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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):;She is five tons of gray, ponderous beauty.;Thats how Rex G. White of the Detroit News described the now-forgotten treasure of the Belle Isle Zoo: Sheba the Asian elephant.She arrived in Detroit in 1923 and lived at the Belle Isle Zoo until she died on Jan. 2, 1959.And it all began with a letter written by a schoolgirl.Lori Feret, who is writing the first comprehensive history of Belle Isle, joined Stateside to tell the untold story of Sheba. It goes something like this:A little girl wrote a letter to the Detroit News and asked if there was a way for schoolchildren to work together and buy something the Belle Isle Zoo didnt have: an elephant. The zoo started in the late 1800s with smaller animals, but as the 20th century approached, the animals in the zoo got bigger – more like a modern-day zoo.The News saw this as an opportunity for some good publicity, so a campaign was launched to have an ;elephant day,; where children across the city could contribute their lunch or milk money to the cause. 150,000 schoolchildren pooled their money together to raise about ,000 to help cover the ,750 price tag (more than ,000 by todays money) of the 600-pound elephant.The News sent a reporter to New York City to travel alongside the young elephant as she made the journey to Buffalo. After some adventures in Buffalo, they took a boat to the elephants new home in DetroitWhen she arrived, Sheba was tremendously popular. She was dubbed ;The School Childrens Elephant;.More elephants would follow her to Belle Isle in later years, but Sheba remained a star until the zoo closed in 1956.Listen to the full interview above to hear about the trouble Sheba got into on the way to Detroit, and what happened when a drunk man snuck into the elephant house and tried to take a nap with the elephant.201701/490060特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选在口语书籍,对话精讲为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可所有。第一、迷你对话A: I think mum should not take aside. After all, we are all her children.我觉得妈妈不应该偏向哪一边,毕竟我们都是她的孩子。B: But our younger sister is the apple of her eye.但是我们的是妈妈的掌上明珠。A: It’s unfair.这不公平。B: Well, we can do nothing about it.那我们也没办法呀。第二、 对话精讲1 地道表达【地道短语】take aside【解词释义】take asides的本义是“偏袒”,尤其指在辩论中表示持某人。其英文解释为:to agree with or support someone side with somebody。【语法用法】表示偏袒具体的某一方,在此语的中间加上somebody,即:take somebody aside。是这个意思时,还可以用作take the side of someone。【典型范例】I took Bobs side when I heard his account of the events. 当我听到这个事情时,我持Bob这边。You must not take aside in their argument.在他们的辩论中,你不要偏袒任何一方。第二、 词海拾贝the apple of one’s eye某人的掌上明珠【范例】He told her that she was the apple of his eye, that she was wound around his heartstrings. 他告诉她她是他的掌上明珠,是他的心头肉。 Mary, as the youngest daughter, is the apple of her parents eye.作为家中最小的孩子,玛丽是她父母的掌上明珠。Her grandson is the apple of her eye. 孙子是她的掌上明珠。Slender, pretty and vivacious, she was the apple of her parents eye. 她苗条美丽、泼大方,是父母的掌上明珠。第三、 口语句型Sb cannot do nothing about something.【使用情景】某人对某事无能为力,没法解决。【句型操练】 Well, I suppose there s nothing we can do about it . 好吧,我看此事我们已无能为力了。 /201305/238778

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:如何表达;你的另一半;或者;那位;和朋友聊家常的时候,大家都是怎么称呼自己的另一半呢?“爱人”太正式,“朋友”太隐晦,“那位”特生活,特自然,酸酸甜甜刚刚好。你知道“那位”用英语怎么说吗?那位或者另一半:other half.The other half of your relationship.Your other half is simply your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. 英语中可以把情侣中的一方,男朋友,女朋友,丈夫或妻子统称为the other half .You would be more likely to use this for a boyfriend or girlfriend you have been with for a long-time——so it would be someone you are in a long term relationship with.注意喽,“那位”尤其适用于老夫老妻或是有长期关系的情侣。你想啊,连名字、称谓都省略了,那两人的关系得多熟啊。另一点要注意的是,you usually use it to talk about your other half with someone else.Other half 一定是在和第三者谈话的场合使用。你和自己的“那位”谈话的时候可就别“那位,那位”的叫了。【情景一】A: So are you coming to Jesss party? 你会来参加Jess的派对吗?B: Yeah Ill be there. Can I bring my other half? 是的,我会去。我可以带上我的那位吗?【情景二】  A: So are you going on holiday this year?今年你会去度假吗?B: Yes, me and my other half are going to America tovisit some friends for a couple of weeks.是的,我和我的那位准备去美国拜访一些朋友,应该会去几周。【情景三】  A: Well Ive got to go——my friend and her other half are staying and were going out for a meal.我们必须得走了,我的朋友和她的那位还在等着呢,我们准备出去吃饭。B: Ive got to get back to my other half.先说到这里。我去找我的“那位”。my other half,你去找你的“那位”your other half吧。 /201301/223125

The unusually warm winter has spawned an outbreak of powerful tornadoes in seven states from the South to the Midwest. 异常温暖的冬天引发美国南部到中西部七个州爆发强烈龙卷风。At least three people were killed and more than a hundred homes were blown apart. 至少三人死亡,超过一百所房屋被吹毁。These were the kind of storms you would expect to see in Mid April or early May. 这些风暴通常在四月中旬或五月上旬见到。28 tornadoes were spotted across 7 states. the largest of these was an eF3 tornado with winds at 165mph. 28次龙卷风席卷7个州。其中最大的龙卷风是EF3级,风速为每小时165公里。One person was killed in Missouri and two in Illinois as a result of the severe weather. 恶劣天气造成密苏里一人死亡,两人在伊利诺斯丧生。Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner visited some of the cities affected by the heavy rain and hail where 100s of homes were destroyed.伊利诺斯州长布鲁斯·雷恩访问了一些遭暴雨和冰雹袭击的城市,那里数百栋房屋被毁。译文属。201703/495308

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