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Sony set to launch era of 3D TVs next year 3D technology looks set to hit the home consumer market next year, with Sony today announcing plans to sell 3D televisions globally by the end of 2010.Sony's decision to throw its weight behind the technology will be an important boost for the 3D industry, which has so far focused mainly on cinemas. British Sky Broadcasting has said it would introduce a 3D satellite channel in the UK next year, but it had been unclear whether there would be equipment available to view it on.Speaking at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin, Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, will announce plans not only to sell 3D Bravia television sets, but to make Sony's Vaio laptop computers, PlayStation3 games consoles and Blu-Ray disc players compatible with the technology.Mr Stringer is expected to tell the audience: “Today, 3D is clearly on its way to the mass market through technology, distribution and content.“As with high definition a few years back, there are a variety of issues yet to be addressed. But the 3D train is on the track, and we at Sony are y to drive it home.”The consumer electronics industry has yet to agree on a single 3D standard, posing the risk of a format war akin to that between VHS and Betamax or the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD standards.There are several types of 3D technology. Sony has opted for “active shutter” technology, using electronic glasses containing tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in synch with the television image to create a 3D impression. /200909/83232

To understand how much television could soon change, it helps to visit an Intel Corp. division here that runs like a startup.想弄清不久后电视可能会发生多大的变化,不妨参观一下英特尔(Intel Corp.)位于加州圣克拉拉的一个部门,这个部门的运营方式颇似初创公司。Erik Huggers, a Dutch-born former British Broadcasting Corp. executive, has assembled a 350-person team with talents beyond computer chips -- including programmers, industrial designers, artists and experts in fields like encoding. They#39;re creating a Web-based service that not only serves up on-demand programs but overhauls live TV.出生于荷兰的前英国广播公司(British Broadcasting Corp.)高管哈格斯(Erik Huggers)组建了一个有350人的团队,其中的人才远不止研究电脑芯片的人员,还包括程序员、工业设计师、艺术家和视频编码等领域的专家。这个团队正在创建一种基于网络的务,这种务不仅可以提供点播节目,还会令直播电视发生翻天覆地的变化。Intel#39;s plans include a server farm to record every piece of programming that is aired -- local, national and international -- and store it for at least three days in the #39;cloud.#39; With an Intel-designed set-top box, people won#39;t have to own DVRs or even plan to record programs.英特尔的计划包括一个务器群,它可以录下播出的每一个节目(地方的、全国的或国际的),并将其存储在“云”中至少三天。安装了英特尔设计的机顶盒后,人们就不必买数字硬盘录像设备了,甚至不用再为录节目做安排了。Switch on the TV set in the middle of any show, and a viewer can simply go back to the beginning. #39;This is live TV -- but you can rewind it, #39; Mr. Huggers says.在任何节目的中间打开电视,用户都可以返回到节目的开始。哈格斯说,这就是直播电视,但你可以倒回去看。Intel is just one entry in the computer industry#39;s growing land grab for the living room, one likely to bring voice activation, restyled remotes, new on-screen interfaces and other major changes in the way people interact with TV sets.英特尔只是电脑行业众多加入起居室地盘争夺战的公司之一。这种争夺战可能带来语音激活、新式遥控器、新型屏幕界面以及人与电视机之间互动方式的其他重大改变。Other tech giants pushing TV advances include Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Google Inc., which last week announced a device called Chromecast that wirelessly transfers content from mobile devices to TVs. Google and Sony have also been working on Internet-based -delivery services, people familiar with the matter have said.其他正在推动电视进步的科技巨头包括苹果(Apple Inc.)、微软(Microsoft Corp.)、索尼(Sony Corp.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)。谷歌上周公布了一种名为“Chromecast”的设备,这种设备可以将移动设备上的内容无线传输到电视上。据知情人士说,谷歌和索尼还一直在研制基于互联网的视频交付务。Computer-industry players have been pushing new TV visions for 20 years, with decidedly mixed results. Cable- and satellite-TV providers have strong positions, with big players like Comcast Corp. preparing major upgrades of their own.20年来,电脑行业内的公司一直在为电视业开创新领域,结果明显是好坏参半。有线电视和卫星电视提供商有着强有力的地位,康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)等大公司也在准备进行重大升级。Negotiations with media companies for content rights could delay new services and limit some features, though Intel vows to enter some markets by the end of the year.与媒体公司就内容版权进行的谈判可能令新务的推出延迟,并限制一些功能,不过英特尔誓言将在今年年底前进入部分市场。 /201308/251407

  The new iPhone is sure to shatter previous sales records. It may also prove the moment to dump Apple shares. 新iPhone一定会打破之前的销售纪录。除此之外,它也提醒我们,可能到了卖出苹果(Apple)股票的时候了。 Each new iPhone has sold as many units as all previous generations combined, Apple executives have joked internally according to recent trial testimony. And it isn#39;t crazy to believe exponential growth can continue for at least one more. Combine pent-up demand among existing iPhone users looking to upgrade, with the possibility that the new model will finally be compatible with the world#39;s largest carrier, China Mobile, and investors can expect explosive results. 据前不久的庭审词显示,苹果高管在公司内部开玩笑时曾说,每款新iPhone的销量都是之前所有几代产品的销量之和。认为至少另一款iPhone的销量也将呈现出这种增长模式并非不切实际的想法。那些想让手里iPhone更新换代的用户具有潜在需求,再加上新机型可能最终将与全球最大无线运营商中国移动(China Mobile)的网络兼容,基于这两个因素,投资者可以期待新iPhone异常火爆的销售情况。 But the device setting those records is itself likely to be just an incremental upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Indeed, if the latest version of Apple#39;s mobile operating system is any guide, the newest iPhone may not look that much different from smartphones Apple sold over three years ago. Granted, the screen is expected to be larger and the device thinner. But the actual user experience isn#39;t expected to be very different. 但创造这项纪录的新款iPhone本身却可能只是iPhone 4S的“增量升级”版。实际上,如果从苹果最新版移动操作系统来判断的话,那么新款iPhone可能与苹果过去三年来售出的智能手机并无太大差别。当然,预计屏幕会变大,机身会变薄,但实际用户体验可能不会有太大不同。 In one sense, that is good since a reason the iPhone is so popular is that #39;it just works,#39; notes analyst Neil Mawston of research firm Strategy Analytics. The hardware, software and Apple services like iTunes are tightly integrated and easy to use, making the device appealing to a huge swath of non-techie users. That is opposed to, say, devices running Google#39;s Android operating system, where the ability to customize can complicate the user experience. 市场研究公司Strategy Analytics的分析师莫斯顿(Neil Mawston)指出,从某种意义上说,这是件好事,因为iPhone如此受欢迎的原因之一是它很好用。iPhone的硬件、软件和苹果iTunes等务融为一体,使用方便,因此大量并非热衷电子产品的用户也为之着迷。与之形成对比的是搭载谷歌(Google)安卓(Android)操作系统的手机,这些产品的定制功能可能会使用户体验复杂化。 In another sense, sticking to the iPhone#39;s traditional design is a problem, giving rivals a chance to jump ahead with new features. The Windows Phone operating system that Nokia uses has #39;live tiles#39; that display useful information or photos directly on the device#39;s home screen, not just dummy icons you have to touch to launch apps. The camera technology in Nokia#39;s latest device is also likely to be superior to Apple#39;s. And Nokia is showing its engineering prowess with, for instance, a touch screen that should work for users wearing winter gloves. Such subtle improvements have typically been the hallmark of devices designed under Steve Jobs. 从另一个层面来看,iPhone在设计上坚持走传统路线也有问题,这会给竞争对手一个推出新功能并领先苹果的机会。诺基亚(Nokia)使用的Windows Phone操作系统有可直接在手机主屏上显示有用信息或图片的“活动瓷片”(live tiles),而不仅仅是必须通过碰触才能启动应用程序的一个个图标。诺基亚最新手机采用的相机技术可能也比苹果先进。而且诺基亚目前正在展示其设计实力,如用户带着防寒手套也能用的触摸屏等。这类细微之处的改进历来都是乔布斯(Steve Jobs)生前在任时苹果产品所具有的特色。 Apple has other powerful advantages, including a huge ecosystem of apps. Android also has plenty, but Windows Phone lags far behind. Users that have downloaded lots of apps, not to mention other media from the iTunes store, may find themselves locked into using an iPhone. But if rivals surpass the iPhone in other crucial respects, it becomes harder for Apple to justify the price premium it charges wireless carriers to sell its devices. 此外,苹果也有其它强大的优势,包括巨大的应用生态系统。安卓也有很多应用软件,但Windows Phone在这方面则远远落后。那些下载了很多应用软件(更不必说从iTunes商店下载其它媒体内容)的用户可能会发现自己已离不开iPhone了。但如果竞争对手在其它关键领域超越iPhone,苹果向无线运营商明其高价位属于合理范畴的难度就会增大。 Not long ago, Nokia and BlackBerry looked nearly as impregnable as Apple does today. Apple#39;s dominant ecosystem should prevent it ever suffering a similar decline. Yet the fact that it finds itself in a hit-driven business is perhaps good reason its shares trade for just 12 times earnings for the fiscal year ending September 2013 despite growing faster than any other company in the Samp;P 500 in 2011, ex-acquisitions. 不久以前,诺基亚和黑莓(BlackBerry)也曾与如今的苹果一样,有着看似几乎固若金汤的地位。苹果所主导的应用生态系统应该会防止它重蹈黑莓的覆辙。不过,苹果从事的是一个需要大量人气的行业,这也许就很好地解释了为何该公司根据截至2013年9月财年预期收益计算的市盈率仅为12倍,尽管苹果的增长速度超过2011年标普500指数(Samp;P 500)任何一家成分股公司(不包括发生收购的公司)。 Once upon a time, Apple revolutionized cellphones by turning them into hand-held computers. Resorting to evolutionary design changes would give rivals an opening. 曾几何时,苹果革命性地将手机转变为掌上电脑。而在设计方面采取“增量式改变”将让苹果的竞争对手有机可乘。 The next iPhone should again propel Apple#39;s stock and its sales. That may be the time for Apple shareholders to take their money off the table. 下一款iPhone应该会推动苹果股票及销售再上新台阶,或许这也是苹果股东揣好赚到的钱走路的时候了。 /201209/199147

  MOBILE game designer surnamed Su had spent more than five hours by 11:30pm last night waiting in the queue in front of a China Telecom outlet in Shanghai, waiting for the debut of iPhone 5 at midnight.一位姓苏的移动游戏设计师到昨晚11点半已经在上海的中国电信门口排队超过5个小时等待iPhone 5在午夜时分的发布。Su was at the head of the queue which had more than 200 Apple fans, who were waiting in the rainy winter night for the latest iPhone 5.苏在有超过200名苹果粉丝们的队伍前面,他们一直在下雨的冬季夜晚等待最新的iPhone 5。It was the first time that new iPhone sales started at midnight in a dozen outlets of China Telecom and China Unicom, Apple#39;s carrier partners on the Chinese mainland.这是第一次新iPhone开始在午夜十几家中国电信和中国联通的门店销售,苹果在中国大陆的运营商合作伙伴。;I like the new iPhone 5, with super mobility and enhanced chip providing fast response,; Su said.“我喜欢新的iPhone 5,具有超强的机动性且加强的芯片能提供快速响应,”苏说。He came to the outlet around 6pm and planned to buy a black 32GB iPhone 5 for himself and a 16GB model for his girlfriend.他大概下午6点就来到这门口,计划给自己购买一个黑色的32 GB的iPhone 5,给女朋友买一个16 GB的裸机。The iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display with 18 percent more pixels, a quicker new A6 chip and a camera supporting a new panorama function.iPhone 5有一个4英寸的Retina显示屏使像素高了18%,更快的A6芯片以及相机持新的全景功能。The smartphone sells from 5,288 yuan (US0) for a 16GB model, 6,088 yuan for 32GB and 6,888 yuan for 64GB without contracts. China Telecom sells the phone with a monthly package starting from 49 yuan while China Unicom is offering it with a monthly rate starting from 66 yuan.这款智能手机销售从5288元人民币(合840美元)的16 GB裸机,6088元的32 GB版以及6888元的64 GB版。中国电信销售这部手机带有每月49元起的套餐,而中国联通提供的是月供66元起。China Unicom also started sales in several outlets, including the flagship store in Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area. At least 300,000 people have booked the new iPhone 5 through the telco#39;s website and hotline.中国联通也开始在一些门店销售,包括在浦东陆家嘴的旗舰店。至少30万人已经通过电信的网站和热线预订了新iPhone 5 。Apple will officially start sales of iPhone 5 at 7am today, according to the company.苹果今天早上7点将正式开始销售iPhone 5,根据该公司。Customers can#39;t buy an iPhone 5 without reservation due to Apple#39;s new online reservation system.如果没有在苹果新的在线预订系统上预定,顾客将不能购买iPhone 5。China is now the company#39;s second-biggest regional market behind the US.中国现在是该公司仅次于美国的第二大区域市场。Even if Apple has many fans, the market share of iPhone is limited in China, the world#39;s biggest mobile phone market.即使苹果有很多粉丝,但在中国这个世界上最大的移动电话市场上iPhone的市场份额是有限的。At the end of the third quarter, Apple#39;s share was only 7 percent, ranking No. 6 in the domestic market behind Samsung and Lenovo, according to IDC, a US-based IT research firm.在第三季度末,苹果的份额仅为7%,在国内市场排名第6,在三星和联想之后,根据IDC的数据,一家美国信息技术研究公司。 /201212/214287。

  Mobile is playing a bigger role in the world, and as it does, it’s enabling some profound shifts in how we live. Soon, our mobile devices – from smartphones to wearables – will know so much about us that they will transform into personal mobile concierges and be able to seamlessly transact on our behalf without prompting. We’re aly moving toward this hyper-connected world – toward the Internet of Things – where machine-to-machine communications will soon outpace human-to-machine conversations. But for this connected world to work as seamlessly as many envision, it requires much more than just technology that can predict our wants and needs.手机在世界上的作用越来越大。它使我们的生活方式也正在发生深刻的变化。不久,从智能手机到可穿戴设备,我们的移动设备将深入了解我们的点点滴滴,它们将转化为“移动个人管家”,无需提示就能够无缝地代表我们将事情办妥。我们已经开始迈向这样一个超级连接的世界——即所谓的物联网中,机器对机器的通信将很快超越人机对话。但要让这个互联世界像许多人想象的那样无缝运行,它所需要的远不止能够预测人类需求的技术那么简单。For one, it requires an open and secure, developer-friendly platform — one that is linked together through a cross-platform mobile payments OS. Startups need to be able to quickly move through hundreds of failures before ultimately finding the product or service that resonates with consumers. Today’s most successful startups at one point had to iterate and pivot based on critical feedback from the market. Before Instagram and Flickr became the successful businesses they are today, for example, they both started out with completely different business models but evolved their businesses in response to market feedback.首先,它需要一个开放、安全、对开发者友好的平台,一个能够通过跨平台移动付操作系统连接在一起的平台。初创公司需要具备百折不挠的精神,才有望最终发现能够引起消费者共鸣的产品或务。当今最成功的初创公司必须基于市场的重大反馈意见完成迭代升级。举例来说,在Instagram和Flickr收获今天的成功之前,它们最初都采用过完全不同的商业模式,但随后根据市场反馈不断进化。Security is also paramount. There’s both a need to reduce friction — like removing passwords and enabling logins with the touch of finger — and increase security. In order for young startups to be able to get feedback, customers need to be able to trust that their data — whether it’s passwords or payment information — won’t be compromised. This is especially important as devices become increasingly connected and information gets quickly passed around from one service or device to the next. Customers need to trust that if their refrigerator gets hacked, sensitive data like their credit card information won’t be compromised.安全性也是至关重要的。互联设备既需要减少擦,比如去除密码,能够实现一键登录;又需要提高安全性。为了让年轻的初创公司获得反馈,消费者需要相信他们的数据,无论是密码,还是付信息,都不会受到损害。随着设备更加紧密地连接在一起,信息在各种务或设备之间的传递更加迅速,这一点变得尤为重要。消费者需要相信,如果他们的冰箱被黑客攻击,像信用卡信息这样的敏感数据不会遭受外泄风险。Finally, this all needs to be connected through an agnostic payments OS — one that isn’t confined to a specific platform — that will enable and authenticate purchases. It’s great that your fridge can ping your smartphone when you’re out of eggs or need to pick up some milk, but imagine if your fridge could seamlessly make the order for you. This in the next step in connected commerce.最后,所有这一切都需要通过一个不可知的、不局限于特定平台的付操作系统进行连接,以启动和验购买行为。当家里没有鸡蛋或者需要订购一些牛奶时,你的冰箱能够通过智能手机给你发送提示信息,这的确很美妙。但请想象一下,如果你的冰箱能够无缝地替你下订单,那将是怎样一番情景?而这,正是互联商务的下一步。Today, 1.9 billion devices are aly connected to the Internet and it’s estimated that by 2020, we’ll reach 30 billion connected devices globally. As we shift toward a world where our smartphones are now our primary computing devices, we’re moving from what some call an “on-demand world,” to what I see as an “at your service world” – where our devices know what we want, when we want it, and can initiate things on our behalf. From buying through to shipping, technology will be able to deliver these magical experiences without people having to drive the interaction. This is the future of Smart Commerce.如今,已经有19亿部设备与互联网连接。据估计,到2020年,全球的联网设备将达到300亿部。现在,随着我们迅速迈入一个智能手机作为主要计算设备的世界,我们也正在从一个有些人所称的“随需应变的世界”转移至一个我所认为的“为您务的世界”。届时,我们的设备将知道我们什么时候想要什么东西,并且能够代表我们启动相应流程。从购买直至运送,技术能够自发地实现这些神奇的体验,而无需我们亲自驱动这些交互过程。这就是“智能商务(Smart Commerce) ”的未来。Technologies aly exist that enable people to pay across mobile apps with a single touch, or make a purchase without even taking out a wallet or phone thanks to beaconing technology. But that’s just the beginning. Soon, our mobile devices – with access to everything from geo-location information to purchase history to biometric data — will know enough about us that they’ll be able to facilitate not just a single transaction, but trigger a chain of transactions and experiences without prompting. Our devices will not only know our past activity, but also learn our habits and routines and begin to anticipate and predict our needs and preferences.拜信标技术所赐,让人们在各种移动应用上单击付,或者说无需掏钱包或手机就能够买东西的技术已经存在。但这仅仅是个开始。不久,从地理位置信息,到购买历史,再到生物特征数据,我们的移动设备将无所不知,从而不仅仅能够推动仅仅一笔交易,而且能够引发连锁交易和体验,无需我们进行任何提示。我们的设备不仅会知道我们过去的活动,同时也了解我们的习惯和惯例,并开始推测我们的需求和喜好。Imagine a future where your connected wearable device, which tracks your physical activity, identifies that you haven’t been as active this week as you typically are. As a result, it connects with your grocery and/or meal delivery service and orders healthier, low-calorie options for the week — knowing from your past purchase data that you like carrots and Brussels sprouts but would never eat broccoli. These experiences may seem magical now, but soon they’ll be a routine part of our lives. In fact, earlier this month, Munchery, one of our customers, and Jawbone announced a partnership allowing Munchery customers to track the nutritional data in their meals on their Jawbone Up app. Now it’s not so hard to imagine how a partnership like this could play out in the real world.想象这样一个未来:联网的可穿戴设备持续跟踪你的身体活动,从而能够确定你本周是否像你通常那样积极锻炼。通过跟你的杂货店和送饭务连接在一起,它能够为你订购更适合本周健康需要的低热量食物。没错,基于你过去的购买数据,它当然知道你喜欢胡萝卜和甘蓝,但绝不会吃西兰花。就目前而言,这些体验似乎不可思议,但它们很快就将成为日常生活中再正常不过的事情。事实上,我们的客户Munchery公司本月初与Jawbone公司宣布合作。这份协议将允许Munchery的客户通过他们的Jawbone Up应用来跟踪其饭菜中的营养数据。现在不难想象,类似合作将出现在现实世界之中。The connected Internet of Things is rapidly becoming reality. But in order to realize the full potential of a truly connected world, we first need to put into place the foundational fabric on top of which the Internet of Things will exist.物联网正在迅速地成为现实。但为了实现一个真正连接的世界的全部潜力,我们首先需要铺就物联网赖以存在的基础结构。Bill Ready is CEO of Braintree, a company that helps online businesses process online and mobile payments. Follow him @williamy本文作者比尔·雷迪是Braintree公司CEO,该公司致力于帮助互联网企业优化在线流程和移动付业务。 /201408/318514

  Global sea levels are about eight inches higher today than they were in 1880, and they are expected to rise another two to seven feet during this century. At the same time, some 5 million people in the U.S. live in 2.6 million coastal homes situated less than 4 feet above high tide.你知道吗,今天的全球海平面要比1880年的时候高出8英寸,而就在本世纪内,全球海平面预计还将上涨2到7英尺。另外,美国沿海地区有260万户家庭的500余万人口的住宅,在海水满潮时,只高出海平面不到4英尺。Do the math: Climate change is a problem, whatever its cause.毫无疑问,气候变化是个大问题,不管导致它的原因是什么。The problem? Actually making those complex calculations is an extremely challenging proposition. To understand the impact of climate change at the local level, you’ll need more than back-of-the-napkin mathematics.那么如何计算气候对环境的影响呢?事实上,要进行这些复杂的计算,是一个极具挑战性的课题。要想了解气候变化对一国一地的影响水平,绝对不是在一张餐巾纸上写写画画就能算得出来的。You’ll need big data technology.这时你就需要大数据技术了。Surging Seas is an interactive map and tool developed by the nonprofit Climate Central that shows in graphic detail the threats from sea-level rise and storm surges to all of the 3,000-plus coastal towns, cities, counties and states in the continental ed States. With detail down to neighborhood scale—search for a specific location or zoom down as necessary—the tool matches areas with flooding risk timelines and provides links to fact sheets, data downloads, action plans, embeddable widgets, and other items.“上升的海平面”(Surging Seas)是由非盈利组织“气候中心”(Climate Central)开发的一款互动式地图工具,它用图形的形式详细描绘了海平面上升和风暴潮给美国大陆沿海3000多个城市、城镇和农村造成的威胁。它的细节可以精确到每一个街区——你可以搜索一个特定的地理位置,或是按照需要继续缩小目标范围。这个工具会与存在洪泛风险的地区进行匹配,并且提供相关实时报道、数据下载、行动计划、内嵌小工具和其它相关事项的链接。It’s the kind of number-crunching that was all but impossible only a few years ago.这种数据处理方式仅仅在几年前还是不可能实现的。‘Just as powerful, just as big’能力有多大,困难就多大“Our strategy is to tell people about their climate locally in ways they can understand, and the only way to do that is with big data analysis,” said Richard Wiles, vice president for strategic communications and director of research with Climate Central. “Big data allows you to say simple, clear things.”气候中心的战略沟通副总裁兼研究主任理查德o怀尔斯表示:“我们的战略是以人们能够理解的方式告诉他们当地的气候情况,唯一能实现这个目标的方法就是通过大数据分析。大数据让你能够简单、清晰地表达。”There are actually two types of big data in use today to help understand and deal with climate change, Wiles said. The first is relatively recently collected data that is so voluminous and complex that it couldn’t be effectively manipulated before, such as NASA images of heat over cities, Wiles said. This kind of data “literally was too big to handle not that long ago,” he said, “but now you can handle it on a regular computer.”怀尔斯指出,目前主要有两种大数据形式可以用来帮助人们了解和应对气候变化。第一类是某些在近期才收集到的数据,但它们往往数据量极大且非常复杂,搁在以前很难对其进行有效分析,比如美国国家航空航天局(NASA)对各大城市的热成像绘图。怀尔斯表示,这种数据“一直到不久之前,还因为数据量过大而基本上没法处理,但是现在你已经可以在一台普通的电脑上处理它们了。”The second type of big data is older datasets that may be less-than-reliable. This data “was always kind of there,” Wiles said, such as historic temperature trends in the ed States. That kind of dataset is not overly complex, but it can be fraught with gaps and errors. “A guy in Oklahoma may have broken his thermometer back in 1936,” Wiles said, meaning that there could be no measurements at all for two months of that year.第二类大数据是一些相对较老但可能不那么可靠的数据。怀尔斯表示,这些数据“基本上一直都在那儿”,比如美国的历史气温趋势。这种数据一般不太复杂,但有可能存在不少缺口和误差。比如怀尔斯就指出:“1936年,俄克拉荷马州的某个负责量气温的家伙有可能不小心把温度计弄坏了。”这样的话,当年可能就有两个月根本没有气温记录。Address those issues, and existing data can be “just as powerful, just as big,” Wiles said. “It makes it possible to make the story very local.”怀尔斯表示,要解决这些问题,现有的数据可以说“能力有多大,困难就有多大。但是大数据技术使得揭示一城一地的气候变化成为可能。”Climate Central imports data from historical government records to produce highly localized graphics for about 150 local TV weather forecasters across the U.S., illustrating climate change in each station’s particular area. For example, “Junes in Toledo are getting hotter,” Wiles said. “We use these data all the time to try to localize the climate change story so people can understand it.”气候中心从政府的历史记录中获取原始数据,然后为美国各地的150余家地方电视台的天气预报节目制作高度本地化的气候图形,以阐释该地区的气候变化。比如怀尔斯指出:“今年六月,托雷多市变热了。我们一直利用这些数据试图让当地人了解气候变化趋势。”‘One million hours of computation’100万小时的计算Though the Climate Central map is an effective tool for illustrating the problem of rising sea levels, big data technology is also helping researchers model, analyze, and predict the effects of climate change.气候中心的地图是阐释海平面上升情况的一个非常有效的工具。此外,大数据技术还能帮助研究人员模拟、分析和预测气候变化的影响。“Our goal is to turbo-charge the best science on massive data to create novel insights and drive action,” said Rebecca Moore, engineering manager for Google Earth Engine. Google Earth Engine aims to bring together the world’s satellite imagery—trillions of scientific measurements dating back almost 40 years—and make it available online along with tools for researchers.谷歌地图引擎(Google Earth Engine)的工程经理瑞贝卡o尔介绍道:“我们的目标是助力最好的大数据分析技术,以催生新颖的见解并且促进行动。”谷歌地图旨在将全球的卫星图像进行汇总,其中还包括40年来数以万亿计的观测数据,并将其与其它为研究人员开发的工具一道放在网上。Global deforestation, for example, “is a significant contributor to climate change, and until recently you could not find a detailed current map of the state of the world’s forests anywhere,” Moore said. That changed last November when Science magazine published the first high-resolution maps of global forest change from 2000 to 2012, powered by Google Earth Engine.比如在全球荒漠化问题上,尔表示:“全球荒漠化是气候变化的一个重要推手,直到不久之前,还没有一份详细的实时地图能够显示全球各地的森林情况。但现在情况不同了,去年11月,《科学》(Science)杂志在谷歌地图引擎的帮助下,发布了首张2000至2012年的高分辨率全球森林变化图。“We ran forest-mapping algorithms developed by Professor Matt Hansen of University of Maryland on almost 700,000 Landsat satellite images—a total of 20 trillion pixels,” she said. “It required more than one million hours of computation, but because we ran the analysis on 10,000 computers in parallel, Earth Engine was able to produce the results in a matter of days.”尔介绍道:“我们运行的森林测绘算法是由马里兰大学(University of Maryland)的马特o汉森教授开发的,总共利用了70万张美国陆地资源卫星的图像,加起来大约有20万亿个像素点。它需要超过100万小时的计算时间,但由于我们是在10,000台计算机上并行计算的,因此谷歌地球引擎才得以在几天内就得出了结果。On a single computer, that analysis would have taken more than 15 years. Anyone in the world can view the resulting interactive global map on a PC or mobile device.如果只用一台计算机计算的话,完成这样一次分析大概需要超过15年的时间。但现在全球各地的任何人都可以在电脑或移动设备上查看这次分析得到的这张互动式全球地图。‘We have sensors everywhere’传感器无所不在Rapidly propelling such developments, meanwhile, is the fact that data is being collected today on a larger scale than ever before.在这些项目取得快速进展的背后离不开这样一个事实:如今我们对数据的收集程度已经远超以往任何时候。“Big data in climate first means that we have sensors everywhere: in space, looking down via remote sensing satellites, and on the ground,” said Kirk Borne, a data scientist and professor at George Mason University. Those sensors are continually recording information about weather, land use, vegetation, oceans, ice cover, precipitation, drought, water quality, and many more variables, he said. They are also tracking correlations between datasets: biodiversity changes, invasive species, and at-risk species, for example.乔治梅森大学的数据学家柯克o波恩教授指出:“大数据技术在气候研究领域的发展,首先意味着传感器已经无所不在。首先是太空中的遥感卫星,其次是地面上的传感器。”这些传感器时刻记录着地球各地的天气、土地利用、植被、海洋、冰层、降水、干旱、水质等信息以及许多变量。同时它们也在跟踪各种数据之间的关联,比如生物多样性的变化、入侵物种和濒危物种等等。Two large monitoring projects of this kind are NEON—the National Ecological Observatory Network—andOOI, the Ocean Observatories Initiative.在这一类监控项目中有两个比较有代表性的大型项目,一个是美国国家生态观测站网络(NEON),一个是海洋观测计划(OOI)。“All of these sensors also deliver a vast increase in the rate and the number of climate-related parameters that we are now measuring, monitoring, and tracking,” Borne said. “These data give us increasingly deeper and broader coverage of climate change, both temporally and geospatially.”波恩指出:“这些传感器令我们现在正在观测和追踪的气候参数无论在等级还是数量上都有了极大的提高。另外无论是在时间上还是在地理空间上,这些数据对气候变化的覆盖都变得越来越深、越来越广。”Climate change is one of the largest examples of scientific modeling and simulation, Borne said. Efforts are focused not on tomorrow’s weather but on decades and centuries into the future.波恩表示,气候变化是科学建模仿真应用得最广泛的例子之一。科学家不仅利用建模仿真来预测明天的天气,而且还用它来预测几十年甚至几百年后的气候。“Huge climate simulations are now run daily, if not more frequently,” he said. These simulations have increasingly higher horizontal spatial resolution—hundreds of kilometers, versus tens of kilometers in older simulations; higher vertical resolution, referring to the number of atmospheric layers that can be modeled; and higher temporal resolution—zeroing in on minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks, he added.他还表示:“大规模的气候模拟现在每天都在运行,有些甚至可能更为频繁。”这些模拟的水平分辨率更高,达到几百公里,而过去的模拟只能达到几十公里。同时它们垂直分辨率也变得更高,这也就表示可以对大气层中更多的层进行建模。另外还有更高的瞬时分辨率,也就是说只需要几分钟或几个小时就可以进行归零校正,而不是几天或几个星期。The output of each daily simulation amounts to petabytes of data and requires an assortment of tools for storing, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and mining.每天的气候模拟都会生成几千兆字节的数据,并且需要一系列工具进行存储、处理、分析、挖掘和图像化。‘All models are wrong, but some are useful’所有模型都是错的,但有些很有用Interpreting climate change data may be the most challenging part.气候变化数据的解读可能是最具有挑战性的部分。“When working with big data, it is easy to create a model that explains the correlations that we discover in our data,” Borne said. “But we need to remember that correlation does not imply causation, and so we need to apply systematic scientific methodology.”波恩指出:“搞大数据时,要建立一个模型来解释我们在数据中发现的某种关联是很容易的。但我们得记住,这种关联并不代表原因,所以我们需要应用系统化的科学方法。”It’s also important to heed the maxim that “all models are wrong, but some are useful,” Borne said, ing statistician George Box. “This is especially critical for numerical computer simulations, where there are so many assumptions and ‘parameterizations of our ignorance.’波恩还指出,搞大数据最好要记住统计学家乔治o克斯的名言:“所有模型都是错的,但有些很有用。”他表示:“这对数字计算机模拟尤为重要,因为其中有很多假设和‘代表了我们的无知的参数’”。“What fixes that problem—and also addresses Box’s warning—is data assimilation,” Borne said, referring to the process by which “we incorporate the latest and greatest observational data into the current model of a real system in order to correct, adjust, and validate. Big data play a vital and essential role in climate prediction science by providing corrective actions through ongoing data assimilation.”波恩表示:“要想解决这个问题,以及解决克斯警告我们的问题,最重要的是做好数据同化。”也就是“把最新最好的观测数据纳入一个真实系统的实时模型中,以对数据进行纠正、调整、确认。通过以不间断的数据同化作为校正措施,大数据在气候预测科学中扮演了至关重要且不可或缺的角色。‘We are in a data revolution’我们已经在一场数据革命之中Earlier this year, the Obama administration launchedClimate.data.gov with more than 100 curated, high-quality data sets, Web services, and tools that can be used by anyone to help prepare for the effects of climate change. At the same time, NASA invited citizens to help find solutions to the coastal flooding challenge at an April mass-collaboration event.今年早些时候,奥巴马政府推出了官方的气象研究网站Climate.data.gov,上面有100多种精心编辑的高质量数据以及网页务和工具,任何人都可以利用这些数据与工具来研究气候变化的影响。与此同时,NASA也在今年四月的一次大型协作活动上,邀请普通民众协助其寻找应对沿海洪灾的解决方案。More recently, UN Global Pulse launched a Big Data Climate Challenge to crowdsource projects that use big data to address the economic dimensions of climate change.最近,联合国“全球脉动”行动(UN Global Pulse)推出了一项“大数据气候挑战”项目,将一些用大数据研究气候变化对经济的影响的项目通过众包的形式进行了发布。“We’ve aly received submissions from 20 countries in energy, smart cities, forestry and agriculture,” said Miguel Luengo-Oroz, chief scientist for Global Pulse, which focuses on relief and development efforts around the world. “We also hope to see submissions from fields such as architecture, green data centers, risk management and material sciences.”“全球脉动”行动主要致力于全球各地的扶贫救灾与发展事业,该行动的首席科学家卢恩戈o奥罗兹表示:“我们已经收到了来自20多个国家的在能源、智能城市、林业和农业等领域的意见书。我们也希望收到建筑、绿色数据中心、风险管理和材料科学等领域的意见书。”Big data can allow for more efficient responses to emerging crises, distributed access to knowledge, and greater understanding of the effects personal and policy decisions have on the planet’s climate, Luengo-Oroz added.卢恩戈o奥罗兹补充道,大数据还可以用于提高突发灾害的应急工作效率,提供更广泛地获取知识的渠道,以及帮助我们更好地了解私人与政府的决策会对地球的气候造成哪些影响。“But it’s not the data that will save us,” he said. “It’s the analysis and usage of the data that can help us make better decisions for climate action. Just like with climate change, it is no longer a question of, ‘is this happening?’ We are in a data revolution.”奥罗兹表示:“然而拯救我们的不是那些数据,而是那些让我们能做出更好的决策来应对气候变化的数据分析与使用方法。这就像气候变化本身一样,现在已经不是‘它开始了吗’的问题。我们已经在一场数据革命之中。” /201407/310075“With such amazing and innovative products, strong executive team and labor force, loyal customer base, significant capacity for debt, 9 billion of cash in marketable securities, it is surprising that Tim Cook has not aly initiated a leveraged management buyout of the company.”“苹果公司有着绝佳的创新性产品、强有力的高管团队和劳动力、忠诚的客户群以及超强的负债能力,同时还坐拥价值1090亿美元的畅销有价券。这么好的条件,蒂姆o库克竟然还没有启动对苹果的管理层杠杆收购,真是令人吃惊。”So writes Marwaan Karame of IDG Capital Group in a provocative Seeking Alpha article backed with eleven spsheets, seven graphs and two Monte Carlo simulations.在给美国财经资讯网站Seeking Alpha撰写的一篇挑衅性文章中,IDG Capital Group的玛万o喀拉密写下了上面这段话。喀拉密在文中用了11个电子表格、7个图表和两个统计试验法模拟来佐自己的观点。You can his analysis at Apple’s Leveraged Management Buyout Potential. But don’t miss the lively back and forth in the comment stream.各位可以在《苹果公司管理层杠杆收购的潜在可能》(Apple’s Leveraged Management Buyout Potential)一文中看到喀拉密的分析。但是,千万别错过区精的唇舌战。A sample:部分神回复摘录如下:– alistairt: One of the best examples I’ve seen to date of someone mindlessly applying a LBO model without consideration of the underlying business reality.- alistairt:这是我迄今见过的生搬硬套杠杆收购模型,而丝毫不考虑根本商业现实的最好例子。– relayer75: Not going to happen. The largest LBO in history was RJR Nabisco, at billion. This would be 18x that amount.- relayer75:根本不可能。历史上最大的杠杆收购案例是美国雷诺兹-纳贝斯克公司(RJR Nabisco),收购价为310亿美元。假如苹果被收购,规模将是雷诺兹-纳贝斯克收购案的18倍。– rroo: Cook is a level-headed guy, more like Gates or Buffet. LBO (money and power) are for those infected with megalomania.- rroo:库克头脑冷静,这一点有些像盖茨或巴菲特。而只有自大狂才会对杠杆收购(金钱和权力)念念不忘。– rsbduff: This is the same attitude that has ruined many a company. They buy them…load them up with debt…rape them…then dump them on stupid investors…once again- rsbduff:这种态度已经毁掉了许多公司。他们将公司买下来……欠下一屁股债……把公司搜刮的干干净净……然后又让傻呼呼的投资者来接盘– Timmiesregular: There are some benefits to being public — especially if you are profitable. Going private is only done when the company needs to be out of the public eye – like Dell.- Timmiesregular:上市公司能享受到不少好处——特别是如果公司盈利的话更是如此。公司私有化通常是公司需要淡出公众视线时的权宜之计,戴尔就是一个很好的例子。– Hank890: An AAPL LBO would be a major GIFT to any I-bank tasked with handling it. But it is not clear that the customers or employees would get much out of it. Just because an LBO is possible does not mean it is advisable.- Hank890:如果苹果被杠杆收购,那负责这笔交易的投行就赚大了。但客户或公司员工不见得有太大的好处。杠杆收购有可能不代表就是明智之举。– wdchil: An LBO might have almost have made sense when Apple was below 0 but it certainly doesn’t now. The debt would be in the “sketchy junk” arena.- wdchil:苹果股价低于400美元的时候,杠杆收购似乎讲得通,但现在绝对不合适。假如此时苹果进行杠杆收购,它的债务将基本等同于垃圾债。– petergrayhill: This latest surge from high 400′s to 635 will end badly for the millions of mom’n’pop retail investors as well — head fake to trade. LBO is a certainty within 5 years.- petergrayhill:苹果股价从400多美元一路上涨到635美元的最新一波上涨行情最后会死得很难看,数百万散户投资者也将没有好果子吃——交易的障眼法。杠杆收购5年内一定会发生。– alexkeywest: An LBO of this company is delusional at best.- alexkeywest:苹果将被杠杆收购简直是痴人说梦。– doc: “Its a wonder that Tim Cook has not pursued a leveraged management buyout aly” He doesn’t live in a theoretical world with too much time on his hands.- doc:“蒂姆o库克没有寻求进行管理层杠杆收购,实在是令人吃惊。”因为库克没那么闲,没工夫在那儿纸上谈兵。– brittlerock: Does SA pay people to write this junk?- brittlerock:Seeking Alpha花钱请人写这种垃圾文章?To answer brittlerock: Seeking Alpha’s rates are China’s state industrial complex is accelerating efforts to launch a commercial passenger plane and challenge the global Boeing-Airbus duopoly.中国一家国有工业联合体正加速主推一款商用客机,挑战国际市场的波音(Boeing)和空客(Airbus)双头垄断。Comac is developing the ARJ21, a small regional jet, and the larger single-aisle C919. Both projects, which have experienced multiple delays, will be the focus of much attention at China’s premier air show, which opens Tuesday in the southern city of Zhuhai.中国商用飞机公司(Comac,中国商飞)正在开发小型线客机ARJ21 和更大的单通道客机C919。这两个都曾多次被延迟的项目,成为周二开幕的珠海航展上引起广泛关注的焦点。Six years after its maiden test flight, the ARJ21 has yet to enter commercial service. Last year Comac also confirmed that the C919’s maiden flight and delivery date, originally scheduled for 2014 and 2016 respectively, would each be delayed by at least a year.在首次飞行试验6年之后,ARJ21仍未进入商业务市场。去年,中国商飞也曾确认了C919 的首飞和交付日期,起初分别定于2014年和2016年,但都将推迟至少1年。The Chinese government has huge economic interests riding on both planes – and also a mooted wide-body variant of the C919, the C929, which may be developed in partnership with Russia’s ed Aircraft Corp. In September, Boeing predicted that China would eclipse the US as the world’s largest aviation market by 2033, saying that Chinese airlines would purchase some 6,000 aircraft – mostly single-aisle planes – worth 0bn over the next two decades.中国政府指望这两款客机、以及提议中C919的宽体型号C929客机产生巨大的经济利益。C929 可能会与俄罗斯的联合飞机公司(ed Aircraft Corp)联合开发。波音在9月预测,到2033年中国将超过美国、成为全球最大的航空市场。波音表示,未来20年,中国的航空公司将采购大约6000家飞机(主要是单通道飞机),价值达8700亿美元。From both a technical and financial perspective, industry executives say Comac is well positioned to realise its ambitions, but caution that could take years.行业高管表示,从技术和财务角度看,中国商飞已做好实现抱负的准备,但警告称,这可能要需要多年时间。“I would say it’s between 10 and 20 years until Comac’s planes will be in widesp service,” says one executive who asked not to be named because he works closely with China’s state-owned aviation companies.一位要求匿名的高管表示,“我觉得中国商飞的飞机获得广泛应用,将要等上10至20年。”The challenge for Comac will be to integrate the thousands of components and systems in an aircraft certified as safe by both the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the US Federal Aviation Administration. The latter’s sign-off would ensure the ARJ-21 and C919’s acceptance in the international market.中国商飞面临的挑战,将是把数百种部件和系统整合到一种飞机上,然后使其获得中国民航总局(CAAC)和美国联邦航空局(FAA)的安全认。后者的认可将确保ARJ-21 和C919 被国际市场接受。Money is less of a problem. Comac enjoys the support of a cash-rich state backer – a factor that was essential to Airbus’s emergence as Boeing’s main rival.资金基本不成问题。中国商飞得到充足的政府机构的持——而这一因素是空客成长为波音的主要对手关键因素。Marketing the new planes in international markets will be difficult, however, even with strong credit support from state policy banks such as China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China.然而,即便得到中国国家开发(CDB)和中国进出口(China Eximbank)等国有政策性的强力信贷持,在国际市场上推销新飞机仍非常困难。“Selling the ARJ-21 and C919 will be tricky because when you’re buying an aeroplane you’re not just buying a piece of kit that’s going to fly around for a few years,” says a senior European aviation executive. “You’re buying into the whole support package that the manufacturer has to stand behind for the lifetime of the aircraft – and that’s a huge unknown quantity in the case of Comac.“销售ARJ-21 和 C919将很有难度,因为当你买入一架飞机时,并非仅仅买入未来几年里飞往各地的一件工具,”一位欧洲航空业高管表示。“你是在买入由制造商提供的涵盖飞机整个寿命周期的一揽子持务——你买入中国商飞的飞机时,面临的未知因素实在太多了。” /201411/342241.01 per page view. Authors of PRO articles receive a minimum guaranteed payment of 0-500.回复brittlerock:Seeking Alpha的稿费费率是,页面点击量的单价为0.01美元。专业文章的作者每篇文章保能获得150-500美元的保底收入。 /201406/304258

  You#39;ve probably been sick before. It#39;s not fun.In many cases, like the flu, you#39;re sick because of a virus;tiny germs y to multiply and sp from person-to-person, via handshakes or sneezes.你肯定生过病吧,很不爽,对吗?生病通常是因为感染了病毒。握手、打喷嚏都能让病毒繁殖传播。Computer viruses are no different.Instead of germs, they are computer programs.These programs are usually designed by criminals to multiply and sp from computer-to-computer like a disease.If one makes it to your computer, it can erase your files, send emails without your permission or even communicate sensitive info to criminals.电脑病毒亦然。但不是微生物而是电脑程序。黑客设计的病毒程序会像疾病一样在电脑间传播一旦电脑感染了病毒,它会删除文件、私发邮件、甚至把私人信息泄露给犯罪分子。Let#39;s take a closer look, because what we call computer viruses can actually be Viruses, worms or trojanswersquo;ll start with viruses.These bugs hitch a ride when something, like a file, is shared between computers. This often happens via attachments sent in email or shared USB drives.Once someone clicks to open the file, the damage is done.The virus is now on that computer, where it starts to multiply and look for chances to hitch a ride to a new computer.电脑病毒可以细分为三种,普通病毒、蠕虫 、木马先来说说普通病毒。它通过电脑之间的文件共享来传播。通常会在附件或U盘中出现,一打开这种文件,电脑就会中毒。然后复制,等着感染下一台电脑。Like a sick human, itrsquo;s sometimes hard to to tell when a file has a virus.For this reason, the best defense is anti-virus software.It prevents viruses from getting to your computer and removes them when they are found.和人生病一样,有时候文件是否感染病毒也很难;确诊;。所以,最好的防护措施就是安装杀毒软件能防止电脑中毒,也能在发现病毒时及时清除。Now, worms are a little scarier.They are programs that sp to computers without humans doing anything.Criminals create worms to sp via computers that are connected in a network. They worm their way from computer-to-computer automatically.Whether it#39;s a small office or a global network like the Internet.蠕虫则更可怕,即使我们什么也没操作,它也能传播。只有电脑联网,蠕虫就会感染网上的病毒。不管是局域网,还是在整个互联网中。Usually, the worms find a back door.a way to trick the computerrsquo;s software into letting them in.Once they#39;re in, they look for the same backdoor in similar computers,wreaking havoc along the way.蠕虫擅长走;后门;。就是通过电脑软件的漏洞入侵。一旦被感染,蠕虫还会寻找其他电脑的;后门;,一路披荆斩棘地破坏下去。The best defense is keeping your computer software up to date at work and home.This helps close the doors and prevent problems.最好的防护措施是,更新系统、修复漏洞,门关好了,蠕虫就爬不进来了。Trojans, our last example, are sneaky bugs.Like the real trojan horse, theyrsquo;re a trick.If you fall for it, you end up downloading a virus from the Internet.It may appear to be a game or useful software, but hidden inside is a program that can cause problems.For example, these programs can open new backdoors,giving criminals access to your computer and information over the Web.木马则是最最阴险狡诈的病毒。像传说中的特洛伊木马,它也善用诡计,一个不小心就可能从网上下载木马。木马病毒会伪装成游戏或者常用软件,有些木马还会给电脑开新的;后门;,让犯罪分子轻易侵入你的电脑获取信息。Not fun.To avoid trojans, only download software from sites you trust.Just like washing your hands and covering your cough,you have to be aware of what causes problems to avoid them.可怕吧?要防木马,你必须只在信任的网站上下载软件,提高警惕,时刻注意网络安全,就像咳嗽要掩口,饭前便后要洗手一样。Keep your computer up to date and get anti-virus software.It will help prevent problems and help you recover.And please;don#39;t click on links, attachments and downloadable files.unless you know they#39;re legit.还要经常更新电脑软件,安装杀毒工具。一边防患于未然,一边;亡羊补牢;。另外,陌生的链接、附件、文件也不要碰。除非能确认它们的安全性。Through a little awareness, you and your computer will stay happy and healthy.警钟长鸣,健康常伴。 /201203/174397


  In December, leaked Uber documents showed that the company was completing about 800,000 rides a week around the world. It’s a safe bet that the number is much higher now.去年12月,从打车应用公司Uber泄露出来的文件显示,全球每周已有80万人次通过Uber进行叫车务。我们可以肯定地说,这个数字现在又增长了不少。No matter how big it has gotten, however, Uber’s ride volume pales in comparison with the numbers of rides of its main Chinese rival, Kuaidi. That company, little known outside of China, is claiming up to 6 million rides every day. That makes Kuaidi, which is backed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, or perhaps rival Didi Taxi (which is backed by Tencent Holdings and boasts of a similar scale and footprint), the world’s king of the ride-hailing apps at least by some measures.但是不管它增长了多少,Uber的业务量与它在中国的主要竞争对手“快的打车”相比还是略显苍白。快的在中国以外几乎没有什么知名度,但是据说它的业务量每天最多能达到600万人次。因此从某种角度上来看,中国的电商巨头阿里巴巴投资的“快的打车”和腾讯公司投资的“嘀嘀打车”(嘀嘀的规模和业务量据说和快的差不多)才是打车应用程序界真正的王者。“This kind of transportation service has a big future in China,” says Joe Lee, a 39-year-old serial entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Kuaidi. “The addressable market is very very big.”39岁的连续创业者、快的打车的联合创始人乔o李(译音)表示:“这种交通务在中国很有前途,目标市场非常非常大。”To be sure, Kuaidi’s model is different from that of Uber. Its app, which counts 100 million users, is used mostly to hail taxis in some 300 of China’s notoriously congested cities. The company makes no money from those rides, and the hailing app is nothing more than a tool to acquire customers.要指出的是,快的打车的业务模式和Uber不太一样。快的打车应用程序现在已经拥有1亿名用户,不过它最主要的用途是用来在300多个中国最拥堵的城市里叫出租车。公司本身并不从中抽成,这款叫车应用程序也只不过是一个招揽用户的工具。Over time, however, Kuaidi is hoping to monetize its giant customer base with what it calls a “freemium” model. This summer, Kuaidi launched a luxury limo service in 20 cities that competes directly with Uber’s high-end black cars. Eventually, it plans to extend into the kind of ride-sharing, courier and delivery services that appear to be on the sights of most transportation startups.然而随着时间的推移,快的打车也希望利用“免费增值”模式,通过其庞大的用户群赚钱。今年夏天,快的在20个城市推出了豪车租用务,可以说是针锋相对地与Uber的高端租车务进行竞争。最终,快的打车希望将业务拓展到拼车、导游和快递务领域,而这些也正是大多数交通类应用都虎视眈眈的领域。So how did Kuaidi go from zero to 100 million users, and a staggering 1 million drivers, in just two years? Lee says China’s characteristics—large, congested cities with poor public transit networks and massive fleets of relatively inexpensive taxis—were tailor-made for this kind of service.那么,快的是如何在短短两年内,从零发展到1亿名用户,并拥有了100万名司机的呢?乔o李表示这要归功于中国特色——大城市交通拥堵,公共交通网络不完善,再加上有大量价格相对便宜的出租车,为这种叫车务提供了得天独厚的条件。Subsidies helped too. To expand its network, Kuaidi let customers signal to taxis that they would add a tip to their fares. That simple feature quickly lured drivers, but it also dramatically expanded the number of riders, as it solved a critical issue: at rush hour and during bad weather, demand for taxis exceeds supply in many cities. “We used that simple function to kick-start the whole thing,” Lee says. Since then, Kuaidi added another incentive for drivers. On transactions that go through Alipay, a very popular payment service in China that is built into the Kuaidi app, the company will add an additional .另外补贴也起了一定帮助。为了扩展其网络,快的允许用户向出租车发送“愿意付小费”的信息。这个简单的功能很快吸引来了大批司机,同时它也使乘车者的人数大幅增加,因为它解决了一个重要的问题:在很多城市,尤其是在高峰时段和恶劣天气时,对出租车的需求都超过了供给。乔o李表示:“我们用这个简单的功能推动了它的整体发展。”后来快的打车还为司机提供了另一项激励。如果使用快的打车应用程序内嵌的付宝功能付的话,公司会额外补贴1美元。Kuaidi, which has raised more than 0 million, now claims 1 million drivers on its network. Didi has also grown its network to similar size by subsidizing rides. The competing subsidies have led to a ruthless price war that is essentially financed by Kuaidi’s and Didi’s biggest backers, Alibaba and Tencent.快的打车已经获得了超过1亿美元的融资,该公司还表示,它已经拥有了一个100万名司机的庞大网络。腾讯公司投资的嘀嘀打车也通过提供补贴,培养起了一个规模差不多的网络。快的和嘀嘀的互相较劲的补贴竞争已经升级成了价格大战,最终出钱的还是双方背后的大佬——阿里巴巴和腾讯。Uber is entering this market as a clear underdog, a position that CEO Travis Kalanick says he relishes.Uber明显是作为一个弱者进入这个市场的,不过CEO特拉维斯o卡拉尼克表示,他很享受这个位置。“We get to be the little guy,” Kalanick said on Monday during the TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference in San Francisco. “For me that’s like homecoming.”本周一,卡拉尼克在旧金山参加TechCrunch Disrupt峰会时表示:“我们必须要做小家伙,对我来说这就像回家一样。”Jixun Foo, a partner with GGV Capital, who lives in Shanghai, says Kuaidi and Didi combined have cornered the mass market for transportation in China. “In China, the real mass market is not an Uber black car market,” says Foo, who is an investor in Singapore based GrabTaxi, another cab-hailing firm focused on Southeast Asia. The challenge for the Chinese companies, Foo says, will be to move upmarket with new, paid services that compete with Uber premium service. Conversely, Uber will have a hard time gaining mass appeal in China, Foo says.居住在上海的纪源资本(GGV Capital)合伙人符绩勋表示,快的和嘀嘀加起来,已经垄断了中国的交通类应用程序的大众市场。“在中国,真正的大众市场并不是Uber的豪车市场。”符绩勋本人也是新加坡打车应用程序GrabTaxi的投资人之一,GrabTaxi主要瞄准的是东南亚市场。符绩勋表示,中国企业面临的主要挑战,是要通过能与Uber的高端务相比匹敌的新付费务进入高端市场。相反,Uber则要付出一番努力才能获得中国老百姓的青睐。For now, Uber has done just fine. The company, which began operations there about a year ago, is offering its marquee black car service in six major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. This summer, it launched its less expensive Uber X service, and it began a ride-sharing service in Beijing to allow private individuals to pick up passengers.从目前来看,Uber的表现还算不错。Uber大概一年前才在中国开始运营,现在它已经在北京、上海、成都等六个城市提供豪车出租务。今年夏天,它又推出了稍便宜一些的Uber X务。另外它还在北京推出了一项拼车务,允许私人车主通过Uber与其他乘客拼车。Allen Penn, who heads Uber’s business in Asia, says that in its first six months in Shanghai, Uber grew faster than it had after launching in New York, Paris or Singapore. Its adoption in Beijing was even faster. “Uber is offering a higher quality standard for a modest premium,” Penn says. “We are seeing growth that is outstripping anything we are seeing around the world.”Uber的亚洲业务负责人艾伦o潘表示,Uber在上海推出的前六个月里,它的发展要比在纽约、巴黎和新加坡等地快得多,Uber在北京的使用率甚至还要更多。他说:“Uber以合理的费用提供了更高的品质标准。我们看到,Uber在中国的发展速度超过了它在任何一个国家的速度。”The massive Chinese market seems to have enough room for Uber and its homegrown rivals for now. But the companies—with Uber set to expand its offerings and footprint, and the local players chasing premium services—are on a collision course in the world’s largest market, and perhaps, beyond. Kuaidi’s Lee says the company has its sights on China first, and neighboring countries next. Eventually, though, it may seek a foothold in the ed States.目前看来,中国市场的庞大,让Uber有充足的空间和中国的竞争对手群雄逐鹿。不过随着Uber不断扩展其业务和足迹,以及本地企业对高端务虎视眈眈,它们之间的冲突似乎不可避免,甚至有可能要在国内国外“两线作战”。快的打车的联合创始人乔o李表示,快的首先把目光锁定在中国,然后是中国的周边国家,最终可能还会在美国抢占一席之地。For now, the battlefield is in China’s mega-cities where the price wars are raging. “Ultimately you have to have a sustainable business,” Kalanick said. “At the end of the day, we are going to try to offer the cheapest most reliable rides in China. It’s going to be interesting.”目前看来,打车应用大战还主要集中在中国的大城市里,而且价格战有愈演愈烈之势。卡拉尼克认为:“最终我们会建立可持续性的业务。总而言之,我们会努力在中国提供最便宜、最可靠的叫车务。它一定会变得很有意思。” /201409/327716。

  As General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra offered up more details about her company’s switch issues before lawmakers on Wednesday, U.S. safety regulators have started investigating a second Detroit auto company, Chrysler.周三,就在通用汽车(General Motors)CEO玛丽o巴拉就公司的点火开关问题向美国国会提供更多细节之际,美国安全监管机构已经开始对底特律另外一家汽车公司展开调查,它就是克莱斯勒(Chrysler)。The two probes are examining air bag issues in which a defective switch may prevent the safety device from properly deploying in over 1 million Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler models, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).Administration, NHTSA)称,这两项调查针对的是汽车安全气囊问题。装配在100万多辆Jeep、道奇(Dodge)和克莱斯勒车型汽车上的一种存在缺陷的开关可能妨碍安全气囊正确弹出。There are no deaths or injuries associated with the safety issues, the NHSTA said.NHSTA称,目前尚未发现与此安全问题相关的伤亡。The NHSTA also said that the investigations “are an outcome of communication with automotive manufacturers and suppliers regarding airbag design and performance related to the position of the vehicle ignition switch.” The agency added, “As part of NHTSA’s broader efforts to evaluate this issue, the agency examined all major manufacturers’ airbag deployment strategies as they relate to switch position.”NHSTA还表示,这些调查是“与汽车制造商和供应商就气囊设计和汽车点火开关位置相关性能进行沟通后的结果。”这个政府机构还补充说,作为NHTSA更深入评估这一问题的一部分内容,它检测了所有主要制造商的气囊与开关位置相关的弹开部署。Chrysler also released a statement saying that it is “awaiting additional information from (NHTSA). The company is prepared to cooperate fully with the investigation.” It is currently unknown whether or not the investigations will lead to recalls of the Chrysler models.克莱斯勒还发布了一份声明称,该公司“正等待从(NHTSA)获得更多信息。它准备全力配合此项调查。”目前还不清楚调查是否将导致克莱斯勒车型汽车的召回。The General Motors GM -0.17% recalls, meanwhile, now include over 20 million vehicles worldwide. They started in February, and have been linked to the deaths of 13 individuals and 54 crashes.与此同时,通用汽车已在进行产品召回,如今全球已召回超过2,000万辆汽车。通用汽车从今年2月开始产品召回,而且已经涉及13名个人的死亡和54起撞车事故。 /201406/307067



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