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Situation 75情景 75Its up in the air.尚未确定。可能要20分钟或者更久。Im sorry but boarding has not yet started.我很抱歉还没有开始上船。What seems to be the prblem?大概是什么问题吗?Theres a mechanical problem.有个机件上的问题。When do you expect to start boarding?你预期能在什么时候开始上船?Its up in the air.It might take twenty minutes or evenlonger.尚未确定。可能要20分钟或者更久。Will you announce when youre y?当你们准备好时,请你宣布一下好吗Are you going to the ed States next week?你下礼拜将去美国吗?No.The plans have been changed.不,计划已经改了。I thought it was all set.我以为一切都定好了。So did I,but something came up.我原也以为这样,但是发生了一些事情。Any idea of when youll be going?知不知道你何时会去?No.Everythings up in the air.不知道。一切都没确定。I heard you and your family were going to Tainan.我听说你和你家人要去台南。We hope to.我们希望去。When are you going?你们什么时候去?We dont know.Our plans are all up in the air.不知道,我们的计划都尚未确定。Why?为什么?The weathers been bad.We havent been able to get a flight.天气一直不好。我们没有办法搭乘飞机。 /201208/1945121. Do you have postcards?你们有明信片吗?还能这样说:Do you sell postcards?Are postcards on sale?2. What kinds of postcards do you have?你们有哪几种明信片?还能这样说:How many kinds of postcards do you have?Which postcards are you selling?应用:kind of 有点儿,稍微;of a kind 很相似的;同一类的;in kind 以实物偿还;be kind to 对……慈爱,对……厚道3. Give me some postcards.我买几张明信片。还能这样说:I need some postcards.I want some postcards.应用:give ear to 倾听,发怒,听取意见;give expression to 反映;give lessons to 给……上课;give notice 发布通知;give occasion to 引发4. I wonder if you have some postcards for teachers.我想知道你们是否有寄给老师的明信片。还能这样说:I want to buy some postcards for my teachers.I want to know if there are some postcards for teachers here.应用:be filled with wonder 感到十分惊异;It is a wonder that... 奇怪的是;the seven wonders of the world 世界七大奇观 /201307/246452时间和日期1. 词组句型在......时间in, onSentence PatternsHe was born in 1979.He came here in August.Great changes happpened in the twentieth century.It always rains in summer in our hometown.She always gets up at six oclock in the morning.Theyll finish their work in this afternoon.Well go out for a picnic on Sunday.On the evening of May the first, we met each other.On New Years day, I will come back.On my arrival home, I discovered the burglary.准时on time, in timeSentence PatternsHe attended the meeting on time.The taxi arrived at the station on time.He was saved because of her appearance in time.A fighting was avoided on the basis of the polices arrival in time.自从from, sinceSentence PatternsThey worked hard from morning till night.I hope to go on a holiday a month from today.We havent seen each other since 1990.We had not seen each other since schooldays.在某人......岁时of ones age, at ones ageSentence PatternsShe is a girl of my age.She is of my age.At his age, he should know it is wrong.At her age, she should get married.到干某事的时间了its time to do sth, its time for sthSentence PatternsIts time to get up.Its time to go to school.Its time for cleaning.Its time for going to bed.花费时间干某事it takes sb some time to do sth, spendSentence PatternsIt took me 3 hours to finish my homework.It will take me 2 days to finish my ing.He spent 3 days on his work.He will spend one day to play.时间by, during, atSentence PatternsThey work by day and rest by night.He works during the day and rests during the night.The train leaves at 7:00, so youd better be at the station by 6:50.Will you come by eleven tomorrow morning?晚上evening, nightSentence PatternsHe arrived at 8:00 in the evening.She will appear at 9:00 in the evening.I go to bed at 11:00 at night.Yesterday I finished watching TV at 12:00 at night.2. 多种表达What day is today?What day is it?What day of the week is it today?What day is it today?What month is this?What month is next month?What month was last month?Whats the date today?Whats todays date?What date is it today?Whats the date?What time is it, please?Do you get the time?What time is it now?Have you got the time?May I ask the time?Could you tell me what time it is now?Its 2:45.Its two forty-five.Its a quarter to three.Its a quarter till three.Its five after two.Its five past two.Its five minutes after 5 oclock.How are we doing for time?Whats the time like?Does the time permit?Time is money.Time is golden.Time is precious.Time is invaluable.You must wait for six more days.Six more days to go.Only six days left.Time is up.Its the time.There is no time left.Its about time.Time has come.Are you free?Are you available?Do you have some free time?The clock is ten minutes slow.The clock is ten minutes behind.Is your watch reliable?Does your watch keep good time?Do you think your watch is right?Its a few minutes before one oclock.Its one sharp.Its one oclock.Its a few minutes after one. /201207/188757

9. He is wise for his age.他虽年轻,却很学。还能这样说:Hes wise for a man of his age.Though he is young, he is learned.谚语:It is easy to be wise after the event.事后聪明,后知后觉。10. Its my turn to buy you dinner.这次我请客。还能这样说:This time you will be my guest.This is my treat.应用:state dinner 国宴;TV dinner 冷冻快餐11. Can you give me a ride?你可以载我一程吗?还能这样说:Can I get your lift?Could you drop me off?应用:ride and tie 两人轮流骑一匹马或乘一辆车旅行;ride at 骑马驶向;ride away 岔开12. Can you oblige me with your phone?可以借用一下你的电话吗?还能这样说:Do you mind me using your phone?Could you spare me your phone?应用:oblige by 劳驾;oblige with 以……使满足13. Could you help me?可以帮个忙吗?还能这样说:Could you do me a favor?Would you give me a hand?应用:help意思较aid,assist强,指以积极态度给予各方面的帮助,强调受助者得到帮助或好处,并着重受助者对帮助的需要;assist是正式用语,多指在提供帮助时,帮助者起次要或起协助作用。 /201411/344085

1. Thank you for calling.谢谢您打电话来。还能这样说:It is nice of you to call.Thanks for calling me.应用:call off 取消,叫走,使转移;call on 拜访,要求,招致,指名;call out at 对某人高声叫喊;call over 点名;call round 拜访2. Ive enjoyed talking to you.同你谈话很愉快。还能这样说:Its nice talking with you.Talking with you is a great pleasure.谚语:To teach a pig to play on a flute.对牛弹琴。3. Ive got to hang up now.我得挂电话了。还能这样说:Ive to end the phone now.Ill have to ring off now.应用:Really now! (Now Really!)哎呀!真的吗!不会吧!4. I would not delay your precious time.我不耽误您宝贵的时间了。还能这样说:I wont take any more of your time.I wont keep you any longer.应用:admit of no delay 刻不容缓;without delay 赶快,立刻;unreasonable delay 无理的拖延;delay in payment 延期付款 /201304/236340

Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Rob.罗布:大家好,欢迎来到我们说的英语节目。我是罗布。Li: And hello Im Li.李:大家好,我是李。Rob: Shh shh Li – quiet please! I need to concentrate, the race is about to finish and Ive got a bet on.罗布:嘘,李,请安静点!我要集中注意力,比赛马上就要结束了,我可是下了注的。Rob: Yeah! Ive won. Ive actually won. Im rich!罗布:太好了!我赢了。我真的赢了,我现在有钱了!Li: Well done Rob. So what have you won Rob?李:干得漂亮,罗布。那你赢了什么?Rob: Ten pounds!罗布:10英镑!Li: Oh just ten pounds. Ah well, thats quite useful actually.李:哦,就10英镑啊。好吧,实际上那也挺有用的。Rob: Is it. Why is that?罗布:是吗,为什么啊?Li: Well, you owe me five pounds and you did say you would buy me a glass of champagne if you won a race.李:嗯,你欠我5英镑,而且你也说过如果你赢了比赛会请我喝杯香槟的。Rob: Oh right, did I? So, that will leave me with…. fifty pence. Maybe Im not a winner after all. Honestly! Every time I make some money I have to give it away.罗布:这样啊,我说过吗?那这样的话我还剩下……5便士。也许我根本就不是赢家。说实话,每次我挣点钱都会花掉。Li: Sorry Rob, its a no-win situation or a lose-lose situation. Rob, you cant gain any money because youll always lose it on something else.李:很抱歉,罗布,这是个没有输赢的情况,或者说是双输局面。罗布,你没办法赚到钱是因为你总是在其他地方花掉那些钱。Rob: So even though I did win something, I have also lost. Thats a no-win situation is it?罗布:即使我的确赢了一些东西。可我同时也失去了一些东西。这就是没有输赢的情况的意思吗?Li: Im afraid it is. A no-win situation is one in which a favourable outcome is impossible. You are bound to lose whatever you do. You can also use this phrase to describe situations that arent just to do with money, like this:李:恐怕是的。没有输赢的局面就是指无法获得有利结果的情况。不管你做什么都注定会失败。这个短语不仅仅可以用来形容与钱财有关的事物,看下面的例子:I can get the bus or train to work-either way Im going to be late. Its a no-win situation.我可以坐公交或是火车去上班——不管哪种方法我都会迟到。 这是个没有胜算的局面。The cafe only served ham or beef sandwiches but as a vegetarian I was in a no-win situation.这家咖啡厅只供应火腿三明治和牛肉三明治,不过对素食主义的我来说,这真是左右为难啊。If she helps in the garden, Mum wont be pleased and if she helps in the kitchen, Dad wont be pleased. She really is in a no-win situation.如果她在花园里帮忙,妈妈会不高兴,而如果她在厨房里帮忙,爸爸会不高兴。她真的处于没法两全其美的情况。Li: So a no-win situation is one that is certain to end in failure and disappointment. So Rob I can see you are disappointed because you have spent your winnings on me.李:所以没有输赢的情况是指注定会以失败和失望来作为结束。罗布,我看得出来你很失望,因为你要把赢来的钱花在我这里。Rob: I am. It seems impossible to win money just for myself.罗布:我是很失望。看起来我自己不可能赢钱。Li: Actually I also won some money – fifty pounds – so Ill buy you a drink, in fact Ill buy you something to eat too and you dont need to pay me back that five pounds.李:实际上我也赢了些钱——50英镑——所以我会请你喝一杯,实际上我也可以请你吃饭,你也不用还我那五英镑了。Rob: Really? Oh Li thats very kind of you. Now Im in a win-win situation!罗布:真的吗?李,你真是太好了。现在我是双赢局面!Li: Yes, the opposite of a no-win situation is a win-win situation. This is where there is a favourable outcome for everyone involved. Like this:李:对,没有输赢的局面的反义词就是双赢局面。意思是各方都会得到有利的结果。下面是例句:The house buyer got a good price and the seller was happy to sell quickly so it was a win-win situation.购房者以便宜的价格得到了这所房子,而卖房者则很高兴能快速出手,所以这是个双赢局面。If I get to invest your money in the company and you get to share the profits, its a win-win situation.如果我把你的钱投入公司,那你就可以分享利润,这是个双赢局面。Rob: So, in a win-win situation everyone is happy! Just like our situation now. So, where are you taking me for dinner Li?罗布:所以要是双赢局面的话所有人都会开心!就像我们现在的情况。李,你要请我去哪里吃晚餐呢?Li: Did I say dinner? I was just going to buy you a sandwich.李:我刚有说请吃晚餐吗?我只是想给你买个三明治而已。Rob: Oh. Thats not such a good win-win situation, is it?罗布:哦,这其实不算好的双赢局面吧?Li: Maybe Ill buy you some chips too!李:也许我还会给你买薯条的!Rob: OK great. Lets go. Bye.罗布:很好。走吧。再见。Li: Bye bye.李:再见。 /201404/286496

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