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They complain about muscle pain,他们会抱怨说肌肉酸痛they complain about fatigue,觉得疲劳 they complain about being forgetful.会变得健忘They complain about a range of different problem反馈回来各种各样的问题that are being caused by the drugs.而这些都是药物引起的You may have a choice - a shorter life你有两个选择 英年早逝or possibly a longer one that maybe isnt quite as much fun.或是饱受折磨地长命百岁I get side effects.我就尝过副作用的厉害You get a muscle problem where your muscles ache你的肌肉会感到疼痛and sometimes you get cramps, but there are benefits.有时甚至会痉挛 但也不全是坏事You know they, they contribute to less strokes, for instance,你知道它们会减少中风的几率so how do you balance it out?所以 你会怎么抉择呢I dont know.我不知道We are the guinea pigs, without a doubt.毫无疑问 我们就是小白鼠But its a trade-off many more of us may have to consider.但我们中很多人必须要对它进行权衡It has been proposed fairly recently that最近被广为宣称的说法是all men over the age of 50 and所有超过50岁的男性all women over the age of 60和超过60的女性should be taking a statin都需要用抑制素no matter what their cholesterol levels are不论他们的胆固醇水平如何as a blanket prescription to reduce都用一个通用的处方来降低their risk of heart attack and stroke in future.心脏病和中风的发作几率201503/365829栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201602/416303


Have a honeymoon to remember by planning ahead.提前计划,享受值得回忆的蜜月。You Will Need你需要A budget预算Bids on itineraries旅行路线Restaurant reservations预订酒店Time to research destinations调查目的地的时间Airline upgrade (optional)航空公司升级(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Decide on a destination1.确定目的地Decide on a destination together.一起决定蜜月目的地。STEP 2 Establish a budget2.制定预算Establish a budget. Factor in money for tips, souvenirs, and gifts.制定预算。将小费,纪念品,礼物等因素考虑在内。Consider departing for your honeymoon two days after your wedding rather than the next day, so you can begin your trip well rested.考虑婚礼两天后启程度蜜月,而不是第二天马上出发,这样你可以充分地休息好再开始旅程。STEP 3 Research the area3.调查该地区Research the area to get an idea of places you want to visit, hotels youd love to stay in, sightseeing excursions, and so on. If you plan to stay in more than one spot, figure out the ideal number of days to spend in each location.调查一下该地区,决定造访哪些地方,入住哪家酒店,观光游览哪些景点等等。如果你计划在超过一个景点逗留,确定在每个地方花费的时间。STEP 4 Cut costs4.节约成本Find ways to cut costs, like using frequent flyer miles for the airline tickets. Or think about opening a honeymoon registry, where loved ones can contribute to the cost of your trip or buy you honeymoon experiences, like dinner or a sightseeing outing at your destination.寻找节约成本的方法,比如购买飞机票时使用飞行里程累积。或者考虑开通蜜月登记,情侣们可以为节约旅行成本作出贡献,或者付蜜月经历,比如晚餐或者蜜月目的地之外的观光项目。Consider using frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first or business class, especially if you’re facing a long flight. Or let the check-in clerk know, very politely, that you two are newlyweds.考虑用飞行里程累积来升级到头等舱或商务舱,尤其是如果飞行时间很长。或者非常礼貌地让登机处工作人员知道,你们是新婚夫妇。STEP 5 Consider transportation5.考虑交通Think about whether you want to rent a car, take public transportation, use mostly cabs, or even hire a car and driver for part of the trip.考虑你们想要租汽车,搭乘公共交通工具,乘坐出租车,还是雇佣汽车和司机来进行部分旅程。STEP 6 Get bids6.竞价Send your dream itinerary to several travel agencies and ask them to bid on your trip. Using a travel agent may seem outdated, but theyre good to have on your side if something goes wrong. Plus, they sometimes have access to deals that you dont.把梦想的路线邮寄给几家旅行社,请他们报价。使用旅行社看上去可能过时了,但是如果中途有什么不顺利的话,旅行社大有帮助。此外,他们有时可以得到你不能得到的优惠。Find an agent whos actually been to your destination. Theyll be able to offer great insider advice.找一家经常到你的目的地的旅行社。他们可以提供很多内行的建议。STEP 7 Secure dinner reservations7.预订晚餐Research restaurants in the area so you can make reservations ahead of time, especially if you want to go to a place where tables are difficult to secure.调查所在地区的酒店,这样你可以提前预订,尤其是如果你去餐桌很难预订的地方。If nothing else, make a dinner reservation for the first night of the honeymoon so you start the trip off right.如果没有其他的事情,蜜月的第一天晚上预订晚餐,这样就可以顺利地开始旅行。STEP 8 Work the honeymoon angle8.充分利用蜜月优势When making any kind of reservations, mention that you will be on your honeymoon. This can get you upgrades, discounts, and extras.作任何预订的时候,提及你们在度蜜月。这样可以为你争取到升级,折扣或额外馈赠。STEP 9 Reconfirm9.重新确认Reconfirm your flight and hotel reservations a few days before the trip.旅行开始前几天重新确认航班和酒店预订信息。The word honeymoon is said to come from the ancient practice of newlyweds drinking honey wine for a month – or one lunar cycle – after their wedding to assure the birth of sons.据说“蜜月”一词来自古代新婚夫妇饮用蜂蜜酒一个月的习俗,用于确保他们新婚后可以生子。201501/354469

Like Pluto.就像冥王星Until recently, we thought Pluto was alone.直到不久前,我们还以为冥王星是孤零零的Beyond it, nothing在它之外就没有什么了We were wrong但我们错了More frozen worlds还有更多的冰冻世界Discoveries so new nobody can agree what to call them我们连怎么称呼这些最新发现都无法达成一致Plutinos, ice dwarves, cubewanos小冥王星、冰矮星、类QB1天体Our solar system is far more chaotic and strange than we had imagined我们的太阳系不是我们曾经想像的那个整洁干净Now were 8 billion miles from home.现在我们距离地球超过80亿英里The most distant thing ever seen that orbits the Sun已发现的距离太阳最远的绕日天体another small, icy world, Sedna, discovered in 2003另一个小型的冰冷世界,发现于2003年,被称为赛德娜(小行星90377)Its orbit takes 10,000 years to complete.它绕日一周需要1万年Hang on, theres something else out here.等一下,这里还有别的东西Ten billion miles from home the space probe, Voyager 1.旅行者1号星际探测器,已经飞行了100亿英里This bundle of aluminum and antennae它的这些铝和天线gave us close up views of the giant planets使我们能够获得那些巨大行星的近照and discovered many of their strange moons.了解它们那些奇异的卫星Its traveling 20 times faster than a bullet, sending messages home旅行者1号的速度比子弹快20倍,不断的向地球发送信息That gold plaque那个黄金板its a kind of intergalactic message in a bottle.一个星际玻璃樽A greeting record in different languages上面录有各种语言的问候And a map showing how to find our home solar system还有一副地图,标明如何找到我们的太阳系The great physicist, Stephen Hawking伟大的物理学家斯蒂芬霍金thinks it was a mistake to roll out the welcome mat.认为这样的热情好客是一个错误After all, if youre in the jungle, is it wise to call out?毕竟如果我们身处丛林,大声呼喊是否明智?These comets look like the ones we saw earlier.他们很像我们先前看到的彗星Theres a theory that the raw materials for life began out here有理论认为生命的原始材料产自这里on a rock like this until something dislodged it直到什么东西动到了它sending it hurting towards the Earth使之朝着地球飞去And seeding all this ice, maybe comets carried water to Earth too也许地球上的水就是我们看到这些冰块带去的The water in the oceans, in your body海洋里的、你身体里的水all from this distant celestial ice machine.都来自这个遥远的宇宙制冰机201506/382546

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