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有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Chapter6 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影 Article/200809/48422

Zach drove over to his fiancée’s place. She was in China, visiting her parents. Her son Bradley hadn't gone with her. Bradley was a junior in high school. He neither liked nor disliked Zach, even though he had known Zach for three years. Zach was still trying to win Bradley over. He called Bradley to tell him that he was coming over. Bradley said okay. When Zach got there, he checked all of Christine’s mail to see if there were any bills to pay. There were none.He asked if Bradley wanted to drive Zach's car. Bradley had a driver’s permit, and was always pestering his mom to let him drive her car. Bradley said all right. Zach told him not to speed, but he could drive anywhere he wanted. Bradley got on the 210 freeway and headed northwest to where it meets the 5. Zach gave Bradley a few driving tips: Don’t drive next to big rigs, because you never know when they might tip over and crush you. Don’t drive behind pickup trucks with loads, because you never know when something in the truck will get airborne and come flying through your windshield.On their way back, Zach suggested that they stop at the driving range. He wanted to show Bradley how to play golf. Bradley wasn’t enthusiastic. He preferred his games. But Bradley soon discovered that golf was fun! He hit a large bucket of balls. Zach told him that he had a natural swing. The next day Bradley, for the first time ever, called Zach. He had a few blisters on his hands; Zach said that was normal. Then Bradley asked if Zach would come by next Saturday so they could take a drive and hit golf balls again. Zach said of course, with a happy feeling in his heart. Article/201104/132236

Heather loved the freedom of soaring high above the land and sea. She learned how to hang-glide from her boyfriend.Initially, she was scared to death. The first time he took her up, she hung on for dear life. But by the end of that flight, she was hooked. Half a year later, she bought her own hang-glider.Almost every weekend, she drove to Torrey Pines and leaped off the cliff. She could soar to La Jolla in less than five minutes. She liked to fly over the town. She would wave at kids pointing and looking up at her, and they would shout and wave back excitedly.One day she was returning to the launch site when she noticed a red hawk rapidly approaching her. It briefly disappeared. Then she heard its claws ripping the wing’s fabric. It flew off. But the next thing she knew, it was flying straight at her. She turned out of its way, but it dove at her again. She was scared.She had to evade its attacks four times before she was able to land safely. Even after she landed, it circled overhead, as if daring her to fly again. What did I do to you, she wondered.As she drove home, she found out that she had been lucky. The radio news reported that in Australia, a hang-glider had been attacked by not one, but two, eagles.Maybe it was something in the air, Heather thought. Article/201104/130649

That evening, when Matthew came into the kitchen, he saw that his sister was crying.那天晚上,当马修走进厨房的时候,看见他的正在哭泣。#39;What#39;s the matter? #39;he asked, surprised. #39;You haven#39;t cried since…well, I can#39;t remember when. #39;“发生什么事了?”他吃惊地问道。“你上一次掉眼泪是在……唉,我也想不起是什么时候了。”#39;It#39;s just…well, I was thinking about Anne, #39;said Marilla. #39;I#39;ll…I#39;ll miss her when she goes away. #39;“只是因为……我在想关于安妮的事,”玛丽拉说。“她走了以后我会……我会想念她的。”#39;When she goes to Queen#39;s, you mean? Yes, but she can come home at weekends, on the train. #39;“你的意思是当她去女王学院的时候?是的,但周末的时候她可以坐火车回来。”#39;I#39;ll still miss her, #39; said Marilla sadly.“但我还是会想念她,”玛丽拉难过地说。In June the Avonlea boys and girls had to go to Charlotte-town to take their examinations.六月里,埃文利村的男孩子和女孩子们必须去夏洛特镇参加考试。#39;Oh, I do hope that I#39;ve done well, #39;Anne told Diana when she arrived back at Green Gables.“噢,我真希望我考得很好,”安妮回到格林·盖布尔斯后对戴安娜说。#39;The examinations were very difficult. And I#39;ve got to wait for three weeks before I know! Three weeks! I#39;ll die! #39;“考试非常难。而且我还得等3周才能知道成绩!3周啊!我会着急死的!”Anne wanted to do better than Gilbert. But she also wanted to do well for Matthew and Marilla. That was very important to her.安妮希望超过吉尔伯特。但她也希望为马修和玛丽拉争气。这对她很重要。Diana was the first to hear the news. She ran into the kitchen at Green Gables and shouted, #39;Look, Anne! It#39;s in Father#39;s newspaper!戴安娜是最先听到消息的。她跑进格林·盖布尔斯的厨房高喊道:“看,安妮!登在父亲的报纸上!You#39;re first… with Gilbert…out of all the students on the island! Oh, how wonderful! #39;Anne took the paper with shaking hands,你是第一名……还有吉尔伯特……超过了岛上所有的学生!哦,多棒啊!”安妮用颤抖的手接过了报纸,and saw her name, at the top of the list of two hundred. She could not speak.看到自己的名字在200个学生的名单中排在首位。她激动得说不出话。#39;Well, now, I knew it, #39;said Matthew with a warm smile.“好,现在,我终于听到这好消息了,”马修面带微笑地说。#39;You#39;ve done well, I must say, Anne, #39;said Marilla, who was secretly very pleased.“我必须说,你干得很出色,安妮,”玛丽拉说,她的心里暗暗高兴。For the next three weeks Anne and Marilla were very busy. Anne needed new dresses to take to Charlottetown.在随后的3周时间里,玛丽拉和安妮非常忙碌。安妮需要一些新衣带到夏洛特镇去。The evening before she left, she put on one of her new dresses to show Matthew. Marilla watched the happy young face.出发的前一天晚上,安妮穿上一件新衣给马修看。玛丽拉端详着安妮年轻快乐的脸。She remembered the strange, thin little child, with her sad eyes, who arrived at Green Gables five years ago, and she started crying quietly.她回忆起5年前到格林·盖布尔斯来的那个奇怪、瘦弱、眼神忧伤的女孩,玛丽拉轻声地哭了起来。#39;Marilla, why are you crying? #39;asked Anne.“玛丽拉,您怎么哭了?”安妮问。 /201205/183767

Cluster balloonists tie a bunch of helium balloons to a lawn chair, sit in the chair, cut the anchor rope, and go flying into the wild blue yonder. To land, they cut some of the cords attaching the balloons to the chair. A small group of daredevils has been enjoying this sport for more than 30 years.They usually take a radio to communicate with people on the ground, a GPS device so they can be located, a parachute, and bags of sand or water that they throw overboard to go higher. “It’s fun, but it’s not for everyone,” said Glenn Ford. “You have to dress warmly for higher altitudes. You should always take a life preserver and wear a helmet. And you need to take food and water for emergencies.” Balloonists often soar up to 6,000 feet, and many have soared to 12,000 feet or higher.A popular priest in Brazil decided to try cluster ballooning. Reporters from newspapers and TV stations interviewed and photographed him before take-off. He laughed and waved at everyone as his chair started rising. “I’ll see you at one o’clock,” he yelled to everyone on the ground. It was 11 a.m.The weather, however, took a sudden turn for the worse. People could see the wind driving the balloonist toward the Atlantic. The bright balloons disappeared into the dark clouds. The next day, a pilot in a single-engine plane saw some balloons floating 10 miles out to sea. There was no sign of the priest. “This is unbelievable,” said his best friend. “He was an expert sky diver. He had a life preserver, an inflatable life raft, and a GPS device. And, he was a priest!” Article/201108/149024

In the spring of 1936,Mrs Simpson wrote a letter to her husband.1936年春天,辛普森夫人给她丈夫写了一封信。#39;Dear Ernest,#39; she wrote. #39;You have been very kind to me. You are a good and strong man. But I must tell you that our marriage is finished.“亲爱的欧内斯特,”她写道,“你一直待我很好。你心地善良,性格坚强。但我不得不告诉你,我们的婚姻结束了。I am in love with the King and I want a divorce. Don#39;t be angry. There is nothing you can do. I#39;ll never forget you, but I have to be free.#39;我爱上了国王,我想和你离婚。请不要生气。你无能为力了。我永远不会忘记你,但我必须得到自由。”Ernest replied immediately: #39;Your letter arrived this morning. I will do what you ask, but I#39;ll never stop loving you. And if you need me, I#39;ll always be here.#39;欧内斯特立刻回了信:“你的信是今早到的。我答应你的要求,但我永远不会停止对你的爱。如果你需要我,我随时都会帮忙。”That night the King and Wallis met at a small restaurant in Piccadilly. Edward Ernest#39;s letter again and again. #39;That#39;s wonderful news, #39;he said. #39;Nothing can stop us now!#39;那天晚上,国王和沃利斯在皮卡迪里的一家小餐馆见了面。爱德华一遍又一遍地读欧内斯特的信。“这消息太好了,”他说,“现在没有什么能够阻碍我们了。”The next day, when Edward came down to breakfast, Gordon Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was waiting for him.第二天,爱德华下楼吃早饭的时候,发现坎特伯雷大主教戈登·朗正在等他。#39;Good morning, Gordon, #39;the King said. #39;How nice to see you again. And what can I do for you?#39;“早上好,戈登,”国王说,“又见到您真好。我能为您做些什么?”For a minute the Archbishop said nothing. Then he opened a small black bag and took out three newspapers.大主教沉默了片刻,然后打开一个小黑包,取出3份报纸。#39;I have come to see you about Mrs Wallis Simpsonn, #39;he began. #39;The newspapers say that you want to marry her. Are these stories true, Sir?#39;“我来见您是为了沃利斯·辛普森夫人的事,”他开口说,“报上说您要娶她为妻。这是真的吗,陛下?”#39;Yes, Gordon, Wallis is going to be my wife.#39;“是的,戈登,沃利斯将成为我的妻子。”#39;But that#39;s not possible,#39; the Archbishop replied. #39;You know what the Church thinks about marriage and divorce. Di-vorce is wrong in the eyes of God!#39;“但那是不可能的,”大主教说,“您知道教会对婚姻和离婚的看法。在上帝眼里,离婚是错误的!”Edward smiled and then said:#39;Can I ask you some ques-tions about God, Mr Lang?#39;爱德华笑了,然后说:“我能问您一些有关上帝的问题吗,朗先生?”#39;Yes, of course, Sir.#39;“当然可以,陛下。”#39;Is God happy when two people fall in love?#39;“当两个人相爱时,上帝高兴吗?”#39;Yes, Sir, but...#39;“高兴,陛下,但是……”#39;And is God happy when two people fall in love and get married?#39;“两个人相爱并结婚,上帝高兴吗?”#39;Yes,Sir,but...#39;“高兴,陛下,但是……”#39;And is God happy when two people fall in love,get mar-ried, and live happily together?#39;“两个人相爱、结婚、在一起幸福地生活,上帝高兴吗?”#39;Yes, Sir, but...#39;“高兴,陛下,但是……”#39;Then, Archbishop, Wallis and I will make God very happy. We are in love, we#39;ll get married, and we#39;ll live to-gether happily!#39;“那么,大主教,沃利斯和我会让上帝十分高兴的。我们相爱,我们要结婚,我们在一起生活会很幸福!”#39;But you don#39;t understand, Sir, #39;Mr Lang replied. #39;The Church says that divorce is wrong. Mrs Simpson cannot leave Mr Simpson and then marry you.“但您不明白,陛下,”朗先生说,“教会认为离婚是错误的。辛普森夫人不能离开辛普森先生,然后和您结婚。You must forget about her and find another woman. Please, Sir, I must ask you to think again.#39;您必须忘记她,去找另一个女子。陛下,我请求您三思。”#39;That is not possible,#39; Edward said softly. #39;When Wallis is free, I shall marry her.#39;“这是不可能的,”爱德华轻轻地说,“沃利斯一离婚,我就娶她。”There was a long silence. The Archbishop looked down at the floor and shook his head. #39;You#39;re making a big mistake, Sir, #39;he said.沉默了许久,大主教低头看着地板,摇了摇头。“您正在犯一个很大的错误,陛下,”他说,#39;The Church is very strong, and we will not have this woman as our Queen!#39;“教会是强有力的,我们不会让这个女人做我们的王后!”Suddenly Edward stood up, his face red and angry. #39;Thank you for coming,#39; he said. #39;But I have nothing more to say.And I want to be alone.#39;爱德华刷地站起身,脸色通红,怒容满面。“谢谢您的来访,”他说,“但我没什么可说的了。我想一个人待着。”The Archbishop stood up to go, but then turned and touched the King#39;s arm. #39;Please, Sir, think again. The Church will be against you.#39;大主教站起身要走,但又回过头来,拍拍国王的手臂。“陛下,请您再想想。教会会反对您的。”#39;I don#39;t care,#39; Edward replied. #39;I have God on my side, and that is all I need. Goodbye, Mr Lang.#39;“我不在乎,”爱德华回答,“上帝会站在我这边,除此之外我不需要别的。再见,朗先生。” /201204/178266

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