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During the annual Two Sessions, top Chinese leaders always join a panel discussion with deputies to the National People’s Congress (NPC).每年;两会;,高层领导人都会参加人大各地方代表团的讨论。During each of the meetings, Chinese President Xi Jinping participated in the panel discussions with deputies to the NPC from Shanghai in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. There were three key words in his speeches at these panel discussions.013年以来,国家主席习近平已经连续四年参加了上海代表团的讨论。下面这三个关键词,习近平这几年在上海团多次提到.Innovation1.创新;More efforts should put into enhancing innovation and injecting it with dynamism and vitality,; said Xi at the panel discussion during the Two Sessions in 2013. In the official press release of fewer than 1,000 words on that same day, ;innovation; appeared five times.2013年两会,习近平在参加上海代表团讨论时指出;要不断为创新发展注入新的动力和活力;上海团当天发布的不到1000字的媒体文件中,;创新;一词出现了5次。During the same period in 2014, Xi discussed ;adhering to core system innovation; and stressed ;strengthening and innovating social governance.;2014年两会,习近平要求上海坚;以制度创新为核心;;努力走出一条社会治理新路子;。In last year’s speech, Xi also talked about innovation, saying, ;Innovation is the driving force behind development. We must get rid of structural and institutional obstacles and push innovation as a productive force.;2015年在对上海团的讲话中,习近平也提到创新,他表示:;创新是发展的驱动力。必须破除体制机制障碍,使创新成果更快转化为现实生产力;Xi Jinping said Shanghai should continue to serve as a vanguard and pioneer in reform and opening-up and innovation at the panel discussion during the Two Sessions in 2016. Shanghai should use its courageous, pioneering spirit and youthful vigor to be innovative in the way it advances reform, Xi said.2016年两会,习近平在参加上海团讨论时称,上海要继续当好全国改革开放排头兵、创新发展的先行者,保持锐意创新的勇气、敢为人先的锐气、蓬勃向上的朝气.Grassroots2.群众President Xi put emphasis on grassroots during the panel discussion of 2013. ;To focus more on challenges facing the masses; ensure that people live happy and peaceful lives; and ensure social harmony and stability.;2013年在上海团,习近平表示要牢固树立群众观点;解决群众反映的突出问题,确保群众安居乐业,确保社会和谐稳定;;We must designate resources, services and management for the grassroots and provide accurate, more effective management for them,; said Xi in 2014.2014年,习近平表示,;要尽可能把资源、务、管理放到基层,更好为群众提供精准有效的务和管理;In 2015, Xi specified the requirements of innovating social governance, saying: ;We must take the fundamental interests of the majority as coordinates, starting with the interests people are concerned about most - those that are closely related to and practical for the people.;2015年,习近平表示,要创新社会治理,;以最广大人民根本利益为根本坐标,从人民群众最关心最直接最现实的利益问题入手;;Grassroots is the foundation of all work. Social governance must focus on the communities of urban and rural areas,; said Xi at the panel discussion in 2016.2016年在上海团,习近平称;基层是一切工作的落脚点,社会治理的重心必须落实到城乡、社区;3.Managing officials3.干部管理During the Two Sessions in 2013, Xi mentioned at least twice that officials at all levels should ;transform their working styles.;2013年两会,习近平在上海团至少两次提到,;各级干部要转变工作作;。In 2014, Xi said: ;We should focus on improving the quality of cadres and train expert urban management officials. Building and managing cities must be done with a scientific attitude, advanced concepts, and true expertise.2014年,习近平说;要着力提高干部素质,把培养一批专家型的城市管理干部作为重要任务,用科学态度、先进理念、专业知识去建设和管理城市;In 2015, Xi Jinping stated that ;tightening Party discipline is a fundamental guarantee for the Party when struggling in new situations.;2015年两会,习近平在上海团说;全面从严治党,是党在新形势下不断前进的根本保;;We must further streamline administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments, improve oversight over the whole process of business operations, and develop new ways of governance,; said Xi at the panel discussion in 2016.2016年,习近平在上海团说;要推进简政放权,强化事中事后监管,探索新的政府管理体制; /201603/430245

Russian president Vladimir Putin offered a tentative olive branch to the west on Thursday, denouncing myths about Russian aggression and expressing hope that the incoming US administration would work with Moscow to fight terrorism.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)周四试探性向西方伸出橄榄枝,他谴责有关俄罗斯侵略行为的错误观念,并表示希望即将就任的美国行政当局将与莫斯科方面联手打击恐怖主义。Speaking in the Kremlin’s gilded main hall to both houses of parliament, dozens of senior officials, state company bosses and priests, Mr Putin said that Moscow wanted to normalise relationships with the US under its next president, Donald Trump.普京在克里姆林宫金色主大厅向议会两院、数十名高级官员、国有企业老总和宗教界人士表示,莫斯科方面希望在美国下任总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)主政期间与美国实现关系正常化。We have a shared responsibility to ensure international security and stability and to strengthen disarmament regimes, Mr Putin said in his annual state of the nation address on Thursday. 我们有确保国际安全与稳定以及加强裁减军备制度的共同责任,普京在周四发表的年度国情咨文中表示,I would like to underline that attempts to break strategic parity are highly dangerous and could lead to a global catastrophe. 我想强调,打破战略均势的企图是非常危险的,可能导致一场全球灾难。We cannot forget about this for a second.我们时刻都不能忘记这一点。Russia hopes Mr Trump will prove a more willing partner in the Syrian conflict than his predecessor, Barack Obama, who repeatedly fell out with Mr Putin over his support for Syria’s leader, Bashar al-Assad. 俄罗斯希望,特朗普将在叙利亚冲突中被明是比他的前任巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)更加配合的合作伙伴;奥巴马在普京持叙利亚领导人巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的问题上一再对普京翻脸。Russian officials are secretly negotiating an end to the fighting in Aleppo with Syrian rebels, underscoring how the US which is not a party to the talks has been sidelined since Russia entered the conflict last year.目前俄罗斯官员正在与叙利亚反政府武装进行秘密谈判(美国没有参与),看能否结束阿勒Aleppo)的战斗,突显自去年俄罗斯介入冲突以来,美国已受到排挤。In his 13th annual address since first becoming president in 2000, Mr Putin adopted a conciliatory tone. 普京在自2000年首次成为总统后的3次年度国情咨文中,采取了和缓的语气。We are all sick and tired of paid-for information campaigns, inventing and leaking compromising information, and lecturing us we can teach anyone ourselves if we want to, he said in an apparent reference to warnings of Russia’s meddling in the US election. 我们都厌倦了付费信息宣传,捏造和泄露不宜公开的信息,并且对我们说教——如果我们想这么做的话,我们自己也可以对任何人说教,他说,这显然是指有关俄罗斯插手美国选举的警告。Unlike our foreign colleagues who see Russia as an enemy, we are not and have never looked for enemies; we need friends, he declared.与我们那些把俄罗斯看作敌人的外国同事不同,我们不寻求、也从未寻求敌人;我们需要朋友,他宣告。Mr Putin claimed that Russia’s economy, mired in a second year of recession, had turned the corner because the country had united around patriotic values to overcome economic problems. 俄罗斯正连续第二年深陷经济衰退。普京称,该国经济已经渡过难关,因为国家以爱国价值观为凝聚力团结在一起,克经济问题。Hailing central bank attempts to drive inflation below 6 per cent this year with an eye to a 4 per cent target by the end of 2017, 普京赞扬央行力求今年将通胀率控制在6%以下,并争取017年底达到4%的通胀目标。Mr Putin said he wanted Russia’s GDP growth to outstrip global averages by 2019.普京说,他希望到2019年俄罗斯的国内生产总GDP)增长将超过全球平均水平。The most significant policy announcement came in a call for the government to develop a new taxation system by 2018. 普京在讲话中作出的最重大政策宣布是,要求政府最迟在2018年拿出一套新的税收制度。Officials have considered moving away from the 13 per cent flat tax, viewed as one of Mr Putin’s early successes, 官员们已经考虑放弃13%的单一税率;该税率被视为普京早期成功的一个例子。as the country struggles with a budget deficit amid low global oil prices.在全球油价低迷的背景下,俄罗斯正艰难应对预算赤字。As he prepares to enter his 17th year in power, Mr Putin tacitly acknowledged many of Russia’s economic difficulties were self-made. 当他准备进入掌权的第17年之际,普京含蓄承认俄罗斯的许多经济困难是自己酿成的。The main reasons for the economic slowdown lie, first and foremost, in economic problems, he said.经济减速的主要原因首先在于经济问题,他说。来 /201612/481669

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