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黄岛区妇女医院祛眼袋手术多少钱青岛做重睑最好的医院山东省青岛连云港注射隆鼻哪家医院好 5.Ordos China5.中国鄂尔多斯The city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, has been called the largest ghost town in China. It was built to accommodate more than a million people, but only percent of it was ever occupied. The remainder is unoccupied and was left to decay. The history of the town began more than years ago during the coal rush of Mongolia. Investors soon began building apartments, hoping to rent them out. However, demand didnt keep pace with the builders, and many investors pulled out or went broke bee the buildings were even completed.中国内蒙古的鄂尔多斯,一直都被称为;中国最大的鬼城;当时,鄂尔多斯建设的目标是容纳超过0万人口,但是迄今为止,只有百分之二的区域投入使用剩下的区域则成了空城,自生自灭这座城的历史起源于多年前在蒙古的煤矿热潮热潮下,投资者很快就开始建造房屋,希望把它们租出去无奈房屋供过于求,甚至在楼房还没有完工的时候,很多投资者就已经撤资或者破产了Today, streets are filled with incomplete houses. Even the completed buildings are hardly occupied thanks to their high prices. Many of the residents occupying the town are also leaving elsewhere. In just five years, price per square foot fell from ,0 to . To encourage people to come to the town, investors have reduced prices. Fresh graduates who move to the town to start a business are even given office space, Internet connections, and several other utilities free.今天,在街道上,目之所及都是;烂尾楼;即使是已经完工的房子也由于房价高昂而几乎无人认购很多当地的居民也正搬离这座城而到它处落脚仅仅在五年内,房价就从每平方英尺10美元跌到70美元这是投资者为了吸引人们来鄂尔多斯安居而使出的权宜之计那些来鄂尔多斯创业的高校毕业生甚至能免费享用办公室、网络和其他设备.Longyearbyen Norway.挪威朗伊尔城Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen in Norway is the northernmost city in the world. It contains the world northernmost church, ATM, museum, post office, airport, and university. In Longyearbyen, dying is bidden. Anyone found ill or dying is immediately flown by airplane or ship to another part of Norway bee he or she passes away. And, if someone suddenly dies there, they would not be buried.朗伊尔城,坐落在挪威的斯匹次卑尔根岛(译者注:挪威所属斯瓦尔巴群岛中最大的岛屿,靠近北极),是世界上最北端的城市;最北;的教堂、自动取款机、物馆、邮局、飞机场和大学也都在此地在朗伊尔城,死亡是被禁止的任何人一旦被发现患有重病或濒死就会在死亡前被马上通过飞机和船只送到挪威的其它地方去如果有人在朗伊尔城暴毙,那么他们将不得被埋葬Dying is bidden because bodies buried in the town cemetery do not decompose thanks to its extreme cold weather. Scientists recently removed tissue from a man who died years ago, and discovered that it contained traces of a deadly virus that caused an epidemic in 19. Aside from not being allowed to die, citizens are also allowed to move around with high-powered rifles, thanks to the over 3,000 polar bears hanging around. Cats are also bidden because they pose a threat to the bird population.死亡之所以被禁止,是因为在当地严寒的天气条件下,埋葬在墓地里的躯体无法分解最近,科学家从一名已死亡多年的男人的身上取出组织并且发现上面有病毒附着过的痕迹这种病毒就是引发19年瘟疫的罪魁祸首除了死亡是被禁止之外,在户外活动时携带火力大的步却是被允许的,这要归因于那3000多只在城里闲逛的北极熊虽然在这里连死掉都是不允许的,但居民却可以随身携带大口径步,这是为了对付那3000多只此地出没的北极熊然而猫是不允入内的,因为这会对鸟群构成威胁3.Asymmetric Warfare Training Center (AWTC) Virginia3.弗吉尼亚非对称作战训练中心The Asymmetric Warfare Training Center (AWTC) in Virginia is an uninhabited town built by the US Army to train its soldiers. The town is complete with a school, church, mosque, train station, and a five-story embassy that likely the tallest building in Virginia Caroline County, where it is located. It also has a gas station, football field, bank, subway, and bridge. The school is built to replicate schools in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the subway resembles that of Washington, D.C. The trains even have the same logo as those found on trains in Washington. Costing .1 million to build, it is run by the US Army Asymmetric Warfare Group.位于弗尼吉亚的非对称作战中心是个无人居住的地方,它被建造起来是为了满足美国军队训练士兵的需要这个小镇设施完备,有学校、教堂、清真寺、火车站和五层楼高的大使馆大使馆很可能是它所在的弗吉尼亚卡罗琳县的最高建筑同时,这里还有加油站、足球场、、铁路和大桥学校是仿照伊拉克和阿富汗的学校来建造的,而地铁则与华盛顿的相近,甚至连(地铁)列车上的标志也跟华盛顿的一模一样这里的铁路由非对称作战训练中心运营,建造铁路的总花费为9千万美元Another similar town is called Yodaville. It was built in the middle of the Arizona desert by the US Air ce. The uninhabited town, built to look like towns in Iraq and Afghanistan, is meant to teach Air ce pilots how to carry out bombing runs.另外一个与之相似的城镇叫尤德瓦(Yodaville)它由美国空军建造,坐落在亚利桑那州的沙漠中心这个仿造伊拉克和阿富汗建造的无人居住的城镇,是用来训练空军飞行员执行投弹任务的.Marloth Park South Africa.南非玛洛斯公园Marloth Park is close to the Kruger National Park, which is filled with wildlife including lions, hippopotamuses, and crocodiles. What makes the town unique is that, despite the dangers of having these wild animals close by, residents are not allowed to build fences around their houses. The only fence that separates the townspeople from the park is a small 1.-meter ( ft) fence that was built more to keep humans out of the park than to keep the animals in.玛洛斯公园靠近克留格尔国家公园,是狮子,河马和鳄鱼等众多野生动物的聚集地在玛洛斯,有一点很奇特的就是居民不允许在房子周围建造栅栏,尽管来自野生动物的危险近在眼前唯一一道将居民和野生动物活动区隔开的围栏仅有1.米(英寸)高它更像是为了不让居民踏入野生动物活动区而建造的,而不是为了防止动物进来It is not unusual to see wild animals walking about the town. Baboons are known to enter houses through windows to steal from the refrigerators, and giraffes and elephants are known to block the road. Lion attacks on humans are also not uncommon. Eyebrows were raised when a lion attacked, killed, and ate a burglar fleeing with his loot, leaving only his head and a foot. Even after the deadly attack, most of the town occupants want the lions to remain. Some said the burglar was shot while escaping, and his corpse was eaten by lions. Others said the lions would serve as a m of crime control the town, which was seeing a rise in burglary.看到野生动物在城镇里游荡一点儿也不稀奇狒狒因为通过窗户爬入屋内从冰箱里偷东西而;臭名昭著;;长颈鹿和大象由于经常挡道而出了名;狮子袭击人类也见怪不怪但如果告诉你一头狮子袭击并吃掉了一个正准备裹着赃物逃之夭夭的窃贼,最后只留下了他的头和腿,你可能会瞪大眼睛即使在致命的攻击事件发生之后,城镇里绝大部分的居民都希望狮子留下来有些人说,那个窃贼是在逃跑时被击了,狮子吃的是他的尸体其他人则表示在盗窃越发猖獗的年头,狮子能够起到控制当地犯罪的作用Cyclists are often the victims of attacks. This belies underlying race issues in the town, as most of the town residents are white and have cars, while the bicyclists are mostly black people who commute there work. One cyclist managed to escape an ambush staged by four lions, abandoning his bicycle and fleeing to safety. Townsmen have nicknamed people riding bicycles at night ;meals on wheels.;骑自行车的人经常会遭到狮子袭击这掩饰了城镇里潜在的种族问题,因为大多数的居民都是白人而且都有小车,而那些骑自行车的大多是在上班路上的黑人有一位骑车的人成功从四头狮子;谋划;的伏击中逃脱出来,他扔下了自行车,逃到了安全的地方城镇里的人打趣道,那些在夜里骑车的人是;轮子上的晚餐;1.Hallstat China1.中国哈尔斯塔特The real Hallstat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria. The Chinese Hallstat is a similar mock-up town built in Guangdong province, China. The town, which cost about million to build, looks like the real Hallstat, including its roads, church tower, and wooden houses. The town construction was sponsored by a Chinese millionaire, and it caused quite a stir among residents of the real Hallstat who were not aware of the project.真正的哈尔斯塔特位于奥地利,被联合国教科文组织列为世界文化遗产中国版的哈尔斯塔特位于中国广东,是模仿真实的哈尔斯塔特而建成的建造这座小城花费了9.亿美元,城里的街道、塔型教堂和木屋都跟原型相差无几这座小城由一个有钱的中国人投资建造当时,哈尔斯特塔特的居民都不了解这项工程这则新闻在当地引发了不小的轰动Residents of Austria Hallstat (including the mayor) later visited the town. They said they were proud that their town was copied (it wasnt like they could do anything about it), but they did not like the way the Chinese went about it. They were supposed to have met with the owners of the buildings they copied and asked if they were comtable with the idea of replicating their buildings elsewhere, rather than just building them. The company that built the mock-up town, called Minmetals, had sent several of its workers to Austria Hallstat where they took pictures of places to replicate.奥地利哈尔斯塔特的居民,包括他们的市长,在后来参观了在中国的;胞城;他们对于自己的城镇被复制到其它地方感到很骄傲(不过他们似乎要拦也拦不住),但是他们不喜欢中国人的行事方式他们认为,中国人应该到他们的城镇去问问那里的居民他们是否反感自己的城市在他乡被复制下来,而不是招呼不打就直接开工承建这座;胞城;的是中国五矿集团他们派员工到奥地利拍摄各种照片,并根据照片进行;复制;建造校对:汤茜童 前十网 39When the actress Robin Wright was negotiating a pay raise that would make her earnings “House of Cards” equal to those of her co-star Kevin Spacey, she used a tactic that would’ve made her alter ego, Claire Underwood, proud: She leveraged her power by threatening to go public about pay inequality.女演员罗宾·怀特(Robin Wright)在要求把自己主演《纸牌屋(House of Cards)的片酬提高到和联合主演凯文·斯佩西(Kevin Spacey)一样多时,她采取了一个会令自己饰演的克莱尔·安德伍德(Claire Underwood)骄傲的策略:她威胁说要公开报酬不平等问题,从而增加了自己的筹码Ms. Wright, who plays a calculating first lady to Mr. Spacey’s equally ruthless President Frank Underwood on the Netflix drama, told the audience at a Rockefeller Foundation event in New York on Tuesday that she’d learned the two characters were equally popular with viewers.怀特在Netflix的这部电视剧中饰演工于心计的第一夫人,斯佩西饰演同样残酷无情的总统弗兰克·安德伍德(Frank Underwood)周二,怀特在洛克菲勒基金会(Rockefeller Foundation)在纽约举办的一场活动上对观众们说,她已经得知这两个角色在观众中同样受欢迎“So I capitalized on it,” Ms. Wright told the room, according to The Huffington Post. “I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public.’ ”“所以我利用了这一点,”据《赫芬顿邮报(The Huffington Post)说,当时怀特对活动现场的所有人说,“我说,‘你们最好给我加薪,否则我要曝光’”“And they did.”“他们就加薪了”Mr. Spacey was making 0,000 per episode in , according to reports, making him one of the highest-paid actors on TV. That year, Ms. Wright won a Golden Globe Award best actress her work on the show. In , Mr. Spacey won best actor. That year, bes reported that Ms. Wright’s earnings — .5 million — were beginning to catch up to Mr. Spacey’s.据报道称,年,斯佩西每集获得50万美元的报酬,成为片酬最高的电视演员之一当年,怀特凭借在该剧中的表演获得了金球奖(Golden Globe Award)最佳女演员奖年,斯佩西获得了最佳男演员奖《福布斯(bes)报道称,当年怀特的收入开始赶上斯佩西,达到550万美元Ms. Wright joined a growing group of actresses who have spoken out recently on pay inequality in Hollywood, spurred in part by a rousing speech made onstage at the Oscars by Patricia Arquette. (Ms. Arquette later said she had lost roles the comments about equal pay.)最近,越来越多的女演员开始公开谈论好莱坞的报酬不平等问题,怀特是新加入的一员她们的动力部分来自于帕特丽夏·阿凯特(Patricia Arquette)在年奥斯卡颁奖台上发表的激动人心的演讲(后来,阿凯特说,关于报酬不平等的言论让她失去了很多角色)Months later, the issue was raised again by Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning star of “Winter’s Bone,” “Joy” and the “Hunger Games” franchise. Data exposed by the Sony Pictures hack in showed that she had been paid less than her male colleagues the film “American Hustle.”数月后,詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)再次提到这个问题劳伦斯是奥斯卡获奖明星,曾主演《冬天的骨头(Winter’s Bone)、《奋斗的乔伊(Joy)和《饥饿游戏(Hunger Games)系列电影年索尼影业(Sony Pictures)遭黑客攻击后泄露的数据显示,她出演《美国骗局(American Hustle)获得的报酬少于一同出演该片的多位男演员In October, Ms. Lawrence wrote in Lena Dunham’s newsletter, Lenny: “Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful deals themselves. If anything, I’m sure they were commended being fierce and tactical, while I was busy worrying about coming across as a brat and not getting my fair share.”去年月,劳伦斯在莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham)的新闻通讯《Lenny上写道:“杰里米·伦纳(Jeremy Renner)、克里斯蒂安·贝尔(Christian Bale)和布拉德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)都为自己成功争取到了有力的待遇实际上,我确信他们因强悍和策略而得到称赞,而我却忙于担心自己看起来像个小毛孩,所以没有得到合理的报酬”Not all high-profile actresses believe that discussing personal pay issues in Hollywood is appropriate. In an interview with Cosmopolitan in April, Scarlett Johansson said that it would be “icky” her to discuss her experience with Hollywood’s pay gap.并非所有知名女演员都认为,在好莱坞谈论个人报酬问题是妥当的今年月,斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson)在接受《Cosmopolitan采访时说,谈论自己在好莱坞薪酬差距方面的经历会显得“矫情”“There’s something icky about me having that conversation unless it applies to a greater whole,” she said. “I am very tunate; I make a really good living, and I’m proud to be an actress who’s making as much as many of my male peers at this stage.”“让我谈论这个话题会显得有点矫情,除非它是个普遍问题,”她说,“我很幸运我过得挺宽裕的作为一名女演员,我挣的钱跟这个舞台上的很多男演员一样多,这让我感到骄傲”But social media users had much applause Ms. Wright.不过,社交媒体用户对怀特非常赞赏 59青岛超声去眼袋多少钱

青岛牙科医院哪家最好5.The companies that are hoping to corner the market on space tourism5.期望垄断太空旅游市场的公司Fasten your seat belts, space tourism is aly a thing – American businessman Dennis Tito flew into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket that arrived at the International Space Station on April 30, 01. He was followed by a few others until Space Adventures halted the program in after the International Space Station professional crew of astronauts and cosmonauts increased to six people, leaving no room the tourists.系好你的安全带,空间旅行已经成为现实——美国商人丹尼斯蒂托搭乘俄罗斯联盟号火箭飞向太空,并于01年月30号抵达国际空间站继他之后,也有一些宇航员体验太空旅行一直增加到6人一同旅行,但是该项目在年被停止了Space Adventures was set to resume the program in , but that has yet to occur. (Singer Sarah Brightman is scheduled an assignment in .) In the meantime, several other companies have offered various space tours, various prices with various conditions. Below are a few options the discerning space traveler: XCOR Aerospace - At ,000 per person, the Lynx rocket plane – which can hold a pilot plus one passenger – will take tourists to suborbital space and will make four trips per day. Test flights began in . World View Enterprises – ,000 per seat, a pressurized capsule is hauled up by a space balloon and parafoil to 0,000 feet above earth. The vehicle will float up into suborbital flight and then glide back (this takes about hours). Passengers will not need any anti-gravity training, and can even enjoy refreshing beverages in the cabin.Virgin Galactic – At ,000 a pop, a few celebrities have aly signed up to soar 68 miles above the earth surface including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. The Mars One Project – It free, but there a catch – “pioneer settlers” will not return to Earth, but will live and work on Mars, making it their permanent new home. Those chosen will undergo 8 years of training, prior to embarking on their journey. The first inhabitants will land in 3, followed by more settlers every two years.传言,太空探险公司将在年恢复该项目,但是到目前为止还未有任何动作(据说歌手莎拉·布莱曼预计将在年体验太空旅行 )与此同时,其他几家航空公司也提供了各种价格和各种配置的太空旅行来抢占市场以下介绍的就是几家航空公司推出的几种太空旅行的方式:XCOR航空公司——太空旅行人均95000美元,提供猞猁火箭飞机-可容纳一名飞行员和一名乘客,可以进行每天次的太空旅行,年开始试飞World View 公司——太空旅行人均75000美元,其提供的是乘客在一个密封舱中体验旅行,这个密封舱是被离地球上方0000英尺的一个翼伞和太空气球吊在太空中的这个飞行器械会浮在亚轨道飞行,然后滑翔(这大概需要个小时)乘客不需要进行任何反重力的训练,甚至可以在客舱内轻松地享受清凉饮料维珍——太空旅行人均50000 美元,一些著名人士已经签署可以从地球表面飙升68英里以上的协议,这些名人包括布拉德皮特,安吉丽娜朱莉,莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥,艾什顿·库奇和贾斯汀·比伯The Mars One Project公司——它提供的太空旅行是免费的,但是有个条件——“移民先驱”不能返回地球,要在火星上生活和工作,将火星当做今后永久的新家这些“移民先驱”将会经历大约8年的训练,才能开始他们的太空旅行该公司预计第一个居民将在3年登陆火星,后续每两年就会新增更多的定居者.The film studio that allows ;flyers; to relive the golden era of air travel.可以重温空中旅行黄金时代的电影工作室Sometimes travel doesnt necessarily require a real destination to evoke a feeling. those of you out there who remember the golden age of air travel (the 60 and 70s), or missed out on it altogether, you can now buy a ticket on a glamorous faux Pan Am flight and pretend you are part of the magic.有时候旅行并不一定需要去一个实在的目的地,而是企图唤起心灵的一种感觉如果你们之中有人还想重拾空中旅行的黄金时代(60和70年代)的记忆,或者是由于完全错过了那个时代而想要体验那个时代的,现在就可以买票去迷人奇妙的泛美航空班机并且假装自己是魔法的一部分去体验空中旅行Air Hollywood, a film studio located in Los Angeles, has created a set that emulates a Pan Am jet of the early 1970s. Known as The Pan Am Experience, this once-a-month event lets anyone with (or 7 “Clipper Class”) climb into Air Hollywood perfect recreation of a 1970s-era 77 and spend a few hours enjoying air travel of a bygone era: ;Your Pan Am experience starts on the main deck with a cocktail and beverage service in the First Class cabin. Each stewardess that greets you will be adorned in her original 1970′s Pan Am unim. Our Pan Am crew will offer various amp; audio selections while you sit back in your Pan Am Sleeperette seat and sip a cocktail.Soon after, youll climb the winding staircase where the crew will set your table a truly memorable dining event. In classic Pan Am style, youll be offered your favorite cocktail and be served a delightful gourmet meal. Everything from the china to the glassware is authentic with careful attention to the exquisite service delivery of the era and offerings of Pan Am.;Dont get to dress up! Air Hollywood requests that passengers don appropriate attire to fly, just like they did in the 1970s.空中好莱坞,是位于洛杉矶的一个电影工作室,已经制造了一架模拟1970年代初的泛美航空公司飞机泛美航空的美妙旅行,一个月开放一次,人均97美元(或者“急速级别”人均197美元),让乘客进入空中好莱坞,体验1970年代乘坐77航空旅行的美妙感觉泛美航空公司将为头等舱的乘客提供鸡尾酒和饮料等,并且77的空都是身穿1970年代的制,让人感到真正回到了那个年代泛美航空的机组人员还会在你乘坐飞机,品尝鸡尾酒的同时让乘客选择想听想看的的各种音频和视频的文件在泛美航空经典的风格中,你会享受到为您提供独特的鸡尾酒和美食大餐泛美航空精致的务是绝对令人称赞的,所用的玻璃器皿均从中国精挑细选,所有的菜单和务都做到细心精致还有一点,千万不要忘记穿着打扮!空中好莱坞要求乘客们不要穿着不合适的装,就像1970年代所做的那样3.The NYC subway show that has spawned a police crackdown3.在镇压中挣扎存在的纽约地铁While subway travel is nothing new or unusual, what can occur during a ride sometimes is.虽然地铁不是什么新颖的或者是独特的旅行方式,但是有时候也会在旅途中有意想不到的收获Irritating to some locals, but loved by tourists, subway dancing is a uniquely New York experience. However, you should catch ;showtime; as soon as you can – the powers that be (city officials) are cracking down as ;permances and other non-transit-related activity are prohibited on subway cars.;在纽约,除了当地人,游客们很喜欢乘坐地铁旅行,在纽约的地铁中跳舞和表演节目也是一种独特的体验然而,在乘坐地铁的过程中你须尽可能地抓住“showtime”,因为政府是禁止在地铁里的所以说纽约地铁的旅行方式是在镇压中挣扎存在的独特体验,尽可能地抓住“showtime”吧,体会一把独特的跳舞之旅.The underwater railway that will link China to the US.连接中国和美国的水下隧道China is taking the audacious, if not impossible, step of building a rail line underwater, which would – in theory – link it to the ed States.中国正在尝试一项大胆的,几乎是不可能实现的工程,在水下建一条铁路这条水下隧道理论上是要连接到美国的Chinese officials are considering a route that would start in the country northeast, th through eastern Siberia and cross the Bering Strait, via a 5-mile long underwater tunnel into Alaska. The ;China-Russia-Canada-America; (doesnt roll easily off the tongue, does it?) would be approximately 8,000 miles long. ( comparison, thats 1,800 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian railroad or four times the length of the English Channel line.)Not surprisingly skeptics abound, but China insists it does have the technology and means to complete a construction project of this scale. Judging by the country rail construction boom of the last few years (tens of thousands of miles of track high-speed lines have aly been laid), China just may be onto something.中国官员正在考虑修建一条路线,将从中国的东北部开始,途经东西伯利亚,穿过白令海峡,再通过一条5英里长的水下隧道抵达阿拉斯加这条“China-Russia-Canada-America”(读起来不容易卷舌头,对吧?)有将近8000英里长相比之下,这条铁路比西伯利亚大铁路长1800英里或者说是英吉利海峡线长度的四倍当然很多人对此都保持怀疑态度,但是中国仍然坚持认为这种规模的建设项目是可以通过高端的技术和必要的措施完成的国家的铁路建设热潮已经过去了一些年(已经铺设好数万英里的高速路线的轨道),毫无疑问,这个项目的建设对中国来说是有重大意义的1.The elevator that will send people (and cargo) into space by 1.在年将会实现输送人或货物进入太空的电梯In , a Japanese construction giant, the Obayashi Corporation, announced it had the means to construct a space elevator and will have it up and running by the year .年,日本建筑业巨头,大林告诉宣布将构造一架太空电梯,并将此项目运行到年The company said that the elevator would reach 96,000km (59,65 miles) into space and use robotic cars powered by magnetic linear motors to ferry cargo – human and otherwise – to a not yet built space station. Obayashi is hoping to cut down on the dangers and cost of space travel via rocket with the elevator, and they are not the only ones doing so – mer NASA contractor Michael Laine launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to research the feasibility of a lunar space elevator.该公司表示,电梯将送达到离地球96000公里(5965英里)远的太空并且使用机器人汽车运送货物-人类和其他—去一个目前尚未建立的空间站大林希望通过火箭带上电梯送入太空来降低太空旅行的危险和成本,当然他们并不是唯一这样做的公司,NASA前承包商迈克尔·莱恩也发起一项kickstater的募捐活动来募集资金研究月球太空电梯的可能性无论这项工程是否能够实现,但是我们都不得不承认这是一个伟大的工程翻译:曹秋会 来源:前十网 1青岛中心医院是公立医院吗 Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang has published a surprise announcement on his Weibo saying he will divorce his wife Ma Rong and accused Ma of cheating on him with his manager.日前,中国演员王宝强在其个人新浪微上发布了一个令人吃惊的声明,称将会与妻子马蓉离婚,并指责马蓉与他的经纪人出轨In the posting in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Wang said he has fired his manager Song Zhe, accusing Song of breaking up his marriage.在周日凌晨发布的这篇微中,王宝强表示,他已经解雇了经纪人宋喆,并谴责宋喆破坏了他的婚姻Later on Sunday morning, Ma accused Wang of abandoning his family and friends on the social media app Wechat, and Ma said it not the right time to say anything more. Ma also said on her Weibo that he who excuses himself accuses himself, and that good and evil will reveal themselves in the end.随后在周日上午,马蓉在社交软件微信上指责王宝强抛弃家庭,并声称现在还不是说更多的时候马蓉还在她个人微上写道:欲盖弥彰,善恶自有真相Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong were married in , and have a daughter and a son.王宝强和马蓉是在年结的婚,育有一个女儿和一个儿子Wang gained popularity his appearance as Shagen in Feng Xiaogang film ;A World Without Thieves;. He has since starred in other hit films such as ;Lost in Thailand; and ;Monk Comes Down the Mountain.;王宝强因出演冯小刚导演于年拍摄的电影《天下无贼中的傻根一角,从而一举成名此后,他又出演了其它热映电影,比如《人再囧途之泰囧和《道士下山 671山东省青岛市北区治疗青春痘

青岛附属医院黄岛分院整形价格表 A blogger named “Super Mrs Tao” posts a photo on Sina Weibo, the Chinese replacement Twitter, of a Chinese baby afraid of taking an injection, hiding in the corner.一个叫“超级陶夫人”的主在新浪微(中国的“推特”)上贴了一张照片,这张照片描述的是一个中国小婴孩害怕打针,躲在墙角里 70山东省青岛东营隆胸手术多少钱东营市中心医院双眼皮



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