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As the first China-made large aircraft roll off the production line, plans for the larger C929 to rival the Boeing 777 are well under way.作为第一台中国本土制造的投入生产线的大型客机,C929抢占劲敌波音777地位的计划正在酝酿中。The China-made large passenger aircraft C919 that made its debut at an exhibition in November 2010 will begin to roll off the production line from Nov.2 this year. Its maiden flight is expected to be in the third quarter of next year, according to Wang Jian, chairman of the AVIC Electromechanical Company speaking at the International Forum of Civilian Aircraft Electromechanical Systems held in Nanjing on Oct. 23.2010年九月,中国制造的大型客机C919第一次在展览会亮相。今1日起,该客机将投入生产线制造。在103日于南京举行的民航飞机机电系统论坛上,中航机电系统有限公司董事长王建说,它的首次航行将于明年第三季度进行。The C919 has been developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which develops home-grown passenger aircraft, including the short range jet ARJ21. The single-aisle narrow-body passenger aircraft C919 has been marketed over the past years aimed at competing with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.C919是中国商用飞机有限责任公司研发的,该公司研发包括短途引擎ARJ21在内的本土客机。单通道窄体的C919客机已经在过去的几年中被推入市场,目标就是和波音737以及空客320竞争。Wang said as of now, a total of 514 China-made C919 aircraft have been ordered by 21 customers around the world.王说,至今,共计514架国产C919客机已经被世1家客户预订。Wang said that according to the current plan, the C919 will make its maiden flight in the third quarter next year, or possibly in 2017.王说,依照现在的计划,C919将在明年第三季度首次航行,或者可能在2017年。The C919s ;successor; - the wide-body aircraft C929 has also entered the research stage in terms of key technologies. According to Wang, the C929 will use domestic engine and have a capacity of more than 300 passengers, aiming to replace the Boeing 777 in the future.C919的姊客机,宽体C929就关键技术而言已经进入研究阶段。王称,C929将使用国产发动机,载客量大于300人,目标是在未来取代波音777。来 /201510/406585

Its been a tough year for Russia. Thesliding ruble, plunging oil prices and economic sanctions have all cut a swathe through the economy. China, Russias biggest economic partner is now offering to help. Think of it as an olive branch filled with yuan leaves.今年对俄罗斯来说是苦难的一年。卢布贬值,油价下滑,再加上经济制裁,都对俄罗斯经济造成了巨大的打击。而作为俄罗斯最大的经济伙伴,中国愿意提供帮助。可以把它想象成一枝结满人民币的橄榄枝。Henry Blodget says this is an example ofthe changing global economy: ;The world is realigning. This is the big picture.China is getting stronger and stronger. Russia is in trouble.; Dont tell thatto Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin doesnt consider his countrys current economic state as a crisis and he remains defiant that the Ruble will bounce back.Henry Blodget说这就是全球经济正在转变的例子。“世界正在重组。这才是重点。中国越来越强。而俄罗斯正陷入麻烦。”不要把这个事实告诉俄罗斯总统普京。普京并不觉得自己的国家正陷入经济危机,并认为卢布最终将会反弹。China and Russia are both trying to decrease dependence on the U.S. dollar in international trading. In October,the countries agreed on a billion currency swap to strengthen the ruble and make trading easier between the two partners.中国和俄罗斯都在努力减少自己在国际贸易中对美元的依赖0月份,两个国家同意进40亿美元的货币互换以强化卢布,并让两国之间的贸易变得更容易。Perhaps, not looking to offend Putin,Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says they would only help Russia, if they needed it and that he believes Russia has the wherewithal to get out from underits problems. Blodget disagrees and sees some bumpy roads ahead: ;Youre goingto get destabilization. China and Russia are cozying up. China is playing it both ways. Saying not too much help here and keeping their options open.;或许是为了不触犯到普京,中国外长王毅说如果俄罗斯有需要的话中国会提供帮助,并且他相信俄罗斯有办法解决自己的问题。Blodget并不认同这种看法,并认为前面的道路并不平坦:“你们将变得不稳定,中国和俄罗斯在互相安慰。中国在玩两面手法。嘴上说说并不能提供什么帮助,并且让自己的选择保持开放。”China and Russia both need each other.Earlier this year China signed a 30-year 0 billion deal to buy Russian gasand shore up their energy supplies. Western economic sanctions placed on Russia after its meddling in the Ukraine have also forced the country to import more from China. Chinas exports to Russia are up over 10% from last year.中国和俄罗斯互相需要对方。今年早些时候,中国和俄罗斯签订了一个价000亿美元的30年期的天然气购买协议以满足自己的需求。而西方的制裁也导致俄罗斯更多的从中国进口。与去年相比,中国对俄罗斯出口的涨幅超过00%。Russias struggles are also a prime opportunity for China to showcase its economic prowess. Chinas buying powerand global emergence is altering the global landscape. ;This idea that the U.S.and Europe control the whole world is starting to change,; says Blodget. Lookfor China to continue to find ways to assert its economic power in the coming year.俄罗斯的挣扎也正是中国展示自己经济实力的时机。中国的购买力和全球出镜率正在改变全球的图景。“美欧控制世界的印象开始改变,”Blodget说。未来几年中国将继续寻找方式来伸张自己的经济影响力。来 /201412/350301An international court has awarded the shareholders of the now-defunct Yukos oil company more than billion, ruling that the Russian government wrongly seized the company from one of the country’s most powerful oligarchs.一家国际法庭裁定,现已不复存在的尤科斯石油公司(Yukos)的股东们应当得到超过500亿美元(约合3100亿元人民币)的赔偿。裁决认定俄罗斯政府从该国最强大的寡头之一手中不正当地夺走了这家公司。The award by a tribunal in The Hague the largest ever in international arbitration is the latest chapter in a dispute that began in 2003 when Russian authorities arrested Yukos’s chairman, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, and sold off his company over the next several years.海牙的一家仲裁法庭裁定的这宗赔偿,是国际仲裁史上金额最大的一宗003年,俄罗斯当局逮捕了尤科斯公司的总裁米哈伊尔·B·霍多尔科夫斯Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky),并在随后几年里将他的公司出售。这次的赔偿裁定是始003年的这场纠纷中最新的发展。Mr. Khodorkovsky gained control of Yukos through Russia’s privatization auctions in the 1990s, and the attack on the energy company was seen by some as the Kremlin’s effort to correct irregularities in that process. Others, including Yukos shareholders, saw the company’s troubles and Mr. Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment as an effort by Russia’s government to punish him for his political ambitions and take back the oil and gas industry.霍多尔科夫斯基在上世0年代俄罗斯的私有化拍卖中,取得了尤科斯的控制权,而之后这家能源公司受到的攻击,在一些人看来,是克里姆林宫试图纠正私有化过程中出现的违规做法。但包括尤科斯股东在内的另一些人则认为,这家公司遇到的麻烦,以及霍多尔科夫斯基的入狱,是俄罗斯政府在对他的政治抱负进行惩罚,也是政府在夺回油气产业的控制权。In siding with the shareholders, the ruling adds to the pressure on Russia, which faces increased scrutiny in the ed States and Europe for the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The Yukos case plays into broader concerns that Russia, under the leadership of President Vladimir V. Putin, has looked to stifle opposition and put valuable assets under Kremlin insiderscontrol.这项裁决持了股东的诉求,加剧了俄罗斯承受的压力。当前,俄罗斯由于激化乌克兰的危机,受到了美国和欧洲越来越严厉的审视。尤科斯公司的案件让人联想起更广泛的一些担忧,即在弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)的领导下,俄罗斯意图钳制反对派,并将其巨额财产放在克里姆林宫圈内人的手中。A three-person panel, in a roughly 600-page ruling, portrayed the seizure and breakup of Yukos as a politically driven campaign to neutralize Mr. Khodorkovsky while taking the lucrative oil company from which he derived most of his wealth. The panel said Russia “was not driven by motives of tax collectionin auctioning off a core business but “by the desire of the state to acquire Yukosmost valuable asset.”由三人组成的仲裁庭在长00页的裁定书中写道,没收并拆分尤科斯公司的行为是出于政治原因而采取的行动,目的是消除霍多尔科夫斯基的影响力,同时夺取他名下利润丰厚的石油公司。霍多尔科夫斯基的大部分财富都来源于这家公司。仲裁小组认定,俄罗斯在拍卖一项核心业务时,“动机并不是税收”,而是“意欲让国家取得尤科斯公司最有价值的资产”。“In short,the tribunal said, “it was in effect a devious and calculated expropriation.”仲裁小组表示,“简而言之,这实际上是一个精心策划的、狡诈的盘剥行为。”“This has to be a considerable source of embarrassment and frustration for the small group of people at the helmin Russia, said John Lough, a Russia analyst at Chatham House, a research organization in London.伦敦研究机构皇家国际事务研究所(Chatham House)的俄罗斯问题专家约翰·John Lough)表示,这为俄罗斯“掌舵的一小群人,带来了相当大的尴尬和挫折”。Still, the award, which was less than shareholders sought, may prove a largely symbolic blow. It is unclear how shareholders will collect the money from Russia.不过,这次裁定的赔偿低于股东提出的金额,而且这项裁定产生的冲击,基本上也只是象征性的。目前尚不清楚股东会怎样从俄罗斯收取赔偿金。Lawyers for the shareholders said they expected the government to resist paying the award and that the case could drag on for years. If Russia did not pay, the lawyers said, they would go to court outside Russia to seize state-owned commercial assets, focusing in particular on Rosneft, the state-owned oil giant. Rosneft acquired the crown jewel of Yukos, a unit called Yuganskneftegaz, for a bargain price in the bankruptcy proceedings.股东的代理律师表示,他们预期政府会拒绝给予赔偿,这个案件可能也会拖延数年。律师们表示,如果俄罗斯不做赔偿,他们会在俄罗斯以外的法庭起诉,要求没收俄罗斯国有的商业资产,尤其会关注国有石油巨擘俄罗斯石油公Rosneft)。在破产程序当中,Rosneft以极低的价格收购了尤科斯公司冠冕上的明珠尤甘斯克石油天然气公Yuganskneftegaz)。“We are thrilled with this decision, although we know it is not the end of the road,said Tim Osborne, director of GML, the holding company created by the Yukos founder that owned about 60 percent of the oil company.GML公司董事蒂姆·奥斯Tim Osborne)说,“这个裁定让我们感到振奋,尽管我们知道前面还有路要走。”GML是霍多尔科夫斯基建立的控股公司,持有尤科0%的股什?Russia’s Ministry of Finance said it would appeal. “Instead of an objective, impartial consideration of the case, the arbitration court ruled based on current developments and as a result adopted a politically biased decision,it said in a statement on its website.俄罗斯财政部称将会上诉。该部在其官方网站上发表声明称,“仲裁庭并未客观、公正地审理案件,而是根据当前的局势做出了裁定,因此出具的裁决有政治偏见。”The Yukos story traces back to the years after the fall of the Soviet Union. In the early 1990s, Moscow allowed a handful of aggressive traders and financiers to take over much of the oil business and other industries previously controlled by the state. Mr. Khodorkovsky, who had founded a bank called Menatep, gained control of Yukos in 1995 at a cheap price through an auction widely considered rigged.尤科斯公司的故事可以追溯到苏联解体后的那几年。上世纪90年代初,莫斯科允许少数一些有进取心的商人和金融业者,接手过去由国家控制的大部分石油生意和其他产业。霍多尔科夫斯基先是建立了一家名为梅纳捷Menatep)的,此后1995年在一场拍卖中以低廉的价格,取得了尤科斯公司的控制权。人们广泛认为,那次拍卖过程中有人做了手脚。Despite having little industry knowledge, Mr. Khodorkovsky helped revive the company by bringing in Western techniques like water injection and fracking. Production at Yukos almost doubled between 1995 and 2003.尽管霍多尔科夫斯基此前对这个行业几乎一无所知,他仍然通过引进注水法和水力压裂法等西方技术帮助公司重振雄风。从1995年到2003年,尤科斯的产量几乎翻了一番。But Mr. Khodorkovsky fell out of favor with Mr. Putin, who is said to have bridled at the chairman’s rumored political ambitions and aggressive lobbying on business matters. In October 2003, agents arrested Mr. Khodorkovsky at a Siberian airport. He served 10 years in jail on charges of embezzlement and tax fraud before being pardoned by Mr. Putin late last year.不过,霍多尔科夫斯基在普京那里失宠了,传闻这位尤科斯的总裁颇有政治野心,据说就是这一点和他游说商业事务时咄咄逼人的态度惹怒了普京0030月,警方探员在西伯利亚机场逮捕了霍多尔科夫斯基。他因受到挪用公款和税务欺诈指控而了十年徒刑,去年末,普京赦免了他。Shareholders viewed the ruling, made on July 18 and unveiled on Monday, as a victory.股东们把今年78日出台并于本周一公布的裁决视为一次胜利。“The findings were predictable for any unbiased observer,Mr. Khodorkovsky said in an emailed statement. “From beginning to end, the Yukos case has been an instance of unabashed plundering of a successful company by a mafia with links to the state.”“任何一名不带偏见的观察者都会预见这样的裁决结果。”霍多尔科夫斯基在用电子邮件发表的声明中表示。“尤科斯一案,从头到尾就是一个与官方勾结的小集团厚颜无耻地劫掠一家成功企业的案例。”Mr. Osborne, a British tax lawyer who runs GML, said on Monday that he expected Russia to apply to courts in the Netherlands to have the awards set aside. He also indicated that GML would be open to a settlement. “We accept there is a benefit to being paid straight away.”经营GML的英国税务律师奥斯本周一表示,他预计俄罗斯会向位于荷兰的法庭申请撤销赔偿裁决。他还暗示,GML愿意接受和解方案。“要承认,能立即拿到钱对我们有益。”来 /201407/316552Ukraine was bracing itself for more upheaval on Sunday after its two easternmost regions held referendums on self-rule that some fear could presage a break-up of the country.周日,乌克兰最东边的两个地区举行了自治公投,这将使乌克兰动荡局势加剧。一些人担心,这可能预示着乌克兰即将分裂。Separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk held the vote despite a call from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for a delay to allow time for talks with Kiev. The Ukrainian government appealed for a boycott, saying secession would lead to economic chaos.尽管俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)呼吁推迟公投,为与乌克兰政府的会谈留出时间,但顿涅茨克州和卢甘斯克的分裂分子还是如期举行了公投。乌克兰政府呼吁抵制公投,称分裂将引发经济混乱。Analysts said the political and business elite of eastern Ukraine would use the results of the vote to demand greater autonomy, their ultimate aim being a loose federal structure that devolves maximum power to the regions.分析人士表示,乌克兰东部地区政商两界的精英将利用此次公投的结果,要求扩大自治权,他们的最终目标是建立一个宽泛的联邦结构,将权力尽可能多的移交给这些地区。But others think that the two regions could break away from Kiev’s rule, turning into an independent but Moscow-backed statelet similar to Transnistria, which seceded from Moldova in the early 1990s.但还有一些分析人士认为,这两个地区可能会摆脱乌克兰政府的统治,变成类似于德涅斯特河沿岸共和国那样的独立但得到俄罗斯持的小国。德涅斯特河沿岸共和国于上世0年代初脱离尔多瓦。Voters were asked whether they endorsed Donetsk and Luhansk’s declaration of self-rule. An official tally was not expected until Monday evening, but anecdotal reports from polling stations suggested a large majority in favour.选民们被问到他们是否持顿涅茨克州和卢甘斯克的独立声明。预计官方结果将在当地时间周一晚间公布,但来自投票站的坊间报告显示,大部分选民持独立。来 /201405/296873

The global response to the Ebola virus in Liberia is being hampered by poor coordination and serious disagreements between Liberian officials and the donors and health agencies fighting the epidemic, according to minutes of top-level meetings and interviews with participants.高层会议的会议记录以及对参与者的采访显示,由于利比里亚官员、捐助国和抗击疫情的卫生机构之间协调欠佳,且存在严重分歧,国际社会应对利比里亚埃拉病毒的行动受到了阻碍。Even now, three months after donors began pouring resources into Liberia, many confirmed cases still go unreported, countries refuse to change plans to erect field hospitals in the wrong places, families cannot find out whether their relatives in treatment are alive or dead, health workers sent to take temperatures sometimes lack thermometers, and bodies have been cremated because a larger cemetery was not yet open.即便现在,在捐助国开始向利比里亚输送大量资源三个月后,仍有许多确诊病例没有上报;各国也拒绝改变计划,仍然在错误的地点设立现场医院;家属无法查明自己正在接受治疗的亲属是生是死;被派去查体温的医务人员有时缺少体温计;因为一个规模更大的墓地尚未开放,遗体都被火化了。The detailed accounts of high-level meetings obtained by The New York Times, the most recent from Monday, lift the veil on the messy and contentious process of running the sprawling response to Liberia’s epidemic, one that now involves more than a hundred government agencies, charities and donors from around the world.《纽约时报》取得的对高层会议的详细叙述(最新的是周一的信息)揭示出,利比里亚疫情的大规模应对行动管理混乱,过程中充满分歧。目前有来自世界各地00多个政府机构、慈善组织和捐助国参与其中。Despite these problems, with help from donors, Liberia, one of the three most afflicted West African countries, and the one with the highest death toll, has seen new cases drop to about 20 a day from about 100 a day two months ago. Experts attribute that to fearful Liberians touching one another less, more safe burials of bodies and distribution of protective gear to health care workers. But they also warn that cases are now holding steady and could explode again.虽然存在种种问题,但是在捐助国的帮助下,利比里亚的新增病例从两个月前的每天约100例,下降到了0例。利比里亚是疫情最严重的三个西非国家之一,也是死亡人数最高的国家。专家认为,这是因为感到害怕的利比里亚人减少了与他人的接触,遗体的掩埋也更安全,医护人员也得到了防护装备。然而,他们还是警告,尽管目前病例数量保持稳定,但仍有可能出现激增。Participants in the meetings of the Incident Management System which replaced the National Ebola Task Force said the atmosphere in the meetings in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, should not be characterized as chaotic or bogged down in bickering, instead calling them “collegialand “effective,although one who spoke on condition of anonymity described “showmanship and political posturing.Senior officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who attended Dr. Frank J. Mahoney and Dr. Kevin M. De Cock said in an email that there were “differences of opinion accompanied by passionate discussions.”突发事件管理系Incident Management System)取代了过去的国家埃拉应变小National Ebola Task Force)。突发事件管理系统会议的参与者表示,不应该形容这个机构在利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚举行的会议混乱无序、因为争吵而陷入僵局,应该说会议是“合作”且“成功”的。尽管一人匿名表示,此次会议“充满了表演和政治作秀”。参与此次会议的美国疾病控制与预防中Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)高级官员弗兰克·J·马奥尼Dr. Frank J. Mahoney)和凯文·M·德科Dr. Kevin M. De Cock)在一封电子邮件中称,会上存在“不同意见——同时,与会者也对相关问题进行了激烈讨论”。At the meeting on Monday, Dr. De Cock cited serious logistics problems, including regular hospitals that cannot separate out Ebola patients, counties with no ambulances and temperature takers with no thermometers.德科克在周一的会议上指出,这里后勤问题严重,比如常规医院无法分隔埃拉患者,有些县没有救护车,还有些测体温的人没有体温计。On Nov. 12, the representative of the ed Nations secretary general complained that “hundredsof vehicles had been made available but there was always a shortage. Asking where they are, he added: “The recipient also has to be accountable, just as the donor.12号,联合ed Nations)秘书长的代表抱怨道,已经提供了“数以百计”的车辆,但还是时常出现短缺。他在询问这些车辆在哪里时还说:“接收人也必须负起责任,就像捐助国一样。”Also, the support documents with the minutes indicate that there is no national plan for Ebola survivors either for reuniting them with their families or for using them to do nursing tasks because they are thought to be immune.同时,这份会议记录的附属文件还表明,他们并没有针对埃拉幸存者的全国性计划——不论是让他们与家人团聚,还是让他们去从事护理工作,因为据信这些人已经对埃拉病毒有了免疫力。A report on the issue s: “The current and planned work presented by the partners and government for survivors can be characterized as fragmented and lacking in scope, scale, comprehensiveness, evidence base and survivor-driven programming.”关于此事的一篇报告称:“合作伙伴和政府针对幸存者当前开展和计划开展的工作,可谓零碎、缺乏远见、规模不足,不够全面、缺少据撑,也缺乏由幸存者主导的计划。”American military helicopters ferrying doctors to remote areas were forbidden to fly back not only patients but even blood samples; recently samples from a village had to be walked to a road four hours away. At Monday’s meeting, according to the minutes, Dr. De Cock called this “unacceptable,adding, “This has to change this week.”把医生运送到边远地区的美国军用飞机不仅被禁止运回患者,而且连血样也不能运回;人们不得不走路花四个小时,把最近从一个村庄采集的样本送到路上。前述会议记录显示,德科克在周一的会议上称这种情况“令人无法接受”,并表示,“本周必须做出改变。”Dr. Hans Rosling, a Swedish epidemiologist and consultant to Liberia’s Health Ministry, said that the helicopter order came “from somewhere in America.In an interview, he cited problems not listed in the minutes: one Asian and two European donor countries are insisting on building new Ebola field hospitals in Monrovia, where hospitals have empty beds, rather than in remote counties where beds are desperately needed; they insisted because they announced those plans two months ago, he said. The national case count was not reported for two days recently because the government employee compiling it went unpaid and stopped working. The minutes of the Incident Management System were made available along with PowerPoint files and other documents by an expert who said the disorganization of the Ebola effort should be made public.瑞典流行病学家、利比里亚卫生部(Health Ministry)顾问汉斯·罗斯Hans Rosling)表示,有关直升飞机的命令是从“美国的某个地方”发出的。他在接受采访时提到了会议记录中没有列出的问题:一个亚洲捐助国和两个欧洲捐助国,坚持要求在蒙罗维亚而不是在那些医院床位紧缺的偏远县城,建造新的埃拉现场医院,蒙罗维亚的医院还有空床位。他表示,他们之所以如此坚持,是因为他们在两个月前就宣布了这些计划。最近两天没有全国病例的统计报告,因为负责汇编数据的政府工作人员没有拿到工资,于是停止了工作。一名专家提供了突发事件管理系统的会议记录、演示文稿,以及其他文件,这名专家表示,应该让公众知道埃拉应对工作的混乱状态。The meetings are usually led by Tolbert Nyenswah, the deputy health minister, and include representatives from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the ed Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, numerous ed Nations agencies, the ed States Agency for International Development, the ed States Army, Doctors Without Borders and medical, aid or military representatives from many other countries. Dr. Nyenswah and other ministry officials could not be reached for comment; Dr. Rosling has worked with the ministry since October.会议通常由卫生部副部长托尔伯特·尼耶斯Tolbert Nyenswah)主持召开,与会人员包括来自CDC、世界卫生组World Health Organization)、世界银World Bank)、联合国埃拉应急特派团(ed Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response),各联合国机构及美国国际开发署(ed States Agency for International Development)、无国界医生(Doctors Without Borders)的代表,以及来自很多其他国家的医疗、援助和军方代表。记者无法联系到尼耶斯瓦和其他卫生部官员置评;罗斯林从10月开始在利比里亚卫生部供职。The minutes make it clear that accuracy of the national case count is shaky.会议记录明确提出,全国病例统计数据的准确度不可靠。On Nov. 5, Dr. Rosling said, “We are absolutely sure that we cannot be sure about the data.1日,罗斯林表示,“我们非常肯定,我们无法确信这些数据。”In the minutes, Liberian officials regularly complain about the donors, and the donors argue back. On Nov. 12, James Dorbor Jallah, the task force’s deputy manager, said: “People will sit in D.C. or Geneva and want to direct what is happening here.”会议记录显示,利比里亚官员频频对捐助国提出抱怨,而捐助国则进行反驳12日,工作组副主任詹姆斯·多尔·贾拉(James Dorbor Jallah)说,“那些人在华盛顿或日内瓦坐着,还想要指挥这里的事情。”The health minister, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, backed him up, complaining that “the U.N. and other agencies got their money before the ink was even dry,while, he said, a group run by a Liberian pastor to teach rural people about Ebola “has not gotten one cent.”卫生部长沃尔特·T·戈维尼盖Walter T. Gwenigale)同意他的说法。戈维尼盖尔抱怨称,“联合国和其他机构拿到的钱,都是刚印出来的,墨水都还没干”,但由一名利比里亚牧师牵头,向农村居民普及埃拉知识的组织却“没有拿到一分钱”。On Sunday, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf replaced Dr. Gwenigale without explaining why, but said he would remain an adviser. Dr. Emmanuel T. Dolo, Ms. Johnson Sirleaf’s youth adviser, complained that the donors were “showing a level of disrespectby judging Liberian community groups by “harsh standardsand “Western standards.”周日,利比里亚总统埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫(Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)撤换了戈维尼盖尔,但没有给出原因,只是说他仍然担任顾问。约翰逊·瑟利夫的年轻顾问伊曼纽尔·T·多洛(Emmanuel T. Dolo)抱怨称,捐助国以“苛刻标准”和“西方标准”评判利比里亚的社区团体,这么做“有些不尊重”。At the same meeting, Mr. Nyenswah, the deputy health minister, pointed to his government’s “team leadersand warned, “Partners in the room have not been engaging them and involving them in strategy but you have to.”在同一场会议上,卫生部副部长尼耶斯瓦指着本国政府的“小组领导”,向与会者警告,“这个房间里的合作伙伴们,没有与他们沟通,也没有让他们参与制定的策略——但你们必须要这么做。”A representative of the ed Nations Children’s Fund replied that the local pastor needed to prove he could do the work.联合国儿童基金会(ed Nations Children’s Fund)的一名代表回应称,当地的那名牧师需要明他有能力做这份工作。Two days later, Shiyong Wang, the World Bank representative, confirmed that ed Nations agencies had received nearly all their money and that the Liberian government had received only 7 percent of the million allotted to it. But, he said, the government had not produced required documentation not even, for example, names of dead health workers whose families awaited compensation. He criticized the government’s “overly complex and bureaucratic approval process,including three signatures on each document.两天后,世界的代表王世勇实,联合国机构接收了几乎所有资金,利比里亚政府只收到了划拨给该国的2300万美元(约合1.4亿元人民币)拨款中的7%。但他表示,该国政府没有出具必要的文件,例如病逝的卫生工作者的名字,他们的家人正在等待补偿。他批评道,该国政府的“审批过程过于复杂、官僚化”,比如,一份文件需要三个签名。来 /201411/343599Burundis electoral commission has recommended pushing back national elections, after unrest sparked by President Pierre Nkurunzizas decision to seek a third term.布隆迪的选举委员会建议推迟举行大选之前布隆迪总统恩库仑齐扎决定寻求第三个任期,引起动乱。The National Independent Election Commission said Monday it has proposed legislative polls to take place on June 26, followed by the presidential election on July 15 and a senatorial vote on July 24.全国独立选举委员会星期一建议66日进行国民议会选举5日举行总统选举4日举行参议院选举。The presidential election originally was set for June 26, but there has been no campaigning in the wake of violent protests and a failed coup attempt last month in the capital, Bujumbura.总统选举原定66日举行,但在发生暴力抗议和上个月发生未遂政变之后,候选人没有展开竞选活动。Some opposition officials said the electoral commission lacks the legal authority to make any pronouncements because two of its five commissioners are believed to have fled the country.一些反对派人士说,选举委员会没有法定权力来宣布推迟大选,因为该委员会名成员中已有两人逃到国外。More than 100,000 Burundians have fled the country since the protests began.布隆迪爆发抗议示威以来已0万人出逃。The presidents supporters say he is eligible for a third term because he was elected by parliament, not voters, for his first five-year term in 2005. The constitutional court has ruled in favor of the president.恩库仑齐扎总统的持者说,他寻求第三个任期是合法的,因为005年第一次出任总统是由议会、而不是由选民选举的。布隆迪宪法法院持总统寻求连任。But his critics say that by running for a third term, he is violating term limits in the constitution and the accords that ended Burundis civil war.但批评者说,恩库仑齐扎的做法违法了宪法有关总统任期的规定和布隆迪内战结束时签署的阿鲁巴协议。The ed States has called on Mr. Nkurunziza not to run for a third term, saying the decision could destabilize Burundi.美国呼吁恩库仑齐扎不要竞选第三次连任,称这样做会破坏布隆迪稳定。来 /201506/379787

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