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盐城妇科病症状阜宁县施庄卫生院做产前检查多少钱江苏盐城市人流手术哪家医院最好的 Dining out during the festive season is a relatively new concept for mainland China. Traditionally, the eve and first two days of the Lunar New Year were reserved for family, eating large meals prepared by an army of relatives, like a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast in the West. Restaurants were often closed during the period as well.在中国大陆,春节期间下馆子吃饭是一种相对时新的概念。在过去,除夕和正月头两天都要和家人一起过,享用亲戚们一起烹制的大餐,就像西方的感恩节或圣诞节盛宴。期间饭店通常也不开张。But in recent years, restaurateurs say the festivities -- and the luxurious dishes that have become a staple for many wealthy Chinese -- are now taking place in their dining rooms.但饭店经营者说,近几年人们都在饭店过节了,点的都是那些已成中国很多富人家常菜的奢侈菜肴。In Hong Kong, affluent locals have been feasting on shark's fin and abalone in gilded restaurants during the New Year for some time -- the result partly of tiny apartments that are unable to host dinner parties.在香港,有钱人会在春节期间前往豪华饭店吃鱼翅和鲍鱼,这种现象已经有了一段时间。部分原因是香港狭窄的公寓房里无法举办宴席。At Fook Lam Moon in Hong Kong, pricey signature dishes for the festive season include a braised turtle number that costs 1,000 Hong Kong dollars (US9). Reservations have bounced back this year after a dip in 2009, said Michelle Chui, a manager at Fook Lam Moon, which operates nine high-end Cantonese restaurants across Asia.在香港的福临门,节日期间的高价招牌菜包括售价1,000港元(合129美元)的炖甲鱼。福临门一位经理Michelle Chui说,预订数量经过2009年的下滑后,今年已经回升。福临门在全亚洲开有九家高端粤菜馆。 /201101/124793滨海县孕前检测哪家医院最好的

盐城/有哪些割包皮的医院盐城协和男科医院贵吗 China Development Bank Corp.#39;s latest dim sum bond offer in Hong Kong yielded the strongest interest yet from the world#39;s central banks, highlighting the growing trend in which foreign countries are diversifying their foreign exchange reserves into the Chinese currency. 全球多国央行对国家开发股份有限公司(China Development Bank Corp.)在香港发行的最新点心债券(即人民币计价债券)表现出迄今为止最强烈的兴趣。这凸显了一股日益明显的趋势,即这些国家正在通过配置人民币资产实现外汇储备的多元化。 Rising order books for offshore yuan bonds among central banks also underscore a need to seek alternative assets amid concerns over the long-term prospects of the greenback, which has remained weak for several years. 世界多国央行对离岸人民币债券需求不断上升同时凸显出这样一个事实,即由于担心美元的长期前景,多国央行感到有必要寻求替代性资产。美元已经持续疲弱多年。 Last week, the Chinese policy lender sold 2.5 billion Chinese yuan (4.8 million) worth of offshore yuan-denominated bonds in its second dim sum offering this year, with tenors of three and 20 years. 上周,国家开发发行了价值人民币25亿元(约合3.948亿美元)的离岸人民币计价债券,这是其今年以来第二次发行点心债券。这批债券的期限分为三年和20年两种。 Around 58% of the CNY1.5 billion worth of three-year bonds being sold was picked up by a handful of central banks, according to people familiar with the situation, though they declined to identify specific central banks. Other buyers included banks, fund managers and private bank investors. 知情人士透露,在发行的人民币15亿元的三年期点心债券中,大约有58%被少数几家央行认购。但这些知情人士不愿披露具体央行的名字。其它买家包括、基金经理和私人投资者。 In announcing its bond sale last week, China Development Bank said the issue marked the first-ever investment in yuan bonds by African central banks. Meanwhile, central banks from the Middle East and Europe also subscribed for the quasi-sovereign paper, according to a banker involved in the deal. 上周在宣布发行这批点心债券时,国家开发说,这是有史以来非洲国家央行首次投资人民币债券。与此同时,据参与交易的一位家透露,中东和欧洲国家的央行也认购了这批准主权债券。 Such strong interest comes as central banks last month clinched CNY2 billion worth of bonds sold in China#39;s Ministry of Finance#39;s CNY23 billion offshore sovereign bond. Two weeks ago, foreign central banks secured a fifth of the CNY1.75 billion dim sum bond sold by Export-Import Bank of Korea. 在国外央行对这批点心债券表现出浓厚兴趣的同时,中国财政部上个月在港发行的230亿元人民币国债中,国外央行认购了其中的20亿元。两周前,韩国输出入(Export-Import Bank of Korea)发行的价值人民币17.5亿元的点心债券中,外国央行认购了其中的五分之一。 #39;It#39;s a natural progression for central banks to engage in (the offshore yuan market) over time, as they look to diversify their reserves away from the U.S. dollar and euro,#39; said Ken Wei Wong, Asia-Pacific debt syndicate director for Barclays PLC, which was one of the underwriters for the CDB bond issue. 巴克莱集团(Barclays PLC)亚太债券承销部董事Ken Wei Wong说,随着时间的推移,国外央行参与离岸人民币市场是一件很自然的事情,因为它们希望降低美元和欧元资产的比重,实现外储多元化。巴克莱集团是此次国家开发债券发行的承销商之一。 Central banks can also buy yuan papers in the tightly controlled onshore market in China through the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors, or QFII, program the primary conduit for foreign investors to enter China#39;s domestic capital markets. However, they are subject to stringent access restrictions to these markets in the form of investment as granted by China#39;s foreign exchange regulator. 外国央行也可以通过合格境外机构投资者(QFII)这一机制在中国国内受严格控制的市场购买人民币债券。QFII是外国投资者进入中国国内资本市场的主要渠道。然而,外国投资者在进入这些市场时都受到严格的准入限制,他们的投资额度不能超过中国外汇监管机构批准的上限。 Last week, Indonesia#39;s central bank said it started buying yuan bonds in mainland China, following the moves of other central banks, such as those in Japan, South Korea, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, which have all announced or indicated plans to diversify their currency reserves into the yuan. 上周,印尼央行表示它开始在中国内地买入人民币债券。此前,日本、韩国、尼日利亚和沙特阿拉伯等国央行也都采取了类似的举措。这些国外央行已经宣布了买入人民币债券、分散外储资产的计划,或表示有此计划。 In the offshore yuan market, however, central banks and other investors don#39;t face such harsh restrictions. Mr. Wong said he expects more central banks to participate in the offshore yuan market as the Chinese currency becomes more internationalized. 但在离岸人民币市场,外国央行和其他投资者不需要面对如此苛刻的限制。Ken Wei Wong说,随着人民币国际化程度的提高,他预计有更多央行会参与离岸人民币市场。 /201208/193460盐城市医院做人流怎么样

盐城韩式包皮切割手术费用New York City's event planners are gearing upfor a surge in business after the Empire Stateembraced same-sex marriage and hundreds of couples rush to tie the knot.  纽约州同性婚姻近日正式合法化,几百对同性恋人迫不及待要喜结良缘。纽约市的婚庆策划者已准备好迎接结婚潮。  In New York City alone, 800 couples were married within hours after New York became the sixth state to make same-sex unions legal on July 24.  7月24日,纽约州成为美国第六个允许同性恋结婚的州。此后数小时内,仅纽约市就有800对同性新人结婚。  "We've been getting a lot of phone calls," said Harriette Rose Katz, a New York City events planner. "I think we're going to get more and more and more out of this. I honestly think it will be a big surge for our business."  纽约市婚庆策划者哈里特 罗斯 卡茨说:“我们接到很多电话,我想我们的收入会越来越高。说真的,生意会火爆起来。”  Among the New York same-sex wedding events that Katz is planning for the marriage of Bill White, the former president of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York, and commercial insurance brokerBryan Eure, on September 25 with a rosterof high-profile guests including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barbara Walters, George W. Bush and General David Petraeus.  卡茨在纽约策划的同性婚礼包括:纽约无畏号航空母舰海空物馆前馆长比尔 怀特的婚礼、以及商业保险经纪人布莱恩 厄尔将于9月25日举行的婚礼,贵宾花名册里不乏克林顿夫妇、芭芭拉 沃尔特斯、小布什、以及大卫 彼得雷乌斯将军等名人。  In another sign of changing times, Katz is also planning the first bar mitzvahof the child of same-sex parents.  卡茨还在为一对同性夫妇的孩子筹备受诫礼,这尚属首次,也象征着时代的发展。 /201108/147116 盐城无痛人流最安全医院盐城协和医院在线




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