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It is an Expo for the 21st Century and the UK have designed and built a Pavilion that reflects the splendour of the Expo2010.Our Pavilion is a striking, visual demonstration of the UK as a creative and innovative nation; exactly as Crystal Palace was in the very first Expo in London in 1851.Developed by one of the UK’s leading creative talents, Thomas Heatherwick, the centrepiece of the UK pavilion is a six storey high object formed from some 60,000 slender transparent rods, which extend from the structure and quiver in the breeze. During the day, each of the 7.5m long rods act like fibre-optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior, thereby creating a contemplative awe-inspiring space. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod allow the whole structure to glow. The pavilion sits on a landscape looking like paper that once wrapped the building and that now lies unfolded on the site.201009/113339You Will Need你需要Baby powder or talcum powder婴儿用爽身粉或滑石粉Sandals凉鞋Mesh beach bag网兜沙滩包Mild detergent温和的洗涤剂Steps步骤Step 1 Let everything dry保持干爽Let wet hair and clothes dry off in the sun. As they dry, some loose sand will fall off on its own.使头发和衣在太阳光下晒干。没有水分,沙子自然就掉了。Step 2 Shake on powder撒点儿爽身粉Shake some baby powder or talcum powder wherever you have sand on your body, like in between fingers and toes. It absorbs moisture and allows you to easily brush off any remaining grains with your hand.身上哪有沙子就撒点儿爽身粉或滑石粉,如手指脚趾缝间。这样粉末会吸收水分,让你能够用双手轻松掸掉沙子。Step 3 Sprinkle on your hair撒点儿在头发上Sprinkle some powder onto your hands and rub it gently into your scalp to remove sand from your hair.在手上倒点儿爽身粉并轻轻抹在头皮上,这样能轻松去除头发中的沙子。Step 4 Wear sandals穿着凉鞋Wear sandals to the beach instead of sand-trapping closed-toe shoes.穿着凉鞋去海滩,而不是容易进沙子的普通鞋。Step 5 Carry a mesh bag使用沙滩包Carry a mesh bag for towels, lotions, magazines, and toys. Excess sand will fall through the mesh and wont end up on your or in your car.用沙滩包携带毛巾,洗发液,杂志,水上玩具。多余的沙子会从网眼儿中掉落而不会黏在你身上或掉进车里。Step 6 Soak your suit浸泡你的衣Get sand out of your bathing suit by soaking it in a basin of lukewarm water. Lay it flat to dry overnight, then wash it with a mild detergent in the sink. Finish with a final rinse to get all the remaining stubborn sand right out.将在泳衣浸泡在温水中,展开晾干。第二天用温和的洗涤剂清洗,最后投干净,顽固的沙子马上不见啦。Fact: Sand sharks, also known as sand tigers, are the only shark known to come to the surface of the water and take a gulp of air.小常识:沙鲨,也叫做沙虎鲨鱼,是唯一需要到水面换气的鲨鱼。201208/194993Warning Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.警告:在进行任何锻炼或锻炼计划之前,一定要先咨询医生。Step 1 Warm up1.热身Warm up for your workout by marching in place for three minutes. Then spin the hoop around your waist for three to five minutes.锻炼之前,先原地踏步三分钟,然后转动呼拉圈三到五分钟的时间。Step 2 Do leg lifts2.抬腿运动Stand with your feet at shoulder width and stand the hoop on the floor to your left, holding it on top with your left hand.Extend and raise your right leg outward with your right arm overhead while rolling the hoop away from you.站立,双腿距离保持与肩宽相同,呼拉圈放在左边的地上,用左手举到头部上方。伸出并抬高右腿,将呼拉圈转出,同时将右手放在头部上方。Tip Play your favorite tunes to stay motivated.小贴士:可以播放自己最喜欢的音乐来调节气氛。Step 3 Drive the bus3.驾驶公共汽车Hold the hoop in front of you like youre driving a bus. Extend and raise your right leg to the side while turning the hoop to the right. Lift your left leg to the left side while turning the hoop to the left.将呼拉圈放在身体前方,就好像在驾驶公共汽车一样。向旁边伸出并抬高右腿,同时将呼拉圈伸向右边。然后向旁边伸出并抬高左腿,将呼拉圈伸向左边。Step 4 Work your calves4.锻炼小腿Stand with your feet at shoulder width with the hoop in front like a steering wheel. Turn your body to the left and extend your right arm across to touch the left side of the hoop while rising up on the toe of your right foot.双腿保持肩宽,呼拉圈像方向盘一样放在前方。身体向左转,伸出右手去触摸呼拉圈的左边,同时抬起右脚脚趾。Step 5 Do hoop crunches5.屈伸运动Lie face-up on the mat with your legs at a 90-degree angle. With the hoop in your left hand, place it above you horizontally and rest your feet on the lower part of it. Lift your shoulder blades while lowering your legs to a few inches above the floor.面部向上躺在垫子上,双腿成90度直角。左手握呼拉圈,水平放在身体上方,左脚放在呼拉圈较低的位置。抬起肩胛骨,同时将双腿降低到地面以上几英寸的位置。Step 6 Cool down and stretch6.整理和伸展运动March in place for three minutes to cool down, and stretch.原地踏步三分钟平静下来,然后伸展全身。201212/216533Louis recovered his health, but other troubles were looming.路易康复后其他问题却浮现出来His fame and success had earned him many enemies.他的名声与成功树敌不少Two years after his operation,手术2年后France began a costly war法国与西班牙 英格兰against Spain, England and Sweden.和瑞典开战 开销巨大As the fighting dragged on, some of Versailles silver战事持久 凡尔赛宫的部分银子was quietly removed and melted down to pay the Kings soldiers.也被拿去熔化 以作为军饷Unable to win the war,路易因无法赢得战争Louis signed an unfavourable peace treaty,只得签署对法国不利的和平条约conceding territory to his enemies.割让土地给敌人The Sun King was finally in decline and,太阳王终究日薄西山although he continued to make small improvements尽管他继续逐渐改进to his great palace,他宏大的宫殿he lost much of his enthusiasm.他已经兴趣尽失After just four years of peace, a new crisis threatened.4年的和平后 新的危机浮现The Spanish king died, leaving his empire to Louis grandson.西班牙国王死后王位传与路易之孙If Louis accepted on the boys behalf,如果路易以孙子的名义接受he knew the other European powers would try to stop him.欧洲其他君主便会阻止他But if he refused, the territories但他若拒绝 西班牙的土地would go to Frances rivals in Austria.便交由法国的对手奥地利He was in an impossible situation.他面临艰难的抉择Louis was damned if he did, damned if he didnt.路易进退两难Faced with an issue which concerns the honour of his dynasty,此问题事关王朝的荣誉its perhaps not surprising意料之中的是that he opts for the acceptance of the Spanish offer.他接受了西班牙的王位But inevitably, therefore,因此他无可避免地provokes war with the other major European powers.挑起了与欧洲其他国家的战事This, the most gruelling war of Louis reign,路易在位时最漫长的战争lasted for 12 years and brought France to the brink of ruin.持续了12年 几乎摧毁了法国201204/178140

Thats because of the new technique known as embalming.这归功于一种叫尸体防腐的新技术Chemicals like arsenic and zinc chloride are injected in the corpse to hold the natural process of decay.把砷和氯化锌等化学制剂注入尸体以延缓自然尸解的过程The business of death, the preservation of bodies turns undertakers into overnight millionaires.向死人提供的保存尸体务让殡葬从业者们一夜暴富One undertaker boasts:I would be glad to prepare private soldiers.一名从业者夸口说,我很乐意为士兵务They were worth a bill a piece.每具遗体收费5美元But Lord bless you, a colonel pays 100.不过上帝保佑,上校的话,收费100And a brigadier general, 200.至于一名准将则要收费200If youve got the money,all sorts of new techniques are available.只要有钱,有各种各样的新技术可供选择Airtight coffins and embalming are most popular.其中密封棺木和尸体防腐最受青睐And for the wealthiest, even elaborated refrigerated coffins packed with ice.富人们甚至可以选择做工考究的,由冰块包裹的冷冻棺木The war drags on.战事仍在拖延Lincoln is determined to end it, and abolish slavery.林肯下决心要结束战争,废除奴隶制In September, 1862, he gives the South an ultimatum - rejoin the union.1862年9月,他给南方下达了重返联邦的最后通牒He threatens to forcibly liberate their slaves if they refuse.他威胁南方如果拒绝合作,他会诉诸武力解放奴隶But the South, having tasted independence,does not want to rejoin a union where slavery would be at risk.而初尝独立甜头的南方并不愿意冒着被废奴的风险重返联邦they reject the ultimatum.他们拒绝接受最后通牒Lincoln is in no mood to negotiate.林肯此刻已无意协商沟通If the South wont free their slaves, he will do it himself.如果南方不解放奴隶,他会代而行之For white Southerners,对于南方白人来说it was a confirmation that their thoughts about Lincoln all along此举实了他们对林肯一直以来的看法that he was, in fact, somebody who was bent on destroying what they thought was the Southern way of life.他就是一心想要摧毁 他们心目中的南方生活方式In the North, in a sense it gave people a different understanding of what the war was about.而在北方,从某种意义上说这让人们重新审视这场战争的意义On January 1st, 1863, Lincoln issues a proclamation abolishing slavery in the rebellious Southern states,1863年1月1日 林肯发表宣言废除南方各叛乱州的奴隶制Thanks to the telegraph, the news quickly sps.消息借助电报迅速传开On the 4th day of January, in the year of our Lord, 1863.与主同在的1863年,一月的第四天Lincoln had totally grown to where he said not only should blacks not be slaves,they should be treated as equal citizens with full enfranchisement, right to vote and right to participate.林肯的立场有了进一步发展,他不仅认为黑人不应为奴,他们还应当受到平等的公民待遇,享有完整的政治选举权和参与权All persons held as slaves shall be then, henceforth and forever free.所有被奴役者从此重获自由,直到永远 /201211/207942

This man is about to shake Americas confidence in its banks to its very core.这个人即将从根本上动摇美国人对体系的信心Hes put his money in his local bank.他在一间本地存了钱The Bank of ed States,a bank that has only hours left to exist.合众国,几小时后这家将面临倒闭的命运But a newspaper article questions his banks stability.他从报上读到了一则质疑该稳定性的消息This is the moment that begins a chain reaction that will shake the whole countrys economy...正是从这一刻起,一石激起千层浪,整个国家的经济体系变得岌岌可危...yet we dont even know the mans name.But his story was recorded by ;The New York Times.;我们并不清楚这人姓甚名谁,只知道《纽约时报》刊载了他的故事A small merchant in the Bronx went to a branch of the Bank of ed States and asked bank officials to dispose of his stock in the institution.一名布朗克斯区的小商贩来到合众国的一家行,要求职员把他的股票抛售掉Good day, sir, how may I help you?您好 先生 有什么可以为您效劳的Yes, Id like to withdraw my shares from the bank.好的 我想卖掉我在这家的股份I beg your pardon, sir?再说一遍好吗 先生Bank regulations are virtually nonexistent at the time.的规章制度此时已是一纸空文Bad real-estate investments mean the bank has only kept itself afloat by cooking the books.由于房地产投资失败,这家只能靠做假帐来勉强维持Good day, sir, how may I be of assistance?您好先生,需要我帮忙吗 Id like to sell my shares.我要卖掉我的股份Well, the stock is a good investment, sir.I would advise against the sale.先生 这投资很不错,我建议您不要卖I want my money.我要拿回我的钱The last thing the bank needs is to hand out all its cash.这家最怕的就是客户大规模提现We almost witnessed that fairly recently and Ive seen what can go on, and Ive seen travesty.最近我们面临的又一次金融危机,历史惊人地相似悲剧重演了He departed and apparently sp a false report,that the bank had refused to sell his stock.显然,他走后散布了一个谣言,说这家拒绝兑现他的股份By mid-afternoon,a considerable crowd had gathered outside the bank,estimated at between 20,000 and 25,000 persons.中午时分,一大批人聚集在外面,人数估计有两万到两万五This is the day worry turns to panic.就在这一天,担忧化为了恐慌Would the banks go the same way as the stock market?会走上股市的老路吗Hysteria sps like wildfire.歇斯底里的情绪像野火一样蔓延着 million are withdrawn from this branch alone.仅这一家行就被提走了两百万美元Even though all the anxious depositors who asked for their money before closing time were given it...the crowd became restless.即便在关门前,所有情绪激动的提款人都顺利领到了钱,他们还是焦躁不安A squad of police were sent in to control them.一小队警察出面控制局势 /201301/219030

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