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One of the worlds largest industrial robot makers begins operations at its new Shanghai factory on Tuesday. German robot manufacturer Kuka is aiming for multi-million euro orders for its high-tech machinery from Chinas automotive industry.世界上最大的工业用机器人制造商开始在上海运营其新工厂。德国机器人制造商Kuka意在中国汽车工业中攫取数百万欧元的高科技机械订单。Germanys table tennis champion takes on the fastest robot in a ping pong battle. Thats the type of machinery that will be produced in Kukas new plant in Shanghai, the first in the country for the Augsburg-based robot maker. China is projected to become the biggest market for industrial robotics by 2016. Right now Chinese robot products only make up about a tenth of the Chinese market.德国乒乓球冠军曾与反应最快的机器人在乒乓球赛中对峙。这就是Kuka公司将要在上海生产的产品,上海也是该公司在中国的第一家工厂。中国预计在2016年成为工业机器人最大的需求市场。目前,中国机器人产品只占中国市场份额的1/10。201403/282535

Pastor Terry Jones: Koran-Burning BBQ Plans Terry Jones is arrested with thousands of kerosene-soaked Korans in a barbecue grill on the anniversary of 9/11.新闻背景:美国佛罗里达州61岁的牧师特里·琼斯和他的助理牧师34岁的马文 萨普11日开着小型敞篷车,车上装有2998本浇过煤油的《古兰经》,准备去附近的公园焚烧。琼斯是一个小福音派基督教堂的牧师,以公开亵渎伊斯兰教经书而出名。他2010年9月11日计划焚烧古兰经首次引起人们关注,他最后取消了计划。2011年3月,他的信徒焚烧穆斯林圣书,2012年,他又极力推销反穆斯林电影。这三起事件均引起中东和阿富汗地区的暴力抗议。其中,最严重的暴力抗议发生在2011年阿富汗北部城市马扎里沙里夫,为抗议焚经行为,数百人冲击了联合国驻当地办事处,造成4名尼泊尔警卫在内的7名外国人死亡。美国军方屡次要求他不要抗议,但琼斯反复不听。军方官员称他的行为让阿富汗和其他地区的美国人和西方军队面临危险。埃及法院曾因侮辱伊斯兰教的电影判处琼斯等人死刑,这起裁决很大程度上只具象征意义,因为被告均不生活在埃及。As you know,Terry Jones has made it abundantly clear that he intended to come to PaulCounty and express his First Amendment rights by burning Korans. He then toldour detectives that he was going to come to the park without a permit, and thathe was going to burn the Korans on the park property. We explained clearly tohim that it was a violation of law, we not only told him he had a FirstAmendment right to free speech, we encouraged him to come to that park if hewant to make any statements that he wanted. But he was not going to come toPaul County and violate the law. When Terry got out of the car, he was openlycarrying a firearm, which is a violation of law. He does have a concealedfirearm’s permit, but he was openly carrying the firearm and that was observedby several deputies. /201309/257350

Clean A Penny. Find out how you can use a simple chemical reaction to make a dirty old penny look brand new and shiny. Its not worth anymore but it will give you satisfaction on completion.清洁硬币。你可以使用一种非常简单的化学反应,让肮脏破旧的硬币看上去崭新闪亮。或许不那么值钱,但是会给你带来满足感和成就感。Step 1: You will need1.你需要an old penny一枚旧硬币some lemon juice一些柠檬汁some salt一些盐Step 2: Aim2.目标The aim of this experiment is to demonstrate the chemical reaction that takes place when an acid is added to a basic oxide.该实验的目标就是展示向碱性氧化物中加入酸时发生的化学反应。Step 3: Method3.方法Place about 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of salt in a glass. Mix together thoroughly until the salt dissolves.向一个玻璃杯中加入2汤匙柠檬汁和1茶匙盐。彻底混合至盐溶解。Then drop a dirty old penny into the solution. Swish it around a bit so that the penny is completely covered. Fish it out and see how shiny it is! Good as new.然后向溶液中加入一枚脏兮兮的旧硬币。摇晃一下,这样硬币可以完全被溶液浸泡。过一会儿取出硬币看一下,像新的一样闪闪发光!Step 4: Conclusion4.结论Why did this happen? When the lemon juice and salt were mixed together, they underwent a chemical reaction that produced a weak hydrochloric acid solution. The penny is made of copper. It is dirty or tarnished because the copper has reacted with oxygen in the air over time and a layer of copper oxide has formed. When the penny is placed in the hydrochloric acid solution, another reaction takes place. The copper oxide reacts with the hydrochloric acid to produce copper chloride and water. This leaves the penny clean and free from any copper oxide build up.为什么会出现这样的结果?当柠檬汁和盐混合在一起时,会发生化学反应,形成弱酸性的盐酸溶液。硬币是用铜做成的。由于铜和空气中的氧长时间发生反应,形成一层氧化铜保护膜,看上去就比较肮脏污秽。当硬币放在盐酸溶液中时,会发生另外一种化学反应。氧化铜和盐酸发生反应,形成氯化铜和水。由此就会让硬币更加清洁,清除氧化铜覆盖膜。Thanks for watching How To Clean A Penny.感谢收看“简单方法清洁硬币”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/272339

Justin Bieber Sets Record Straight About Tabloid Rumors and Mistakes Justin bieber is speaking out now. In a rare interview, he opens up to ;the hollywood reporter. ; Trying to set the record straight with all of the recent run-ins with the tabloids.Justin Bieber is speaking out now, in a rare interview, he opens up to the Hollywood reporter, trying to set the record straight about all those recent runnings with the tablets. A’s Diana Pérez has the details. All around the world, Justin Bieber is no stranger to trouble, spraying a picture of Bill Clinton in New York, to speeding tickets in Dubai. But in an interview with the Hollywood reporter to promote his new movie, Believe, the 19-year-old phenom tells the magazine he knows who he is even if the media doesn’t. I don’t give a [expletive] what they say, I know who I am and what I’m doing in my life, and what I’ve accomplished. I’m happy with the man I’m becoming. You see a lot of lies being put out there. As long as you lo….In his first interview in 9 months, Justin Bieber says he’s determined to remain his own man, I want to be me, to show everybody who I am as an individual, I dont wanna just be a puppet.He’s not going to listen what you think he should be, he’s not going to listen to the label, he’s not going to listen necessarily to Scooter Braun, his manager. The pop star has a gang of support from Oprah to Eminem. His manger even told the magazine Bieber and Will Smith have weekly phone calls. You gotta hide your emotions sometimes, especially for me going on stage. I’m upset and I don’t wanna have to smile and put on a happy and but sometimes, you just gotta, just suck it up. For Good Morning America, Diana Perez, A News, New York. /201312/266772

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