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双城区妇幼保健院收费贵吗哈尔滨医科大学附属第五医院支持刷信用卡吗黑龙江一院怎么样好吗 They#39;re the butt of jokes and the target of stern laws. Now a study shows cousins run few risks in mating.他们是众人取笑的对象和法律严厉制裁的目标。现在一项研究表明近亲联姻并无妨。Paul had taken his cousin Donna on a long trek through a remote part of Colombia. They had missed the day#39;s meals and had only a jar of pickled vegetables and a bottle of drinks. So they repaired to hammocks strung up under the moonlight--and began a love story that has lasted 14 years and produced two children.保罗带领表唐娜出发去哥伦比亚的一个偏远地区徒步旅行。他们白天没有赶上吃正餐,现在只有一罐泡菜,一瓶饮料。无奈之下,只能在月光下搭起了吊床,双双就寝,从而开始了一个已持续14年,拥有两个子女的爱情故事。;I was shocked that I had fallen in love with my first cousin and surprised that this miracle had fallen on me, ; says Paul. ;My only real concern was the medical issue.;保罗说:“我非常惊讶自己竟会爱上表,这一奇迹会发生在自己身上简直是不可思议。我惟一担心的是从医学角度看此事会产生的问题。”Paul, a graduate student in New York City, and Donna, a financial adviser, are just two in a long, flourishing line of kissin#39; first cousins. Charles Darwin wed his cousin Emma and spawned 10 children, including four brilliant scientists. Albert Einstein#39; s second wife Elsa was his first cousin. Queen Victoria said; I do; to hers. So have millions worldwide. In parts of Saudi Arabia, 39% of all marriages are between first cousins.保罗是纽约市的一名研究生,而唐娜是一名金融顾问。他们俩仅仅是无数结为夫妻的表兄中的一对。查尔斯·达尔文与其表爱玛结合,养育了10个子女,其中有四位杰出的科学家。阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦与他的第二任妻子埃尔萨是表亲。维多利亚女王曾在婚礼上对她的表哥说:“我愿意”。全世界有数以百万计说过“我愿意”的新人有血缘关系。在沙特阿拉伯,有39%的婚姻发生在有亲族关系的男女之间。In the U.S., though, the practice bears a stigma of inbreeding just this side of incest. The taboo is not only social but legislative: 24 states ban the marriage of first cousins; five others allow it only if the couple is unable to bear children. A major reason for this ban is the belief that kids of first cousins are tragically susceptible to serious congenital illnesses.然而在美国,同宗结亲的做法仍带有近亲繁殖的耻辱,并有乱伦之嫌。这种禁忌不仅是社会习俗方面的,而且有来自立法机关的:有24个州禁止近亲结婚;其他5 个州只有在一对夫妻不育的条件下才许可。颁布此禁令的一个主要原因是人们相信近亲结婚易导致下一代不幸地患上严重的先天性疾病。That view may have to change. A comprehensive study published recently in the Journal of Genetic Counseling indicates such children run an only slightly higher risk of significant genetic disorders like congenital heart defects--about two percentage points above the average 3% to 4%. Says the study#39;s lead author, Robin Bennett, president-elect of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, which funded the study: ;Aside from a thorough medical family history, there is no need to offer any genetic testing on the basis of consanguinity alone;.这种观点可能必须改变。最近发表在《遗传学咨询》杂志上的一份综合性研究表明近亲婚姻所生的小孩患上主要遗传性疾病如先天性心脏缺陷的可能性只比一般小孩略高--大约比平均的3%到4%高出两个百分点。全国遗传学顾问协会为此项研究提供了资金。罗宾·贝内特是此项研究的主要作者,也是该协会已当选、但尚未就职的主席。据他说,“除了需要一份详尽的家庭病史之外,没有必要仅根据有血缘关系这一条理由就进行任何的基因测试。”Publication of the study will do more than tweak public awareness; it will enlighten doctors who have urged cousin couples not to have children.;Just this week, ; says Bennett, ;I saw a 23-year-old woman who had had a tubal ligation because her parents were cousins and her doctor told her she shouldn#39; t have children.; The study cites the case of ;Amy;, who had been in a relationship with her cousin for two years when, in 1996, she became pregnant. Her doctor suggested an abortion, and after a fruitless search for more information, she had the procedure. This week Amy wrote to the cousincouples.com website that she planned to get many copies of the report--;one that I will personally deliver to my ex-gynecologist.;此项研究的公开发表将不仅会扭转公众对这个问题的认识,它还将促使那些力劝近亲夫妻不要生育的医生摆脱偏见。贝内特说:“就在本周,我遇见一位23岁的妇女,她刚做过输卵管结扎手术。原因是她的父母属近亲结婚,她的医生告诉她不应该生育孩子。” 研究报告中还引用了有关“艾米”的例子。她曾与表兄保持了两年的婚姻关系。1996年,她怀了。她的医生建议流产。在四处咨询无果的情况下,她遵从了医生的建议。这一周,艾米写信给近亲夫妻网站说她打算多准备几份报告的复印本,并将亲自送一份给她从前的妇科医生。The American proscription against cousin marriages grew in the 19th century as wilderness settlers tried to distinguish themselves from the ;savage; Indians, says Martin, author of the book Forbidden Relatives: The American Myth of Cousin Marriage. ;The truth is that Europeans were marrying their cousins and Native Americans were not.;美国人对近亲婚姻的排斥源自19世纪,原因是早期的拓荒者试图将自己同“原始的”印第安人区分开。《违禁姻亲--美国近亲结婚之谜》一书的作者马丁说:“真实的情况是欧洲人当时在近亲通婚,而印第安人却没有。”And doesn#39; t God have stern words on the subject? Christie Smith, 37, a Nevada writer, says she felt guilty when she fell in love with her first cousin#39; s son Mark. ;I was trying so hard to convince myself not to have these feelings, ; she recalls, ;that I went to the Bible looking for confirmation that it was wrong. And what I found was the exact opposite: support for cousin marriages.; The patriarch Jacob married two of his first cousins, Rachel and Leah.(The Roman Catholic Church has opposed cousin marriages for more than a millennium but gives dispensation to couples considered worthy.) Smith married Mark in 1999; this year she founded a group called CUDDLE- Cousins ed to Defeat Discriminating Laws through Education. wrong.上帝对此是否有严厉的谴责呢?一个来自内华达州的37岁作家克里斯蒂·史密斯说当她爱上表兄的儿子马克时她自感有罪。她回忆说:“我努力地说自己不要有这种情感,所以我求助于圣经,希望实这是错误的。但是我发现了正好相反的例。”族长雅各布娶了他的两个表雷切儿和莉尔。(罗马教会1000多年以来一直反对近亲结婚,但是对于它认为是相配的姻缘却给予特许。)史密斯于1999年与马克结婚;今年她创立了一个名为“通过教育手段改变近亲婚姻歧视法”的组织。As for Paul and Donna, they are doing fine. Their son, 9, and daughter, 8, are well adjusted and academically gifted. Still, the parents are protective of their family secret. (They declined to have their real names used for this story.) ;When our kids started school here, ; says Donna, ;I told them, #39;You don#39; t have to hide this from anyone. But you don#39; t need to go advertising it.#39;; The medical ban is lifted; the social stain may take longer to disappear.至于保罗和唐娜,正过着美满的生活。他们9岁的儿子与8岁的女儿身心健康,学业优异。然而,作为父母,他们对自己的秘密是守口如瓶(他们要求本文隐去其真实姓名)。唐娜说:“当我们的孩子开始上学时,我告诉他们:‘你们没有必要刻意对他人隐瞒什么,但也没有必要到处去大肆宣扬。’”从医学角度讲,禁令是解除了;但要消除社会上人们对近亲姻缘的歧视还需要更长的时间。 /201308/253507Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is on a high-profile visit in Beijing this week, took a ride on the capital’s notoriously crowded subway on Tuesday and said he found it even more “crowded” than the Tube in London.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊本周访问北京备受关注,周二他体验了以拥挤著称的北京地铁。他称北京地铁甚至比伦敦的地铁更加“拥挤”。“It was not the peak hour, yet the traffic was comparable to the rush hour in London,” he said.他说:“现在并不是交通高峰时段。但地铁上的乘客人数堪比伦敦高峰时段的乘客人数。”Johnson and his crew travelled on Beijing’s No 1 line from Xidan to Gongzhufen in the afternoon, a total of five stops, according to Chinese media reports. He was lucky enough to have secured a seat, after being hailed by curious travellers.据中国媒体报道,约翰逊及其随同人员于周二下午乘坐了北京地铁1号线,从西单站到公主坟站共乘坐了五站。在好奇的乘客们欢呼致敬之下,他很幸运地占到了一个座位。Yet Johnson admitted that he was impressed by the “orderliness” and “cheap cost” of the subway, where riders are charged a flat fare of 2 yuan.尽管拥挤,约翰逊还是称他深感北京地铁“秩序井然”、“价格便宜”,乘客们只需付统一的两元钱票价。“I’ve long heard that you take public transportation to work, and you get my full respect,” wrote a blogger.一位网友在客上说,“久闻伦敦市长总是乘坐公共交通工具上下班,我对他充满敬意。”A keen cyclist himself, Johnson pointed out in a speech he gave earlier this week in Beijing that Chinese visitors were attracted to London because of multiculturalism, fine universities and “beautiful communist bicycles”.作为一个自行车爱好者,约翰逊曾在本周日前一次演讲中指出,中国游客被伦敦吸引,正是因为伦敦的文化多元性、知名学府和“漂亮的社区自行车”。 /201310/260787佳木斯妇幼保健妇保医院正规吗会不会乱收费

哈尔滨市南岗区妇产医院中药科Harold Godwinson is crowned1066 – Harold Godwinson is crowned King of England.哈罗德二世加冕1066年的今天,哈罗德二世加冕成为英格兰国王。Joan of Arc was born1412- according to tradition, Joan of Arc was born in Domremy.圣女贞德出生1412年的今天,据说圣女贞德出生于多雷米。Henry the Eighth married his fourth wife1540-England's King Henry the Eighth married his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. (The marriage lasted about six months.)亨利八世第四次娶妻1540年的今天-英格兰国王亨利八世第四人妻子克利夫斯的安妮。(婚姻只持续了6个月)King Henry VIII of England had six wives. He divorced two of them. He executed two of them, one died while she was giving birth, and the last one lived on after Henry died.英王亨利八世有六个妻子。他和两个离了婚,处死了两个,一个生孩子时死去,最后一个妻子在亨利死后继续活了下来。New Mexico1912-New Mexico became the 47th state.新墨西哥州1912年的今天,新墨西哥州成为美国第47州。 /201101/122731黑龙江省哈尔滨市中心医院妇科专家大夫 哈尔滨怀孕流产好吗

黑龙江省第十医院体检多少钱The devastating earthquake that struck Sichuan province in southwest China on Saturday hit close to home for Liao Wenjun.上周六发生在中国西南四川省的破坏力巨大的地震,对廖文俊(音译)的打击很大。Pausing from his rice bowl during lunch break at a military hospital in Shengli, a village near the epicentre, the 30-year-old doctor recalled the traumatic event that claimed the lives of almost 200 people and injured another 12,000. “Some of my relatives were buried in the rubble, and we still haven’t pulled them out,” he said.在靠近震中的胜利村的一家解放军医院,这名30岁的医生在午休期间放下饭碗,回顾这个已导致近200人死亡、1.2万人受伤的创伤性事件。“我有一些亲戚被埋在废墟下,我们还没有把他们救出来,”他说。Gesturing at the main street where houses lie like dropped matchsticks, he added without showing much emotion: “Our house is just down there.”他指着房屋大面积倒塌、就像散落的火柴一样堆着的主要街道,然后脸上没什么表情地补充说:“我家的房子就在那边。”In Shengli, and other areas in the badly affected Lushan county, devastation from the worst quake to hit the area since 2008 met the eye everywhere.在胜利村以及芦山县境内其它严重受灾地区,地震造成的破坏比比皆是。芦山地震是自2008年以来中国发生的最大地震。Loose beams and broken furniture were scattered on the main street in Shengli – which means “victory” in Chinese – and the remaining buildings were too dangerous to enter.在胜利村的主要街道上,散布着脱落的横梁和受损的家具,仍未倒塌的建筑物岌岌可危,不能进入。“Get out of there right now!” yelled an army officer when he spotted a colleague trying to buy batteries in a shop.“快点出来!”一名军官在看到一个同事试图从商店购买电池的时候大声喊道。With aftershocks rocking the area repeatedly yesterday, villagers froze in fear each time they felt a fresh tremor. But the situation in Shengli and nearby villages paled in comparison with the 2008 quake that killed 90,000.昨日当地仍不断发生余震,村民们每次感觉到地动的时候,都吓得不敢动。不过,胜利村及邻近村子的情况与2008年导致9万人死亡的汶川大地震不可同日而语。One silver lining from that disaster was it sparked a big increase in civic involvement in disaster relief.那场灾难之后的一大进步,就是公民参与救灾的积极性大幅提高。Over the weekend, volunteers – many with hand-painted “earthquake rescue” signs taped to their cars – flocked to the disaster area. On the road to Longmen, a village where most houses were destroyed, so many private cars arrived with donations – mostly water, instant noodles and blankets – that police started turning them away because of heavy road congestion. Later yesterday, China’s cabinet said only official groups would be allowed access to reduce the traffic congestion.在刚刚过去的这个周末,大量志愿者赶往灾区,其中许多人的汽车上贴着手写的“地震救援”标记。在通往龙门乡(那里的多数房屋被毁)的道路上,众多私家车带着饮用水、方便面和毯子前来救灾,导致道路严重阻塞,警察开始指挥后面的汽车掉头返回。昨日稍后,中国国务院宣布,为减轻交通拥堵,只允许官方组织进入灾区。“In 2008, we all donated money but this time we decided to come ourselves to help,” said one man riding on a scooter as two friends rode astride another one. “We felt the earthquake in our county too but we know it is much worse over there, so we want to do whatever we can.”“2008年,我们都捐了钱,但这一次我们决定自己赶来出一把力,”一名骑在轻型托车上的男子说道。他的两个朋友骑在另一辆车上。“我们在自己的县里也感觉到地震,但我们知道灾区的情况糟糕得多,所以我们想要尽力而为。”Others were more organised. Feng Guangliang, an evangelical Christian from Hangzhou in east China, said his church formed a rapid-response team after the 2008 quake. Beijing tightly controls religious activities but independent churches are increasingly being tolerated when they operate in crisis areas.其他人则更有组织。来自华东杭州市的福音派基督徒冯光良(音译)介绍说,他所在的教会在2008年四川地震后组建了一个快速反应团队。北京方面对宗教活动严加管制,但在危机地区,独立教会的工作日益得到容忍。“We wanted a way to show God’s love,” said Mr Feng. “We bought a car that we keep in Chengdu, so we can be quick to arrive when there are earthquakes.”“我们希望有一条途径显示主的爱,”冯光良表示。“我们买了一辆汽车放在成都待命,这样我们在发生地震后能够快速赶来。”The government has tried to harness such enthusiasm via an official volunteer programme.政府试图通过官方的志愿者计划来调动救灾热情。“There were hundreds of people in line when we signed up to volunteer,” said Yang Ya, a 21-year-old who wandered through Shengli with his friends carrying a Chinese flag and a Communist flag. But the young men, who grew up in nearby Fenghuan village, were unsure how they would be able to help.“我们报名成为志愿者时,有几百人排队,”21岁的杨亚(音译)表示。他和几个朋友举着一面中国国旗和一面中共党旗在胜利村走来走去。但这些在附近的凤凰村长大的年轻男子不太清楚自己能帮上什么忙。Government rapid- response teams also had a large visible presence. The narrow mountain roads near the disaster zones were crammed with earth diggers, water trucks, ambulances and military convoys. Mobile phone repair crews were also mobilised and service had been restored to much of the area by last night.政府的快速反应救援团队也随处可见。在靠近灾区的狭窄山路上,挤满了挖土机、水车、救护车和军车车队。移动通信网络的维修人员也投入抢修,截至昨晚,大部分地区的手机务已经恢复。But not all of the official rescue efforts have gone smoothly. A convoy carrying thousands of tents was unable to reach the quake zone because the tents were loaded on to trucks too big for the mountain roads.但并不是所有官方救援努力都顺利展开。运载着数千顶帐篷的一个车队无法抵达灾区,因为这些卡车太大了,无法在山路上行驶。As a result, many families spent their first night after the earthquake in makeshift shelters they pitched on the street. Villagers also complained of a lack of food and water, since water supplies have been cut off.结果,很多家庭在街上搭起的简易小棚度过震后第一晚。村民们还抱怨缺乏食物和饮用水,因为供水中断了。“So many people come here but they all come empty-handed,” complained Yuan Shihua, a former village head of a hamlet in Taiping county. “There are lots of doctors, but we don’t have water or electricity. We’ve had no supplies delivered yesterday or today.”“很多人来到这里,但他们都空着手来,”太平镇一个村的原村长袁实华(音译)抱怨道。“医生有很多,但我们没有水,也没有电。昨天、今天都没人送基本必需品来。” /201304/236201 黑龙江省哈尔滨市妇女儿童医院QQ哈医大一院做血常规检查




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