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清原县第二医院治疗内分泌多少钱抚顺激光包皮费用Books and Arts; Book Review;The drug industry;文艺;书评;药业;Pick your pill out of a hat;开药就好比抓阄;Bad Pharma. By Ben Goldacre.《医药行业的恶劣行径》。作者:本·戈尔达克尔。 Doctors like to project an air of authority when making their clinical decisions. Patients like it too, for it is reassuring to think that ones health is in the hands of an expert. It would be unsettling if, upon prescribing you a drug, your doctor admitted that the scientific research about what exactly the drug did, and how effective it was at doing it, was patchy and distorted, sometimes to the point where nobody has any real idea of what effects the drugs they are prescribing are likely to have on their patients. 医生诊疗时总看上去非常权威。病人其实也就喜欢这样的医生——想到自己的身体得到了专家的医治,心中的石头就瞬间落了地。如果之前还给你开药的医生现在却说:该药物原理和效果的研究是经人为修改和捏造的;他甚至还称:根本就没人知道药物对病人到底有哪些可能的作用(包括开药的医生自己都不知道)——你是不是气得都说不出话了呢?But that is the reality described in “Bad Pharma”, Ben Goldacres new book. A British doctor and science writer, he made his name in 2008 with “Bad Science”, in which he filleted the credulous coverage given in the popular press to the claims of homeopaths, reiki therapists, Hopi ear-candlers and other purveyors of ceremonious placebos. Now he has taken aim at a much bigger and more important target: the 0-billion pharmaceutical industry that develops and produces the drugs prescribed by real doctors the world over.这可不是胡话。本·戈尔达克尔的新书《医药行业的恶劣行径》便如是形容医药行业的现状。该作者是一名英国医生和科学作家,并以2008年出版的《科学的恶劣行径》(Bad Science)而名声大噪。在该成名作中,他犹如《皇帝的新装》中的小孩一般,指公众传媒大肆宣传的“注毒诱发抗体”、“气功物理治疗”、“霍皮耳道滴蜡”等自欺欺人的安慰疗法都是伪科学。而在新书中,他则将触角伸向危害更为严重的领域:一个拥有6千亿美元市场容量的行业——药业。在全球各地,无数医生正开出他们研究生产的各种药物。The book is slightly technical, eminently able, consistently shocking, occasionally hectoring and unapologetically polemical. “Medicine is broken,” it declares on its first page, and “the people you should have been able to trust to fix [its] problems have failed you.” Dr Goldacre describes the routine corruption of what is supposed to be an objective scientific process designed to assess whether new drugs work, whether they are better than drugs aly on the market and whether their side effects are a price worth paying for any benefits they might convey. The result is that doctors, and the patients they treat, are hobbled by needless ignorance.该书以“专业门槛低、可读性强、时刻吸引读者兴趣、彻底颠覆药业形象、语言咄咄逼人又击中要害”而颇具特色。“药该倒了,”他在首页便如是写道:“那些本被寄予厚望医治病症的天使,如今却成了口蜜腹剑的恶魔。”客观的科学探索过程应该具有三个评估作用。新药是否有效?是否优于市场上的药物?副作用与疗效之间是否具有较高的性价比?戈尔达克尔士在书中详细描述了药业道德腐败的事实。医生和病人结果都被药企摆了一道,然而这种不知情本都可以避免。So, for instance, pharmaceutical companies bury clinical trials which show bad results for a drug and publish only those that show a benefit. The trials are often run on small numbers of unrepresentative patients, and the statistical analyses are massaged to give as rosy a picture as possible. Entire clinical trials are run not as trials at all, but as under-the-counter advertising campaigns designed to persuade doctors to prescribe a companys drug.比如,那些药企有选择性地藏匿一些临床试验,只公布其中具有正效应的结果。那些不良反应通常会描述成只对一小部分特定的病人产生作用,而经过技术处理的各种数据分析结果总是极力表现出药效之好。整个临床试验过程根本就变了味,反倒像是地下传销——花言巧语地唆使医生开该公司的药物。The bad behaviour extends far beyond the industry itself. Drug regulators, who do get access to some of the hidden results, often guard them jealously, even from academic researchers, seeming to serve the interests of the firms whose products they are supposed to police. Medical journals frequently fail to perform basic checks on the papers they print, so all sorts of sharp practice goes uncorrected. Many published studies are not written by the academics whose names they bear, but by commercial ghostwriters paid by drug firms. Doctors are bombarded with advertising encouraging them to prescribe certain drugs.这种道德沦丧还不只是在行业内部。那些能接触到被藏匿结果的药物管理者,却总是偏袒维护那些药企。即使是那些理论研究员,也俨然与药企成为了一条绳上的两只蚂蚱。他们本应该向警方举报这些产品。医药行业刊物常常忽视对于刊文的基本审查指责,从而导致各种虚假信息没有得到应有的纠正。很多公开发表的论文并非由署名的学者所著,而是那些药企买通的手的作品。医生看到种种粉饰过的“广告”后,也很难在开药的时候毫不动摇。The danger with a book like this is that it ends up lost in abstract discussion of difficult subjects. But Dr Goldacre illustrates his points with a plethora of real-world stories and examples. Some seem almost too breathtaking to be true—but every claim is referenced and backed up by links to research and primary documents. In scenes that could have come straight from a spy farce, the French journal Prescrire applied to Europes drug regulator for information on the diet drug rimonabant. The regulator sent back 68 pages in which virtually every sentence was blacked out.这类书在写作时容易陷入艰涩内容的抽象论述中。戈尔达克尔士很好地避免了这一问题,他使用了大量的事实论据来例他的观点。有些事例甚至有些不可思议——不过每个引例都有来源说明,并由各类学术文献及基础理论持。下面这个例子不明真相的人可能还以为是哪个谍战影视作品的搞怪片段呢。法国杂志《药效》(Prescrire)曾向欧洲药监部门申请利莫那般(rimonabant,消化类药物)的详细信息,该部门随后寄回68页材料——其中几乎每句句子都有涂改的痕迹。And of course, the upshot of all this is anything but abstract: doctors are left ignorant about the drugs they are prescribing, and which will make their patients sick or get well, or even live or die. Statins, for instance, lower the risk of heart attacks, and are prescribed to millions of adults all over the world. But there are several different sorts of statin. Because there is little commercial advantage to be gained by comparing the efficacy of the different varieties, no studies have done so in a useful way.所以最终的结论也就不难得出了。医生其实根本不了解他们开出的处方药。这些药能不能治好疾病,抑或是否是在伤口上撒盐,甚至是生死之别,这些都是未知数。举例来说,减少心脏病发病率的药物斯塔丁(Statin),如今在全球各地有数百万的成年人用该药。但斯塔丁有许多种种类。因为区分各类斯塔丁药效的几乎没什么商业价值,所以就也没有针对这一方面的学术研究了。Bereft of guidance, doctors must therefore prescribe specific statins on the basis of little more than hunches or personal prejudice. As Dr Goldacre points out, if one drug is even a shade more effective than its competitors, then thousands of people prescribed the inferior ones are dying needlessly every year for want of a bit of simple research. That is a scandal. Worse, the bias and distortions that brought it about are repeated across the entire medical industry. This is a book that deserves to be widely , because anyone who does it cannot help feeling both uncomfortable and angry.因为缺少文献资料,医生只能根据自己的临床经验和个人偏好来决定到底使用哪一种斯塔丁。就如戈尔达克尔士所提到的那样,假如有一种斯塔丁即使只是比其他的好那么一点点,那么就意味着每年有数以千计的病人无辜地徘徊于阎王殿口——他们使用了较为劣等的药物,却只因没有这一方面的研究告诉他们去用好药。这真是个医药界的丑闻。更令人后怕的是,导致这一结果的学术造假和捏造在整个药业正一遍又一遍地重复着。这本书真应该让每个人都读一读——每个人的读后感都无不爆出两个词汇 :恶心!愤怒! /201210/203755抚顺市人民医院割包皮哪家医院最好 Books and arts;book review;文艺;书评;James Fentons poetry;Flower power;詹姆士.芬顿的诗;诗歌的力量;A modern master goes from strength to strength;一位逐渐成长起来的当代诗坛巨匠;;Yellow Tulips;poem;by JAMES FENTON;诗集《黄色郁金香》;詹姆斯.芬顿著;JAMES FENTON has led a busy life. In the late 1970s, while an undergraduate at Oxford University, he began his career in journalism: as a book reviewer, then as a war reporter, a foreign correspondent, a theatre critic and now as a popular commentator on American politics. From 1994 until 1999 he was Oxford professor of poetry and, more lucratively, wrote an early libretto for “Les Miserables”, the hit musical of Victor Hugos sprawling novel. During all this time, he has also written poetry.詹姆斯.芬顿的人生极为丰富。20世纪70年代后期,詹姆斯.芬顿还只是牛津大学在读大学生时,就开始了他的新闻事业:书评撰稿人、战地记者、驻外通讯记者、戏剧批评家,而现在他是著名的美国政治时事员。1994年至1999年间,詹姆斯.芬顿任牛津大学教授,主讲诗学。而且他曾为维克多.雨果的长篇巨作《悲惨世界》的音乐剧写过剧本,该音乐剧风靡一时,芬顿获利颇丰。在此期间,他亦有写诗。Covering the period from 1968 to 2011, “Yellow Tulips”, Mr Fentons latest collection of new and previously published poems, traces his constant movement from place to place. In many respects it is remarkable that these poems were written at all. Some were composed after Mr Fenton fled from Cambodia in 1975, just before it fell to the Khmer Rouge, or in Hong Kong, Germany and the Philippines, where he was posted on various assignments. They feature downtrodden hotels or bars, diplomatic dinners and country estates, reflecting the life of a journalist who finds himself continually displaced. He describes student hangovers and heartbreak (and shows the uncanny similarities between the two). But his most common theme is combat, and how it affects those who have the least say in it, “those whom geography condemns to war”.芬顿的最新诗集《黄色郁金香》收录了他1968年至2011年间出版的新旧诗篇,从这些诗,我们可以看到他在这段时间辗转于不同地方的经历。从很多方面来说,能写出这样的诗本身便是很神奇的。一些诗歌是在芬顿1975年逃离柬埔寨之后创作的,也就是红色高棉事件发生之前,一些是香港、德国和菲律宾写的。他曾因各种原因被派到这些地方。这些诗歌以那些被剥削压迫的小旅馆或酒吧,外交晚宴还有乡村庄园为背景,反映了诗人长期背井离乡的记者生涯。他描述了学生的宿醉与心碎(并且在他的诗间,我们可见两者之间离奇的相似之处)。而芬顿最常写的其实是“战争”,以及那些在战争中最没发言权的人们,“那些人为艰苦的地理环境所迫,不得不选择战争”。Mr Fenton describes visiting an orphanage of exiled Cambodian children, each “caught in the tight security of grief”. He writes from the perspective of a 16-year-old soldier in Phnom Penh, his verse suddenly bristling with danger. His poetry waits “for reinforcements to arrive” or remembers “drivers, interpreters” and how “Death waved them through the checkpoint. They were lost.” On the whole, he manages to tackle these political themes without descending into sentimentality.芬顿描绘了他在一家收容那些流亡的柬埔寨孤儿的孤儿院的所见所闻,在那里,每个人都被忧伤所缠绕。他从一位柬埔寨金边的16岁战士的视角切入,整首诗弥漫着一种危险的气息。他的诗描绘了他们是如何等待救兵,回忆了他们的司机和翻译,讲述了“他们如何在关卡死里逃生。那时他们已经迷路啦。”概言之,芬顿在处理这些政治主题时成功地没有陷入到情绪化的漩涡当中。Instead, there is a constant satirical edge, and a certain bite to his tightly rhythmic verse. A keen observer, his poetry excels in the minute description, and the audacity of a rhyming phrase: “Tiananmen/ Is broad and clean/And you cant tell/Where the dead have been.” Often impersonating the voices of others, Mr Fenton revels in using the forms of narrative poems or ballads, taking these older poetic structures and bringing them up to date.相反,他的诗节奏紧凑,往往似讽非讽。读者如果足够敏锐,便会发现他的细节描写极为杰出,且敢于用押韵的词句:“天安门广场,洁净而宽敞,难以分辨,亡者曾几何处葬。”芬顿善用叙事诗或者情诗的形式,拟声的手法,将旧的诗歌形式适用于新的时代,来表达自己的思想。 However, some of his poems are less powerful. Mr Fentons early love poetry, in particular, lacks the wit of his later work, and his political statements are occasionally rather crude: “Blank terror doth stalk/ The poets of New York.” This is a shame; the many fine poems in the collection stand proud on their own.但他的一部分诗却有些软绵绵的。尤其是他早期的爱情诗,不及他后期作品来得灵动。而且他言及政治时,偶有粗鲁处:“极度的恐慌惊扰了纽约的诗人们。”这是一种缺憾吧,但那些收到了诗集里的好诗,数目众多,卓然于世。Mr Fentons recent work is particularly good. More contemplative and meditative, poems such as “At the Kerb”, which is dedicated to Mick Imlah, a British poet who died at 52 in of motor neurone disease, show the more mature side of Mr Fentons voice.芬顿先生的近期作品尤是优异,其思想愈见成熟,亦更见深度,便如他献给英国诗人米克.伊姆拉的《在路边石》。米克.伊姆拉因运动神经疾病,卒于年,享年52岁。于此诗间,我们可见芬顿诗歌更为成熟的一面。Brutal disease has numbered him a victim,残虐的病魔,数次纠缠,As if some unmarked car had appeared one day仿若哪一日不知什么车便会出现,And snatched him off to torture and confinem 抓他去囚禁、折磨,Then dumped him by the kerbside and sped away 继而扬长而去,弃他于路边。Such moments are startling and help Mr Fentons simple lyricism achieve a certain vivid gracefulness. The 17 recent poems that make up the last section of “Yellow Tulips” show the development of a compelling poetic voice. Most important, they suggest that there is more to come.诗中的情境令人揪心,因之芬顿简单的抒情诗却取得了某种生动雅致。《黄色郁金香》最后一章节由十七首他近期创作的诗构成,从这些诗我们可见诗人愈见迷人的诗歌语言。更为重要的是,这些美妙的诗句间隐隐暗示着更深层的内涵。 201206/186550Ironically, to possibly revive some form of life on Mars, we need to introduce the same conditions that are threatening life here on earth. To establish human societies on Mars with significant industrial capacity. They could create these green house gases there. Warm the planet, it would cause the water thats frozen into soil to start melting out, running again in the streams and riverbeds of Mars filling the lakes and putting water vapour into the atmosphere. And water vapour is green house gas.讽刺的是,为了使火星重燃生命,我们需要引进一些条件,而这些条件在地球上却会威胁生命。为了利用强大的工业生产力在火星上建立人类社会,可能会在这里产生温室气体,从而将火星变暖。火星变暖就会导致冻在土里的冰层融化成水,重新汇聚成河流在火星上流淌,然后填满湖泊,将水蒸发到大气中。水蒸气就相当于温室气体。Mars would have an environment suitable for life, suitable for plants, trees, grasses insects. But before we can export cars, factories and other polluters to Mars, we need to get there and it wont be easy. We go to Mars, we are constrained by the position of the planets around the Sun. The Mars is our nearest neighbor. Its still very far away. At their closest, the earth and Mars are over 34 million miles from one another. And since the two planets move in different orbits at different speeds they are usually even further apart. A manned voyage to Mars will have to be time just right. The window of opportunity to go from earth to Mars or from Mars to earth opens up only once every two years.火星上应该有适合生命存在的环境,适于植物,树木,草和昆虫生长的环境。但是在我们引进汽车,工厂还有其它污染源前,我们需要确保安全抵达火星,这并不容易。我们要去火星,但我们被局限在环绕太阳公转的行星上。火星是我们最近的邻居,但仍然很遥远。即使靠的最近,但火星和地球之间的距离仍有3千4百万英里。因为这两个行星分别以不同的速度在不同的轨道上公转,他们经常会越离越远。人类登陆火星的时机需要把握准确。从火星到地球或者从地球到火星的最佳时机每两年才出现一次。So a trip to mars might involve taking six months to get there, and then staying on Mars for two years. Part of preparing to sent humans tomorrows is to test our equipment and procedures here on earth.因此一次火星之旅需要花六个月时间在路上,然后还需在火星上呆2年。送人类上火星的部分准备工作是在地球上测试设备和程序。Its safe to say that one day soon we will go to Mars. If you wanna be among the first humans to go, the time to prepare yourself is now, which is exactly what the Mars Society is doing.可以很有把握的说很快我们就会去火星。如果你想成为第一批去火星的人,那么现在就得准备了,这也正是火星协会正在做的。The Mars Society is an international organization of people committed to furthering the exploration and ultimately settlement of Mars.火星协会是一个志在进一步探索火星,最终在火星上建立定居点的国际性组织。The first step to going to Mars is acting as if you are aly there.去火星的第一步:表现地就像你已经在火星上一样。 原文译文属!201208/194203抚顺前列腺可以治疗吗

抚顺县医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Business Americas mobile merger Tripped at the altar商业 美国手机业者合併 功亏一篑The Justice Department seeks to block ATamp;Ts acquisition of T-Mobile司法部门阻止ATamp;T收购T-mobileRANDALL STEPHENSON has no time for doubts. In March, when the boss of ATamp;T, Americas second-biggest mobile-phone operator, declared that his firm would buy T-Mobile USA, the number four, for a whopping billion, he seemed convinced that the deal would pass antitrust muster. ;This is an intensely competitive marketplace,; he said. ;When you watch a show or a football game, what dominates the airwaves? Its advertising for the mobile marketplace.;兰德尔·斯蒂芬森已没时间犹豫了。三月份,美国第二大手机运营商ATamp;T总裁宣布收购美国T-Mobile。T-Mobile 以39亿美元总资产位于美国手机公司第四位。斯蒂芬森似乎对于这次的收购通过反垄断法的检阅非常有信心。他说:;这个市场竞争相当激烈。当人们观看一场演出或是球赛时,是谁控制着无线电波?这是在为手机市场做广告。;Mr Stephensons optimism was misplaced. On August 31st Americas Justice Department filed a suit to block the proposed merger, arguing that it would ;substantially; reduce competition for mobile services in America. This does not mean that the deal is dead—yet. But to salvage it, ATamp;T must fight a long battle in court at a time when the Obama administration is signalling a tougher approach to antitrust enforcement. Or it must accept painful conditions in a settlement.但是,斯蒂芬森太过乐观。8月31日,美国的司法部门发起诉讼,反对其提出的并购预案,并称此举会;严重;阻碍美国移动业务的竞争。但是这不表示并购彻底无望。要想挽回计划,ATamp;T必须上诉,而此时正值奥巴马政府对反垄断法的实行表现出强硬态度之时,这场上诉必是一次漫长的过程。但如果不上诉,就必须接受反垄断协议里苛刻的条款。Critics say the merger would create a predatory duopoly: ATamp;T and its main rival, Verizon, would have a combined share of about 80% of Americas wireless market (see chart). Nonsense, retorts ATamp;T. The merger would be good for consumers: it would give them a choice between two strong national companies; it would let the firm expand its fourth-generation (4G) networks, not least in rural areas; and it would alleviate the shortage of radio spectrum.家说,收购成功会形成ATamp;T和它的主要竞争对手Verizon两强争霸的局面,使他们在美国无线网络市场的份额达到80%。ATamp;T反驳称其胡说,并表示,收购行为有利于消费者:拥有两大实力公司供其选择;促进企业扩大城乡4G网络覆盖范围;还可弥补无线电覆盖不到的区域。After five months of digging, Americas antitrust regulators disagree. They reckon the merger would result in ;higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for mobile wireless services;. Unless it is blocked, says James Cole, a deputy attorney-general, consumers will suffer.美国反垄断机构通过五个月的深入研究,决定否定ATamp;T的收购申请。他们认为并购会;提高价格,减少选择,降低移动无线业务产品的质量;。司法部副部长詹姆斯·寇乐表示,到时消费者将会遭殃。Regulators are particularly worried that the takeover would eliminate a disruptive competitor. T-Mobile has a history of cutting prices aggressively. It was also the first carrier to offer wireless e-mail, the latest high-speed networks and a smartphone using the Android operating system.反垄断机构尤其担心收购通过会减少一个遏制竞争的对手。T-Mobile曾大幅度削价销售。并且它最先向消费者提供无线邮件收发、最新高速网络和配备安卓操作系统的智能手机。The Justice Department doubts that the deal would yield efficiencies to outweigh its negative impact. And it argues that ATamp;T could improve its services simply by investing in its own network, rather than by removing a competitor. An accidentally leaked ATamp;T document suggested that this would be cheaper: the firm did not need T-Mobiles spectrum and needed to invest only .8 billion to catch up with Verizons 4G coverage.司法部认为这次并购产生的效益不会超过其负面影响。司法部表示,ATamp;T要发展业务只需继续在自己的互联网上投资就可,何必费力除去一个竞争对手。据一份意外泄漏的ATamp;T的文件透露他们这样做是为了省钱:其实ATamp;T并不需要T-Mobile的无线频谱,但是仅38亿美元的投资就可使他们赶超Verizon的4G网络覆盖率。The early signs are that ATamp;T is y to fight. An hour before the suit was announced, the firm said that it would bring 5,000 call-centre jobs back to America from offshore after the deal is approved. Later, it vowed to see the government in court. In July it hired investment bankers, signalling that it is willing to divest assets to gain regulatory approval.ATamp;T在早些时候做出的战斗准备就显示了它的这一目的。在司法部提出诉讼的前一个小时,ATamp;T就表示,并购通过会为美国带来5000个电话接听中心的工作,挽救危机中的美国。诉讼发出后不久,它便宣称将和政府对簿公堂。七月份,ATamp;T雇佣了一些投资家,这表明它想抽离资本来取得反垄断管理机构的批准。Whether all this will be enough to save the deal is unclear. Shortly before the suit was announced, a poll of telecoms experts by Stifel Nicolaus, a research firm, found that less than half expected the marriage to be approved. Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, which must also give its blessing, clearly has doubts.不管ATamp;T做这些是不是为了通过收购。在诉讼发起之前,美国蒂夫尼可拉斯公司在电信专家中做了一次投票,只有不到一半的人认为收购预案能通过。而且本应持此次收购的联邦通信委员会主席朱利斯?格纳科夫斯基也认为预案可能被否定。If the Justice Department were to succeed in blocking the takeover, that would be quite a blow for Mr Stephenson and ATamp;T. But there would also be some happy faces. The prospects of Sprint Nextel, Americas third-biggest wireless carrier, would suddenly be rosier: its shares rose by 7% on the news. And T-Mobile USA, which is owned by Germanys Deutsche Telekom, may get another lease of life. If the deal is blocked, it will get a break-up fee of billion, a chunk of spectrum and a favourable roaming agreement. Being jilted at the altar can be lucrative.如果司法部成功阻挠了这次收购,对斯蒂芬森和ATamp;T来说都是一次不小的打击,但对某些公司却是好消息。美国第三大无线运营商Sprint Nextel的股票随着消息的公布上升了7%,前景更加光明。德国电信子公司T-Mobile USA也将获得新生,事后将得到30亿的;分手费;和大范围的频谱资源,还将得到一份优惠的漫游协议。即便被抛弃,T-Mobile仍有利可图。 /201301/222279抚顺望花人民医院前列腺炎多少钱 Ill tell you the two best pieces of advice, maybe I’m breaking the rules, but you know, I break the rules.我会告诉你们两个忠告,也许我会打破常规,但你要知道,我不按规则办事。Go for it大胆说吧My father told me when I was going off to Yale for law school. And you know, he grew up in segregated South, he never thought he would see that. He was emotional about it, but he told me, ;Kid, listen, when you get there, you’re gonna see there are two kinds of smart people. There are smart people that take very simple things and make them sound very complicated, so they can enrich themselves, and there are people who take very complicated things and make them sound simple to empower other people. And I want you to be that kind of smart kid when you come back home.; That totally framed my approach to my legal education. I want to be able to explain these ideas to the ordinary people.第一条是我父亲在我去耶鲁法学院求学时告诉我的。你也知道,他在种族隔离的南方长大,他绝不会想到会有这一天。他对此感慨万千,但是他告诉我:“孩子,听着,你到耶鲁后会遇到两种很聪明的人。他们很聪明,能把简单的事情复杂化,这样他们可以提高自己,他们也能把复杂的事情简单化,这样就提高了别人。我希望你下次回家时,就成为那种聪明的孩子。”这些话为我以后的求学塑造了方法。我希望自己能够向普通人阐释这些想法。But the other advice I got was from my professor, who, when I was trying to choose between going to Yale for law school and working for the Associated Press. He said ;Each choice you make, make the choice that gives you more choices.; He says, ;Cause life is about, when you’re first born, nobody knows what you’re gonna be,infinite possibilities. And then you presume ....还有一个忠告来自于我的教授,他在我面临抉择,不知道是去耶鲁的法学院求学还是去美联社工作的时候告诉我说:“每做一次选择,都要给你更多选择的机会。”他说:“因为在你刚出生时,没人知道你会长成什么样的人,所以就有无限的可能。这就是生活。然后你假想......”Life narrows choices生活让选择变少Yeah, that’s right, so my college professor told me that life narrows your choices, so if you have to make a choice, make the choice that gives you more choices. And thats obvious as well.正是如此,我大学教授告诉我,生活让选择变少,所以你每做一次选择,就要确保它给你更多选择的机会。这个道理也是显而易见的。原文译文属!201207/192948抚顺治疗包皮价格

抚顺县治疗膀胱炎多少钱The right to vote has always been fundamental to our system of representative democracy, yet most African-American voters in southern states were denied this right for almost a hundred years, despite the ratification of the 15th Amendment in 1870. Southern voter registration boards imposed overwhelming bureaucratic impediments to qualified black voters and subjected them to harassment, economic reprisals and physical violence. With their voices unheard, they had little, if any, political power.选举权一直是代议民主体系的基础,然而美国南部各州大部分的非裔选民却不被赋予这一基本权利,尽管1870年第15项修正案批准了选举权利法案,但这种状况仍持续了近一百年。南方选民注册委员会对合格的黑人选民施加了压倒性的官僚障碍,包括骚扰,经济报复和身体暴力等手段。因为统治阶级无视选民的呼声,所以他们没有任何政治权利。In early 1965, during the Civil Rights Movement, peaceful demonstrators in Birmingham and Selma, Alabama were met with violent police resistance, including nightsticks, water hoses, tear gas, attack dogs, and imprisonment. Televised newscast images of these events outraged Americans, and persuaded President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress to make voting rights legislation a priority.在1965年早期的民权运动期间,伯明翰、塞尔玛和阿拉巴马市的和平示威者遭到防暴警察的镇压,他们用木棒、软管、催泪弹、击棒袭击示威者,并逮捕示威者入狱。事件一经电视播出,便激怒了美国人,这也迫使林顿·约翰逊总统和国会优先考虑选举权立法。The Voting Rights Bill passed quickly in both houses, and was signed into law on August 6th, 1965. It gave the Federal government power to oversee the registration and election process in problematic counties. The Voting Rights Act was amended in 1970, 75, and 82, extending protection to other minorities and disenfranchised voters. Though the voting process in America continues to spark debate, the Voting Rights Act remains a significant piece of legislation, guaranteeing that no citizen will be denied the right to vote on account of race, color, or disability.《选举权法案》很快通过两院的批准,最终于1965年8月6日签署生效。这赋予联邦政府在问题城市监督注册和选举进程的权利。1970年、1975年和1982年的选举法案修正案给予少数民族和被剥夺权利的选民以保护。尽管美国的选举程序将继续引发争论,但选举权法案仍然是一项重要立法,它确保居民不因种族,肤色和残疾而被剥夺选举权。原文译文属!201211/209372 抚顺男科割包皮抚顺市顺城区中心医院看前列腺炎好吗



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