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This is my favorite memo ever.这是我最喜欢的备忘录。Here is our new cut of the South Park movie to submit to the MPAA.这是我们向美国电影协会提交的《南方公园》电影最新剪辑版。I wanted to tell you exactly what notes we did and did not address.我想告诉你们我们做了那些改动,以及保留了哪些。1. We left in both the ;fisting; and the ;rimjob; references in the counselors office scene.1. 在辅导员办公室这场戏中,我们保留了“拳交”和“舔”这两个词。We did cut the word ;hole; from ;asshole; as per our conversation.但按照之前的谈话,我们剪掉了“洞”和“混蛋”这两个词。2. We took out the entire ;God has fucked me in the ass so many times...; It is gone.2. 我们去掉了“上帝从后面了太多次...”这整句话,已经没了。3. Although it is not animated yet, we put a new storyboard for clarification in the scene with Saddam Husseins penis.3. 我们增加了一个故事梗概,用于讲解萨达姆·侯赛因阴茎的那场戏,尽管还没有做成动画。The intent now is that you never see Saddams real penis, he in fact is using dildos both times.现在的意图是,观众看不到萨达姆真正的阴茎,事实上这两次他用的是阳具。4. We have the shot animated that reveals the fact that Winona is not shooting ping-pong balls from her vagina.我们做了一个动画,向观众展示了威诺娜没有从阴道里发射乒乓球。She is, in fact, hitting the balls with a ping-pong paddle.事实上,她在用乒乓球拍击打乒乓球。5. We took out the only reference to ;cum-sucking ass; in the film.5. 我们去掉了电影中唯一一次提到“吸的混蛋”的这句台词。It was in the counselors office and we took it out.这个词是在辅导员办公室这场戏中出现的,我们去掉了。6. We left in the scenes with Cartmans mom and the horse as per our conversation.6. 按照我们的谈话,我们保留了卡特曼母亲和那匹马的戏份。This is the one joke we really want to fight for.这是我们真的想要争取保留的一个笑点。Call with any questions.有问题随时电话联系。Matt马特P.S.This is my favorite memo ever.另外,这是我最喜欢的备忘录。201705/508718。

  • It is important to keep discussing issues that concern us all.there can by no more valuable role for our family of nations. 对关系到我们所有人的问题保持讨论很重要,它让我们的大家庭产生更大的价值。I have been closely associated with the Commonwealth through most of its existence.在英联邦成立以来的大部分时间里,我都同它联系紧密。The personal and living bond I have enjoyed with leaders, and with people the world over, has always been more important in promoting our unity than symbolism alone.我个人同各国领袖、人民密不可分。这不单是象征意义,也能促进我们的团结。The Commonwealth is not an organisation with a mission. 英联邦并非一个具某种使命的组织,It is rather an opportunity for its people to work together to achieve practical solutions to problems.而更是一个让各国人民合作、解决困难的平台。In many aspects of our lives, whether in sport, the environment, business or culture, the Commonwealth connection remains vivid and enriching.在涉及我们生活的许多方面,不论是体育、环洗、商业或文化,英联邦国家之间的联系紧密而丰富。It is, in lots of ways, the face of the future. 在很多方面这展现未来的前景。And with continuing support and dedication, I am confident that this diverse Commonwealth of nations can strengthen the common bond that transcends politics, religion, race and economic circumstances.随着不断的持和贡献,我相信英联邦国家的多元化能加强各国在政治、宗教、种族和经济环境的凝聚力。We know that at Christmas is a time for celebration and family reunions; 众所周知,圣诞节是欢庆与家人团聚的时候,but it is also a time to reflect on what confronts those less fortunate than ourselves, at home and throughout the world.但我们也可以借这个时机回顾那些国内外不幸者面临的困境。Christians are taught to love their neighbours, having compassion and concern, 基督徒被教导要爱他们的邻居,有同情心,and being y to undertake charity and voluntary work to ease the burden of deprivation and disadvantage.乐于慈善和志愿工作,以减轻贫困和不利的负担。We may ourselves be confronted by a bewildering array of difficulties and challenges, 我们自己会面临一连串的困难和挑战,这些困难和挑战会令我们感到困惑,but we must never cease to work for a better future for ourselves and for others.但我们绝不能停下脚步。而应该继续努力,为自己和他人创造更美好的未来。I wish you all, wherever you may be, a very happy Christmas.不论你们现时身在何处,我都祝愿你们圣诞快乐。201608/463395。
  • VOA流行美语 18: lucky break; mellow大家到现在都认识 Michael这个美国学生了,他不断在学中文,他很喜欢听他的中国同学李华讲中文。李华呢,在和Michael接触中也学了不少英文。现在他们俩刚上完课,正从课堂里走出来。今天李华会学到两个常用语: lucky break和mellow。L: 今天教授把考卷发回给我们了,Michael,你考得好吗?M: I did much better than I expected. It was a lucky break that I knew most of the answers.L: 你考得比你预期的好,那太好了。不过,你说什么又是lucky,又是break的?Lucky不是好运气吗?Break是休息,对不对?M: Lucky break together means something good that happens that you were not expecting.L: 噢,lucky和break这两个词放在一起,它的意思就是没有预料到的好运气。Michael,你刚才那句话是怎么说来着?M: I said: it was a lucky break that I knew most of the answers.L: 我懂了。你是说,你没有想到运气会那么好,大多数考题的你刚好都知道。M: Yeah, that's right. If you understand, give me an example.L: 哼,我当然懂了,你还要考考我呐? 那天我开车开的飞快, 警察让我把车停下来。可是他只给了我一个警告,而没有给我罚单,我可没想到会有这种好运气。这可以说是一个lucky break吧?M: That was a lucky break. I think it was because the police officer found you attractive.L: 警察因为看我漂亮才不给我开票?你别开玩笑了!不过,那次可 运气,否则至少要罚我五十美元。让我想想还有什么例子可以 用lucky break这个说法的。M: Well, the paper that's due in two days, I.....L: 对了,教授要我们在两天后交报告,Michael,你还没有开始动手 吧!幸好教授推迟了限期,让我们下星期一交。这对你来说真是个lucky break吧?M: Let's go to lunch to celebrate our good luck.L: 好呀, 去吃午饭,庆祝我们的好运气。(Michael和李华到了吃饭的地方)L: 啊呀,这个地方太闹了!M: Yeah, you're right. It'll be hard for us to have a conversation here. Let's go to a place that's more mellow.L: 对,在这里讲话都听不到。到别的地方去吧。Michael,你刚才讲什么more mellow?M: I said that let's go to a place that's more mellow, meaning someplace more calm and relaxing.L: 噢,more mellow的意思是比较平静,比较放松。那也就是说到一个不太闹的地方去,对不对?M: Yeah, you can use the word mellow to describe a person too.L: Mellow也可以用来形容一个人,那今天我们的教授很平静,我可不可以说:She was mellow today!M: Yeah, let's go the cafe near the library.L: 太好了,这个地方很安静。我们来看看菜单。哟,你看,再过五分钟就开始减价了,三明治今天半价。我们运气可真好呀!M: Well, we found the mellow place and we pay half price. Really a lucky break. Worth celebrating too.L: 对,找到安静的地方,还只付半价。真值得庆祝。你多吃点吧, 晚饭就别吃了。M: Ok. Good idea!这俩个小年轻还在狼吞虎咽地吃三明治。今天他们在讲话中用了lucky break 和mellow这两个常用语,这是美国人在日常生活中经常用的,大家不妨也在口语中试着用用。今天的[流行美语]就到此结束, 谢谢大家,我们下次再见。 /200601/3089。
  • VOA流行美语 58: JUNKIE / CUT IT OUTMichael现在在玩,李华在等他一起去和朋友吃饭。Michael今天会教会李华两个常用语:junkies和cut it out.(Sound of games)L: 嗨,Michael,你还没有玩够这呀?你这个人怎么回事嘛!M: Just a minute. ( game sounds stop) Oh never mind. You are right, Li Hua. I need to do something more useful with my time. I'm a game junkie.L: 你说你是什么? Junkie? 那是什么啊?M: I called myself a " game junkie."L: 你是说你玩玩太多了,对不对?M: You got it. The word "junkie" originally was slang for a drug addict. Now, however, people used the word "junkie" to describe people who are very absorbed in a hobby or kind of entertainment.L: 噢, 所以junkie是指那些沉醉于自己嗜好的人。那么,除了像你这种老爱玩的人以外,还有其他的junkies,对不对?M: Of course! For instance, my dad is a golf junkie. He goes to the golf course at least twice a week, and plays for hours.L: 没错,你爸爸真是个高尔夫球迷,一个星期要打两次,每次还要打好几个小时,那他肯定是退休了,不然那来那么多时间啊?哎,Michael, 你可不可以再给我举几个不同的junkies的例子呢?M: Well, my friend Mitch, he is a sports junkie. He watches football in the fall, hockey in the winter, and baseball in the spring and summer. He finds a game on TV almost every day of the year, and he knows everything about every player.L: OK,所以你那个朋友Mitch,他呀是个大球迷。每天在电视上看球赛,秋天看足球,冬天就看曲棍球,春夏天又看棒球,而且还知道每一个球员呐。哇,真是个大球迷!M: That's right. We don't use the word "junkie" for just any fan. We use it for people who can't live without their hobby.L: 噢,所以junkies还是特别指那些没有这些嗜好就没办法活的人呐!M: Yeah, like you. You are a soap opera junkie. I've seen you run to the student union between classes just so you can watch soap operas on the TV there. You are a junkie!L: 什么?你说我是连续剧迷?我至少不像你对那么迷。好了好了,快走吧,我们跟Jack还有Sarah约好要吃饭的。******(Sound of games)L: 嗨,Michael,我们得走啦,否则要迟到了。M: Mmm hmm. (sound continues) Ahh! Come on, come on!L: Michael, 把遥控器给我!M: Hey! Cut it out!L: (Click, TV turns off) 对不起,Michael,我们再不走要来不及了。你刚才说什么cut it out, 什么意思啊?M: No! I said "cut it out." That means "stop it!"L: 噢,cut it out就是说"别这样"?那这句话是在什么场合用的?M: If someone is doing something that annoys you, and you really want them to stop, you can use this phrase. For instance, I was busy playing that game when you tried to grab the controller from me. I wanted you to stop trying to grab it, so I said "cut it out".L: 噢,所以,谁要是做的事让你很讨厌,你要他别这么做,这个时候你就可以说这句话。就象刚才我要抢你的遥控器时,你就说cut it out, 就是让我别抢。看来,这个cut it out还挺有用的。M: You understand. So what do you say if someone starts throwing peanuts at you, like this.L: 你干吗拿花生扔我啊?Stop, ER... Cut it out, Michael!M: Very good. I guess you really have learned this phrase.Michael今天用扔花生来教李华怎么说cut it out,也就是"别这样!"。这回李华恐怕再也忘不了这个说法了。李华今天还学到 junkies这个词。意思是对某种嗜好,或好玩的事着了迷的人。 /200602/3133。
  • 3_01 Calling a Taxi Hey! 嘿! Taxi! 出租车! Over here! 这里! How’re you doings? 你好吗? Thanks for stopping. 谢谢你停下来. Downtown , please. 请到市中心. I just arrived.. 我刚到. I want to go downtown. 我要到市中心. I want to see the sights. 我要看看值得看的东西. /200706/14134。
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