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演讲简介:滴水不漏的逻辑,智慧,与“公共卫生怪胎”眼镜,Elizabeth Pisani揭开了当今政治体系中,种种妨碍资金有效防止HIV蔓延的不连续性问题。她的对高危人群的研究——从监狱中的瘾君子到柬埔寨街上的性工作者——像我们展示了有时违背意愿的措施却能有效地阻止艾滋的传播。201211/209762今天在TEDx悉尼,瑞秋·波特斯曼谈到人“生来即知分享”——并展示了像Zipcar和Swaptree这样的网站正在改变人类的行为模式。201209/197708

Louis was now a husband,路易虽已为人夫but he had yet to trulybecomea ruler.但还没有成为真正的统治者So, he set out to copy his great-grandfather.因此他开始效仿自己的曾祖父Louis XIV had begun his reign by becoming his own Prime Minister.路易十四的执政生涯开始于自立为首相So, now, number 15 decided to do exactly the same.所以现在路易十五准备效仿前任It would have been very simple for Louis XV如果路易十五直接委任一位首相to choose a prime minister,事情就会简单许多which would have been a much better solution for him,对他来说也是更好的选择because he could have then had someone因为这样他便能任命picked and appointed for the job.一位合适之人来担此重任Hes got this sense of,他深深感到he has tofollowin the footsteps of自己要循着曾祖父his great grandfather, Louis XIV,路易十四的脚步and to be a real king,要成为真正的国王he has to be a new Louis XIV.就要成为新的路易十四201205/180685

The poles are permanently capped with ice.冰天雪地是两极永恒的主题Nowhere is colder,对于生命windier or more hostile to life.那里的酷寒 狂风是最严苛的挑战Im standing at the North Pole -我的脚下就是北极点the very top of the Earth.世界之巅Up here, its easy to see为何极地地区如此寒冷why the polar regions are so cold.身临其境时 体会更加深刻The sun never rises high enough in the sky to warm my back太阳的直射角度很小 鲜有阳光照射下来and those rays that do strike the surface而即使光线到达了地表are mostly reflected back from this great whiteness.大部分也会被这白茫茫的冰雪反射回去But the fundamental problem is that theres no sun here at all但最重要的问题是 这里有半年的时间for half the year.完全没有阳光照射The polar winter is unrivalled in its harshness.极地冬季的严酷 无与伦比A night that lasts for months.一个夜晚可持续数月之久Only the toughest stay, as temperatures plunge随着温度骤降到零下70摄氏度to minus 70 degrees centigrade.只有最顽强的生命才能存活下来And yet, the greatest challenge to life here is not the cold,然而对于生命来说 最大的挑战并非寒冷but the extreme swings between the seasons.而是剧烈的四季更迭When the sun finally returns,当太阳再次升起时an extraordinary transformation begins.一次翻天覆地的转变开始了This frozen world begins to melt away.这个冰冻的世界开始融化 /201210/204035统计学家尼克·马科斯质疑为什么我们要以一个国家的生产力,而不是人民的快乐和幸福感,来衡量其是否成功。他向我们介绍全球幸福指数, 这个指数测量一个国家的国民幸福感和资源使用率的比例(因为你可以不靠牺牲地球来换取幸福的生活)。 哪个国家的幸福指数最高呢? 你会大吃一惊的。201303/230426

How to Stick to Your Diet on HowcastStep 1: Change mindsetChange your mindset. Acknowledge that “eating whatever and whenever you want” often leaves you feel unpleasantly full and uncomfortable, which, in reality, is exactly what you don’t want.第一步:改变心态改变心态。知道“想吃什么就吃什么,什么时候想吃就吃”常会使你感到吃饱不舒和心里上的难受,这实际上恰恰是你不想要的。Tip:Acknowledge that you are in control of what you eat.建议:知道你正在控制自己的饮食。Step 2: Make a listMake a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and keep the list with you. Read your list throughout the day, every day, to stay motivated.第二步:立表将你想要减肥的理由立表,并随身携带。每天都要读那张表,天天都要读,来激励自己。Step 3: Plan mealsPlan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you’ll be eating out or drinking alcohol, allow yourself to enjoy a small, predetermined portion of one of your favorite high-calorie treats so that you don’t feel deprived.第三步:计划饮食提前计划你的饭量和零食。如果你外出就餐或是喝酒,可以提前预定,吃一点你最喜欢的高热量食物,这样你就不会感到压抑。Step 4: Keep track of food intakeWrite down everything you eat in a journal to keep yourself aware of and honest about your food intake.第四步:了解食物摄入量将你在旅程中吃的食物都写下来,以便使自己清楚食物摄入量。Step 5: Set goalsSet small, short-terms goals. When you meet them, feel good about yourself and reward yourself with a non-food related treat.第五步:设定目标设定小的,短期的目标。当你达到目标时,你会感觉很棒,可以用非食物类的待遇来回赠自己。Tip:Focus on a realistic weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds.建议:关注每周能减1-2磅。Step 6: Weigh yourselfWeigh yourself once a week at minimum, but realize that weighing yourself is only one way to track your progress. Before you know it, eating healthfully — and feeling good about it — will become second nature.第六步:称重至少每周要量一下体重,但是要明白称重只是一种检测减肥进展的方法。在你知道结果之前,要健康饮食,并保持好的心态,这样会习惯成自然。Tip:The most craved food by women in the ed States is chocolate.建议:美国女孩最想吃的食物是巧克力。 201010/116033sV^a^yK;3m2R^v*tV-jxW,96uZRHH2r#]u|DVg5IfvqPYZd@Theres only one job thats more dangerous than lighting the fuse... going back to relight it.只有一项工作比比点燃导火索更危险,那就是回去再点一次GX3]^NM-PfI#rR@4.n。To cope, workers drink.为了克恐惧,工人们喜欢喝酒rH4s.%ulB^@Wa*L。Whiskey calms the nerves--and clouds the brain.威士忌能缓解紧张,同时也会麻痹大脑AY3_WjRXxGKtH@+I(ii。An English tourist cant believe theyre mixing alcohol and explosives.一名英国游客不敢相信他们在执行爆破工作的时候还敢喝酒C;viDJO~xD)j。The Irish laborers grew so reckless of life, th at at the signal for blasting, they would just hold their shovels over their heads.这些爱尔兰工人变得越发莽撞大胆以至于当听到爆炸的信号时,他们只不过拿铲子在头顶挡一下j(H0IAHf8E。I think when youre brought up in America, youre brought up on the history of hard work.我认为成长在美国,就是成长在一段辛勤劳动的历史之中,There are so many immigrants that have died to build this country.有那么多的移民为建设这个国家献出了生命,Thats in our b loodstream, thats in our DNA as Americans.这种精神流淌在我们美国人的血液中,深藏在我们美国人的基因里lR%l)RBcRb[;。We dont want their lives to go in vain. Because of that, we usually work harder than anybody else.我们不想让先辈们的牺牲付诸东流,因此我们会比其他人更勤劳BmlDhJHA1r;^T。Eight years of digging. Nearly a thousand lives lost. million, more than 100 million today.八年的开凿,近千人的牺牲,七百万美元的投入相当于如今的一亿美元,The Erie Canal opens in 1825, a miracle of engineering, connecting East and Midwest.换来了伊利运河于1825年的顺利通航,一个工程史上的奇迹诞生了,东部和中西部从此连为一体LFik87r2WFVut~+。Its an instant economic superhighway. million of goods a year flow along the canal.运河立刻成为了一条推动经济的高速公路,每年有总价值1500万美元的货物来往于河上,Villages along the canal boom into dynamic cities -- Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. Goods crash in price, up to 95%.沿岸的小村庄迅速发展成了发达的城市h4wCuhV^vb8EuL。水牛城,锡拉丘兹和罗切斯特,物价大幅下降,最大降幅达到95%)SmBzH(C+0zQw)5#X。A frontier that had to be self-sufficient can now buy anything they want. Prosperity is on the move. New York City becomes a boomtown.昔日不得不自给自足的边陲小镇如今各种商品应有尽有,繁荣之火开始燎原,纽约市变成了一座繁华都市uNT(CHfM210MdB8V_Z。Wall Street takes off as a global financial center. The city quadruples in size... and surpasses New Orleans as the nations number-one port.华尔街迅速崛起成为了世界金融中心,城市规模扩大了4倍并一举超越新奥尔良成为全国第一大港口OGL0#%dWs^b~E。Theres so much money around, the word ;Millionaire; is invented in 1840.这里财富聚集,;百万富翁;一词就是1840年在这里诞生的eeehw7IN^9v)%vBv0。The Erie Canal still shapes New York today. 80% of the upstate population still lives within 25 miles of it.伊利运河仍在影响着今天的纽约州,其北部80%的人口依然生活在运河25英里的流域范围内0Inwtq9umxma_2xobH+T。;45U9jetjCezCRbi;mK_wFGG,yu.y(6ctc! /201210/202502Two more cases of H7N9 bird flu have been reported in Shanghai, taking the total number of infections up to 18.上海新增2例H7N9禽流感感染患者,至此感染总人数达18例。 Eight cases, including four deaths, were reported in Shanghai, and three cases, including two deaths, were reported in east Chinas Zhejiang Province. Elsewhere, Jiangsu Province reported six cases and Anhui Province one case. Six of the total infections have been fatal so far.上海被报禽流感感染8例,其中4人死亡,浙江3例,其中2人死亡,江苏6例,安徽1例。目前,共有6人已经病危。Shanghai and Nanjing have both banned poultry sales, after traces of the H7N9 virus were detected in samples from various local wet markets in the two cities. Hangzhou also suspended poultry sales in one wet market, where the virus was detected.上海和南京两地在当地菜市场检测到H7N9病毒,两地均已发布家禽销售禁令。检测到该病毒的杭州某菜市场也暂停家禽销售。201304/233554

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