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Two stolen paintings by Vincent Van Gogh were seized in a criminal network linked to the mafia near Naples, Italian authorities said last Friday.意大利当局于上周五声称,在一次打击那不勒斯黑帮的犯罪网络行动中,两幅失窃的文森特·梵高的画作被查获。The two paintings, ;Seascape at Scheveningen; and ;Congregation leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen,; had been stolen from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in 2002.这两幅画作--《斯海弗宁恩海滩》和《离开尼厄嫩教堂》--在2002年于阿姆斯特丹的梵高物馆被盗。Italian authorities found them during an operation against drug trafficking on the coastal town of Castellammare di Stabia, which targeted a group affiliated to the Naples-based Camorra mob, police said at a press conference.意大利警方在发布会上表示,意大利当局是在破获“卡莫拉”黑帮的沿海毒品走私案件中发现的这两幅“无价之宝”。Museum curators confirmed the authenticity of the two artworks, which would be worth around 100 million euros (111.6 million US dollars), Ansa news agency reported.据安莎社报道称,梵高物馆馆长确认了这两幅画作是真品,估值1亿欧元(111.6百万美元)。Despite a 14-year journey, the two stolen works appeared to be ;in fairly good condition;. Both lack their frames and show signs of some damage. It is not yet clear when they will return to Amsterdam.尽管“失踪”了14年,但这两幅画作仍被保存完好。不过这两幅画作在找到时候都没有画框,有一些轻微的破损。目前尚不清楚什么时候可以回到阿姆斯特丹。The director of the museum, Axel Ruger, attended the press conference held in Naples, thanking the Italian investigative authorities as well as Italian and Dutch police.物馆馆长阿克塞尔·鲁格参加了在那不勒斯举办的新闻发布会,并对意大利调查当局、意大利和荷兰警方表示感谢。;I am very exited. The paintings have been found. That I would ever be able to pronounce these words is something I had no longer dared to hope for,; Ruger said.鲁格说道:“我非常开心,画作终于失而复得,我终于可以说出一些我曾经不敢奢望的话语。”Italian authorities were also happy with the results, and praised investigators and police in Naples for their work.能有这样的收获,意大利当局也很开心,并对那不勒斯的调查人员和警方所付出的努力提出了表扬。;This is an extraordinary recovery, which confirms the strength of Italy#39;s action against antiquities trafficking,; Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said.文化部长达里奥·弗朗切斯奇尼表示:“这是一个重大发现,肯定了意大利在打击文物走私犯罪活动中的行动力度。” /201610/469869。

Is Donkey#39;s Milk The Next Big Health Trend?喝驴奶将成为健康新潮流?We#39;ve tried cow, soya and even oat milk. So it#39;s only fair that donkey#39;s milk has its day.牛奶、豆奶、燕麦奶我们都喝过。是时候尝尝驴奶了!Donkey#39;s milk is lower in fat than cow#39;s milk and contains inflammation-reducing fatty acids that boost heart health.驴奶比牛奶脂肪含量更低,里面还含有减少炎症发生的脂肪酸,对心脏健康有益。;Biochemically, donkey#39;s milk is actually closer to human milk than cow#39;s milk with a similar protein, mineral and fatty acid composition,; nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed tells The Huffington Post UK.“从生物化学角度讲,驴奶在蛋白质含量、矿物质(灰分)和脂肪酸含量上都更接近母乳,” 营养学家Charlotte Stirling-Reed在英国赫芬顿邮报上如是说。;It#39;s also reported to have many functional properties, but the truth is we don#39;t have enough research to say much more than that at this point.;“此外,驴奶还有其他一些保健功效,但目前我们仅发现了这些。”The UN#39;s Food and Agriculture Organisation says donkey milk has ;particular nutritional benefits; and could benefit those who are allergic to cow#39;s milk.英国食品农业组织表示,驴奶有很高的营养价值,可以让对牛奶过敏的人群尝试驴奶。A Suisse dairy company called Eurolactis is aly marketing the milk in Europe.一家叫Eurolactis的瑞士奶品公司已经开始在欧洲市场销售驴奶了。They sell atomised, freeze-dried and fresh milk - the latter of which is only available in Italy at the moment - as well as cosmetics and soaps which are reportedly good for skin conditions such as eczema. 他们出售雾化、冻干和新鲜驴奶,但鲜驴奶目前只在意大利有售。此外,还生产驴奶制成的化妆品和香皂,说是对湿疹等皮肤问题很有效。Adults in good health can enjoy donkey#39;smilk as a hypo-allergenic substitute for cow#39;smilk.; 健康的成年人可以饮用驴奶代替牛奶,因为驴奶具有低致敏性。Dr Massimo Caliendo, nutritional biologist, writes on the Eurolactis site: ;One of the most important uses of donkey#39;smilk is in paediatrics, specifically for cases of allergies and intolerance.生物营养学家Massimo Caliendo士在Eurolactis网站发表的文章上说:“驴奶目前主要用在儿科上,用来给那些对牛奶过敏或乳糖不耐受的婴幼儿饮用。”;It is well-known that the protein in cow#39;smilk can be an allergen for children. If mother#39;smilk is not available, donkey#39;smilk comes into its own as an extremely beneficial and important source of food, particularly for cases of multiple food allergies and poor absorption.;“大家都是知道牛奶中的蛋白质很容易引发婴儿过敏。如果没办法喝母乳,就可以饮用营养丰富的驴奶。这在对其他事物过敏或吸收困难的婴幼儿身上也适用。”He added that donkey#39;s milk is also a great supplement for sports people.他补充说,驴奶对运动的人也是很好的补剂。;It can improve work rate and performance,; he wrote. ;In difficult situations such as growth problems, poor diet, convalescence, periods of transition such as adolescence or the menopause or for older people, dietary supplementation based on donkey#39;smilk helps the body to cope during critical phases.“它可以增强运动能力和表现,”他写道。“在发育出现问题、不良饮食、康复期和生长发育的转折期(比如发育成年和更年期),饮用驴奶也能提供帮助。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/465416。