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  • Maoists Head to Victory in Nepal's National Assembly Election尼泊尔毛派走向胜选 称致力和平  The leader of Nepal's Maoists is trying to reassure his country and the world that the former rebels will play a constructive political role as election returns show the far-left party making a much stronger-than-expected showing. Election officials say the Maoists - labeled by Washington as a terrorist organization - have won at least 70 seats in constituencies where counting has been completed.  尼泊尔毛派领导人试图向他的国家和全世界保,这个一度是反政府武装的组织将要扮演一个具有建设性的政治角色。目前的选举点票显示这个极左党派的得票率远远超过预期。 Maoists have taken to the streets of Nepal's capital to celebrate although election results will not be finalized for days, if not weeks. The former rebels have reason to be jubilant as officials say the Maoist party has won more than half of the constituencies declared so far. 尽管选举的结果还要几天、也许是几个星期才能确定,不过毛派分子已经走上街头庆祝。这个先前的反政府组织有理由欢庆,因为官方宣布说,毛派政党在全国一半以上已经宣布投票结果的选区获得了胜利。Although unlikely to secure an outright majority under the complex electoral system, the Maoists could be in a position to lead a coalition government. And the first official duty of the elected special assembly will be to declare the country a republic, ending Nepal's two-and-a-half century old royal dynasty. 尽管在这种复杂的选举体系中不太可能立即保获得多数议席,但是毛派政党可能组成并领导一个联合政府。这次选举产生的特别制宪议会的第一个义务就是宣布尼泊尔成为一个共和国,结束实行了两个半世纪的君主制度。The Maoists are led by Prachanda, whose real name is Pushpa Kamal Dahal. On Saturday, the former leader of the decade-long insurgency against the government was declared the landslide winner in his Kathmandu constituency. He immediately sought to reassure the country and the international community that the Maoists are fully committed to working within Nepal's new political system. 毛派武装由普拉昌达领导,他的真名实姓是普什巴.卡玛尔.达哈尔。星期六,这位领导反政府武装长达十几年的领导人在他的加德满都选区里宣布成为压倒性的胜利者。他立即努力向尼泊尔全国乃至国际社会保毛派政党致力于完全在尼泊尔新的政治体制下运作。"I try to clear this position that our commitment [is] for peace, our commitment [is] for change, mainly this federal republican system and economic rebuilding and to have a good relation, good diplomatic relations all over the world, with all the countries," he said. 普拉昌达说:“我要明确表示,我们致力于和平与变革,致力于建立联邦共和国体系和经济重建,在世界上和所有的国家建立良好的外交关系。”That would require a change of stance by the ed States which still considers Nepal's Maoists a terrorist organization. 这一点要实现,需要美国改变立场,美国目前把尼泊尔的毛派武装认定为恐怖组织。On Saturday, said he hopes the election results would lead Washington to accept the former rebels as legitimate political players in Nepal. "If the Maoists do continue to gain substantial status among the candidates, which we don't yet know, then my hope is that the ed States will recognize and begin to do business with the Maoists."Analysts say India would certainly have reservations about a Maoist victory in Nepal giving encouragement to India's indigenous Maoist insurgents, known as the Naxalites.Despite the Nepal rebels taking their name from Mao Tse-Tung, the founder of the Peoples Republic of China, the Beijing government traditionally armed the Maoists' enemy, the Royal Nepalese Army.  尽管尼泊尔这个反政府武装的名字取自中华人民共和国创始人毛泽东,但是北京政府一直都是为尼泊尔毛派的敌人--尼泊尔王室军队提供武器的。At home a Maoist-led government could unsettle many in Nepal's army and the police, which backed the king, who has now been stripped of all power. A cornerstone of the Maoists' armed struggle was abolition of the monarchy. 尼泊尔毛派领导的政府可能要使其国内军队和警察中很多人感到不安,军警持国王,而国王已经被剥夺所有权力。毛派武装斗争的基本目标就是铲除君主制。Regardless of the election outcome, the 2006 peace pact between the Maoists and the government calls for the special assembly to figure out how to integrate thousands of soldiers of the People's Liberation Army into a reformed Nepal Army. 不论最终选举结果如何,毛派和政府于2006年签订的和平协议规定,建立特别制宪议会,设法把数以千计的人民解放军的士兵整编到经过改革的尼泊尔军队中去。 200804/34726。
  • Hello again.再次见面了。Tip Top Trading’s big boss, Mr Socrates has announced a new strategy to sell plastic fruit to Europe and hopefully keep the company afloat.Tip Top Trading的大领导,苏格拉底先生,宣布了一项将塑料水果卖入欧洲的新策略,并希望以此使公司稳定发展。But before the real work begins it’s time for him to enjoy some good English hospitality at the pub, courtesy of the team from the London office.但在正式开始工作前,先让他在酒吧享受一下英式的热情款待,来自伦敦办公室团队的好意。Let’s join them now...让我们现在加入他们。Well welcome to the Rose and Crown, it is small, not like one of those bars you get in your country.欢迎来到Rose and Crown酒吧,这里很小,和你们国家的酒吧不同。Can I get you a pint Mr Socrates? A what?苏格拉底先生,给你来一杯啤酒吗? 一个什么?A pint. A pint of beer, it’s really nice here if you like it...一品脱的量,一杯啤酒,这里的酒很不错,如果你喜欢的话……I don’t drink. Just an orange juice, freshly squeezed.我不喝酒,只要一杯鲜榨橙汁。Oh go on Mr Socrates, one pint won’t hurt.喝吧,苏格拉底先生,一杯没关系的。You’ve got to have a pint of beer when you come to a pub.来酒吧的话就该喝一杯啤酒呀。Oh very well. I’ll try one. It had better be good.好吧,我来一杯尝尝,最好很好喝。You’ll love it. I’ll get it.你会喜欢的,我去拿。Three pints of your best beer please Mr Landlord.老板,这里要三杯啤酒。Denise, are you OK getting your own? I’m a bit short of cash.丹尼斯,你能自己买吗?我的钱有点紧张。Oh...right. Mr Socrates, Anna said she would be along soon.苏格拉底先生,安娜说她很快就到。She had some work to finish.她有工作要完成。She’s such a hard worker.她工作很努力。Good to hear. She seems like a smart cookie.听到这点很好,她像是一个聪明人。Now let’s try this beer...mmm, not bad, a little warm but...tasty.常常这儿的啤酒,不错,有点热,但很好喝。Oh, you drank that quickly...would you like another one? Sure.你喝的太快了,再来一杯吗? 当然。 /201703/497205。
  • SEACREST: Congratulations to Taylor Hicks, the new American idol.TAYLOR HICKS, WINNER OF "AMERICAN IDOL" FIFTH SEASON: Feeling great.SEACREST: Has it sunk in yet, Taylor?HICKS: I've been on a press tour, we both have, for about 48 hours now and, yes, I mean slowly as things start slowing down I start realizing it and it's pretty amazing stuff.SEACREST: And, Kat (ph), you talk about the bubble that all of you live in during the series. How do you feel now being the runner- up, which is a huge accomplishment?KATHARINE MCPHEE, RUNNER-UP "AMERICAN IDOL" SEASON FIVE: A huge accomplishment. I feel fantastic. Yesterday was a little weird. First of all, I only had about 45 minutes of sleep.JACKSON: Wow!MCPHEE: Between the finale and...SEACREST: Is that right, 45 minutes of sleep?MCPHEE: Forty-five minutes of sleep between the finale and when we started our press very early in the morning. And I just -- it was weird because my day was over at 2:30 yesterday. I know Taylor's was a little bit longer. But I was like, all right, well I guess I'll just sleep. It was just weird, you know.JACKSON: Par for the course.MCPHEE: The bubble has now officially been popped so the world is at our fingertips.SEACREST: Well, Randy, how would you now looking back on the season assess what these two have accomplished?JACKSON: I just want to say congratulations to both you guys. I mean you guys are definitely two of my favorites. And, I think, you know, at the beginning of the season, you know, we see all these kids, Ryan. You're out on the road with us and you really never know. But I must say we're really happy because he was so different. We'd never seen anything like him. And she, I don't know if she knows this, she was really different for us too, reason being we've never had a great contestant from L.A.SEACREST: Yes.JACKSON: This is where we live. Oh, my god, California, come on and we were like shocked.SEACREST: You know it's interesting because you come from different backgrounds, different parts of the U.S., Taylor from a smaller town in Alabama. By the way, Alabama, lots of idols coming out of Bama.HICKS: Yes, it's...SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).HICKS: Yes.SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).JACKSON: Ham and the ham is putting it down.HICKS: Interesting, you know.SEACREST: Of course, Sherman Oaks, a part of Los Angeles.MCPHEE: Yes.SEACREST: Do you think that that was a plus or a minus, a pro or a con being from a big city on "American Idol" Kat? MCPHEE: I think it might have definitely played against me a little bit. I mean I don't want to go into any negative because, look it, I mean I got this far and obviously people were voting for me. But, you know, it's just different coming from especially not only, I mean it would be different with like Chicago or Boston but L.A., you know, this is like where everybody comes to become famous and I was born here, so it's just different.HICKS: Well, you know what, you're famous now.JACKSON: Absolutely, that's right. And you know, listen, it was special for us though with saying that we still every season didn't find anybody great from L.A. And you know there's somebody great here and when you showed up we couldn't believe it though. We couldn't believe it. We couldn't. Dude, I'm serious.MCPHEE: Oh, thanks Randy.SEACREST: I know for a fact the judges when they would see Los Angeles on the audition schedule they would say, "Oh, we're not going to find" -- everybody's jaded.MCPHEE: Really?(CROSSTALK)JACKSON: Because we haven't been to New York in years.SEACREST: You actually didn't want to go there.JACKSON: Yes, well we hadn't been to New York in a couple years, Ryan's hometown Atlanta we hadn't been in a couple years just because the big cities started giving us kind of more of a little bit of a jaded vibe, you know.MCPHEE: Wow.JACKSON: But it's just amazing to me. That's why I don't know if you remember me asking you "Dud, where you been?" Like what?MCPHEE: Yes, I remember that.SEACREST: And what's the answer?MCPHEE: Oh, gosh.SEACREST: Where were you hiding?MCPHEE: Where have I been hiding? I've been like in the town, so crazy. I just -- I've been, you know, auditioning like every other girl in L.A.SEACREST: Apparently we're having some problems with her microphone with Kat's mike.MCPHEE: Oh.SEACREST: You can -- we'll try and fix that in the break in just a second.MCPHEE: OK.SEACREST: Now, Taylor, in that moment that we saw you are the winner of "American Idol." A beat before I announced your name what was going through your mind"HICKS: Don't fall down. Don't let your legs or your knees buckle. And, then you when you announced it, it was great.SEACREST: And the moments after when you were performing could you even -- is it just too much to take in sensory overload?HICKS: Yes, it's overwhelming, you know, and I wanted to thank the band and all the production staff and everybody behind the scenes that really makes this phenomenon work.200809/49232。
  • 国家地理:Tornadoes 龙卷风Call them twisters or tornadoes. They're nature's most violent storms with swirling winds that can top 300 miles per hour. About 800 twisters sweep through the US every year, more than anywhere else in the world. The hardest-hit area is a swath of the Great Plains from Texas to South Dakota known as Tornado Alley. Here warm air flows up from the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer and crashes into cold air pushing down from Canada. The meeting produces violent thunderstorms called supercells. Scientists don't completely understand how or when tornadoes form. But they do know a supercell like this one can produce a twister if the conditions are right. As warm moist air flows into a storm, it gets pushed up and twisted by upper level winds. As this rotating column of air gathers force, conditions are right for a collision below. When rain cooled downdrafts, hit warm air near the ground, a low hanging revolving cloud forms beneath the cell. A tornado is imminent. Tornadoes don't last long, anywhere from twenty seconds to an hour, but it can take years to recover from the devastation. These storms kill nearly 90 people each year in the US and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. When a tornado is spotted, experts advise going to a basement staying away from any windows or climbing into a first floor bathtub. While most people run for safety when a twister appears, some scientists actually race to meet it. These storm chasers hunt down tornadoes trying to get right in the twister's path. They encounter incredible cloud movement, torrential rain, severe winds and hail, lightning and breath-taking storm structures. When they finally locate a twister, they measure it using special tools. These scientists hope to someday predict exactly when and where tornadoes will strike. Little can prevent the damage caused by tornadoes, but better forecasting could save more lives giving survivors the chance to rebuild after living through one of the most violent storms on earth.downdraft: a strong downward current of air200709/17489。
  • As expected, Senator Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses, gaining seven more delegates to move him closer to clinching the Democratic Party nomination. But, Senator Hillary Clinton is also fighting hard, following her recent wins in Texas and Ohio. 正如人们的预料,角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马参议员在怀俄明州的党内预选中获胜,又增加了七名持他在党内获得提名的党代表。这距离奥巴马获得党内提名又走近了一步。但是,希拉里.克林顿参议员最近在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州获胜以后也在努力奋斗。The western state of Wyoming has large areas of sparsely populated range land and wilderness and only a few relatively small cities, by national standards, so it offers only 12 delegates. But Senator Obama welcomes any delegates as he moves to widen his nearly 100 delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.  美国西部的怀俄明州有大片的荒野和人烟稀少的农场地区。以美国的全国标准,这个州只有很少几个不大的城市。这个州只有12个民主党代表名额。但是奥巴马欢迎他赢得的任何党代表,这将扩大他领先克林顿将近100个党代表的优势。Both candidates campaigned in the state Friday, but analysts had long assumed Obama would have the advantage partly because he has tended to do well in states that hold caucuses, rather than primaries. As the final results were being tallied it appeared he had won almost two thirds of the total votes cast. Obama is likely to take seven delegates from Wyoming. Clinton should take five. 星期五,这两位角逐者都在怀俄明竞选,但是分析人员早就估计奥巴马会拥有优势,部分原因是奥巴马倾向于在那些用党内预选的方式,而不是以选民初选的方式来推选党代表的州取得良好的表现。在怀俄明最后清点投票结果的时候,看来奥巴马赢得了将近三分之二的选票。他很可能赢得7个怀俄明的党代表,而克林顿应该赢得5个党代表。For the past week Clinton has been focusing much of her campaign rhetoric on what she describes as Obama's lack of experience, questioning his iness to be commander in chief. 过去一个星期,克林顿的竞选言论一直集中在她所谓的奥巴马缺乏经验方面。她质疑奥巴马是否作好了担任三军总司令的准备。"Often when lives are on the line and a decision must be made, experience counts for everything,' she said. "In this election we need a nominee who can pass the commander-in-chief test, someone y on day one to defend our country and keep our families safe." 克林顿说,“我们经常遇到的情况是,生死攸关,必须作出决定,这种情况下经验决定一切。这场选举,我们需要这样一个提名人。这个人能够通过三军总司令的考验,这个人从上任第一天起就能够保卫我们的国家,保护我们的家庭的安全。”Clinton cites her experience both as a senator from New York and her eight years working with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the White House as well as her claim to have visited some 80 nations. But Obama says her vote in the Senate to authorize the war in Iraq shows her lack of good judgment and he also questions the basis of her claim to experience. 克林顿谈到她作为纽约州参议员的经历和作为前总统克林顿的夫人在白宫度过的八年时光。她也谈到她曾访问过大约80个国家。但是奥巴马说,克林顿夫人在参议院投票批准发动伊拉克战争,表明她不能作出良好的判断。奥巴马还质疑克林顿参议员自称的经验的基础。"One of the things I hope people start asking is what exactly is this foreign experience that she is claiming. I know she talks about visiting 80 countries. It is not clear, was she negotiating a treaty or agreements or was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense is the answer is no," he said. 奥巴马说,“我希望大家开始提到的一个问题是,克林顿自称她拥有的外交事务经验究竟是什么?我知道,她说她访问了80个国家。我们不明白的是,她在这个时期是谈判过协议,还是处理过危机?依我看,是否定的。”Obama supporters hailed the Wyoming victory as one more step to ultimate victory for their candidate, but Clinton supporters say the nearly even split of delegates keeps their candidate's campaign alive. Under the Democratic Party's rules delegates are split proportionally based on the vote in each contest.  奥巴马的持者说,他在怀俄明州的胜利是朝最终胜利走近了一步。但是克林顿的持者则表示,两位角逐者几乎平分了怀俄明州的党代表,这将保持克林顿的竞选继续下去。The next contest for the two Democratic candidates will be in the southern state of Mississippi, which holds its primary on Tuesday. Thirty-three delegates are at stake in that contest.  按照民主党的规定,在每个州的初选中,党代表的名额按照竞选人得到的选票的比例分配给竞选人。下一个举行民主党初选的是南方的密西西比州。初选时间是星期二。这个州将决出33个党代表的名额。200803/29596。
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