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哈尔滨治疗妇科专家哈尔滨市第五医院预约哈尔滨妇儿医院评价 I went to visit my old friend, Mina, whom I hadnrsquo;t seen in several years. It was one of the strangest afternoons of my life!我去拜访我的老朋友,米娜,我已经几年没有见过她了这是我生命中最奇怪的下午之一!Dan: Hi, Mina, itrsquo;s really good to see you.嗨,米娜,很高兴见到你Mina: Dan, come in. Hurry!丹,进来,快点![Dan: Uh, okay. Why do you have four locks on your door, and why are all of the curtains drawn?嗯,好的为什么门上有把锁?为什么所有的窗帘都要拉上?Mina: I like my privacy. And anyway, I think therersquo;s a peeping Tom around this apartment building and I donrsquo;t want him to get a peek into my apartment.我喜欢我的隐私反正,我觉得这个公寓大楼周围有一个偷窥者,我不让他窥视到我的公寓Dan: Oh, okay. I noticed that your name isnrsquo;t on your mailbox. I wasnrsquo;t sure I had the right apartment number.哦,好的我注意到,你的邮箱上没有你的名字我不知道我手上的公寓号码是否正确Mina: Do you think I would voluntarily give people that inmation? They are constantly trying to invade my privacy. All I want is anonymity, but I have to be on guard all of the time. These days, I only give out personal inmation on a need- to-know basis.你觉得我会主动给人们那样的信息吗?他们不断尝试入侵犯我的隐私我只想匿名,但我一直都得小心这些天,我只在必要的时候才透露我的个人信息Dan: No offense, but isnrsquo;t that a little paranoid? You act as though everybody is out to get you.没有冒犯的意思,但那是不是有点偏执?你的行为好像每个人都想抓你Mina: Arenrsquo;t they? Havenrsquo;t you noticed? We constantly have to disclose our most personal inmation on ms and to anyone who comes to our door. If I didnrsquo;t know you were coming today, I wouldnrsquo;t have opened my door at all.难倒不是吗?你有没有注意到?我们不得不在填表的时候披露我们的个人信息或任何人来到我们家的人如果我不知道你今天来,我根本不会打开我的门Dan: You mean you live here in seclusion, like a hermit?你的意思是你像一个隐士住在这里,隐居?Mina: Of course not! I have plenty of friends. Come and meet them all.当然不是!我有很多朋友快来见见他们Dan: Wow, you must have birds and cats!哇,你肯定有只鸟和只猫!Mina: Yes, thatrsquo;s right. But, rest assured, none of them will breathe a word of what you say here today!是的,说对了但是,放心吧,它们都不会说出你今天在这里说过的话! 98黑龙江省阳光女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没?

哈医大附属第四医院如何挂号哈尔滨阳光做孕检多少钱 RangeWith the development of science and technology, there has been a boom in the ways us to get inmation. But ing books still remains essential to the acquisition of knowledge. The ms of ing may differ from person to person. Some prefer to selectively rather than extensively. To them, the range of knowledge is so wide that it's beyond their reach to cover every field. With purposeful ing, much of their time and energy will be saved.【注】acquisition n. 获得,获得物;beyond reach 达不到可可在线背单词 — 中考英语单词 1哈尔滨医大医院做药物流产多少钱

哈尔滨市妇女儿童医院妇科预约Tess knew that her mother greatly looked ward to these trips to Rolliver.苔丝知道母亲非常希望到罗里弗酒店去There she could sit by her husband side among the beer-drinkers在那儿,她可以挨着丈夫坐在一群喝啤酒的人当中,and get that the children existed.忘掉孩子们的存在It was one of the few bright moments in her hardworking life.这是她繁重的生活中难得的一小段幸福时光Mrs Durbeyfield went out and Tess was left with the children.德北夫人出去了,苔丝留下来与弟弟们在一起They were very young and totally dependent on the Durbeyfield couple:他们都还这么小,还全得依靠德北夫妇:six helpless creatures who had not asked to be born at all,六个无助的小生命,他们自己并没有要求降临到这个世界上,much less to be part of the irresponsible Durbeyfield family.更没有想要成为这样不能尽责的德北家庭中的成员 1 Shan: Excuse me, but I'm looking a gift my friend. Ali: Is it a Chinese New Year's gift or a birthday gift? Shan: Well, it's a wedding gift. Ali: Oh, I see. Let me guess...something sexy the new bride on her first night of marriage? Shan: Basically. But I have no idea what to get! She's American and kind of... Ali: Well-endowed? Don't worry. I have some bras with bigger cup sizes in the back.bride (n.)   新娘marriage (n.)   婚姻basically (adv.)   基本上 A: Why did you quit your job? 你怎么把工作辞职了? B: Basically, I didn't like my colleagues. 基本上是我不喜欢同事wedding (n.,a.)   婚礼(的)bride (n.)   新娘 A: Which one is the bride? 新娘是哪一个啊? B: The one wearing the white dress! 穿白纱的那个啊!basically (adv.)   基本上 basically (adv.) 基本上 A: Why did you quit your job? 你怎么把工作辞职了? B: Basically, I didn't like my colleagues. 基本上是我不喜欢同事Well-endowed (a.)   本钱雄厚的bra (n.)   「胸罩」brassiere 的简写阿珊:不好意思,我在找礼物送朋友 阿丽:是农历新年的礼物还是生日礼物? 阿珊:呃,是结婚礼物 阿丽:我懂了我猜猜看……是在新婚之夜给新娘的性感礼物? 阿珊:基本上是但我不知道要怎么买!她是美国人而且有点…… 阿丽:胸前伟大?别担心后面有一些大罩杯的内衣 857哈尔滨市道里区妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱哈尔滨中医院预约四维彩超



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