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抚顺胜利矿职工医院割包皮多少钱抚顺什么医院比较好Britons are being encouraged to holiday at home as a major tourism drive offering Olympic themed discounts is launched next week.英国将于下周发起一场大型旅游宣传活动,为民众提供以奥运为主题的折扣优惠,鼓励英国民众在国内度假。A new campaign offering 20.12 percent slashed off bills at participating venues will be unveiled by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday to boost ;staycations;.周三英国文化部部长杰瑞米bull;亨特将公布参与20.12%折价活动的场所,宣传;国内度假;。The scheme includes hotel accommodation, meals, guided tours and entry to attractions, with discounts funded by the industry.这一优惠计划覆盖了旅店住宿、餐饮、跟团旅游和景点门票,由企业资助提供折扣价。Government officials said more than three million hotel rooms were aly lined up under the project, which is being backed by a range of companies, including Butlins.政府官员称,包括英国大型连锁度假公司Butlins在内的一大批公司已经参与该项目,提供的客房已超过了300万间。Attractions, such as the London Eye and Alton Towers, are also taking part.像伦敦眼和奥尔顿塔这样的景点也参与了该项目。Reduced prices will also be offered on stays on the Royal yacht Britannia, now moored in Leith, Edinburgh, and visits to Chatsworth, the historic house in Derbyshire.乘坐皇家游艇不列颠号和德比郡古宅查茨沃斯庄园游也将提供减价优惠。该游艇现在停泊在爱丁堡利斯港口。Tourists will be able to take advantage of the discount by using a dedicated website before the end of the Paralympics on September 9 to make bookings for this year and 2013.游客在9月9日残奥会结束前上专门的网站预订今年和2013年的旅游项目将能享受折价优惠。Mr Hunt said: ;With the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games, this year is the perfect opportunity for more of us to holiday in the UK.;亨特说:;今年将举行维多利亚女王登基钻石禧年庆典和2012伦敦奥运会,是英国人在国内度假的完美时机。;Mr Hunt has travelled the UK, urging companies to take part in the scheme, telling them: ;It#39;s now or never for London tourism.;亨特到英国各地鼓动多家公司参与这一项目,他告诉他们说:;今年对伦敦旅游业来说是机不可失,时不再来。;;We will never have a year like 2012 to show the world that this is, quite simply, the most exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan city on the planet.;;我们再也不会有又一个2012年来向世界展示我们的城市,这个地球上最振奋人心、充满活力的国际大都市。;The inevitable moans and groans in the run up to an Olympics must not cloud the scale of the opportunity ; including our biggest ever tourism marketing campaign to make sure we get a lasting benefit from being in the global spotlight.;;在奥运会的准备过程中不可避免地会有人抱怨,但我们不能让这些抱怨阻碍和限制这次机遇带来的发展,包括我们史上最大规模的旅游营销活动,确保我们能从这次成为全球焦点的机会中获得长久的利益。;The scheme will be promoted by a pound;3 million television advertising campaign ; the first of its kind in the UK.英国将耗资300万英镑通过电视广告来宣传该计划,这样的电视宣传在英国历史上也是首次。The government hopes the ;holidays at home are great; campaign ; launched by VisitEngland ; will create 12,000 jobs, create 5.3million extra short overnight breaks, and generate pound;480million in extra spending over three years.英国政府希望VisitEngland发起的这个;在家度假很棒;的宣传活动能创造1.2万个就业机会,新增短假度假人次530万,并在未来三年使消费额增加4.8亿英镑。 /201203/173491抚顺那个医院治不孕不育专业 抚顺市中医院电话预约

新宾县治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好四川阿坝 Almost without noticing, once the most beautiful landscapes in China are fading away silently. While they are strong enough to have survived thousands of years on earth, they are so fragile in the face of earthquakes, global warming, deforestation, overgrazing as well as natural erosions. Still, for travelers, it's always better late than never to see these wonders while they are still there. 不经意间,中国的绝色美景正在悄然逝去。历经千年的洗礼,在面对地震、气候变暖、森林砍伐、过度放牧等自然或人为的变迁时,它们依旧脆弱不堪。对于旅行者而言,抓紧时间多看一眼这样的美景,不要让它们只在记忆中闪现,定格在曾经的美丽。 Aba is an autonomous prefecture in Sichuan, whose capital is Barkam town. Aba is the site of the epicenter of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. 阿坝自治州位于四川省马尔康地区,正处于2008年汶川地震所在区域。浙江泰顺 Taishun is in Southern part of Zhejiang Province, near the border with the Fujian province. Taishun County has more than 900 covered bridges, many of them hundreds of years old, as well as a covered bridge museum. 泰顺位于浙江南部,与福建交界。泰顺有900多座超过百年历史的廊桥,还有一座廊桥物馆。 /201110/156903抚顺职业病防治院医院预约 Hate your boss? New research shows you#39;re not alone.你恨你的上司吗?新调查显示对上司心怀怨恨的不只你一人。A study by talent management expert DDI revealed that one in three employees don#39;t consider their boss to be doing an effective job, while nearly half of workers think they could do their boss#39;s job better than them.由美国智睿人力资源咨询公司开展的调查揭示,三分之一的员工认为自己的上司做事没效率,近半数员工认为如果让他们做上司的工作,会比上司做得更好。Conducted as a way to determine what today#39;s leaders are doing right and what they are doing wrong, the research also found that fewer than 40 percent of employees are motivated by their supervisor to give their best effort.该调查还发现不到40%的员工是在上司的激励下才全力以赴的。开展这一调查也是为了判定现在的领导者们决策正确与否。Much of the dissatisfaction stems from supervisors#39; unwillingness to listen to their employees. Thirty-five percent of the surveyed workers said their boss never, or only sometimes, listens to their work-related concerns.员工的许多不满源自上司不愿倾听员工的意见。35%的受访员工说,他们的领导从未或只是偶尔倾听他们在工作上的烦恼。Additionally, only 54 percent of supervisors involve employees in making decisions that affect their work.此外,只有54%的上司让员工参与对他们工作有影响的决策制定。The study also shows too many leaders aren#39;t delivering on the basic requirements ; courtesy, respect, honesty and tact in their interactions ; of a healthy manager/employee relationship.研究还显示,太多领导人没有做到建立健康的管理者和员工关系所要求的事情;;在交流中谦和有礼、尊重、诚实以及得体。Sixty percent of those surveyed reported their boss has damaged their self-esteem, while nearly one-third of employees said their supervisor doesn#39;t remain calm and constructive when discussing problems.60%的被调查者报告说,他们的上司伤害了他们的自尊。近三分之一的员工说,他们的上司在讨论问题时没有保持冷静、积极的建设性心态。The lack of faith in their boss is forcing many to consider other employment. Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said they left a job primarily because of their leader, while more than half said their negative perception of a boss had them contemplating finding a new employer.对上司缺乏信心迫使许多员工考虑换工作。近40%的被调查者说,他们离职主要是因为上司,而超过半数的人说,他们对上司的负面看法让他们考虑找个新雇主。There are areas, however, where supervisors scored high marks. The research shows 74 percent of workers understand their boss#39;s expectations of them, while 66 percent said their manager provides the support they need.不过,在某些领域里上司们受到了好评。调查显示,74%的员工理解上司对自己的期望,66%的员工说管理者提供他们所需的持。The research was based on surveys of more than 1,200 full-time employees from the ed States, ed Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India and southeast Asia.该调查访问了美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大、中国、德国、印度和东南亚国家的1200多名全职员工。 /201202/171388抚顺市职业病防治医院怎样预约

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