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2019年09月19日 04:43:05

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is standing firm on Germanys refugee policy following the countrys recent terror attacks.继德国最近连遭恐袭,总理安吉拉·默克尔坚定德国的难民政策。Merkels comments came at a press conference in the German capital in which she said Germany will continue to accept refugees fleeing their home countries. 默克尔在德国首都记者招待会上称,德国将继续接纳逃离家园的难民。The Guardian es Merkel, saying the attackers ;wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.; 卫报援引默克尔的话说,袭击者想破坏我们的社会意识、我们的开放性和帮助需要帮助的人的意愿。我们对此坚决拒绝。Since mid-July, Germany has suffered a mass shooting that left nine dead, an ax attack on a train in which four people were injured, a machete attack that left one woman dead and a suicide bombing that injured at least a dozen people.自七月中旬以来,德国遭大规模击事件袭击造成九人死亡,火车上斧头袭击造成四人受伤,一砍刀袭击造成一名妇女死亡,一自杀式炸弹袭击至少造成12人受伤。Three of the four attacks were carried out by asylum seekers.四分之三的袭击由避难者发起。More than 1 million asylum seekers entered Germany in 2015, and the country received more than 470,000 asylum applications. 2015年,超过100万名避难者进入德国,德国接纳了超过470,000名庇护申请。译文属。201608/457797青岛妇科医院城阳Invertebrates dominate these upper reaches.无脊椎动物统治着上游河段The hellgrammite, its body flattened to reduce drag,这是鱼蛉,其扁平的身体能减少水的冲击力has bushy gills to extract oxygen from the current.并依靠浓密的鳃从水中过滤氧气Black fly larvae anchor themselves with a ring of hooks.蚋的幼虫靠钩环固定自己But if these become unstuck, theyre still held by a silken safety line.即使不小心松脱了,它们还有一根坚韧的“安全索”There are advantages to life in the fast stream.这些动物拥有在急流中生存的先天优势Bamboo shrimps can just sit and sift out passing particles with their fan-like forearms.拟匙指虾只需趴在河底,用它们的扇形前臂从流水中过滤出食物颗粒Usually these mountain streams only provide enough food for small animals to survive,通常,山涧提供的食物只能维持小型动物生存but with the spring melt here in japan, monsters stir in their dens.可是在日本,每当春雪消融之际,一种怪物便在巢窟中苏醒。201705/507821高密不孕不育科栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451753山东省青岛市妇幼保健医院网上预约

青大附院皮肤科门诊怎么滕州治疗妇科疾病多少钱So youve decided to take the IELTS exam, well done!你决定考雅思了,太棒了!Our expertise is your opportunity.英国文化委员会的专业建议能助你一臂之力。Here we look at the criteria of grammatical range and accuracy.首先我们来看看评分标准之一的语法掌握与运用。This is one of four criteria on which he will be tested. Look for the other three criteria in other s.评分标准共有四项。其余几项评分标准参见我们的其他课程。This criteria focuses on the range and accuracy of the grammar demonstrated by the test taker.语法掌握与运用考察的是受试者所表现出的语法掌握度和准确性。For grammatical range, consider whether what you are describing is something that happened in the past, use past tenses;至于语法掌握度,也就是考察你描述过去的事物时是否使用了过去时;Is happening in the present? Use similar present tenses; or is predicting the future? Use a variety of future tenses.描述当下的事物是否使用现在时;或者描述未来的事物时是否使用了各类将来时。Sometimes you can use a combination of these different tenses, for example,有时这些时态可以结合起来使用,比如,when analyzing an IELTS Task 1 diagram, note the time period being described and use the matching tenses.在分析雅思写作第一部分的图表时,要注意图表的时间范围,使用相应的时态。When describing the information, demonstrating a range of written grammar might also mean using some of these tenses:描述信息时要体现你掌握语法的程度,也意味着正确使用这些时态:comparatives, conditionals, modal verbs and the passive tense, especially for Task 1 process descriptions.比较级、条件句、情态动词、被动语态,尤其在概括第一部分某个过程的时候。Look for our speaking and grammar download for examples of all these tenses.请参看我们的口语和语法视频中关于这些时态的例子。Its important to learn and practice a variety of grammatical tenses.学习和练习使用各种语法时态很有必要。In all writing tasks, also use a variety of complex structures.在所有的写作考题中,还要使用一些较复杂的语法结构。Complex structures are sentences with multiple bits of information.复杂的语法结构指的是包含多个信息的句子。A simple sentence usually has a single piece of information.简单句通常指包括单一信息。When you practice writing, transform simple sentences into more complex sentences by adding more information to the sentence.在你的写作练习中,你可以通过在简单句上增加一些信息来把它变成更复杂的句子。For example, ask yourself some wh- questions to see what else you can add to the original sentence.比如,问自己一些“wh-问题”,包括 what、when、why、who 等等,琢磨一下你还能在最初的简单句上增加些什么。For instance, ;These days everyone has a mobile phone.;比方说,简单句是“现如今人手一部手机。”Think to yourself: who, what, why?思考一下:是谁?发生了什么?原因是什么?;These days people of all generations have mobile phones, especially smartphones because you can do so many things with them.;复杂句就是:“现在不论年龄大小,几乎每个人都有手机,尤其是智能手机,因为用手机可以做的事情太多了。”In your writing there should be a balance of simple and complex sentences.在你的作文中,简单句和复杂句的数量应该相对平衡。In addition, punctuation can change meaning.此外,标点不同,句子的意思也可能不同。For instance, we got in through the window which someone had left open.比如,我们是从那扇开着的窗户进来的(别的窗户可能是关着的)。We got in through the window, which someone had left open.我们从窗子里进来,是有人忘了关。(说明是从窗子进来,而不是门。)Students arent expected to be 100 percent accurate in their writing.写作考试并不要求考生的作文100%准确。However, control is important. Some grammatical errors impact communication more than others.但是错误也要控制在范围内,因为有的语法错误会更影响交流。You will be scored according to the impact of errors on communication rather than on the number of mistakes.考官不是根据你的错误数量,而是根据你的错误对交流的影响来评分的。Leave time at the ended writing to identify and correct errors.留出时间来检查和修改作文中的错误。You will always find grammar or spelling mistakes.语法和拼写错误经常出现。Correcting these can improve your score.改掉这些错误能够有效提高得分。201706/514819Shes got over 70 million views, from New Orleans, Louisiana. Give your love for Jaliyah!她有7000万在线观众,她是来自路易斯安那新奥尔良的嘉利雅,让我们为她鼓掌!You know how hard that is to cope in and out to? You got any more tricks?你知道这种来回运球有多难吗?你还有其他技能吗?Can you go get that rack of tennis balls for me? Okay.你能把架子上的网球拿过来吗?Go get the rack of tennis balls.好的,架子上的网球。When you get this, go and throw it me. Okay.把球一个个扔给我。好的。Come on, Steve Harvey. I think its your turn. Go.来吧,史蒂夫·哈维,该你了。开始。Ill show you something about me. Ill be right back. Yeah, I got skills. Okay.我向你展示我的绝技,我马上回来。嗯,我也有绝招。How you doing? Feeling good.最近怎么样?不错。Ladies and gentlemen, from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, give a love for Scooter Christensen!女士们先生们,让我们欢迎来自世界著名的哈林篮球队的老将“滑行艇”克里斯滕森!Come on over here! Harlem Globetrotter!过来!哈林篮球队!How you doing? Good!你怎么样?很好!I saw you before! Yeah, I saw you before, too.我见过你!是的,我也见过你。Yeah, but did you see me, though?当然,那你之前见过我吗?Thats for you. Were gonna give you that.这是你的了,我们把这个篮球给你。Without a doubt, sweetheart. Without a doubt, without a doubt.太棒了,甜心。太棒了,你太棒了。You got some skills! Shes good, isnt she? Oh, she got the passion, man. She got the passion.你真有两下子。她也很棒,不是吗?她很有。她确实很有。I can do what you just now did. Oh, thats how it starts.我能做你刚才做的。这就是悲剧的开始。I broke a lot of lamps in my moms house. Sorry.我母亲家的台灯许多都是我打掉的,对不起。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for Scooter Christensen. And people, make some noise for Jaliyah.女士们先生们,为“滑行艇”克里斯滕森,还有我们的嘉利雅鼓掌!201706/512640李沧区八一医院妇科检查怎么样栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/452778胶南市妇幼保健医院简介

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