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有人患拖延症,也有人患匆忙症。廓庵师远《十牛图颂》里有一首小诗:忙忙拨草去追寻,水阔山遥路更深。力尽神疲无处觅,但闻枫树晚蝉吟。太过匆忙,神思恍惚,致使心中之牛找不到行踪,以此告诫人们不要做人生的;匆匆过客;。Hurry sickness is a malaise where a person feels chronically short of time, and so tends to perform every task faster and to get flustered when encountering any kind of delay.匆忙症是一种老是感觉时间不够,做每件事都很快,遇到任何耽搁就会心慌的病症。A major social problem of the 21st Century is Hurry Sickness. We hurry through work by ;multi-tasking.; We gulp down fast food. We shop at convenience stores. We lament that we haven#39;t enough time. We race through the days and weeks until one day we look back in amazement and comment, ;My, how the years flew by.;21世纪的一个重大社会问题就是匆忙症。我们同时承担多项工作任务,狼吞虎咽地吃掉快餐,购物总去便利店,哀叹没有足够的时间。我们一直和时间赛跑,直到有一天我们惊讶地回过头来,感叹:;哎呀,时光飞逝啊。;Here are a few practices we suggest.我们建议匆忙症患者可以这么做:1. Do not wear your watch for the day.不要戴表。2. Do not drive in the fast lane. Smile and wave at people who pass you.不要在快车道上行驶。向经过你的人微笑并招手。3. Listen to music in solitude and do nothing else for 15 minutes.一个人听音乐,不干其他任何事,这样持续15分钟。4.Before adding a new activity, subtract an old one.给自己增加一个新的待办事项前,先减掉一个旧任务。 /201201/167421。

  • In cold weather, women rely more on outerwear to make a fashion statement. And although few women look like actress Marie Cotillard in a coat (pictured here) whatever your shape, there#39;s a style that will flatter you most. Also keep in mind that you may need more than one coat for the season.在寒冷的天气,女性们用外套表明时尚态度。虽然很少有像照片中的演员玛丽昂·歌迪亚这样好看,但不管你的体型如何,总会有一款外套最适合你。另外你得记住:在冬天你需要的大衣可不止一件。For example, if you#39;re wearing a dress and have exposed legs, a longer coat will keep you warmer. The same long coat, however, can look bulky with a heavy sweater and jeans.打个比方,如果你穿着半身裙、露着双腿,那么你就需要一件长外套,这样更加保暖。然而,如果你穿着厚厚的毛衣和牛仔裤,那么这样的外套就会显得很臃肿。Peacoat厚呢短大衣Actress Gina Gershon sports a winter favorite here: the peacoat. ;A peacoat flatters most full-figured and pear-shaped ladies,; said Jess Zaino, style producer for A#39;s ;The Chew; and founder of Cheap Chic Shopping Tours. ;They give structure to the shoulders and balance a thick waist and big hips.;演员吉娜·吉舍恩穿着一件冬天人们最中意的外套:厚呢短大衣。“无论你是体型偏胖还是臀部丰满,厚呢短大衣都能让肩膀显得更挺,也能让丰满的腰部和臀部看起来更平衡。”A美食脱口秀节目“The Chew”的造型师及节目“Cheap Chic Shopping Tours”的创始人Jess Zaino说。Trench风衣The classic trench, worn here by actress Dianna Agron, flatters all body shapes. ;The sexy, fitted belt at the waist accentuates a super feminine, hourglass figure,; said Zaino. ;If you’re petite, look for a hemline that hits above the knee to avoid looking smaller.;演员迪安娜·阿格隆穿着适合任何体型的经典风衣。Zaino说:“腰带让风衣既性感又合身,彰显出女人味和S形曲线。如果你身材娇小,那就要穿长度不超过膝盖的风衣,以免显得个头更小。”Parka派克大衣Actress Ariel Winter looks trendy in this puffy blue parka. While it works on many shapes, note that the volume does add width to your frame. ;Avoid a loose fit, which will leave you looking shapeless,; Zaino said. She also said that long parkas look best on taller women, so keep it cropped if you#39;re petite.《登家庭》演员阿芮尔·温特穿着这件蓝色的派克大衣看起来非常时髦。虽然这种衣适合很多体型的人穿着,不过要注意这种衣确实能让你的骨架显得更大。“不要穿松松垮垮的派克大衣,这样你会看起来很没型,”Zaino说。另外她提到,长款的派克大衣高个子女人穿才最好看,所以如果你的身材娇小,那么就穿短款的。Cropped Fur Coat短款皮草;A cropped fur is so very Hollywood,; said Zaino, but she noted that it can be tricky to pull off for some sizes. Model Jessica White, who is tall and slim, wears it well. ;Make sure the sleeves fit [so] as not to look childish and that the hemline hits at or above the waist to show off curves instead of hiding them.;“短款皮草看起来非常有好莱坞味道,”Zaino说道,不过她同时也指出对于有些体型的人来说短款皮草很难穿好看。模特杰西卡·怀特身材纤长,穿着短款皮草就很好看。“要确保袖子合适,不能让人显得幼稚。长度要到腰部或在腰部以上,这样才能显示出曲线,而不是隐藏你的曲线。”Cape Coat斗篷大衣Italian TV personality Miriam Leone is seen here wearing a vintage-inspired white cape. ;Capes work on slight and curvy frames, petite and tall women, and will work even if you are between sizes,; said Zaino. She added that it#39;s an especially appropriate coat during transitional weather and works well as a layering piece.意大利电视名人米里亚姆·利昂在这里穿的是一件白色复古斗篷大衣。“无论身高如何,纤细有线条的女人穿斗篷都很好看,即使你穿其他衣尺寸不是偏大就是偏小也没有关系,”Zaino说。她又另外说道,在温度更替的时候斗篷大衣尤其合适,也能不同层次搭配着穿。Bracelet Sleeve七分袖大衣Notice how the sleeves on this coat stop at the elbow and show off what TV personality Kris Jenner is wearing underneath, hence the name ;bracelet sleeve.; This coat is ideal for layering and perfect for climates that aren#39;t especially cold. Because of the extra volume, it looks best on tall and narrow frames.这件衣长及手肘,秀出了电视名人克丽丝·金纳内搭的衣。这种衣也因此叫做“手镯袖大衣”。这件衣是搭配不同层次衣的理想选择,适合天气不是特别冷的时候穿着。不过它会让人的体型显得更大,因此高瘦的人穿起来最好看。Cropped Coat短外套;A short tweed style is the ultimate statement in luxury style,; noted Zaino. This type of light coat looks best on an athletic frame, like actress Maria Bello#39;s. Zaino suggested pairing it with chic heels and pearls for a sophisticated cold-weather ensemble.“短款呢子外套是打造奢华造型的终极选择,”Zaino这样说道。这种轻薄的外套在体型健美的人身上最好看,如演员玛丽亚·贝罗穿的这件衣。Zaino认为,这种衣适合搭配时髦的高跟鞋和珍珠首饰,在寒冷的天气打造精致的整体造型。Wrap Coat系带大衣;Like Diane von Furstenberg#39;s iconic wrap dress, the wrap coat is universally flattering on all body types and sizes,; said Zaino. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, looks polished, and her waist is accentuated. ;The diagonal line formed by the classic coat’s closure slims and trims, while the belt at the waist gives a woman an ultra-feminine silhouette.;“美国品牌黛安·冯芙丝汀宝标志性的系带大衣子在任何体型的人身上都合适,”Zaino说。剑桥公爵夫人凯特这样看起来非常优雅,突出了腰部的曲线。“大衣系上后的对角线让人看起来更苗条更匀称,腰带则让突显了女人的线条。” /201302/223934。
  • I don#39;t like to judge or talk poorly about people and I sincerely believe that EVERY single person possesses at least 3 wonderful qualities.我不喜欢评价别人或者说别人的坏话,我由衷地相信,每个人都至少具有3条极佳的品质。In fact, it is a game I sometimes play when I get really frustrated with someone. While I am huffing and puffing, I try to find 3 positive qualities about the person, who has pushed my buttons. Not always an easy task, but 3 good qualities is a realistic number.实际上,这是当我确认因某人而抓狂时有时会做的一个游戏。当我要大发雷霆时,我努力去寻找惹我生气的这个人的3条积极的品质。这并不总是一件容易的事,但是3条好品质的确是现实存在的。So where were we… Oh, yes – people that make our life harder. Not because they are bad people, but because they do certain things that may demotivate us, hurt our feelings or rub our ego the wrong way. Ultimately, it is not their problem but ours.好吧,我们说到哪里了……哦,对,生活中令我们抓狂的人。这不是因为他们是坏人,而是因为他们做的某些事可能会让我们失去动力、伤害我们的感情或者磨灭了我们的自我意识。归根结底,这不是他们的问题,而是我们自己的问题。So here is what we can do to avoid unnecessary conflicts, stress and hard feelings.因此,做到以下几点可以让我们避免不必要的冲突、压力和怨气。1.Teachers that suggest that we might not be talented enough to do something1.暗示我们没天分做不好某事的老师Years ago psychologists did a classroom experiment. A group of children were randomly divided into two classes. The teachers were told that the students in first class were high achievers that should do well. The second class was labeled as ;underachievers; who needed special help.几年前心理学家做了一个课堂实验。一群孩子被随机分成两个班。老师们被告知:第一个班里的学生是优等生,会表现很好。第二个班的学生则被打上标签:需要特殊帮助的;差等生;。At the beginning of the year there was no difference between the two groups of children in terms of ability. However, by the end of the school year the class that was labeled ‘high-achievers#39; did better than average work, while the class of so-called ;underachievers; not only scored poorly, but they were less liked by their teacher.在学年初,两个班的孩子在能力方面并没有表现出什么不同。然而,到了学年末,被认为是;优等生;的班级成绩要出色得多,然而所谓的;差等生;的班级不仅考试分数很低,也不怎么受老师喜欢。It turned out that people unconsciously create situations that encourage expected behavior. If our expectations of a person are negative, we actually encourage them to behave negatively.结果表明,人们无意中创造了一些激励预期行为的环境。如果我们对一个人的期望是消极的,我们真的会导致他们去做一些消极的事情。What to do about it:如何应对:If you want to change someone else#39;s behavior, change your expectations about this person. Expect better from people, treat them accordingly and sooner or later they will begin to act that way.如果你想改变别人的行为,那就改变你对此人的期望。对人们期望得更好,并相应地去对待他们,迟早他们会开始如你所愿去做的。2.Bosses that ask ;Would you do me a favor?; 5 minutes before you have to leave the office2.在离下班5分钟时问你;能否帮个忙;的上司It is easy to suspect that these people are actually making our life harder on purpose. But for the sake of your own peace of mind, it is better not to let these thoughts get you all worked up.我们很容易就怀疑,这些人实际上在故意地为难你。但是为了你自己内心的安宁,最好不要让这些想法把你激怒。What to do about it:如何应对:Well, there is always a polite way to say ;no; and offer a constructive solution. However, if you feel that the project is urgent, take the initiative to help your team or your company out. It#39;s give and take.好吧,总有一种礼貌的方式来说;不;,然后提出一个有建设性的解决方法。然而,如果你感到这个项目比较紧急,那么就积极主动地帮助你的团队或者公司。互相迁就一下。Today you will stay after work to finish the project and next time your boss may be equally understanding if you have to leave work early.今天你在下班后留下来完成项目。下一次,如果你不得不提前下班,你的老板或许也会同样理解你并做出让步。3.Mean old ladies3.刻薄的老太太There is always a reason why an old lady gives you a stern look – you are being too loud, you are dressed inappropriately, you are not crossing the street in the right place. Sometimes it can be endearing, but if you are aly having a bad day, a mean old lady can drive you to the edge of frustration.老太太严厉地看着你,必定会有一个原因:你说话声音太大了,你的穿着不得体,你没有在正确的地方过马路。有时这也挺讨人喜欢的,但是如果你心情已经很糟糕了,那么一个刻薄的老太太会把你逼到崩溃的边缘。What to do about it:如何应对:I#39;ve come to realize that when people initiate conflicts, it is actually an expression of their inner state expressed externally. You, your personality, your looks or your actions have nothing to do with it. It is not personal, so why take it personally?我渐渐意识到,每当人们激起矛盾,这实际上是一种将内在状态外化的表现。你、你的个性、你的外貌还有你的行为与此无关。这并不是关乎某个人的事情,所以为什么认为这是针对你的呢? /201208/193265。
  • Summer-born children "less likely to attend top universities"囧研究:夏天出生的孩子考不上好大学 Summer-born children are considerably less likely to attend top universities than pupils with autumn birthdays, according to research published today. 今天公布的一项研究显示,比起秋天出生的孩子,夏天出生的孩子考上顶尖大学的概率要小得多。 The youngest children lag behind older classmates and struggle to properly catch up throughout compulsory education, it was revealed. 研究表明,夏天出生的孩子通常是班里年龄最小的,他们往往落后于那些大一点的孩子,要想通过义务教育赶上其他同学,他们就得学得更辛苦。 Despite being given additional help by parents, those born in August are 20 per cent more likely to take vocational qualifications at college and a fifth less likely to attend an elite Russell Group university than those with September birthdays. 就算有父母提供的额外帮助,与九月出生的孩子相比,八月出生的孩子进入职业学校学习的概率要高出五分之一,而进入英国名校联盟的罗素集团大学学习的机会却要少掉五分之一。 The study — published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies — also lays bare the extent to which a child's date of birth influences their self-perception, social and emotional development and chances of being bullied at school.这项研究是由财政研究协会公布的,同时,该研究还指出,孩子的出生日期会对他们的自我认知、社交能力、情感发展,以及是否会在学校受欺负等都有关系。 Ellen Greaves, IFS research economist and the report's author, said: "It is clear that the consequences of the month in which you were born extend beyond educational attainment. We find evidence that, particularly at younger ages, summer-born children are more likely to report being unhappy at school and to have experienced bullying than autumn-born children." Ellen Greaves是财政研究协会的经济学家,也是该研究报告的作者,说道,“出生日期对你的影响不仅限于受教育的程度。有据表明,在年龄较小的时候,夏天出生的孩子比秋天出生的孩子在学校里更容易受到欺负并且过得不愉快。” It compared children born in September — at the start of the academic year — to those with birthdays in August to gauge the effect that this had on a range of issues relating to education and personal wellbeing. 由于新学年都在九月份开学,因此,九月份出生的孩子与八月份出生的孩子会在接受教育方面和个人幸福感上存在差异。 Relative to peers with September birthdays, the study found that children born in August were: 与九月出生的同龄人相比,八月出生的孩子会有以下表现:Likely to achieve "substantially" lower scores in national achievement tests and other measures of cognitive skills;在参加全国考试和其他认知能力方面的考试中,成绩会明显偏低;20 per cent more likely to study for vocational qualifications if they stay on beyond the age of 16;16岁后仍继续学习的人当中,20%的人更有可能进入职业学校学习;20 per cent less likely to attend a Russell Group university aged 19;19岁进入英国名校联盟的罗素集团大学学习的机会要少掉五分之一;Between two-and-a-half and three-and-a-half times more likely to be regarded as below average by their teachers in ing, writing and maths at age seven;在任课老师看来,八月出生的孩子在阅读、写作和数学方面比平均水平低的概率要多出2.5到3.5倍;More likely to exhibit lower social and emotional development;更有可能显示出更低的社交能力和情感发展水平;Two-and-a-half times more likely to report being unhappy at school and twice as likely to report being bullied at the age of seven;在7岁这个年龄段上,在学校过得不开心的概率要大2.5倍,在学校受欺负的概率要大2倍;The study said gaps in performance decreased as children grow up.研究也指出,随着年龄的增大,这些差距会缩小。 /201111/160529。
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