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Like most young people who get breaks,同很多得到机会的年轻人一样luck has a lot to do with it, and timing.运气和时机都是很重要的因素And the second factor besides timing is that,除此之外 还有第二个因素as a young man, usually all of us would admit作为年轻人 我们所有人都会承认that there was a mentor, a benefactor.自己有一位导师 一位恩人And when an older person who you respect and admire has confidence in you,当一个你所尊敬景仰的长者对你有信心时its a great booster to your own self-confidence.你自己的自信也会得到巨大的提升By age 24, Carnegie is promoted to manager of the company.24岁那年 卡内基被晋升为公司经理Working closely with Scott to oversee同斯科特密切协作the railroads expansion west.监督铁路向西的扩张So I bought 100,000 shares at a share,我以10美元一股的价格买了10万股before news of the contract came out.这是在合同的新闻公布之前When the issue became public,消息一经公开the shares doubled in value.股价翻了一倍The next day, you know what I did?第二天 知道我干了什么吗I sold them.我卖了它们I didnt have to build a thing.我并不需要这些东西The key is westward expansion.关键是西部扩张Yes, sir.是 先生Here. This is where I want the bridge.这里 我想在这里建一座桥Right here.就在这里Think you can you do it?想想你能做到Yes, sir.是 先生I know a good designer. James Eads.我认识一个优秀的设计师 詹姆斯·伊兹Hes crazy, but hes a genius.他很疯狂 但也很有才华Bridge builder, is he?他是桥梁建造师吗No. But hes quick, and hes cheap.不 不过他很快 而且很便宜He can do anything.他什么都能做Come.来The bridge Scott has outlined...斯科特所构想的桥...will be the largest in America.将成为美国最大的The problem is, Carnegie has no idea how to build it.问题在于 卡内基不知道要怎么去建201603/432176Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.咖啡因刺激中枢神经系统It makes you more alert and boosts energy.它使你注意力集中,激发能量For these reasons it is used in man over the counter因此,它像伊克赛锭止头痛药一样pain relievers such as Excedrin Migraine.被用作非处方镇痛药物How much caffeine is considered safe to consume?摄入多少咖啡因是安全的呢?There are no standards for caffeine consumption没有明确的标准however a range of 500 to 600 mg per day但是每天摄入500到600毫克is considered to be safe.被认为是安全的This would be around 4 to 7 cups of strong coffee,这个量相当于喝4到7杯浓咖啡three to four grande Starbucks vanilla lattes,3到4大杯星巴克香草拿铁9 to 11 cans of Mountain Dew9到11罐激浪or 6 to 8 small cans of Red Bull.或者6到8小罐红牛Very high caffeine consumption摄入过多咖啡因has serious impacts on health including对健康有严重影响restlessness, anxiety, irritability and headache.这包括烦躁不安,焦虑,易怒,及头痛Some people may be very sensitive to caffeine intake一些人可能对咖啡因摄入很敏感and need to limit their consumption需要限制咖啡因摄入量to avoid feeling jittery or anxious.以避免紧张不安或焦虑It is also possible to develop a sort of tolerance不过也可能产生一种对咖啡因的耐受性or dependency on caffeine.或依赖性And sudden reduction in intake咖啡因摄入量的骤减may cause headaches or withdrawal like symptoms.可能导致头痛或类似药物戒断的症状These are typically mild and short lived这些症状通常较轻微,并且短暂as the body adapts to a lower caffeine intake.随着身体调整适应了更低的咖啡因摄入量There are many factors that affect有许多因素影响着the amount of caffeine each individual can consume每个人的最大咖啡因摄入量before facing the negative side effects.超过这个量,就会对身体产生副作用Caffeine sensitivity is different depending on对于咖啡因的敏感性会body mass, age, smoking habits,因体重,年龄,吸烟习惯drug or hormone use and stress.用药物或荷尔蒙的摄,和压力的不同而不同Individuals should monitor their caffeine intake每个人应该留心自己的咖啡因摄入量and adjust the amount to find a good balance.并且加以调整以达到一个好的平衡状态Several studies have examined the association人们对于between the consumption of饮用carbonated soft drinks containing caffeine含咖啡因碳酸软饮料and cancer risk.和癌症患病几率之间的联系做了几项研究The Harvard research team mentioned earlier之前提到的哈佛研究小组also examined the effects of soft drinks也研究了碳酸饮料on upper gastrointestinal cancers对上消化道癌症的影响and found no increased or decreased risks发现每天一罐或者更多的碳酸饮料对对增加或降低of cancer of the mouth, pharynx,口腔,咽larynx, esophagus or stomach喉,食道或胃部的癌症发病率with consumption of 1 or more cans per day.没有影响Because many of the soft drinks由于美国很多碳酸饮料consumed in the US contain sugars含糖there is potentially an increased risk也会潜在地增加associated with cancers of the breast and colon一些喝这些饮料的人in persons consuming these beverages患乳腺癌和结肠癌的几率due to increased body fatness. However,因为(糖)容易导致身体肥胖,但是when examined separately from body fatness当把碳酸饮料的影响与肥胖的影响consumption of soft drinks分开研究时does not appear to increase the risk of cancer.碳酸饮料并没有增加患癌症的几率Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages咖啡,茶,及其他含咖啡因的饮品do not appear to increase看起来不会增加the risk of any forms of cancer任何癌症的患病几率and in fact may provide而实际上可能a protective effect on some forms of cancer.对某些癌症有抵抗预防作用Caffeine containing beverages, coffees and teas,含咖啡因的饮料,咖啡,茶are widesp in the marketplace.在市场上到处都是Children and teens are increasingly儿童和青少年在越来越多地饮用这些产品consuming these products at younger ages.而且(开始饮用的)年纪越来越小These products may contain high amounts of sugar这些产品的糖含量可能很高and low amounts of the beneficial compounds而在咖啡或茶叶中发现的有益成分found in coffee or tea.含量却很少It is always wise to labels carefully人们需要仔细阅读标签and to monitor sugar and caffeine consumption控制糖和咖啡因的摄入量,长期这样做是很明智的especially in children.尤其是对儿童来说The impact of lifelong exposure to caffeine至今还没有对终身摄入咖啡因的影响has not been assessed.进行评估However caffeine has been consumed然而自古以来人类by humans throughout history.就摄入咖啡因Further research will be needed我们需要进一步的研究to more fully understand the many compounds去更全面地了解found in coffee and tea咖啡和茶里发现的许多成分and to identify their role in the cancer process.并确认它们在癌症发展过程中的作用Coffee and tea are clearly safe and enjoyable beverages咖啡和茶显然是安全又好喝的饮料that can be part of a healthy lifestyle.可以成为健康生活方式的一部分201507/383830栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。201510/400264John Rockefeller sees their actions as a declaration of war,约翰·洛克菲勒将这一举动看成是对他的宣战and hes not going down without a fight.他是绝对不会就此认输的John Rockefeller had the ruthlessness约翰·洛克菲勒非常无情that sometimes come from utter conviction这有时来自于他坚定的信仰that what he was doing was right, and not just correct,他认为自己做的不仅是对的but divinely inspired,而且是上天授意的and the people who opposed him他认为反对他的人werent really entitled to their point of view,没有权利主张自己的观点because their point of view was wrong.因为他们的观点是错误的It was almost as though在他看来 这就像是they had turned aside Gods grace.这些人在对抗上帝的恩典Well, if you turn aside Gods offer of grace,如果你不接受上帝的恩典then expect no mercy.那就别指望获得怜悯Rockefeller is determined to find another way to transport his oil.洛克菲勒决定去找另一种运油的方式He knows if he cant, the railroads will win.他知道 如果他找不到 那些铁路公司就赢了Rockefellers solution again comes from the most unlikely of places.洛克菲勒的同样来自于一个意想不到的地方So we can increase the yield of the kerosene,我们可以提高煤油的产量but then we get more of the volatile waste.不过挥发性废物的产量也会增多We can burn some of it off as fuel in the refinery,我们可以将其中一些用作炼油厂燃料but its high flammability creates a storage problem.但是其高易燃性容易造成存储问题When we get to higher temperatures温度较高时we can start creating the lubing oils.我们可以开始得到润滑油Ill need to reconfigure the refinery.我将需要重新配置炼油厂Oil in the refinery is moved using large pipes,油在炼油厂的运输是通过大型管道进行的and Rockefeller realizes洛克菲勒意识到if those pipes can transport oil over short distances,既然管道能够短距离运油they could also be used over longer distances.那干嘛不用它们进行长距离运输呢If Rockefeller can build a pipeline large enough,只要能建一个足够大的管道系统hell be able to cut the railroads out of the oil business, for good.他就能够彻底摆脱铁路公司的要挟201603/430847

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/400104

The top English-language newspaper in Hong Kong,The South China Morning Post,was bought Friday by Alibaba.香港顶尖英文报纸《南华早报》星期五被阿里巴巴收购。But why would one of the worlds largest e-commerce companies want to buy a newspaper?但是,作为世界上最大的电子商务公司,阿里巴巴为什么想收购一份报纸呢?One of its goals seems to be to countering what it sees as a bias against China in Western media — bias it claims affects its stock prices on the New York Stock Exchange.其目的之一似乎是想反对西方媒体对中国的偏见,这种偏见对其纽约券交易所股票价格有影响。Chinas Communist Party, too, is often extremely critical of how Western media covers China.中国共产党也经常严厉批评西方对中国的报道。The South China Morning Post has long reported on issues that Chinas state-run media couldnt cover, including human rights issues or political scandals.《南华早报》长期以来报道了中国国有媒体不能涉及的问题,包括人权问题和政治丑闻。This isnt the first media platform the company has invested in.这并不是阿里巴巴投资的第一家媒体平台。It also recently bought Chinas version of YouTube, and it has been investing in companies like Snapchat.最近阿里巴巴还购买了中国版的YouTube,并且投资了像Snapchat一样的公司。But of all of Alibabas purchases, the South China Morning Post probably has the most influence in the West.但在阿里巴巴的所有收购中,《南华早报》可能在西方影响最大。And while Alibaba says its not going to censor the newspaper, it wants to use that influence to present a more friendly version of China to the West.而阿里巴巴表示不会对报纸进行审查,希望利用其影响向西方展示中国更友好的一面。译文属。201512/415353



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