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  "Offices will be quite cold under the required temperature, so state employees, whether encouraged or not, will end up wearing thermal underwear anyway," a ministry official, Roh Keon-Ki, told AFP.

  3.The author of the report is well __________ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there many years.(01.6)

特朗普辣妻怒告《每日邮报造谣 索赔1亿5千万美金 -- ::3 来源:chinadaily Lawyers Melania Trump on Thursday filed suit 译文:人们对物种及其栖息地正加速丧失表示担忧,与此同时,人们一直越来越意识到生物多样性--即在一个特定生态系统中物种的总数--对于地球乃至我们人类健康的重要意义m damages against the Daily Mail in Maryland state court. The wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is also suing a blogger, Webster Tarpley, from the state in question.梅拉尼娅·特朗普的律师团于周四现身马里兰州法院,要求《每日邮报付1亿5千万美元的赔偿金此外,身为共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普妻子的她还同时起诉了马里兰州的主韦伯斯特·塔普利In a statement, Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, said: “These defendants made several statements about Mrs Trump that are 0% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation [and] broadcast their lies to millions of people throughout the US and the world – without any justification.梅拉尼娅的律师查尔斯·哈德尔在声明中称:“被告针对原告的报导纯属子虚乌有,严重破坏了原告的个人及职业声誉,此外,被告还无故向全美及全球数百万民众散布了关于原告的谣言”“Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs Trump supposedly was an ‘escort’ in the 1990s bee she met her husband. Defendants’ actions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs Trump that her damages are estimated at maintain vt.维持;赡养;维修m.”“他们捏造的种种谎言包括:世纪90年代,在结识丈夫之前,特朗普夫人似乎做过‘陪游’被告极端恶劣的恶毒行为伤害了特朗普夫人,被告应向原告付约1亿5千万美元的赔偿金”The suit was filed in Montgomery County, in suburban Washington DC, in response to s published in August by the Daily Mail which reported rumors that Trump worked as an escort in the 1990s.《每日邮报于8月份刊登了几篇造谣特朗普夫人曾于世纪90年代做过陪游的文章,对此特朗普夫人向华盛顿城郊区的蒙哥马利县法院提起了诉讼Last month, announcing that Trump was considering a suit, her lawyer called those rumors “0% false”.上个月,特朗普夫人的律师宣布特朗普夫人正在考虑起诉,律师称那些谣言“百分百是假的”The Daily Mail also contained allegations that Trump came to New York a year earlier than she has claimed, raising issues about her immigration status. Trump denied a story in Politico in which questions about her immigration status were first reported.《每日邮报刊登的文章还宣称特朗普夫人移居纽约的时间比她所说的时间早了一年,这意味着她的移民身份有假《政治家最先质疑了她的移民身份,她则否认了他们的报道The lawsuit noted that while the in question had been removed from the Daily Mail’s website, the newspaper had yet to apologize or mally retract. The Mail included a retraction of the story in its Friday UK print edition.诉讼方指出:虽然《每日邮报已将争议文章撤下网站,但却尚未在报纸上致歉或正式撤回报纸上的文章《每日邮报已在本周五的英国版报纸上刊登撤回声明“We did not intend to state or suggest that these allegations are true,” the newspaper said, “nor did we intend to state or suggest that Mrs Trump ever worked as an ‘escort’ or in the ‘sex business’.” It added that its had included denials from a Trump spokesperson and the owner of the modelling agency in question, and said it regretted “any such misinterpretation”.《每日邮报说:“我们无意宣称或暗示那些针对移民身份的指控是真的,我们也无意宣称或暗示特朗普夫人曾做过‘陪游’或‘应召女’”《每日邮报还说自己刊登的文章涵盖了特朗普夫人发言人和事件牵涉的模特经纪公司老板的否认之辞,它为“任何导致他人误解的言辞”而感到懊悔The retraction was also posted online. “The Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnlineDailyMail.com have entirely separate editors and journalistic teams,” it added. “In so far as MailOnlineDailyMail.com published the same it wholeheartedly also retracts the above and also regrets any such misinterpretation.”撤回声明还被发布在网站上《每日邮报补充说:“报纸版和网络版的编辑及记者团队是相互独立的,发表了相同文章的网站也诚心诚意地撤回了文章并为误导大众而感到懊悔”Asked if the retraction would affect the suit, Harder replied: “It does not.”被问及撤回文章是否会影响诉讼时,哈德尔回复说:“不会”Tarpley’s blogpost, which has been retracted, claimed, per the suit, that “it is widely known Melania was not a working model but rather a high-end escort” and that she had a “mental breakdown” after a plagiarism controversy over her speech to the Republican national convention in Cleveland in July.塔普利在现已撤回的文中称:“大家都知道梅拉尼娅不是职业模特而是高级陪游女,”7月份时,梅拉尼娅曾在克利夫兰举行的共和党全国大会上发表演讲并深陷抄袭风波,之后她为此“精神崩溃了”英文来源:卫报翻译:周瑾(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

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