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哈尔滨省妇女儿童医院周末有上班吗哈尔滨省五院总部马云:中国山寨品质量优于正品 -- :00: 来源: 阿里巴巴的马云说,现在许多中国制造的山寨产品都比正品的“质量要好” Many Chinese-made counterfeit products are now of "better quality" than the genuine , the founder of ecommerce giant Alibaba has said.电商巨头阿里巴巴创始人说,现在许多中国制造的山寨产品都比正品的“质量要好”Jack Ma’s comments at Alibaba’s offices in Hangzhou, China, come amid concerns about the numbers of fakes sale on its platms like Taobao.就淘宝等平台上出售的山寨产品数目的担忧,马云在阿里巴巴杭州办公室如此道Alibaba has been accused by other retailers of tolerating the sale of counterfeits.阿里巴巴被其他零售商指责称允许山寨产品的销售But Mr Ma said the company would "do anything" to tackle the fakes.但马云说公司会“尽一切努力”打击山寨产品"The problem is that the fake products today, they make better quality, better prices than the real names," he said on Tuesday.“问题是如今的山寨品,比正品的质量更好,价格更优,”他在周二这样说道"The exact factories, the exact same materials, but they do not use their names."“出自一样的工厂,使用一样的材料,只是不用品牌的名字”But he said Alibaba was "more and more confident than ever that we can solve the problem."但他说阿里巴巴“比以往任何时候都更有信心解决这个问题”Taobao, Alibaba’s popular online shopping platm, tightened controls earlier last month on its sale of luxury goods, requiring sellers to show proof of authenticity.淘宝作为阿里巴巴热门的线上购物品台,在上月对奢侈品的销售收紧控制,要求商家提供产品真实性的明China’s People’s Daily newspaper also reported that authorities were launching a campaign to clean up e-commerce, counterfeit and poor quality products.人民日报也报道称官方发起了一项运动清理电商、山寨品和质量低下的产品In May, Alibaba was suspended from the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) watchdog over piracy concerns.五月份,阿里巴巴因盗版原因被国际反假冒联盟封锁More than 50 members, including Gucci America and Michael Kors, had said they would leave the IACC in protest at Alibaba’s membership.超过50家会员,包括古奇美国和迈克高仕称他们会离开国际反假冒联盟,以反抗阿里巴巴的会员身份The company later said the IACC’s decision was a "step in the wrong direction and regrettable".该公司其后说国际反假冒联盟的决定是“错误的一步且令人遗憾”哈尔滨省第十人民医院能刷社保卡吗 首款专用电视遥控器出炉 -- ::3 来源:chinadaily Dog owners feeling guilty leaving their pets alone at home too long will son be able to take comt in the fact that at least the animals won’t be bored. They’ll be too busy changing TV channels and enjoying their favorite shows thanks to the world’s first dog-friendly remote control.因长期独守空房而深感愧疚的主人们很快就能安心啦!因为世上首款专用遥控器能让它们摆脱无聊的生活这些可爱的小家伙们恐怕要忙着换台、忙着观看最喜爱的电视节目了UK-based pet food brand Wagg apparently surveyed a number of pet owners and found that 91% of respondents said their canine friends regularly watch TV with them. Inspired by this interesting finding, the company teamed up with Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, an expert in animal computer interaction design at the University of Central Lancashire, to create the world’s first remote control dogs. They came up with a prototype the ingenious device which is currently in a trial and analysis period.据称,英国宠物食物品牌沃格曾邀请众多主参与调查,据反馈,有91%的主人称朋友经常和他们一起看电视受这个有趣现象的启发,该公司联手中央兰开夏大学的动物计算机交互设计专家伊莲娜·希斯基·道格拉斯,创造了首款专用遥控器目前,他们已做出这个独创设备的模型,不过该模型正处于试验与分析阶段The oversized remote is made of waterproof hard-wearing plastic, so while pooches can chew on it like any other toy, they’ll have a tough time actually causing any damage. It has three large, raised, paw-friendly buttons shaped like a bone, paw and ball which dogs can press to turn the TV on or off, change the channel and even “pawse” a show later viewing, in case they need a potty break or a short nap. The buttons squeak when pressed and the device also features a hole through which a rope can be tied so dogs can carry it around the house.尺寸巨大的专用遥控器由防水耐磨塑料制成,因而可以像咬其他玩具那样咬它,它们很难真正损伤遥控器遥控器有骨头状(开关电视)、爪子状(换台)和网球状(想小便或打盹时,可暂停以稍后观看)的凸起钮,能很轻松地压这3个巨大的钮压钮时,遥控器会发出吱吱声,此外,该设备还专门配有绳孔,只要把绳子拴在身上,它们就能随时随地带着遥控器“We know that people can feel a little guilty about leaving their dogs in a room alone a short while — whether it’s to pop to the shops or cook dinner in the kitchen,” said Wagg spokesman Dan Reeves. “We wanted to create something that would keep the dog entertained and reassure owners of their well-being.”沃格的发言人丹·里维斯说,“我们发现,主人急匆匆出门购物或在厨房做晚餐时,会对独守空房的们怀有几丝愧疚,尽管它们独处的时间并不长我们想推出某些既讨欢心,又让主人安心的产品”A remote control was apparently their best bet since research shows that canines are really into watching TV. “Our studies shows the average dog now watches more than nine hours of TV a week, showing technology is aly playing a huge part in our pets’ lives,” Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas told the Sunday People.这款遥控器显然是他们的拳头产品,因为研究显示真的很爱看电视在接受《星期日人民报的访谈时,伊莲娜·希斯基·道格拉斯表示“我们的研究显示,目前,普通每周会看9个多小时的电视,这意味着科技正在给宠物的生活带来巨大影响”After Wagg perms all its tests and perfects the dog-friendly TV remote control, the company plans to approach tech companies about getting the device into production. So you on your canine pet may soon be fighting over control of your TV set.完成所有测试并优化专用电视遥控器以后,沃格打算联手科技公司生产这一设备所以不久之后,你可能就又多了一个和你争抢电视的家庭成员英文来源:odditycentral翻译:周瑾(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮麦当劳明年将启动新口号:Lovin' Beats Hatin' -- :0: 来源:   It sounds like they're not 'lovin' it' as much as they used to.  The world's biggest fast food chain has unveiled a new slogan in an attempt to stop its sales from sinking.  'Lovin Beats Hatin' will be launched next year, and is a campaign aimed to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the roll-out will include a spot during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1.  The marketing ploy comes at a time when worldwide sales dropped by 30 per cent in the third quarter of last year.  The current catchphrase 'I'm Lovin' It' will still remain as a global slogan.  An inside source said the change is aimed 'to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate,' but the WSJ did not elaborate on what that precisely means.  Officially, the company is staying mum about the possibility.  'We're always working with our partners on great new creative,' said a spokesperson. 'It's highly speculative and premature to talk about Super Bowl ads and future campaigns next year.'  The reported change will come during a tough time the world's largest hamburger chain.  After posting yet another disappointing quarter, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson admitted last week that the company hasn't been keeping up with the times and that changes are in store its U.S. restaurants.  相关内容  麦当劳似乎不像以前那么“喜欢”它了  为遏制销量下跌,这家全球最大的快餐连锁店日前公布了一个新口号  明年,麦当劳将启用“Lovin' Beats Hatin'(爱胜过恨)”作为新口号,并推出一个活动在网络仇恨不断的时代传播快乐  据《华尔街日报报道, 麦当劳将在年月1日的美国橄榄球超级碗(Super Bowl XLIX)中首次公布这一口号  麦当劳推出这一营销策略适逢其去年第三季度全球销售额下滑 30% ,业绩可谓惨淡  “I'm Lovin' It(我就是喜欢)”仍将是麦当劳全球性的广告标语  据内部知情人士透露,麦当劳此举是为了向仇恨互联网者传播快乐,不过《华尔街日报并没有详细说明这一口号的准确含义  而麦当劳方面也对此保持沉默,未对这一新口号推出的可能性作出解释  “长久以来,我们一直在跟我们的伙伴不断创新,”麦当劳发言人称,“现在讨论麦当劳超级碗广告和明年的活动目前为时过早,时机尚不成熟”  麦当劳正经历一段艰难的时期  面对又一个惨淡的季度,麦当劳CEO唐·汤普森(Don Thompson )上周承认,“此前麦当劳并没有紧跟时代的步伐,麦当劳美国餐厅准备好了改变”阿城区儿童医院怎么样

松北区治疗不孕不育多少钱俄罗斯男子养了头狮子帮自己放羊 羊群无一敢跑 --9 :3:51 来源: 家里养头狮子已经令人惊叹了,如果这头狮子还能帮忙放羊呢?是不是很酷?俄罗斯一名男子家里有一只不同寻常的“牧羊犬”,它不是一只,而是一只小狮子 A FARMER has raised eyebrows by using a young lioness as a sheep dog to keep his flock on their hooves.一个农场主养了头狮子放羊,让人大吃一惊Bayrambek Ragimov is using the six-month-old lion to help round up his sheep.达吉斯坦农场主巴伊拉姆别克.拉基莫夫让这头6个月大的狮子帮自己放羊He says he keeps a close eye on the cub, which he has named Masha, to make sure she doesn’t chase the sheep too aggressively.他给狮子取名马莎,称其一直密切关注着这头狮子,确保他不会攻击羊群Mr Ragimov insists that Masha is good his flock as running away from her helps to build up their muscles and strengthen their immune system.拉基莫夫说,马莎对羊群大有好处,因为逃跑可以帮助它们强健肌肉,并增强免疫系统But he admits that he was worried at first that Masha might revert to type and take a lamb her supper.不过他坦言,一开始他也担心马莎会原形毕露,叼走一只羊当晚餐Friends gave Mr Rahgimov the cub as a present and he says he wasn’t sure what to do with her at first.他说朋友将这头小狮子作为礼物送给他,起初他并不知道如何养育He decided to use her as a “sheep dog” after keeping her in the same barn as his flock and seeing how well they seemed to get along together.于是他将小狮子和羊羔们一起养,看到它们在一起相处融洽,他就决定将马莎作为一只“牧羊犬”Bayrambek, from Dagestan, Russia, said: “Masha grew up with the sheep and she is on good terms with them so obviously she’s not going to harm them.”这位俄罗斯达吉斯坦的农场主说,“马莎和羊羔们一起长大,他们关系很好,所以很显然它是不会伤害它们的”He added that Masha had never let a sheep get separated from the flock and that her roar and presence kept wolves and rustlers away.他补充说,羊群在马莎的管理下没有一只乱跑,而它的在场,以及其有力的咆哮,也能够保护羊群不受其狼和其他动物的攻击Pictures of the big cat rounding up the sheep have gone viral on social media and local internet ums.这头大狮子和羊群和平共处的图片已经在社交媒体和当地论坛上走红Online user ‘Navernoeye’ said: “I wonder who she would eat first, the owner or the sheep?”一位叫“Navernoeye”的网友说,“我在想,谁会先成为狮子的腹中之物,主人还是羊羔?”哈尔滨省儿童医院电话号码是多少 阿加莎书迷最爱《无人生还 -- ::1 来源: Murder mystery And Then There Were None has been named the world"s favorite Agatha Christie novel in a poll.在一次民意调查中,谋杀悬疑小说《无人生还(And Then There Were None)被评为阿加莎·克里斯蒂(Agatha Christie)在全球范围内最受欢迎的小说The 1939 thriller received 1% of the votes, with Murder on the Orient Express and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd coming second and third respectively.这部写于1939年的惊悚小说在投票中以1%的选票胜出,《东方快车谋杀案(Murder on the Orient Express)和《罗杰疑案(The Murder of Roger Ackroyd)分别位居第二和第三名Fans were asked to choose a favorite to mark the 5th anniversary of Christie's birth on September.今年9月日是克里斯蒂5 周年诞辰,为了纪念这个日子,书迷应邀投票选出最喜欢的作品And Then There Were None depicts strangers stranded on an island, all accused of getting away with murder.《无人生还这本书描述了个素不相识的人被困在一座小岛上,他们都被指控杀人后逍遥法外As members of the party start to die mysteriously, the survivors realize they may be harboring a murderer among their number.这个人一个接一个地神秘死亡,幸存者意识到凶手可能就隐藏在他们当中The book - which does not feature Christie"s famous detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple - has sold more than 0 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular novels of all time.这本书并没有刻画克里斯蒂笔下著名的大侦探赫尔克里·波洛(Hercule Poirot)和马普尔(Miss Marple),但在全球范围内售出了超过一亿册,成为史上最受欢迎的小说之一It received 1% of the votes in the online poll, run by Christie's estate, which attracted more than ,000 respondents.在这项网上调查中,《无人生还获得了1%的票数这次投票由克里斯蒂的资产负责方发起,吸引了000多名粉丝参加Christie's grandson Mathew Prichard, who is also the chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd, said: "It has been genuinely exciting to see fans from all around the world cast their votes the World's Favorite Christie.克里斯蒂的外孙马修·普里查德(Mathew Prichard)是阿加莎·克里斯蒂有限责任公司(Agatha Christie Ltd)的董事长,他表示:“看到全球这么多粉丝参加投票,选出世界范围内最受欢迎的克里斯蒂作品,真是令人激动不已”"In And Then There Were None, my grandmother has crafted a staggeringly complex plot, which has baffled, entertained and surprised ers since it was first published in 1939 and will, I hope, do so years to come."“在《无人生还一书中,我的外祖母精心设计了一个异常复杂的情节,自从1939年首次出版以来,它一直给读者带来了困惑、愉快和惊喜的多重体验,我希望这能在未来的岁月中继续下去”The novel, which Christie adapted the stage in 193, is currently being produced as a three-part mini-series the B.193年,克里斯蒂曾将这本小说改编搬上舞台,如今英国广播公司(B)正将其拍成三集迷你电视剧The TV adaptation has been written by Sarah Phelps (The Casual Vacancy, Great Expectations) and stars Poldark's Aidan Turner alongside Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Toby Stephens.电视剧版《无人生还的剧本将由曾改编过《临时空缺(The Casual Vacancy)和《远大前程(Great Expectations)的编剧莎拉·菲尔普斯(Sarah Phelps)操刀,演员阵容强大,包括出演过电视剧《波尔达克(Poldark)的艾丹·特纳(Aidan Turner)、道格拉斯·布斯(Douglas Booth)、查里斯·丹斯(Charles Dance)、安娜·麦克斯韦尔·马丁(Anna Maxwell Martin)、萨姆·尼尔(Sam Neill)、米兰达·理查森(Miranda Richardson)和托比·斯蒂芬斯(Toby Stephens)And Then There Were None was also one of Christie"s own favorites, even though it tested her writing skills.《无人生还也是克里斯蒂本人最喜欢的小说之一,虽然它很考验她的写作技巧The novel required "a difficult technique which was a challenge and so I enjoyed it, and I think dealt with it satisfactorily," she once wrote to a fan.在给一名粉丝的信中,克里斯蒂这样写道:这部小说需要“一种很难的写作技巧,对我来说是一种挑战,所以我很喜欢它,我觉得我处理得很不错”Vocabularystranded:滞留的,陷于困境的harbor:藏有staggeringly:令人吃惊地英文来源:B译者:苏玉和SCNU编辑:刘秀红审校:刘明哈尔滨市妇产医院预约时间表

黑龙江省哈尔滨第十医院四维彩超预约退欧还是留欧?来看看英国设计师们怎么说 --3 19:37: 来源: 英国时装协会进行的一项调查显示,百分之九十的英国时尚设计师表示,他们将投票赞成英国继续留在欧盟 A survey carried out by the British Fashion Council has revealed that 90 per cent of British fashion designers say they will vote to remain in the European Union.英国时装协会进行的一项调查显示,百分之九十的英国时尚设计师表示,他们将投票赞成英国继续留在欧盟Out of the 90 respondents to the online survey, 90 per cent voted remain, .3 per cent voted to leave, . per cent were undecided and .8 per cent said they would not be voting in the referendum on 3 June.在接受网上调查的90名受访者中,90%投票留欧,.3%投票脱欧,.%的人还没有决定,.8%的受访者则表示,他们将不会在六月3日的全民公投中投票Designers weighed in on the debate during last week’s fashion showcase London Collections Men (LCM), where Christopher Raeburn presented pieces emblazoned with the word ’In’, and Cozette McCreery and Sid Bryan of Sibling showed support by taking their final bow wearing ’In’ T-shirts.在上周伦敦男装周上,设计师们就发表了对这场辩论的看法设计师Christopher Raeburn设计了一件嵌着“IN”(留下)字母贴片的卫衣,而Sibling 的两位设计师Cozette McCreery和 Sid Bryan 则直接穿着印有“IN”(留下)的T恤谢幕以表示他们对留欧的持" a host of reasons including staffing, manufacturing and exporting, we’re very much in," Raeburn told Dezeen.“由于种种原因,包括招聘员工,制造和出口等问题,我们非常持留欧” Raeburn告诉Dezeen杂志McCreery had additional safety concerns should Britain vote to leave.McCreery担心更多的是则如果英国脱欧后产生的安全问题"We sell in Europe, we work with European factories closer to home, many of our friends and our models come from Europe," she said.“我们在欧洲销售,我们与欧洲许多离英国近的工厂合作,我们的许多朋友和模特都来自欧洲,”她说"We strongly believe that we are stronger in and that being in only strengthens our y on the World stage, a stage that at the moment – post-Orlando, post-Paris and post-Brussels – feels very precarious."“我们相信,只有我们留在欧盟才能够更强大,留在欧盟只会够加强我们国家在世界舞台上的团结,尤其是在现阶段,在经历了奥兰多、巴黎、布鲁塞尔那么多危险后的这个阶段The British Fashion Council’s results are echoed by a previous survey of the UK’s Creative Industries Federation members, which showed that 96 percent were in favour of remaining in the European Union.英国时装协会的结果与此前英国创意产业联盟成员的调查结果相呼应,该调查显示有96%的英国创意产业联盟成员持留欧Vivienne Westwood was among leading creative figures to sign an open letter opposing Brexit at that time. She also urged the public to vote to stay in a blog post.Vivienne Westwood还带领位创意界人士联合签署了一封公开信反对脱欧她还在客中敦促公众投票持留欧"We must vote remain in the UK referendum," she said. "It’s about cooperation not competition, about peace, tax rem, working together."“我们必须在公投中持留欧,”她说“这关乎合作而不是竞争,关乎和平,税收改革,和大家一起工作”The industry’s leanings on the EU referendum were obvious from the outset at LCM. In his opening-day speech, culture minister Ed Vaizey stated that LCM was a "Remain event", and pro-EU posters designed by photographer Wolfgang Tillmans were displayed in the reception of the British Fashion Council, where many of the shows took place.业界对欧盟公投的倾向在伦敦男装周一开始就是明显文化部长Ed Vaizey在开幕当天的讲话中表示,伦敦男装周是“持留欧的活动”,英国时装协会接待处的亲欧盟海报也由摄影师Wolfgang Tillmans设计,很多场时尚秀就在那里举办Central Saint Martins student Philip Ellis based his graduate collection on the vote, incorporating traditional English proverbs, like "birds of a feather flock together", into each garment.中央圣马丁的学生Philip Ellis就以投票为灵感设计了他的毕业作品,每一件作品都结合了传统英语谚语,比如“物以类聚,人以群分”"I think that, on a personal level, my life wouldn’t be as great without the EU," he told Dazed Confused.“我认为,从个人层面上来讲,离开欧盟我的生活也不会变得更好,”他告诉Dazed Confused杂志The Remain campaign is being spearheaded by cross-party group Britain Stronger in Europe and supported by the UK government through online, TV and print media adverts.留欧宣传运动由跨党派小组“英国留欧更强”牵头,得到了英国政府的持,在网络,电视和纸质媒体广告上宣传On the opposing side are two organisations: Vote Leave, associated with mer London mayor Boris Johnson, and Leave. EU, supported by the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP).而对立方有两个组织:“投票离开”小组,由前伦敦市长Boris Johnson领导,和“离开欧盟”小组,受右翼英国独立党(UKIP)持British designer Tom Dixon told Dezeen in April that a potential Brexit could damage London’s status in the design industry.英国设计师Tom Dixon四月份接受Dezeen采访时表示,一个潜在的英国脱欧持者可能会损害伦敦在时尚界的地位"It might mean that London becomes much more insular and stops being the international platm that it has become, which is really exciting design," said Dixon.“这可能意味着伦敦变得更加孤立,不再是它一直以来保持的那个国际平台,这个平台对时尚设计来说是非常令人兴奋的,”Dixon说 中国共产党在线党章测试 --7 19::51 来源: 在习近平总书记的号召下,中央和全国各级党组织机关开展了一系列学习教育活动最近中央机关人员则参加了一场名为“党规党章在我心中”的在线测试 From June to July, all party members working at central government agencies across China have been told to participate in the "Constitution regulations in my heart" quiz.全中国中央国家机关的党员将要求参加从6月日到7月日举行的“党规党章在我心中”中央国家机关党章党规知识测试The online quiz features questions, from a pool of 300, covering everything from policy to discipline guidelines to punishments breaking party rules.这项在线测试的题库中共有300道题目,应试者要回答从中抽取的道问题这些问题包括党的政策,纪律准则和违反党纪的处罚Members are given one hour to complete it, though it has an open-book mat.这项考试的考核形式为开卷,答题时间为1个小时The average score results, as well as the results of each individual, will be sent to the respective departments of the party, as well as made public.考试结束后,各部门平均得分和机关人员得分在反馈的同时也将进行公示The participation rate of each department will also be noted down.各部门的参试率也将纳入统计的范围The test isn’t intended the general public, but is freely available online.这项测试面对的是机关人员,但其他人也可免费参与Could you complete the Communist Party quiz?你能完成这项测试吗?Let’s start off with one of the simpler questions: "How many chapters does the constitution have?"先来看一道简单的问题:“中国共产党章程共有几章?”A quick internet search will show you that there are in fact chapters, as well as an introductory General Programme.在网上搜索后显示中国共产党章程分为总纲和章章程The question above requires more careful ing of the constitution itself. It s: "The path to a stronger country is: a) To open up to the outside b) To never stop deepening rem c) To persevere with rem and opening up or d) The rapid development of productivity."上面这道问题就要仔细读读章程了:题目是“我们的强国之路是()”选项则分别为“A.对外开放 B.不断深化改革 C.坚持改革开放 D.大力发展生产力”The answer is c, and you can all about it in the General Programme.这道题的出自总纲之中,应选择“C.坚持改革开放”Other questions require a knowledge not just of the constitution, but of the party’s disciplinary codes, such as: "When (exact year and date) was the Criterion of Honesty and Self-discipline Party Members deliberated?" and "If a party official’s spouse takes a bribe, what punishment should the official get?"其他的题目则要求应试者不仅要熟知党章,还要对纪律准则有所了解,比如下面这些问题:“《中国共产党廉洁自律准则何时(精确到年份和月份)开始实行?”和“如果党内官员配偶收受贿赂,该官员将接受何种处罚?”In case you were wondering, there are five ways the CCP can ence discipline: a warning, a serious warning, removal from Party posts, probation within the Party, and expulsion from the Party.为了读者免于苦苦思索,下面列出了中国共产党五大执行纪律的方式:警告、严重警告、撤销党内职务、留党察看和开除党籍The quiz is part of a learning and education campaign recently launched by President Xi Jinping, to boost loyalty to the party.为促进党员对党的忠诚性,习近平总书记近期发起了党员学习教育活动本次测试只是活动的一个组成部分The campaign, which calls members to study the party charter as well as President Xi’s speeches, will run through the entire year.此次为期一年的活动要求党员学习党章和习总书记的讲话A previous loyalty drive by the party called on members to transcribe the ,000- character party constitution by hand.此前的一项活动号召党员抄写共计000字的党章黑龙江中医院位置平房区妇女医院开住院证明




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