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青岛市南区无痛人流费用Arnold Schwarzenegger says his estranged wife has not his upcoming memoir in which he discusses the secret child he fathered with a family housekeeper.阿诺德·施瓦辛格称与他分居的妻子目前还没有看到他尚未上市的回忆录书中记录了自己和女管家育私生子的内幕But in a TV interview with CBS program 60 Minutes, the action star turned politician said he wanted to write a book that included what his ;failures; as well as his successful and multi-faceted career.但在CBS电视台的60 Minutes采访节目中,这位由动作明星转型的政治家表示,他想写一本全方位概括其职业生涯的书,书中会提及自己的种种“失败”历程以及成功经验Schwarzenegger book Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, is to be published on October 1.施瓦辛格的新书命名为《全面回忆:我难以置信的真实人生故事,即将于月1日出版Publisher Simon amp; Schuster has said the mer Calinia governor began writing it bee the May scandal over the son he fathered with his housekeeper while married to Maria Shriver.出版商西蒙amp;舒斯特公司表示, 这位前加州州长在年5月份私生子丑闻爆出之前便开始写书,当时与玛丽亚·施赖弗的婚姻还在存续The revelations led the couple to start divorce proceedings ending their 5-year marriage.丑闻的披露引发了夫妇提出离婚诉讼,请求结束5年的婚姻In an interview with 60 Minutes, which will air Sunday, journalist Lesley Stahl asked Schwarzenegger, 65, if Shriver knew the affair was in his book.在60 Minutes的采访中,记者莱斯利·斯塔尔问到现年65岁的施瓦辛格,如果施赖弗知道他的风流史就在书里结果会如何;She knows that it about my whole life and that I would not write a book and kind of leave out that part and make people feel like, Well, wait a minute. Are we just getting a book about his success stories and not talk about his failures? And that not the book I wanted to write. I wanted to write the book about me. Here my life.;“她知道这是关于我的一生,我不会省略了那一部分,让人感觉像‘好吧,等一下这不应该吧,书中只提到自己的成功,却只字不提自己的失败?”这并不是我想写的书我想写一本关于我自己的书好与坏都有才是我的生活”According to an advance copy obtained by the New York Daily News, Schwarzenegger writes that he and housekeeper Mildred Baena had sex in 1996 while his family was away on vacation.根据预先从《纽约每日新闻得到的样书里,施瓦辛格写道,1996年他和管家米尔德莱德·巴艾娜在家人外出度假的时候发生了性关系The Austrian-born mer body-builder, who became one of Hollywood biggest movie stars, is promoting the book on his official website with a and the tagline, ;This story you know. Are you y the story you dont?;这位出生在奥地利的前健美运动员,后来成为好莱坞重量级电影明星,为了宣传新书在自己的官方网站贴出了视频和宣传标语:“这个故事你知道你准备好看到你不知道的故事了吗?”Since ending his term as Republican governor, Schwarzenegger has returned to movies with The Expendables in August and has five more films in the pipeline. He has launched a global policy think tank in his name at the University of Southern Calinia in Los Angeles campus.自结束了共和党加利福尼亚州长任期以来,施瓦辛格已经回到了回归电影圈,8月上映了他主演的《敢死队,之后还有5部电影正在筹备期他在洛杉矶的南加州大学里推出了以他名字命名的全球政策智囊团 6青岛治疗痛经哪家医院好 青岛人流手术要多久

青岛城阳人民医院无痛人流价格 The servants’ bells at “Downton Abbey” will soon ring their last time, the dowager countess will dispense her final piece of tart-tongued advice, and the story of the changing tunes of the Crawley family will come to a conclusion.《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)召唤仆人的铃铛很快就要摇最后一次了,老伯爵夫人将再提出她最后一条尖酸刻薄的建议,克劳利家族多舛的命运也将有一个最终的定论On Thursday, the makers of “Downton Abbey,” the lavishly costumed and circuitously written period drama about an aristocratic British household and its domestic staff in the early th century, confirmed rumors that its coming sixth season will be its last.有着华丽饰和曲折情节的年代剧《唐顿庄园,讲述了世纪初一个英国贵族家庭和他们的仆人们的故事本周四,《唐顿庄园的制片方实了传闻,表示即将到来的第六季将是《唐顿庄园的最后一季The announcement is a bittersweet moment the worldwide audience that has followed this serialized drama from its debut in . Its narrative was full of heartbreaking twists and turns, juxtaposing births, marriages, affairs, divorces, rape and sudden deaths with historical events like the sinking of the Titanic and the waging of World War I.这个声明,对于从年《唐顿庄园首登屏幕起就追随它的全球观众来说,是一个五味杂陈的时刻这部戏充满了令人心碎、百转千回的情节,在泰坦尼克号沉没和“一战”爆发等历史事件的背景下,剧中人物出生、结婚、发生婚外情、离婚、遭到强暴和突然死亡The end of “Downton Abbey” is also a significant loss PBS, which has shown it since on its “Masterpiece” series, where it has become one of the network’s most popular programs ever. Replacing it will be a challenge.对于从年开始就在“名著”系列中播放《唐顿庄园,并使其成为该台最受欢迎剧目之一的公共广播公司(PBS)来说,它的终结也会是一个巨大的损失寻找新的剧目来替换《唐顿庄园,对该电视网将是一大挑战Even so, “you can’t expect anything to go on indefinitely,” Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of the program, said in a telephone interview. “That’s not what being a human being is about.”尽管如此,“天下没有不散的宴席,”该剧的剧创和编剧朱利安·费洛斯(Julian Fellowes)在电话采访中说道“这是人世间的规律”Gareth Neame, the managing director of the British studio Carnival Films and an executive producer of “Downton Abbey,” said in a telephone interview that several factors contributed to the decision to end the series. (This final season, now in production, will be shown on PBS next year.)英国嘉年华电影公司常务董事、《唐顿庄园的执行制片加雷思·尼姆(Gareth Neame)在电话采访中,他们做出这个决定,是基于好几个原因(正在制作中的最后一季,将于明年在PBS播映)If “Downton Abbey” continued, Mr. Neame said, its viewership would eventually decline and it would surely lose prominent cast members like Maggie Smith, who plays the acerbic dowager countess, and Michelle Dockery, who plays the intrepid Lady Mary.尼姆说,如果《唐顿庄园继续拍下去,它的观众人数只会越来越少,并且肯定会失去剧中的那些大牌演员,如饰演尖刻的伯爵夫人的玛吉·史密斯(Maggie Smith),和饰演勇敢无畏的玛丽的米歇尔·多克里(Michelle Dockery)While “Downton Abbey” has drawn criticism its languid pace and drawn-out storytelling, Mr. Neame said he and his colleagues did not want to “make the mistake that so much television content does, which is to have a hit and then just keep knocking it out until it’s exhausted.”尽管有人批评《唐顿庄园节奏缓慢、故事冗长,尼姆说他和同事不想“犯许多电视节目都会犯的那种错误——风靡一时之后不知见好就收,惨淡收场”Despite everything, the show’s ratings in the ed States remained strong. Its fifth season, which ended on March 1, drew an average weekly audience of .9 million viewers, PBS said, down slightly from its fourth season, which drew . million. Its Season 5 premiere averaged million viewers, making it the most watched drama in PBS’s history.不管怎么说,该剧在美国的收视率任然保持强劲PBS称,3月1日收尾的第五季,每周平均有90万观众收看,比第四季的万人稍有下降第五季首播吸引了00万观众,成为PBS历史上首播收视最高的剧目Rebecca Eaton, the executive producer of “Masterpiece,” said in a telephone interview that “Downton Abbey” had been “a giant shot of vitamin B-” her franchise, increasing its prestige and spurring PBS to add more “Masterpiece” content to its lineup in .“名著”系列的执行制片人丽贝卡·伊顿(Rebecca Eaton)在电话采访中说,《唐顿庄园对她的栏目来说等于是“注入了大剂量的维生素B”,增进了它的声望,并促使PBS在年的节目阵容更重视“名著”系列Pointing to other British period dramas like “Wolf Hall” (adapted from Hilary Mantel’s novels), “Poldark” and “Indian Summers,” Ms. Eaton said “Downton Abbey” had provided “the opporty to stand on the shoulders of a giant.”对于其他的英国年代剧,比如《狼厅[Wolf Hall,改编自希拉里·曼特尔(Hilary Mantel)的小说],《波尔达克(Poldark)和《印度之夏(Indian Summers),伊顿认为《唐顿庄园提供了“站在巨人肩膀上的机会”“ ‘Oh, my God, what are you going to do now, after “Downton,” ’ is the question,” Ms. Eaton said. “But how great to be in the position of heightened visibility that we are. We’ve seen this coming.”“‘哦,天呐,《唐顿庄园要播完了,你们怎么办’成了大家都关心的问题,”伊顿说,“但红成这样也很好啊我们早就知道会红的”Mr. Neame said that while the idea of a “Downton Abbey” movie was appealing, there were no specific plans to pursue this or a television spinoff involving any of its characters. Mr. Fellowes is moving on to another period drama, “The Gilded Age,” which he is creating N.尼姆说,尽管把《唐顿庄园搬上大银幕的想法很吸引人,但目前尚没有这么做的计划,也没有就剧中某个人物拍摄电视续集的计划费洛斯的重心正转向他为N创作的另一部年代剧《镀金年代(The Gilded Age)Asked if the “Downton” finale would bring closure its many characters, Mr. Fellowes responded with a noncommittal “Eeeehhhh.” With a laugh he added: “I think it will be a quite satisfactory ending, in the sense that things will be resolved, either one way or the other. Not that everyone will be happy, but at least a decision will have been made.”被问到《唐顿庄园的结局是否会给众多人物画下句号时,费洛斯先是吾吾,然后笑着说,“不管怎样事情都会有个结果,从这个意义上,我认为这是一个相当令人满意的结局不是每个人都会快乐,但至少尘埃落定” 367300青岛市新阳光简介青岛市城阳人民医院可以做人流吗



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