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Entrepreneurs and investors in California can expect to receive a rude shock in the mail if they sold their company in the last four years. Not only did the state#39;s Franchise Tax Board (FTB) eliminate a tax break on capital gains for small business owners and investors, it announced the tax would be reinstated retroactively. This means those who benefitted from the break can expect a bill for unpaid taxes, plus interest, stretching all the way back to 2008.如果加州企业主和投资者在过去的4年中出售过企业,那么等待他们的将是一封会让他们大吃一惊的信件。加州税务局(Franchise Tax Board)不仅取消了针对小型企业和投资者的资本收益税收减免政策,而且还宣布,税收政策在恢复后具有追溯效力。它意味着那些曾享受过税收减免政策的企业家们将收到未缴税款及其利息的账单,而且可征税时间将一直追溯至2008年。Since 1993, California entrepreneurs and early-stage investors have enjoyed a partial state income tax exclusion on sales of stock of a ;qualified; small business. This was an incentive for people to start and keep businesses in California. If they sold their company, they would only have to pay half of the regular state tax rate on what they gained -- about 4.5% instead of 9%. That could include founders of companies such as Instagram and Yelp (YELP).自1993年以来,销售“合格”小型企业股票的加州企业主和早期公司投资者一直都在享受州所得税的部分减免。这个政策对那些希望在加州创业、兴业的人们起到了鼓励作用。如果这些人卖掉了公司,他们只需按正常税率的一半缴纳所得税——即4.5%而不是9%。 照片分享应用公司Instagram和商铺点评网Yelp(Yelp)的创始人都在此列。The FTB announced its decision last December, and the ruling went into effect earlier this year. Now, not only will stockholders have to pay the full tax rate on capital gains, which has risen to about 13%, but they#39;ll also be billed retroactively for 50% of the taxes they excluded. The FTB says this will affect over 2,500 people and bring in about 0 million in revenue.加州税务局于去年12月宣布了这个决定,并于今年年初开始执行。目前,股东不仅需要按全额税率(已上升至约13%)为资本收益付所得税,而且还得补缴政策追溯期限内曾免掉的50%的税款。加州税务局表示,这项政策将涉及2,500多名纳税人,并带来约1.2亿美元的税收收入。Not surprisingly, the changes have led to concern among entrepreneurs.果然,这个变化引发了企业家们的担忧。;A lot of people who are going to be very affected don#39;t even know about it,; says Brian Overstreet, entrepreneur and co-founder of AdverseEvents, a pharmaceutical data firm. ;This is going to affect our decision to keep jobs and businesses in California.; Overstreet had previously co-founded Sagient Research Systems, a company he sold last year. As a result of the transaction he says he will personally have to pay an additional six-figure amount in taxes and interest.企业家、制药数据公司AdverseEvents联合创始人布莱恩?欧佛斯瑞特说:“尽管很多人都会受到很大的影响,但他们甚至都不知道这回事。它会动摇我们在加州继续发展的决心。”欧佛斯瑞特之前曾与他人联合创立了Sagient Research Systems公司,他于去年出售了这一公司。他个人将不得不为这笔交易额外付高达六位数的税金和利息。Ironically, it was the actions of a small business owner that led to the change. An Orange County businessman named Frank Cutler sued the FTB after being denied the tax break because less than 80% of his business was based in California, one of the incentive#39;s caveats. The California Court of Appeals sided with Cutler and struck down the provision, saying it was discriminatory. In response, the Franchise Tax Board decided to eliminate the incentive entirely.具有讽刺意味的是,正是小型企业自身的所作所为导致了这个变化。一位名叫弗兰克?卡特勒的橘子郡企业家因享受税收减免政策的要求遭到拒绝而将加州税务局告上了法庭,原因是这位企业家在加州的业务不足企业整个业务量的80%,并不满足减免政策的要求。加州上诉法院做出了有利于卡特勒的判决,废除了政策中的这个要求,并称这个要求带有歧视性。作为回应,加州税务局决定取消整个税收减免政策。Overstreet and a group of California entrepreneurs have formed a group dubbed California Business Defense to fight the ruling, saying the FTB#39;s actions were too broad. They argue it could have struck down the 80% rule instead of the entire tax break. ;The FTB had more than one choice to make here, and our position is that there were other precedents available, which they did not follow,; says Overstreet. ;The wheels are going too fast, the process needs to slow down so that cooler heads can prevail.;欧佛斯瑞特与多名加州企业家成立了一个名叫捍卫加州企业(California Business Defense)的组织,以对抗加州税务局的这一决定。他们表示,税务局此举的涉及面过于广泛。在他们看来,税务局应取消政策中80%业务的要求,而不是取消整个减免政策。欧佛斯瑞特说:“加州税务局并不是只有这一种选择。我们的立场是,之前也有过其他先例,但是他们并没有照着做。税务局的步子迈得太大了,有必要缓一缓,好让那些头脑比较冷静的人掌握话语权。”Denise Azimi, a representative for the FTB, said it had no choice but to remove the entire benefit. ;The benefit would have to be allowed regardless of where the business was located,; wrote Azimi in an email. ;While treating all taxpayers the same would cure the discrimination cited by the court, it conflicts with both the letter of the qualified small business stock law and its underlying legislative intent.;加州税务局代表丹尼斯·阿兹米则表示,除了取消整个政策以外别无他法。阿兹米在电子邮件中写道:“否则,无论所在地是哪里,任何企业都有权享受这一减免政策。尽管对所有纳税人一视同仁可以消除法院裁决中提到的歧视,但它既违反了合格小企业股票法,也有悖于这个法案根本的立法意图。”Ethan Anderson, co-founder and CEO of startup MyTime, says the FTB#39;s actions will make entrepreneurs think twice about setting up a business in the state. ;You can#39;t really plan for the future when the rules of the game are changing retroactively,; says Anderson. ;You feel insecure investing in the state, why would you take that additional risk when they#39;ve set a precedent now showing that anything could happen anytime?;创业公司MyTime创始人兼首席执行官伊森·安德森表示,加州税务局的举措会让打算来加州发展的企业家顾虑重重。安德森说:“如果游戏规则在变化之后具有追溯力,人们很难为将来做打算。人们会觉得在加州投资没有安全感。既然当局已经开创了先例,即一切都有可能随时发生,企业家为什么要去承担这个额外的风险呢?”Anderson says the ruling felt like ;a slap in the face,; especially since entrepreneurs like him have helped drive much of the state#39;s economy. ;Who else is creating the jobs? Why would they hurt us like this?; asks Anderson. ;The next time I start a business, it most probably won#39;t be in California.;安德森表示,这个决定感觉就像是“当头一棒”,特别是对于像他这样曾为加州的经济增长出过不少力的企业家。安德森质问:“工作机会都是谁带来的?为什么他们要这么伤害我们?下一次创办企业,我不大可能会继续选择加州。”It might just be in Texas. Anderson says he aly knew of at least one California entrepreneur who had bought a house there to establish out-of-state residency. The Lone Star state is home to Austin, one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country. Unlike other hubslike New York and Boston, it offers lower taxes, less regulation, and relatively inexpensive real estate.California#39;s discontent hasn#39;t gone unnoticed by Texas governor Rick Perry, who visited the state earlier this month in an effort to lure businesses to Texas. ;Building a business is tough. But I hear building a business in California is next to impossible,; Perry says in a radio ad that accompanied his tour in California. ;See why our low taxes, sensible regulations, and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to Texas.;德州倒是有可能。安德森表示,据他所知,至少已有一名加州企业家在德州买了房子,为的是有一个州外居所。奥斯丁市,这个美国增长速度最快的技术中心就坐落于孤星之州(德州别名——译注)。与纽约和波士顿这类技术中心不同的是,奥斯丁的税率更低,法规更少,而且地产价格相对更低廉。德州州长里克·佩里也注意到了加州企业家的不满情绪,他于本月月初的时候访问了加州,为的是把企业挖到德州。佩里在加州访问期间的电台广告中说:“创业难。但是我听说在加州创业难于上青天。我们(德州)有低税率、合理的规定以及公平的法律体制,这些难道不正是把企业搬到德州去的原因吗?”Chairman of the Austin Technology Council Joel Trammell says that in the wake of the recent income tax hikes and elimination of tax breaks in California, he fields calls every week from entrepreneurs and investors who have either decided to move or are exploring the option of setting up in Austin. ;All the major companies have a presence in Austin, so it#39;s pretty easy for people to switch,; says Trammell.奥斯丁技术委员会(Austin Technology Council)主席乔尔·特拉梅尔表示,鉴于最近加州所得税的激增和税收减免的取消,他每周都会接到企业主和投资者打来的电话。这些人有的已决定搬迁,有的正考察如何在奥斯丁设立企业。特拉梅尔说:“所有的大型企业都在奥斯丁成立了分部,所以那些搬到德州的企业家很快就能适应。”Apple (AAPL) and Samsung have both recently pledged to expand their presence in Austin while other companies are changing their structure to take advantage of the state. ;A lot of companies will set up their headquarters or non-technical staff here while maintaining the rest of the business in California,; says Trammell. Of course, both companies have a massive presence in the Golden state, not to mention other tech giants that call the Bay Area home, from Oracle (ORCL) to Facebook (FB).苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)最近都承诺要扩大在奥斯丁的业务,而其他一些企业也在改变结构,以利用德州的政策。特拉梅尔说:“很多企业将在这里设立总部,或者聘用非技术人员。与此同时,他们仍然会把其他的业务放在加州。”当然,这两家企业在黄金州(加州别名——译注)有着非常庞大的业务规模,更有甚者,其他一些技术巨头,从甲骨文(Oracle)到Facebook,都将旧金山湾区称之为他们的家。When the time came for him to set up his third company, Xeris Pharmaceuticals in 2010, serial entrepreneur John Kinzell decided he had had enough of California, despite living there for almost 25 years. He launched the company in Austin instead and says a lot of people followed him. ;It#39;s hard to swing a cat around without hitting someone from California who#39;s moved here or is at least looking,; says Kinzell. ;We have more companies here than talent, so they#39;re having to pull a lot from California.;2010年,连续创业家约翰·金泽尔打算创办自己的第三家企业Xeris Pharmaceuticals时,他觉得已受够了加州,尽管他在该州居住了近25年。他转而在奥斯丁成立了这家公司,还说此举吸引了大量追随者。金泽尔说:“在奥斯丁,刚搬来的加州企业家或至少打算搬到这里的加州企业家随处可见。在这里,企业比人才要多,因此企业不得不去加州挖人才。”He says it#39;s unlikely he or fellow entrepreneurs will ever move back. ;It#39;s just become a very unfriendly state to run a company,; says Kinzell. ;Once that sort of bleed starts, it gets hard to reverse it.;他表示,他和其他的企业家今后很可能都不会再搬回加州。金泽尔说:“加州已成为一个非常不利于企业发展的地方。而且一旦企业开始外迁,想要逆转这个趋势就很难了。” /201302/227308SINA, China#39;s leading online portal and operator of the most popular microblogging site, reported better-than-expected sales in the second quarter and said it will push forward the collaboration of Alibaba Group to drive income at its Weibo unit.新浪,中国领先的门户网站和最受欢迎的微网站运营商,发布了高于预期的第二季度销售额,并表示将推进与阿里巴巴集团的合作,从而在微单元来创收。Sales rose 20 percent year on year to US7.5 million in the second quarter, higher than analysts#39; estimate of US6.1 million compiled by Bloomberg News.第二季度销售同比增长20%达至1.575亿美元,高于彭新闻分析师预测的1.461亿美元。 Advertising sales were up 17 percent in the second quarter to US0.6 million.在第二季度广告销售额增长17%达到1.206亿美元。;We#39;re going to work on a number of opportunities to create new advertising formats for Taobao (vendors),; Sina chairman and chief executive officer Charles Chao told a conference call after the earnings release.“我们将创造更多的机会来为淘宝(供应商)提供新的广告形式,”新浪董事长兼首席执行官曹国伟在发布财报后的一个电话会议中说。Weibo contributed US million worth of income in the second quarter, more than tripling from a year ago. Value-added services, mainly including online gaming income and membership fees, also nearly tripled to US.7 million.在第二季度微贡献了价值3000万美元的收入,比一年前的两倍还多。增值务,主要包括在线游戏收入和会费,也上涨近两倍,达至770万美元。Weibo has become a crucial information source, especially for breaking news, but it has been struggling to find ways to diversify its revenue stream to make up for operation and technology upgrade costs.微已成为一个重要的信息来源,尤其是对突发新闻,但它一直在努力寻找方法以扩大其收入来源,从而弥补操作和技术升级的成本。China#39;s largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group purchased 18 percent stake in Weibo for US6 million in April to fend off rivals such as Tencent and 360Buy.com.中国最大的电子商务公司阿里巴巴集团在4月用5.86亿美元购买了微18%的股份,击退了竞争对手如腾讯和京东商城。Sina and Alibaba announced a partnership earlier this month and said they would unveil new advertising platforms for Taobao vendors to market their services or products on Weibo.新浪和阿里巴巴本月早些时候宣布建立合作伙伴关系,并表示他们将为淘宝供应商推出新的广告平台,从而在微上出售他们的务或产品。 /201308/252186

SEATTLE — Few golden geese in technology have survived as long as Office has for Microsoft.西雅图——在科技领域,像微软Office那样长盛不衰的摇钱树寥寥无几。The suite of applications that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, first released in 1990, generated nearly a third of Microsoft’s revenue during its last fiscal year — about billion of billion in total. By some estimates, the software accounted for an even higher portion of the company’s gross profits.这套包括Word、PowerPoint和Excel的应用程序于1990年首次发布,在上一财年里,Office带来260亿美元的营收,几乎占了微软总营收870亿美元的三分之一。据估计,该软件在微软总利润中的占比更高。But in a sign of the seismic changes underway in the tech industry, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, said on Thursday that it would give away a comprehensive mobile edition of Office. The free software for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets will do most of the most essential things people normally do with the computer versions of the product.但本周四,全球最大的软件公司微软表示,它将免费提供Office的完整移动版;此举是高科技产业正在发生翻天覆地变化的一个标志。Office的免费iPad、iPhone和Android平板电脑版本,将会持人们通常用Office计算机版本进行的大部分最基本工作。Just a few years ago, giving away a full free version of Office would have earned a Microsoft chief executive a visit from a witch doctor. Now, the move is following through on the rallying cry coming from Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new chief executive, who has pushed cloud and mobile computing as lodestars for the company’s future.就在几年前,如果微软首席执行官做出免费提供Office完整版的决定,人们会以为他发了疯。现在,这一举措是在响应新任首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)的号召。纳德拉已经把云计算和移动计算列为该公司未来的发展方向。The old Microsoft hemmed and hawed about creating Office apps for mobile platforms from Google and Apple, pushing its Windows platform instead. But the center of gravity in the tech industry has quickly shifted to mobile and cloud computing. And the company’s about-face comes after rivals like Apple and Google and many of the most successful new start-ups offered free software, often with premium perks for sale.之前,对于为谷歌和苹果的移动平台创建Office应用,微软有些犹豫不决,它把精力放在了推动自己的Windows平台上。但高科技业的重心已经迅速转移到了移动和云计算上。像苹果和谷歌这样的竞争对手,以及一些大获成功的新兴创业公司,都已经提供了很多免费的、但常常带有付费高级功能的软件,微软这次改弦更张,就是在这样的背景下进行的。“Lots of consumers don’t need a PC,” said Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura Securities. “They just need an Internet connection. They don’t need Office as much.”“很多消费者并不需要一台PC,”野村券(Nomura Securities)分析师里克·谢伦德(Rick Sherlund)说。“他们只需要设备连接上互联网。他们不是非常需要Office。”That reality has started to weigh on Office. While sales of the software to businesses grew about 8 percent last year, consumer revenue rose only 2 percent. Sales declined by double-digit percentage points during the first two quarters of the year.这一现象已开始影响到Office。虽然该软件面向企业的销售额去年增长了8%左右,但从消费者那里获得的营收仅增长了2%。今年前两个季度,Office销量下滑的百分率达到了两位数。The Office business suffered in recent years from a global slump in sales of PCs, which were hurt as people began to do more and more basic computing chores on tablets and smartphones. For years, Office was not available on mobile devices, and many consumers began to wonder whether they needed the software at all. Those who needed productivity apps turned to free or cheap alternatives from Apple, Google and start-ups like Evernote.近年来,人们日益用平板电脑和智能手机开展比较基本的计算任务,导致全球PC销售下滑,也给Office业务带来损失。多年来,Office一直没有推出移动设备版本,许多消费者已经开始思考,自己是否真的还需要它。那些需要工作软件的人,转而开始使用苹果、谷歌和Evernote等初创公司的免费或廉价替代品。The outlook for Microsoft’s apps has improved in recent quarters with the growth of Office 365, a cloud version of the product that includes constantly updated apps, unlimited online file storage and free Skype calling to traditional phones. Consumers pay to a month for the service, rather than buying a copy of Office for about 0.最近几个季度,随着Office365业绩的增长,微软应用的前景也获得了改善。Office365是这个套件的云版本,提供持续更新、不限量的在线文件存储空间、免费的Skype电话拨打务等等。消费者每月只需付7至10美元的务费,无需购买售价约150美元的Office。“We’d like to dramatically increase the number of people trying Office,” John Case, corporate vice president of Office marketing at Microsoft, said about the new offering. “This is about widening the funnel.”“我们希望能大幅增加尝试Office的用户人数,”微软Office企业营销副总裁约翰·凯斯(John Case)在谈到免费版时表示。“关键是拓宽渠道。”Microsoft started to suggest a more open posture earlier this year, when it released an iPad version of Office that could be used to documents, spsheets and presentations.微软表现出更加开放的姿态,是从今年早些时候开始的,当时它发布了iPad版的Office,可以用来读取文档、电子表格和演示文稿。If users wanted to edit or print those documents, though, they needed to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft. Now Microsoft is doing away with those hindrances. It is starting to test similarly full-featured and free Office apps for tablets running Android, Google’s mobile operating system. And it is updating Office apps for iPhone to allow editing, at a time when Apple’s new big-screen smartphones are making it easier to get work done on the devices.不过,如果用户想编辑或打印这些文档,就需要付订阅费给微软。现在,微软正在清除这些障碍。它正在开始测试同样功能齐备而且免费的Android平板电脑版Office应用;Android是谷歌移动操作系统。它也正在更新iPhone版Office应用,以便提供编辑功能。苹果新推出的大屏幕智能手机,让一些工作任务变得更易完成了。Microsoft says it has more than 7 million consumers subscribing to Office 365. It says there have been more than 40 million downloads of its Office apps for the iPad. In its most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 30, Microsoft said its consumer Office revenue grew 7 percent.微软表示,已经有逾700万用户订阅了Office365,iPad版Office应用的下载量超过了4000万次。微软表示,在9月30日截至的最近一个季度里,Office从消费者那里获得的营收增长了7%。By making an unabridged version of Office available for free on mobile, Microsoft is betting it can get even more people to start using the software, without stealing sales from the PC and Mac versions of the product, where it still makes truckloads of money.微软认为,通过免费提供完整的Office移动版本,会有更多的人开始使用Office软件,而且也不会分流PC和Mac版Office的销售额,计算机版Office仍然非常赚钱。The calculation is similar to the one made by software makers in the mobile industry. Instead of the one-time fees long associated with software sales, most app makers give away basic versions of their products — from games to productivity software to online storage services — while charging for premium features.这和移动领域软件开发商的思路很相似。在软件销售业务中,长期以来费用都是一次性收取的,而大多数应用开发商都会免费提供产品——从游戏到工作软件,再到在线存储务,但只限基本功能,高级功能则会收取费用。“We’re seeing the consumer valuation for those things start to approach zero,” said Wes Miller, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft, a research firm that tracks the company.“我们看到,消费者对软件的估值开始趋近于零,”分析微软状况的研究公司Directions on Microsoft的分析师韦斯·米勒(Wes Miller)说。Apple, for example, made its iWork suite of productivity applications free a year ago for new buyers of Macs and Apple mobile devices. Google has won converts to a free suite of Web apps that competes with Office.以苹果公司为例,一年前,它开始为Mac电脑和Apple移动设备的新顾客免费提供工作应用iWork套件。谷歌推出Web应用免费套件与Office竞争,也赢得了一些用户。Microsoft announced this spring that it would give away some versions of Windows, its other big cash cow, to hardware companies that want to put it on devices with screens smaller than nine inches.Windows是微软的另一棵大型摇钱树,今年春天,微软宣布会把某些版本的Windows免费提供给那些希望将其搭载在9英寸以下设备上的硬件公司。It was an attempt by Microsoft to claw its way out of a severe deficit in mobile by encouraging more companies to make Windows smartphones and tablets. Notably, the change in its terms did not include versions of Windows for personal computers, which have larger screens.微软企图通过此举来鼓励更多的企业制造Windows智能手机和平板电脑,以弥补它在移动领域的严重不足。值得注意的是,该变化并不涉及屏幕更大的个人电脑所使用的Windows版本。 /201411/341760

A short subway ride from Midtown Manhattan, Peter Weijmarshausen is building a factory that reimagines mass production. Weijmarshausen is the co-founder and chief executive of Shapeways, a company that lets people design and order objects printed on high-end 3-D printers.在离曼哈顿中城不远,坐地铁很快就可以到达的地方,彼得#8226;魏玛豪森正在建造一座将重塑“大批量生产”定义的工厂。魏玛豪森是Shapeways公司的联合创始人兼首席执行官,这家公司专事让人们设计并订购利用高端3D打印机打印的物品。It#39;s not a new idea, but in the last year 3-D printing has become newly available: In 2007, when he first started the company within the incubator of Royal Philips Electronics, Weijmarshausen would have paid as much as 0 to print a self-designed iPhone case, for example. At Shapeways today, a designer will pay around . This promise recently spurred Andreessen Horowitz to lead a million round of funding in the company.这不算什么新创意,但是从去年开始,3D打印重新变得炙手可热起来:2007年,当彼得在皇家飞利浦电子公司(Royal Philips Electronics)的孵化器里创办这家公司时,他要打印一个自己设计的iPhone手机壳需要付高达500美元的费用。而现在在Shapeways公司,一个设计师只需付约20美元就够了。正是看到了这一前景,近期安德森#8226;霍洛维茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)领衔向该公司投资了3000万美元。It#39;s hard to imagine how a machine could ;print; an iPhone case until you#39;ve seen it. So, last Friday afternoon a group of Fortune reporters and editors headed out to Long Island City for an inside look a the mass manufacturing technique considered so promising that President Obama called it out in his January State of the Union speech.在没有亲眼看到以前,是很难想象一台机器怎么能“打印”出一个iPhone手机壳的。因此,上周五下午,《财富》杂志(Fortune)派出一队记者和编辑奔赴长岛市,深入了解这项大规模生产技术。人们普遍认为这项技术前景看好,奥巴马在一月发布的国情咨文中还特地对此做了强调。The Shapeways factory officially opened last fall, but it#39;s still under construction. We passed through the administrative area where a half-dozen Brooklyn designer types were fulfilling orders out to the factory floor where nine machines are up and running so far. When the factory is complete, there will be as many as 50.Shapeways的工厂是去年秋季正式开建的,目前仍处于在建状态。我们参观了行政办公区,那里有六名看起来像是布鲁克林设计师的员工正在处理订单。他们将订单发往工厂,厂里目前已有六台机器投入了运行。当该厂建成时,机器总数将达到50台。In front of us, one of these hulking machines gives off heat. It#39;s the size of a refrigerator; inside, a rectangle tray the size of my favorite chili pan is being filled layer-by-layer with dust. We push our noses up to the small window to watch: A layer of dust is sp. Then, a laser burns a series of lines into the dust, heating it to the point of almost melting to form the object. It will take 24 hours for this chili-pan size tray to be complete.在我们面前,一台体形庞大的机器正冒出股股热气。这种机器的大小和冰箱差不多。在机器内部,一个大小和我喜欢的红辣椒托盘相仿的长方形托盘上,正在逐层注入原材料细末。我们凑近观察窗细看发现:一层细末正被铺开。随后,一束激光在细末上烧蚀出几条线,把它加热到接近熔点以形成打印物。打好这个托盘上的东西需要24小时。For now, the Long Island City factory only prints materials in a white nylon plastic, though that will change in time. Shapeways is able to manufacture in other materials -- stainless steel, sandstone, ceramics -- from its other facilities. The company also has offices in Seattle and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.目前,长岛市这家工厂只用白尼龙塑料打印物品,不过这并不会一成不变。Shapeways在它的其他工厂里,也能用其他材料打印物品——比如不锈钢、砂岩、陶瓷。该公司还在西雅图和荷兰的埃因霍温设有办公室。A diagram of the tray#39;s contents hangs to the right of each printer. Weijmarshausen explains that Shapeways maximizes each tray by pairing elements of different customer orders. These diagrams look like a cross between a 3-D sonogram and a katamari. This optimization brings the price down. Once the tray is completed, employees bring it over to a post-production area where they remove all the dust that hasn#39;t been sealed by the laser. The result is a jumbled collection of parts that are cleaned and separated and buffed, much like bone-hunting archeology. Depending on the order, many are also dyed in bright hues.这种托盘所含物质的结构图就挂在每台打印机的右侧。魏玛豪森解释说,Shapeways通过将不同客户订单的要素加以匹配,能充分利用好每个托盘。这些图看起来像是3D声波图和“块魂”(katamari,一种视频游戏)结合的产物。这种优化处理能降低价格。每个托盘打印好后,员工就把它拿到后期制作区域,去掉所有没被激光封住的细末。最后得到的就是各种拼凑起来的部件,它们被弄干净后就被分开并抛光,整个过程很像考古学家在寻找骨骼。根据订单的要求,很多打印物品还会染上明快的色。The 3-D printing buzz has been a bit overblown this year as companies like Staples (SPLS) begin making them available directly to consumers -- earlier this month The Cube, which is manufactured by 3D Systems (DDD), went on sale for ,300 through Staples.com; it will likely be available in stores starting as early as July. But just as with any first-generation tech products, these printers won#39;t be capable of doing all that much. The fanfare over the world#39;s first 3-D-printed gun is also a distracting sideshow.今年以来,随着像史泰(Staples)这样的公司开始推出普通消费者也买得起的3D打印机,3D打印热潮开始受到各界的热烈追捧。本月初,3D系统公司(3D Systems)制造的3D打印机The Cube在Staples.com上以每台1300美元的定价开始销售;七月就能在实体店买到。但和所有第一代科技产品一样,这些打印机也没法随心所欲打出人们想要的任何东西。号称能打出全球第一把3D手的说法也只是个人眼球的小插曲而已。The real potential for 3-D printing will be felt in enterprise -- as companies like Airbus explore using 3-D printing to make, say, airplane parts. That#39;s the bet that fuels Weijmarshausen#39;s ambitions. As big business takes an increasing interest in 3-D manufacturing, the costs of materials will come down. and the machine technology will improve. Customers will be able to order more types of objects in more materials. Today, perhaps it#39;s the iPhone case. Tomorrow, potentially, the phone itself.3D打印真正的潜力还是有赖企业界发掘——比如像空客公司(Airbus)这样的企业就会探索如何用3D打印技术制造飞机零部件。正是这种远景激发了魏玛豪森的雄心壮志。随着大企业对3D制造的兴趣日益浓厚,原材料成本就会随着下降,同时打印机技术也会不断改进。而普通消费者也能买到用更多材料打印的更多种类的物品。今天也许还只能买到打印的iPhone手机壳。未来说不定就能买到打印的手机了。 /201306/242393

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