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Günther Oettinger, Germany’s European commissioner, bowed to mounting public pressure yesterday and issued a grovelling apology for a speech last week in which he insulted the Chinese, women, gay people and the Belgian region of Wallonia.昨日,德国的欧盟专员金特.厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)迫于越来越大的公众压力,对上周侮辱了中国人、女性、同性恋群体以及比利时瓦隆大区(Wallonia)的演讲发表了语气谦卑的道歉。The move is an about-face from Mr Oettinger, who had previously tried to brush off the furore over his remarks, which included a reference to Chinese people with “slitty eyes” and “hair combed from left to right with black shoe polish”.此举是厄廷格的幡然转变,此前他试图无视人们对他言论的愤怒。他的言论包括形容中国人“眯缝眼”和“用黑色鞋油把头发从左向右梳”。In a statement published on Wednesday, he had acknowledged “that the words I used have created bad feelings and may even have hurt people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I would like to apologise for any remark that was not as respectful as it should have been”.在周三发表的声明中,他承认“我使用的语言让人心情不愉快,甚至可能受到了伤害……我想为我的任何欠妥的、不够尊重的言论道歉”。The scandal could not have come at a worse time for Mr Oettinger and his boss, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.对厄廷格及其上司欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德.容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)来说,该丑闻发生的时机不能更糟糕了。Last Friday, before the German’s remarks erupted into the open, Mr Juncker announced that he had selected Mr Oettinger to take over the European Commission’s coveted budget portfolio.上周五,在厄廷格的言论引发哗然之前,容克已宣布他选择厄廷格接管欧盟委员会令人垂涎的预算投资组合工作。Mr Juncker at the time lauded Mr Oettinger’s “professionalism” and his “good network of contacts”.容克当时称赞了厄廷格的“专业性”及其“良好的关系网”。The affair is the latest example of verbal self-destruction by Mr Oettinger, who has served as Germany’s EU commissioner since 2010.该事件是厄廷格在言语上自毁的最新例子,他自2010年开始担任德国的欧盟专员。Previous gaffes included a warning at the height of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that the reactor meltdown was out “out of control” — a remark that unleashed turmoil on the global financial markets.他之前的失言包括,在福岛核灾难最紧急时警告称那场反应堆熔毁事故已经“失控”——该言论引发了全球金融市场动荡。Flashpoints in his speech in Hamburg reportedly included a reference to Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, as “a micro-region run by communists,” and a bizarre aside about “compulsory gay marriage”.据报道,他在汉堡发表的那场演讲中的引发争议的言论包括,把瓦隆大区(比利时法语区)称为“由共产党人治理的微小地区”以及关于“强制性同性婚姻”的怪异笑话。A commission spokesman said Mr Juncker spoke to Mr Oettinger on Wednesday about the matter and they would talk again today.欧盟委员会一名发言人称,周三容克与厄廷格就该事件进行了谈话,他们今天还将再次谈话。“The president would like also to have the commissioner’s explanations on what he actually said and how he put himself in a position that required a statement to be issued today,” the spokesman said.“主席也想听专员解释他当时的原话是什么以及他是如何把自己置于今天不得不发表声明的境地,”该发言人称。In an unusually contrite statement for a senior EU official, Mr Oettinger apologised three times in the space of four paragraphs.在这份对于欧盟高级官员来说忏悔异常诚恳的声明中,厄廷格在四段话中道了3次歉。“I was frank and open — it was not a speech out, but ‘frei von der leber’ as we say in German,” he said. “Once again, apologies if my words caused negative feelings.”“我当时是心直口快——不是照演讲稿说的,而是我们在德语中所说的‘有口无心’(frei von der leber),”他称,“如果我说的话让人心情不愉快,我再次道歉。” /201611/476284

Saudi Arabia’s first international debt sale has generated so much interest from Asian investors that the kingdom is weighing a full pipeline of bonds to follow a bn initial auction as early as October, according to bankers briefed on the sale.知情家表示,由于沙特阿拉伯首次发行国际债券吸引了亚洲投资者的极大兴趣,沙特阿拉伯正考虑在最早于10月首次发行150亿美元债券之后,继续推出大量债券发行计划。The clamour for Saudi sovereign debt, which could be the largest emerging market issuance in history, comes as record-low interest rates in mature economies has prompted investors to pour money into developing markets at a record pace, overlooking the risks in some of the world’s least stable economies.沙特主权债务——可能创下新兴市场债务发行最高纪录——大获追捧之际,正赶上成熟经济体历史最低利率促使投资者无视全球最不稳定的一些经济体的风险,以创纪录的速度将资金投入发展中市场。We are seeing massive, massive demand, said one banker of the Saudi debt. 负责沙特债券发行的一位家表示:我们看到了无比巨大的需求。Asian banks are throwing around billion-dollar numbers.亚洲报出了数十亿美元的数字。Saudi Arabian leaders are expected to discuss their plans with potential investors at next week’s Group of 20 meeting in China, bankers say.家们表示,沙特阿拉伯领导人预计将在下周中国二十国集团(G20)峰会上与潜在投资者讨论计划。Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the 31-year-old responsible for the kingdom’s ambitious economic and social reforms, is also planning to visit Japan this week and will chair the kingdom’s G20 delegation in China.副王储穆罕默德#8226;本#8226;萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman,上图)也计划本周访问日本,并将率领沙特代表团赴中国G20峰会。现年31岁的萨勒曼负责沙特雄心勃勃的经济和社会改革。Saudi officials surprised the financial markets earlier this year by hiring bankers to raise international debt, underlining the extent of the economic downturn after an extended oil boom had erased the memory of previous crashes.今年早些时候沙特官员聘请家筹划发行国际债券,令金融市场感到惊讶,此举凸显沙特经济下滑程度,此前长期的石油繁荣已抹去了过去经济崩溃的记忆。Spurred by the collapse in energy prices, Prince Mohammed has spearheaded a sweeping reform programme aimed at diversifying the kingdom’s economy away from dependence on oil reserves. 在能源价格暴跌的刺激下,萨勒曼领导起了全面改革,旨在让沙特告别对石油储备的依赖,使本国经济多样化。The bn offering, expected to come as early as October, is also expected to pave the way for the biggest initial public offering of all time by state oil producer Saudi Aramco.此次150亿美元债券预计最早于10月发售,而且估计也是为国有石油公司沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Saudi Aramco)进行史上最大首次公开发行(IPO)铺路。Detailed plans for the sovereign debt sale are unlikely to be set until after the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, with many government offices not expected to reopen until September 18.此次主权债券发行的详细计划不大可能在伊斯兰教节日古尔邦节(Eid al-Adha)假期结束前确定,因为许多政府机关直至9月18日才会重新开门。A roadshow to sell the landmark issuance — which will set the final size and tenor of the deal — could then begin at the start of October with the deal potentially closing around the time of the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington on October 7-9.那么,此次里程碑式债券发行的路演——将最终确定发行规模和期限——可能在10月初开启,发行可能在国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界(World Bank) 10月7日至9日在华盛顿召开年会前后完成。Bankers say Saudi government entities, lenders and private corporations are also lining up their own debt issuance to follow in the wake of the sovereign launch.家表示,此次主权债券发行之后,沙特政府机构、及私人企业也将排队发债。Everyone is waiting to see how the appetite will turn out for the government, and at what price, which can then be used as a benchmark, said a second banker. 所有人都在等着看市场对政府债券的胃口到底有多大、价位多少,然后把这些作为基准,另一位家表示,今年底之前还应该有一些其他的债券发行。There should be some other issuance before the end of the year. Saudi Arabia is seen as a safer investment than other emerging economies because it remains nearly debt free and has the world’s largest oil reserves. 相对其他新兴经济体,沙特被视为一个更安全的投资对象,因为该国仍保持几乎零债务,而且拥有世界最大规模的石油储备。But it is also benefiting from the desperate hunger for yield among investors starved by record-low interest rates in Europe, the UK and Japan.但沙特也受益于那些备受欧洲、英国及日本创纪录低利率折磨的投资者对收益的迫切渴求。Bankers say Asian investors not previously seen in emerging market bond transactions are helping to raise order books to new highs as negative interest rates in Japan leave the majority of Japanese government bonds trading in sub-zero territory.家表示,此前未曾在新兴市场债券交易中出现过的亚洲投资者正在将订单簿抬至新高,因为日本的负利率使得大多数日本政府债券的收益率都处于负值。 /201609/464408

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