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青岛晚上值班的医院人流青岛哪家医院治疗外阴肿痛好The crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant was ;a profoundly man-made disaster;, a Japanese parliamentary panel has said in a report.日本国会福岛核事故调查委员会近日公布调查报告,称福岛核事故“完全是人为灾难”。The disaster ;could and should have been foreseen and prevented; and its effects ;mitigated by a more effective human response;, it said.报告称,“有关人员本应预见到这起事故并予以避免”,而事故的后果“也本应通过更有效的应对措施得以缓解”。The report catalogued serious deficiencies in both the government and plant operator Tepco#39;s response.报告将政府以及负责核电站经营的东京电力公司的严重应对失误进行了分类。It also blamed cultural conventions and a reluctance to question authority.报告还指责了日本的文化传统,以及人们不愿意质询当局的习惯。The six-reactor Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was badly damaged after the 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling systems to reactors, leading to meltdowns and the release of radioactivity.2011年3月11日的日本强震及海啸摧毁了核反应堆的冷却系统,使拥有6座核反应堆的福岛第一核电站损毁严重,导致堆芯熔毁,引发辐射物质泄漏。Tens of thousands of residents were evacuated from an exclusion zone around the plant as workers battled to bring reactors under control. Tepco declared the reactors stable in December 2011.核电站附近隔离区的数万名居民被迫疏散,工作人员尽力控制住核反应堆的状况。去年11月,东京电力宣布核反应堆状态稳定。Members of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission were appointed to examine the handling of the crisis and make recommendations.日本国会去年12月设立福岛核事故调查委员会,负责调查核危机的处理情况,并提出建议。The investigation included 900 hours of hearings and interviews with more than 1,000 people.调查委员会进行了900个小时的听,传唤了超过一千人。In the panel#39;s final report, its chairman said a multitude of errors and wilful negligence had left the plant unprepared for the earthquake and tsunami.委员会主席在最终报告中指出,大量失误和有意忽略使得核电站无法承受地震和海啸的冲击。;Although triggered by these cataclysmic events, the subsequent accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cannot be regarded as a natural disaster,; it said.报告说:“尽管由地震海啸引发,但随后发生在福岛第一核电站的事故却不能被认为是自然灾害。”;It was a profoundly man-made disaster - that could and should have been foreseen and prevented.;“这完全是人为灾难,应该提前预见到并加以防范。”After six months of investigation, the panel concluded that the disaster ;was the result of collusion between the government, the regulators and Tepco; founded in the failure of regulatory systems.在调查6个月后,委员会得出结论认为,由于监管体系存在问题,这起灾难“是政府、监管者和东京电力公司共同导致的”。It said that the situation at the plant worsened in the aftermath of the earthquake because government agencies ;did not function correctly;, with key roles left ambiguous.报告指出,地震后核电站的情况恶化是由于政府机构“应对不得力”,但没有指明关键人物。It also highlighted communication failures between Tepco and the office of then Prime Minister Naoto Kan, whose visit to the site in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake ;diverted; staff.报告还强调指出,东京电力公司和日本首相菅直人办公室之间沟通不畅,菅直人在地震后立即前往现场使工作人员“分心”。 /201207/189392青岛做人流哪儿好 In Chinese, the word Jinguixu refers to a wealth, prestigious husband (or ;sugar daddy; in the US and UK) and some young women dream of finding one. Here are some careers suggestions.中文中,身份高贵、经济条件优越的丈夫被称为“金龟婿”(在英国和美国,这种人被称作“sugar daddy”)。很多年轻女性都梦想找到一位金龟婿。下面是我们的职业建议,或许能帮你谋得“金龟婿”哦!hostess空Air hostesses have frequent opportunities to meet and encounter celebrities and wealthy men in first class。空所工作的头等舱区域是最容易邂逅名人、富豪的地方。But since their schedules take them all over the world and their lives are irregular, it’s not easy for these women to snare their sugar daddy。但由于她们的工作日程飘忽不定,遍布世界各地;而且生活也极不规律,抓住“钓金龟”对于她们来说并非易事。News announcer新闻主播News announcers have lots of exposure and people think they have healthy images and bright brains。新闻主播们拥有很高的曝光率,在人们眼中她们就是智慧与美貌的象征。Representing beauty and wisdom, they are frequently invited along with celebrities and the rich to balls, charities, auctions and cocktail parties。这些智慧与美貌并存的主播们经常受邀与名人富豪们共赴各类舞会、慈善晚宴、拍卖会以及鸡尾酒派对。Movie star电影明星It’s not news that female stars marry millionaires or billionaires。女明星嫁入豪门的故事,大家听的还少吗?Beautiful movie stars attract everyone’s eyeballs including the rich and famous。外表靓丽的电影明星吸引着所有人的眼球,其中自然也包括那些富商名流们。But if the stars marry those men, they must often sacrifice their own careers and reputations。但这些女明星若要嫁入豪门,通常需要牺牲自己的事业和名利。Secretaries秘书Usually secretaries of senior mangers could have fat salaries, attractive appearances and direct channels to reach all kinds of elites in many industries。通常,高管人员的秘书待遇好、形象光鲜,还有机会直接接触到各个行业的精英。Their job teaches them to build good PR skills, personal networks and stepping stones to other fields。她们的工作使她们拥有良好的公关技能,人脉关系,为跨行发展打下基础。High class sports coach高级运动教练Sports such as horseback riding, diving and golf are for the wealthy elite in China。在中国,骑马、潜水、高尔夫这些运动都是有钱人的专属品。But if a woman has the coaching skills, the benefits come from the one-on-one lessons with her students。但如果一位女士拥有教练技能,那么她也能够从一对一教学中获益。 /201302/226902青岛四方区妇科检查价格

青岛做人流最少多少钱青岛能做人流的医院 Catherine de Medici was died1589- Catherine de Medici of France died at age 69.凯瑟琳#8226;德#8226;梅第奇逝世凯瑟琳#8226;德#8226;梅第奇在法国去世,享年69岁。Nazi party is founded.1918 – The Free Committee for a German Workers Peace, which would become the Nazi party, is founded.纳粹党成立1918年的今天,德国工人和平委员会成立,即后来的纳粹党。the first female governor in US history.1925- Nellie T. Ross succeeded her late husband as governor of Wyoming, becoming the first female governor in US history.美国历史上第一位女州长1925年的今天,内莉#8226;T#8226;罗丝接替她的前夫成为怀俄明州州长,成为美国历史上第一位女州长。Prague Spring1968 – Alexander Dub#269;ek comes to power: "Prague Spring" begins in Czechoslovakia.布拉格之春1968年的今天-亚历山大#8226;杜布切克执政:捷克斯洛伐克开始布拉格之春运动。 /201101/122598青岛市北区做人流多少钱

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