the extremes: most weeks I stay somewhere in the twenty to twenty five hour range. But I can tell you this: I wake up with the sun and the birds chirping, just like I did when I was a little girl. I always wake up smiling, and I love what I do.But I’m not that different from you. I’m not overly lucky and nothing that special has happened that made this possible for me. Virtually anyone can do this. So how can you incorporate this into your own life?The mindset comes first. You have to take responsibility for your life and know that it is yours to live in whatever way that you want. Think this is easy? It’s not. This can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. But as Seth Godin recently wrote, “the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.” So take a risk and believe that your life belongs to you.Second, figure out your priorities and your goals. What’s most important to you? Are there things you want to do, places you want to see? Maybe you just want more quality time with your family, or want more time to relax- that’s okay. The point is to figure out what’s most important to you.Third, design a business to suit your lifestyle goals. This is the most challenging aspect of applying this philosophy, because it requires some extra knowledge- what opportunities are out there, how to repurpose what you aly know and/or do, how to brand yourself and market your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution- a business model that works for one person may not be suited to another. Your best bet, the easiest and fastest way to accomplish this, is to work with someone who has successfully made the transition themselves, who knows the opportunities out there, can help you figure out what suits you best, help you put it all together and show you the ropes.Finally, be prepared to work to get to the point of living the dream. I’m not going to lie to you. It rarely happens overnight. Some of my clients have transitioned into this lifestyle (what I call the “Business in Blue Jeans lifestyle”) within a month or two, while others have taken a bit longer. Some of it depends on the industry you’re in and some depends on what you’re willing to put into it and how focused you are. Because the fact is, even though you aren’t working as much or as hard as before, in this lifestyle, when you are working, you need to be really focused.Ultimately, the bottom line is that when you’re working for a life that you’ve designed, when you love what you’re doing and when you know that you aren’t just putting in the time, everything changes. Change the way you view work, and you’ll completely change your life. /200902/62549Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living.别赖在沙发上了,做事变得高效一点吧,那才是应该过的生活。 /201006/106065

Several zodiac signs and astrological studies can be used to calculate the compatibility between sun signs. Basically every astrological sign is governed by one of the four elements, which are - air, earth, fire and water. The Fire sign people are usually very passionate, energetic, creative and aggressive. Air sign people are thinkers, idea originators and truth seekers. Water signs are emotional, creative and intuitive whereas the Earth signs are sensual, hard working, sincere and practical in life. Well if you are a Gemini and your partner a Sagittarian, then here is what the sun sign compatibility theory says about your compatibility:一些十二星座和占星学研究都可以被用于推算太阳星座的相配程度,基本上,每一种占星星座都是由四种因素控制的,分别是气、土、火和水。火象星座的人通常十分热情,充满活力,具有创造力,富有进取心。气象星座的人通常都是思考者,并且有很多想法,同时也是真相的寻求者。水象星座的人都很感性,具有创造力,并且容易通过直觉来判断事情。土象星座的人非常感性,能够努力工作,真诚,在生活中比较务实。如果你是一位双子座的人,而你的另一半是射手座,那么我们就在这儿通过太阳星座相配理论来分析一下你们的相配程度。Compatibility for Gemini and Sagittarius双子与射手的相配程度Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign however both the signs are flexible. Hence, can get well adjusted to each other. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are great conversationalists and enjoy going out and socializing. Neither of these sun-signs feels the need to hog the spotlight and so they make a great couple that shine brilliantly together. 双子座是气象星座,射手座是火象星座,而且这两个星座都非常的灵活。因此,他们可以很好的适应对方。双子和射手都非常的健谈,喜欢外出参加社交活动。这些太阳星座认为都不需要聚光灯下的烘托,因此他们可以大放异的在一块。 /201104/130136七夕节马上就到了,七夕节到来时,我们该对心爱的人说些什么呢?十二星座各有各的"七夕节情话"  水瓶座(1.21-2.19)  You are the one I have been looking for。  你就是我一直在追寻的人。(好直白哦)  双鱼座(2.20-3.20)  Okay. Let us try to be the luckiest couple on earth。  好!让我们试着成为世上最幸运的一对。(比较“西式”)  牡羊座(3.21-4.20)Baby, will you be my valentine ? I will make you the happiest girl on earth。  宝贝,当我的情人吧?我将使你成为世上最快乐的女孩。 (强势示爱) /201008/11144010 tips that are easy to follow to maintain good health.10个方法帮你轻松保持健康。With all the emphasis put on our health it may seem like a never ending challenge to stay healthy so here are ten simple things to incorporate in your hectic lives:健康的重点在于保持健康似乎是个永恒的挑战,因此现在教你在忙碌生活中保持健康要需做的10件小事。 /201005/104801

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