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Amazon, the US ecommerce group, plans to ramp up its business in China by setting up operations in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone, allowing it to sell more imports, more cheaply to better compete with domestic rivals Alibaba and JD.com.美国电商集团亚马逊(Amazon)计划入驻上海自由贸易区(FTZ),从而能以更低价格销售更多进口产品,提高面对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等本地对手时的竞争力。The retailer follows software company Microsoft and a string of banks into the 28 sq km free-trade zone, set up a year ago as a test bed for economic reforms. Amazon hopes that by setting up a logistics warehouse within the zone, thus enjoying lower shipping costs and freight times, it will boost its wafer-thin 2 per cent slice of the online shopping market.一年前,中国在上海设立了28平方公里的自贸区,把它作为经济改革的一块试验田,已吸引到微软(Microsoft)和多家入驻。亚马逊希望在区内设立一个物流仓库,以降低运费、减少货运时间,扩大中国市场份额。目前亚马逊只占有2%的中国电商市场。“We’re going to have lower shipping charges, faster delivery coming into the free-trade zone, so there are going to be many benefits,” said Diego Piacentini , vice-president of international consumer business, speaking to Chinese television on Wednesday.“进驻自贸区后,我们的运费会更低,交货速度会更快,所以将带来很多好处,”亚马逊国际消费业务副总裁迭戈#8226;皮亚琴蒂尼(Diego Piacentini)周三在中国电视节目中说。 /201408/322968。

  • 1. Peaceful Era1.和平年代We are now in the midst of the most peaceful era of human history. Back in the 1940s, 300 out of every 100,000 people would die as a direct result of war. We’re happy to tell you that that figure is now less than 1.在人类的历史上,我们正处于最和平的年代。早在二十世纪四十年代,每10万个人中就有300人直接死于战争。我们可以很欣慰地告诉你今天这个数字少于1。2. Worldwide Murders2.全球谋杀案557,000 people were murdered across the world in 2001 alone. That number significantly dropped by 289,000 by 2008. The homocide rate is now in decline in 75% of nations.仅在2001年,全球就约有55.7万人被谋杀。而到了2008年,这个数据就减少了28.9万人。如今,全球的谋杀率已经下降了75%。3. Poverty3.贫穷52% of the world lived in extreme poverty in 1981. This number dropped down by 21% in 2010, as 721 million fewer people no longer live in absolute poverty.在1981年,全球52%的人极其穷困潦倒。这个数字在2010年的时候下降了21%,少于7.21亿人还过着极度贫困的生活。4. Life Expectancy4.平均寿命The life expectancy of the average human has increased more in the past 50 years than it did in the 200,000 years of human existence. Life expectancy is now 70 years old – which is a big difference from 47 years old in 1950!人类在过去50年的平均寿命比人类存在的20万年中的平均寿命要长的多。目前,人类的平均寿命是70岁,1950年的平均寿命是47岁,两者存在很大的差异。5. Gay Marriage5.同性婚姻While there is a still a way to go to ensure the LGBT community has the same rights as sexual couples, the world has moved on significantly in recent years. In fact, gay marriage is now legal for 60% of Americans. What about the other 40%, you ask? The List Love really believes the rest of the ed States, and many other countries across the world – we’re talking to you, Russia! -will catch up soon.近几年,得益于世界日新月异,就像保护异性夫妻一样, LGBT群体(女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋、跨性别人士)也会得到同样的权利保障。事实上,如今60%的美国人承认同性婚姻的合法性,如果你问那剩余的40%呢?我们可以告诉你美国的其他地方以及世界的其他地方,例如俄罗斯,很快都会赶上脚步。You might think 60% is absolutely nothing, but this is a significant step, seeing as gay marriage was not legal anywhere in the ed States in 2003.或许你会认为这个60%并不起眼,但它是很重要的一步,因为在2003年,同性婚姻在美国的任何地方都是不合法的。6. Cancer Mortality Rate6.癌症死亡率Between 1991 and 2010, the cancer mortality rate fell by a whopping 20%, which is more than 10% a decade. One day we will say goodbye to cancer for good.在1991年至2010年之间,癌症死亡率显著下降了20%,这比过去十年下降总和的10%还要多。总有一天,我们会跟癌症说再见。7. Hearing Aid7.助听器Marvel created superhero Blue Ear, who wears a hearing aid, after a little boy refused to wear one because ;superheroes don’t wear hearing aids;.2002年,一名4岁的小男孩患有耳聋,但他不愿意戴助听器,因为超级英雄们都不戴。之后,漫威(Marvel)创作了一个戴着助听器的蓝耳侠(Blue Ear)。8. Illiteracy8.文盲World illiteracy has reduced by 50% between 1970 to today.从1970年到今天,世界各地的文盲减少了50%。9. Smiling9.微笑Blind people smile even when they have never seen someone smile.即使从未见过人微笑,盲人也会微笑。10. Knighted Penguin10.被授予爵位的企鹅Last but by no means least is our favourite fact that Norway once knighted a penguin. His name is Nils Olav, and he is a king penguin who now resides on Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the mascot and Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard. He was knighted on 15th August, 2008, which was approved by King Harald V, who stated during the ceremony that Nils was ;in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood;.挪威曾为一只企鹅授予爵位。它现在居住在苏格兰的爱丁堡动物园,是那里的企鹅王,它叫尼尔斯·奥拉夫( Nils Olav)。它不仅是一只吉祥物,更是挪威皇家护卫队的名誉上校。2008年8月15日,国王哈拉尔五世(King Harald V)授予奥拉夫爵位,并在授予典礼上声明“奥拉夫在各方面都有资格获得骑士爵位的荣誉和尊严”。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:Carrie /201504/368130。
  • When Fortune spoke with Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr in November, the company had just scaled back its earnings targets due to a weaker global economy and overcapacity. The German airline is being squeezed on short-haul flights by discount carriers like Easyjet and Ryan Air and by booming Middle Eastern carriers on long-haul routes. It’s been also been plagued by pilot strikes, which have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.《财富》杂志在去年11月采访汉莎航空首席执行官卡斯滕o斯波尔时,该公司刚因为全球经济疲软和产能过剩调低了自己的收益预期。这家德国航空公司在短途航班市场遭遇了易捷航空和瑞安航空等廉价运营商的挤压,在长途航班上又面临着一众新兴中东运营商的挑战。飞行员罢工更是给汉莎航空雪上加霜,使其付出了数亿美元的代价。But when surveying his airline’s overall operations, the CEO, who’d been on the job just six months at the time of his conversation with Fortune, pointed to its discount arm Germanwings as a bright spot.不过纵览公司整体运营情况,这位当时才上任六个月的首席执行官指出,汉莎旗下的廉价航空运营商德国之翼是一个亮点。“Our low cost subsidiary Germanwings [has] been a great success; bigger than we expected,” he said. Indeed, Lufthansa is in the process of shifting more of its European traffic from its flagship brand to Germanwings and its other discount subsidiary, Eurowings, because of their lower operating costs. Spohr told Fortune that he expected Germanwings—which launched in 2002—to be profitable in 2015. “It very much looks like we will be meeting that target.”他说:“我们的廉价航空子公司德国之翼做得非常成功,超乎公司预期。”确实,汉莎航空正把更多的欧洲客流从自身的旗舰品牌移向德国之翼和另一家廉价航空子公司欧洲之翼,因为其运营成本更低。斯波尔对《财富》表示,他希望2002年成立的德国之翼能在2015年盈利:“看起来我们很有可能达成这个目标。”On Tuesday, it was easy to wonder if that still holds true.但在本周二,我们不由怀疑这个预测是否还能实现。An Airbus A320 jetliner operated by Germanwingscrashed in the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf on Tuesday morning. All 150 people on board are presumed dead.24日,德国之翼运营的一架空客A320客机从巴塞罗那起飞,前往杜塞尔多夫,途中坠毁于法国阿尔卑斯山区。预计机上的150名乘客全部罹难。Spohr Tweeted on Tuesday that it was a “dark day” for Lufthansa. The company said on its website, “Everyone at Germanwings and Lufthansa is deeply shocked and saddened by these events. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the passengers and the crew members.”斯波尔周二在Twitter上表示,对汉莎航空而言,这是“黑暗的一天”。公司官网称:“对于这起坠机事件,德国之翼和汉莎航空的每个人都感到深深的震惊和悲哀。我们将与机上乘客和机组人员的家人和朋友一起哀悼和祈祷。”When asked about the business implications of the crash, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said that its highest priority was conducting a full investigation of the crash and providing the families and friends of the plane’s passengers and crew with “all the care and assistance they need.”当被问到坠机事件将对公司业务产生哪些影响时,汉莎航空发言人表示,公司首先要做的是对坠机事件进行全面的调查,并对机上乘客和机组人员的亲友提供“他们所需的一切关怀和援助”。Shares of Lufthansa dipped as much as 4.6% in European trading on Tuesday and closed 1.7% lower.汉莎航空的股价在周二一度暴跌4.6%,收盘时跌幅止于1.7%。When such airline catastrophes occur, there’s always speculation about what it will mean for the businesses involved for the long-term. Robert Mann, an industry consultant and a former airline executive, says that most plane crashes, as tragic and headline-grabbing as they may be, “have very little impact on a carrier’s ongoing business.”当这样的空难发生后,坊间都会推测其对公司业务的长期影响。不过一位行业顾问兼前航空公司高管罗伯特o曼恩表示,尽管大多数坠机事件令人悲伤,被媒体头条大幅报道,但“对运营商的未来业务基本不会造成影响”。There are a few exceptions, mainly in cases where “there is an indication of systemic issues or incompetence.” Mann points to ValuJet as an example of a carrier that was wrecked by the latter.也有少数例外,主要出现在那些“有迹象表明公司出现了系统性问题,或是失职”的情况。曼恩指出,瓦卢杰航空就是因为后一种情况走向了衰亡。In 1996, ValuJet Flight 592 caught fire shortly after takeoff and crashed into the Florida Everglades, killing all 110 passengers that were on board. An investigation into the crash determined that a ValuJet subcontractor that had illegally loaded oxygen tanks into the plane’s cargo hold was responsible for the tragedy “It’s ironic, since it wasn’t even ValuJet’s fault; it just happened to use a vendor who was incompetent,” Mann says.1996年,瓦卢杰航空592号航班起飞后不久就遭遇失火,坠毁于佛罗里达州大沼泽地,机上110人全部罹难。空难调查发现,瓦卢杰的外包商在飞机货舱内非法放置了氧气罐,从而导致了这场悲剧。曼恩表示:“这很讽刺,因为这甚至不是瓦卢杰的错,他们只是用了一个失职的供应商。”But still, ValuJet couldn’t shake the scrutiny and fallout from the tragedy. After the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all ValuJet planes, the carrier eventually returned to the air with a reduced fleet, but it never rebuilt its customer base and ultimately merged with the smaller AirTran Airways, which is now a part of Southwest Airlines.尽管如此,瓦卢杰航空也无法动摇审查结果,打消悲剧事件产生的负面影响。美国联邦航空对瓦卢杰所有飞机下了禁飞令,这家运营商最终精简机队后重新开始运营,但他们再也无法挽回客户群体,并最终与小公司穿越航空合并,如今一起化作了美国西南航空公司的一部分。Then there’s Malaysia Airlines, which saw a drastic drop-off in passengers following the disappearance of Flight 370 in March 2014 and the fatal downing of Flight 17 in Ukraine in July. The Malaysian government took the airline private in August in an attempt to restore its financial health.还有一个例子是马来西亚航空公司。该公司接连遭遇了2014年3月的MH370航班失联和7月的MH17在乌克兰坠机,乘客数量急剧下降。马来西亚政府在2014年8月将其私有化,试图恢复这家公司的财务健康。Based on reports of Tuesday’s plane crash, it’s not clear what caused the Germanwings aircraft to go down. Mann notes that Lufthansa services its Germanwings fleet, alongside the rest of its planes, at Lufthansa Technik, one of the airline industry’s largest maintenance providers. Lufthansa’s last fatal accident occurred 20 years ago, and Germanwings’ safety record was perfect until Tuesday.从有关周二这起坠机事故的报道来看,导致德国之翼飞机坠毁的原因尚不清楚。曼恩指出,德国之翼的机组与汉莎航空其他机组一样,都由汉莎航空技术公司进行维护。这是航空业最大的维修公司之一。汉莎航空上一起致命空难发生在20年前,而德国之翼在本周二之前的安全记录堪称完美。Lufthansa is “a quality organization”, Mann says. The value of that attribute can’t be overstated. Every airline passenger is after a good price, but “the one thing people will not trade away is safety,” he says.曼恩表示,汉莎航空是“一家高品质的公司”。其价值怎么夸张都不为过。他说,每位乘客都想要便宜的价格,但“有一样东西没人会拿来换钱,那就是安全。” /201503/367076。
  • On the annual occasion in China for recognizing teachers’ contributions to society, a group of professors and students have called on Chinese education officials and university administrators to take more vigorous action against sexual harassment on university campuses.在中国每年一度表彰教师社会贡献的特殊时刻,一群高校师生呼吁中国的教育官员和大学管理者,为防止校园性骚扰事件的发生采取更有力的行动。On Tuesday, the day before Teachers’ Day, the 256 professors and students signed open letters addressed to China’s Ministry of Education as well as to Zhu Chongshi, the president of Xiamen University.周二,也就是教师节的前一天,256名高校师生分别签署了致中国教育部以及厦门大学校长朱崇实的公开信。In the letter addressed to Mr. Zhu, the group called on him to make public the findings of an investigation into a sexual harassment case that came to light in June involving a history professor who was accused of luring female students into having sex with him. After the allegations surfaced, the university suspended the professor, Wu Chunming, and announced that it had set up a special team to investigate the case.在给朱崇实的信中,他们呼吁公布今年6月曝光的一桩性骚扰案的调查结果。该案涉及一名被指诱奸女学生的历史系教授。在指控浮出水面之后,学校中止了涉事教授吴春明的工作职责,并宣布已成立专门小组调查此案。But after three months, the university has yet to announce the results of that investigation.但三个月过去了,厦门大学仍未宣布调查结果。“We hope that Xiamen University will deliver a just and fair conclusion for the involved parties and the public,” says the letter, which was made available to The New York Times. “But we also learned that before the media got involved in the Wu Chunming case, a number of people had aly filed complaints about Wu, but the complaints were not taken seriously or properly investigated.”“我们期待厦门大学能给当事人和公众一个公正、公平的结论,”这封《纽约时报》所见的信中写道,“不过我们也获知,在媒体介入之前,吴案中的一些当事人早就已经通过组织途径进行了投诉,但却并未得到足够重视与相应调查处理。”“The reason,” continues the letter, which includes some signatures from Chinese studying or working abroad, “is because the colleges and universities in mainland China do not have established anti-sexual harassment mechanisms.”“究其原因,”信中接着说,“在于我国大陆地区高校并未建立反性骚扰机制。”Included in the letter to the Education Ministry was a proposed set of guidelines for establishing nationwide regulations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment on university campuses.给教育部的信中还包含了一份高等教育学校性骚扰防治管理办法的建议稿。While the focus of the letters is on the Wu Chunming case, organizers say they see the case as an opportunity to effect change nationwide.尽管这两封信的关注焦点是吴春明案,发起人说,他们将此案看做在全国范围内促成改变的契机。“The main thing is that we don’t think this is an individual case,” said Luo Ruixue of the Women Awakening Network, a Guangzhou-based women’s rights group that helped organize the letter to the ministry and Xiamen University. “What we really need is a system in place at universities to deal with these kinds of situations.”“主要是,我们不认为这是个案。”新媒体女性网络的罗瑞雪说。这家位于广州的女权组织参与发起了致教育部和厦门大学的这两封公开信。“我们真正需要的,是在高校建立起处理类似情况的制度。”“We hope that Xiamen University can set an example by creating this kind of a system,” Ms. Luo said in a telephone interview.“我们希望厦门大学可以建立起这样的机制,成为全国的典范,”罗瑞雪在电话采访中说。One of the signatories to the letter was a woman who recently completed a master’s degree at Xiamen University.联名信的签署人中包括一名刚刚从厦门大学获得硕士学位的女生。On Wednesday morning, the woman, who uses the pseudonym Xiao Wu to protect her privacy, took part in another, separately organized activity, intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment on campus. In photos circulated on Sina Weibo, Xiao Wu and nine other female students can be seen standing at the entrance of their respective universities, dressed in identical Little Red Riding Hood costumes and carrying swords and shields inscribed with the characters: “Give female students back our freedom and our nights.”周三上午,她参加了另一个旨在提高对校园性骚扰案关注的活动。为了保护个人隐私,她化名为“小五”。新浪微上传播的照片显示,小五和另外九名女生站在各自的学校门口,穿着相同的小红帽装,手里举着剑和盾牌,盾牌上写着:“把自由和夜晚还给女生。”“The traditional understanding is that Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf because she was not careful, so the moral of the story is often said to be to stay at home and not go anywhere,” said Xiao Wu by telephone from Xiamen. “Every time something happens or a sexual harassment case comes up, there are always voices that come out and say that the female students involved were not careful enough, were not aware enough of their safety.”“传统的理解是,小红帽被大灰狼吃了,是因为她缺乏警惕,所以人们认为,这个故事告诉我们,要待在家里,哪也别去,”小五在厦门通过电话表示。“每次某些事件或性侵案发生时,总是有人说,是因为女学生缺乏警惕,安全意识不够。”“By choosing Little Red Riding Hood and by holding those shields and swords, we are trying to make a statement to say that we aren’t going to be those people who only stay at home and don’t go anywhere.”“我们选择装扮成小红帽,手举剑和盾牌,是想说,我们不打算成为只待在家里,哪儿也不去的人。”In addition to the photos, which were taken at 10 different universities, including Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Fudan University in Shanghai, the Little Red Riding Hood organizers also sent letters to the presidents of 116 of China’s top universities, calling for them to establish systems to prevent sexual harassment.这些照片拍摄于10所不同的大学,包括厦门大学、北京外国语大学和上海复旦大学。除了这些照片,“小红帽”活动的组织者还向中国116所重点大学的校长寄出了公开信,呼吁建立性骚扰防范机制。“The school should be a safe environment,” Xiao Wu said. “Why can men go out but women can’t go out? I think this is very unfair. So we want to hit back against the Big Bad Wolf.”“学校应该是一个安全的地方,”小五说,“为什么男生可以出去,而女生却不能?我认为这很不公平。所以我们想要赶走大灰狼。” /201409/328362。
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