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济南真爱妇科检查多少钱滨州中医医院价格The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York April 22, 2014. Employees and signage have been themed green to mark Earth Day.2014年4月22日,位于纽约第五大道的苹果旗舰店把苹果标志上面的叶子换成了绿色。为响应地球日,员工饰和公司标志都采用了绿色为主的主题。Apple Inc will unveil the next incarnation of its popular iPhone series in August, one month earlier than industry watchers were generally expecting, Taiwanese media reported on Friday citing unidentified supply-chain sources.周五台湾媒体引用未知供应链提供的消息称,苹果公司将在8月发布下一代手机产品iPhone 6,比行业观察人士的普遍预期提前了一个月。A 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first.《经济日报》称,4.7英寸版iPhone 6将于8月份在零售店上架销售,但并未披露该版本手机将首先登陆哪些市场。A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, the newspaper said, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.5.5英寸或5.6英寸机型则将在9月份发布,和之前iPhone 5的发布进程一致。People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version.供应链知情人士此前向路透社确认称,iPhone 6将分为4.7英寸和5.5英寸两种版本。Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.同时,《经济日报》称,今年iphone6的总产量将达到8000万部。Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone#39;s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.行业观察人士已表示,增大目前仅仅4英寸的iPhone屏幕尺寸,有助于苹果夺回被三星电子等对手侵蚀的市场份额。三星等智能机制造商此前已经满足了消费者对于更大屏幕尺寸的需求。Representatives for Apple could not be reached for comment.苹果官方代表并没有对此作出任何。Representatives for Taiwanese iPhone contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd and smartphone camera lens maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, both mentioned in the Economic Daily News report, had no comment.经济日报中提到的台湾苹果合作生产商代表鸿海精密有限公司和智能手机摄像头生产商大立光电股份有限公司均未做任何回应。 /201405/297342济南治疗不孕不育那比较好 In the 16th century, the clock took its first step into becoming what we now know as a wristwatch. The pocket watch was born from a practical desire for a more portable way of telling time, but it quickly became a status symbol, only to be worn by the influential or royal. Indeed, the first true wristwatch, an oblong 1812 invention by the Swiss watchmaker Breguet, was created for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples. (Napoleon’s youngest sister was somewhat of a collector: she purchased 34 timekeeping devices from Breguet in a six-year span.)16世纪怀表的出现,使钟表朝着如今为我们所熟知的腕表的发展方向迈出了重要一步。怀表的诞生有其实用需求的原因,因为它更加便携。但怀表很快成了一种身份的象征,只有社会名流或王公贵族才能佩戴得起。世界上第一款真正的腕表于1812年诞生,乃是瑞士宝玑公司(Breguet)的作品,它是为那不勒斯王后卡罗琳o穆拉特定做的(她是拿破仑的,也是一个钟表收藏家,六年里她一共从瑞士宝玑公司购买了34块钟表)。In today’s world, where digital devices are ubiquitous and clocks are on everything from phones to coffeemakers, the watch is almost entirely a status symbol. An expensive watch can equally project elegance, arrogance, or convention, depending on one’s company; an inexpensive one can project humility or frugality. (Consider the narrative created when it was revealed in 2005 that Russian president Vladimir Putin wore ,000 Patek Philippe and U.S. president George W. Bush wore a Timex.) All of which prompts the questions: With the act of time-keeping commoditized, what kind of status symbol could a smart watch become? Or does it create another use case altogether?如今智能设备已经变得无处不在,不光是手机,就连咖啡机上都可以显示时间,因此手表再次变成了一种身份的象征。一块昂贵的手表可能象征着主人的典雅、高傲或传统,一块廉价的手表可能象征着主人的勤俭或谦卑。(大家不妨回忆一下2005年一桩轶事给美俄两国总统带来的口碑:当时俄罗斯总统普京戴了一块价值6000美元的百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)腕表,而美国总统小布什则戴了一块价格仅有50美元的天美时(Timex)手表。)这些都让我们不禁想到这样一个问题:随着计时设备的商业化,智能手表将扮演什么样的身份象征?抑或它将成为与身份无关的其它东西?The “smart watch” is no longer a new product category. Today, Qualcomm QCOM -0.21% , Pebble, and Samsung all manufacture pioneering smart devices for the wrist. For Google, however, smart watches are an altogether new direction for its Android mobile operating system. The announcement of Android Wear earlier this year signaled that Google GOOG -0.42% was getting serious about wearable devices—serious in a way that the novel Glass project did not. At its developer conference in June, Google revealed that first two Android Wear watches would begin shipping—well, today.所谓“智能手表”已经不再是一个全新的产品类别。如今,高通(Qualcomm)、Pebble和三星(Samsung)等公司都在生产具有创新意义的智能腕表。不过对于谷歌来说,智能手表对于安卓平台仍是一个全新的发展方向。谷歌(Google)于今年早些时候发布的Android Wear平台意味着它已经开始严肃看待可穿戴设备——就连新颖的谷歌眼镜项目都不曾享受过这种待遇。在今年六月的谷歌开发者大会上,谷歌宣布其头两款安装了Android Wear的手表正好将于美国时间7月7日开始发货。Those watches are the Samsung Gear Live, listed at 9, and LG’s G Watch, listed at 9. After testing, it is possible to get a sense of what Google is trying to accomplish with Android Wear. (It should be noted that Google severely limits what manufacturers can do to customize the operating system; as a result, both devices offer essentially the same software experience. For the purposes of this review, I consider my experience with the G Watch reflective of Android Wear in general.)这两款智能手表分别是三星的Gear Live(售价199美元)和LG的G Watch(售价229美元)。实测一番之后,我们对谷歌寄希望于Android Wear实现什么样的目标也就大概有了初步的认识。(值得注意的是,谷歌严格限制厂商对Android Wear私自进行定制,因此这三星和LG的这两款设备的软件体验大同小异。为了行文方便,笔者仅用试用G Watch的体验来代表Android Wear的总体感觉。)To set up Android Wear, you must first pair the watch in question to an Android device (such as a phone or tablet) running version 4.3 or above of the operating system. (Check if your Android phone is compatible by visiting this page.) Once paired, the watch will begin displaying notifications from your phone or tablet—every single one. Jarring is the only word to describe the sudden sensation of an object on your wrist vibrating for every email, Twitter mention, or text message you receive, but once you remember that you’re in control, you can limit the onslaught of alerts within a minute or two. (As a rule, the watch will vibrate with every alert displayed on your phone, but the Android Wear companion app allows you to blacklist a specific app’s notifications from also showing up on your watch.)要安装Android Wear,你必须首先将手表与一台至少安装了安卓4.3以上的设备(比如手机或平板电脑)进行配对。配对成功后,你的手机或平板电脑上的新的通知就能够通过手表显示出来。每当有新邮件、Twitter提醒或短信到来的时候,你的手表就会震动并显示消息,给人吓一跳的感觉。但是你只需要一两分钟的设置就可以调整它的报警声。(手机每次有新的通知,手表就会默认自动震动,但是Android Wear的原生应用允许你屏蔽若干应用的通知。)The first wave of smart watches were one-way streets of communication: a connected watch would receive and display an alert to which you could only respond using your phone. Pebble did a tremendous job laying the ground work for further interaction; Google has wisely decided to pick up where it left off. With a series of touch gestures, the Android Wear wearer can scroll through alerts and interact. I’m not ashamed to say that I found immense satisfaction in my newfound ability to discretely manage my inbox by archiving emails directly from my watch.第一批智能手表可以说只是通讯的“单行道”。一只手表可以接收和显示手机上的通知,但要想回复的话就只能通过手机。之前Pebble公司为了给智能手表的互动功能铺平道路已经做了大量工作,而谷歌则明智地选择“接过Pebble的”。Android Wear的使用者可以通过手势翻动处理通知消息和互动。发现通过手表就可以直接对我的Email收件箱的内容进行归档以后,我获得了极大的满足感。It’s not all hunky dory. Notification management falls short in some areas, particularly for Hangouts, Google’s communication tool. The quibbles are small but frequent: for example, it makes sense for a notification to disappear after you reply to a message, yet it persists until you manually clear it. And third-party apps that allow you to reply display a green check mark upon the selection of that option, rather than the usual input dialogue.但是Android Wear也并非没有瑕疵。它的通知管理在某些地方做得仍然不足,比如不持谷歌的通讯工具Hangouts。另外还有不少小问题,比如当你回复了一条信息之后,通知就应该自动消失,但是Android Wear上的通知却不会自动消失,而是要等你去手动清除它。另外有些第三方应用的回复栏上面会显示出一个绿色的复选框,而不是通常的输入界面。In addition to touch input, Android Wear supports Google’s speech recognition software. I’m happy to report that it takes very little time to fire off instructions like “OK Google, remind me to flip the steaks in 7 minutes.” The same can be done to search, compose an email or text message, set a timer, or even call a Lyft car with a Batman-eqsue, “OK Google, call a car.”除了触摸输入之外,Android Wear也持谷歌的语音识别软件。我很高兴地发现,只需要很短的时间,它就可以识别出“OK谷歌,7分钟后提醒我给牛排翻一下面”这样复杂的指令。语音指令同样可以用在搜索、撰写邮件或短信、定闹钟甚至是在Lyft网站上打车——只要你像蝙蝠侠一样很酷地说一声:“OK谷歌,给我叫辆车。”In testing, Android Wear’s voice commands mostly worked without issue. (An exception: when I was in a room full of screaming kids, I couldn’t get the initial “OK Google” command to work. I may be a modern-day Maxwell Smart, but I lack a cone of silence.) I regularly found myself setting or sending an item just by lifting my wrist and uttering some words. The best part: all of it was done in 10 seconds or less. (Try doing that on a smartphone.)在实测过程中,Android Wear的语音指令大多数时候可以毫无问题地运行。(只有一个例外:当我在一个有很多“熊孩子”大喊大叫的屋子里时,机器无法识别我发出的“OK谷歌”的启动指令。虽然我可能是当代的“糊涂侦探”,但我却没有一个隔音区。)我常常只要一抬手腕,就能设置一些项目或者发送一些文字。最妙的是这些在10秒钟之内就能完成(你可以试试看在智能手机上需要多长时间)。True, I was overcome with embarrassment the first time I caught someone looking at me as I dictated a text message to my watch. I got over it in a way that I wasn’t able to with, say, Google Glass.我要坦白,当我第一次发现有人盯着我对一块手表喃喃自语的时候,我感觉非常尴尬,但是后来我克了这种尴尬感。相比之下,我上次试用谷歌眼镜就没有过去这个“心理关”。There are a number of new capabilities opening up as Android developers bundle Android Wear functionality into existing Android apps in Google’s Play Store, setting the platform apart from other smart watch offerings on the market. For example, the Fly Delta app also includes an Android Wear app: Once you pair a watch to your smartphone, the Wear app is installed and you’re able to use the screen on your wrist as your boarding pass. (Finding a TSA agent that allows you to use it, on the other hand, is another story.) I hope for a Starbucks Android Wear app with which I can display my Starbucks Card barcode for quick payment.由于安卓开发者们给谷歌Play Store里的很多现有应用也添加了Android Wear功能,因此使这款智能手表平添了许多新的能力,也使Android Wear在目前市场上智能手表产品中一枝独秀。比如达美航空公司(Delta Airlines)出品的Fly Delta应用就包含了一个Android Wear版,一旦你把智能手表与手机进行配对,Wear版的应用就会自动安装,然后你就可以将腕表的屏幕当成登机牌来使用。(至于航空运输的安检人员是否认可这张“登机牌”,那就是另外一回事了。)从我本人来说,我希望星巴克(Starbucks)也能早日推出相应的Android Wear应用,这样我就可以在智能手表上显示我的会员卡条形码来进行快速付了。And what about that status symbol, you ask? Though it’s far from Google’s fault, the first models of Android Wear watches lack a compelling look to serve as a replacement for more analog alternatives. LG’s G Watch looks like nothing more than a block of black plastic, while Samsung’s Gear Live offers a plastic face with a silver bezel. The watches’ hardware design clearly took a backseat to software and services. For once, that’s not OK. (The better looking, if large, Moto 360 arrives later this summer. Apple’s rumored iWatch? September, supposedly.)再回到前文提到的身份象征问题。智能手表是否成为一种身份的象征?虽然这也不是谷歌的错,但是搭载Android Wear的第一批智能手表缺乏具有吸引力的外观,恐怕暂时难以取代传统手表。LG的G Watch看起来就像一个黑色的塑料方块,三星的智能手表则饰以银色塑料边框。这样看来,这两款手表的硬件设计显然是让位于软件和务了。就这一点,我要给个差评。(外观更好看的托罗拉Moto 360智能腕表将在今年夏天上市。而传言已久的苹果iWatch据悉要等到九月份才能与消费者见面。)But they’re headed in the right direction. There’s a lot of work yet to be done on the smart watch, and though the companies that make them aren’t quite facing the same stakes as their analog counterparts in the 16th century, there is no question that they will change the way we live our lives.但是,它们的确是在朝着正确的方向发展。智能手表需要提高的方面还有很多。虽然对于生产厂家来说,他们面临的风险与16世纪生产怀表的厂商可能无法同日而语,但有一点毫无疑问,他们将改变我们的生活方式。 /201407/310985济南妇儿医院在那

济南第五医院门诊专家预约Global warming could make humans shorter, warn scientists who claim to have found evidence that it caused the world#39;s first horses to shrunk nearly 50 million years ago.科学家警告说,全球变暖可能会使人类变矮。科学家宣称已经找到据:近5000万年前全球变暖就曾让世界上最早的马个头变小。In fact, a team from the universities of Florida and Nebraska says it has found a link between the Earth heating up and the size of mammals ; horses, in this case, the last time the world heated up.事实上,来自佛罗里达州和内布拉斯加州的大学的一研究团队称,他们已经找到地球变暖和哺乳动物个头之间的联系。这一案例中马变矮的现象是上一次全球变暖时发生的。The scientists used fossils to follow the evolution of horses from their earliest appearance 56 million years ago.科学家用化石来追溯马从5600万年前诞生至今的进化历程。As temperatures went up their size went down, and vice versa; at one point they were as small as a house cat, said Dr Jonathan Bloch, curator of the Florida Museum of Natural History, was ed by the ;Daily Mail; as saying.随着气温的上升,马的个头变小,反之马的个头就变大。《每日邮报》援引佛罗里达自然历史物馆馆长乔纳森bull;布洛赫士的话说,它们曾一度像家猫那么小。The scientists say that the current warming could have the same effect on mammals ; and could even make humans smaller.科学家称,当前的全球变暖可能也会对哺乳动物产生同样的影响,甚至可能会让人类的个子也变小。;Horses started out small, about the size of a small dog like a miniature schnauzer. What#39;s surprising is that after they first appeared, they then became even smaller and then dramatically increased in size, and that exactly corresponds to the global warming event, followed by cooling.布洛赫士在《科学》杂志中写道:;马最初的个头很小,和一只小的个头差不多,大约也就像一只迷你型雪纳瑞犬那么大。令人惊讶的是,在马诞生后过了一段时间,它们的个子变得更小,之后个头又显著变大,而这些变化与全球变暖和变冷正好是相对应的。;It had been known that mammals were small during that time and that it was warm, but we hadn#39;t understood that temperature specifically was driving the evolution of body size,; Dr Bloch said in the ;Science; journal.;我们已经知道哺乳动物在那个时期个头较小,而那个时期气候也较暖,但我们还未意识到正是温度驱动着身体大小的进化。; /201203/173165济南无痛人流手术的危害 A new guest arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, but apparently didn#39;t survive the festivities. 一个新客人及时赶赴感恩节晚餐,但显然没在节日活动中活下来。 The visitor, a pristine comet called ISON that left its home at least a million years ago, made its closest approach to the sun Thursday afternoon. 这位访客是一颗名叫伊森(ISON)的原始彗星,自走出家门已至少有100万年,它于美东时间周四下午飞抵近日点。 But based on images arriving from various spacecraft, the consensus among scientists appeared to be that ISON, like the mythical Icarus, didn#39;t survive its close encounter with the sun. 然而根据多个航天器发回的照片,科学家似乎一致认为,伊森同神话人物伊卡洛斯(Icarus)一般,已在与太阳的近距离接触中“死去”。 The comet#39;s sweep near the sun was a moment that thousands of astronomers around the world had anxiously awaited, and before hopes dimmed about its survival, ISON was predicted to possibly loop around the star and emerge as a bright object visible to the naked eye in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere. 此前,全世界上千位天文学家翘首期盼着彗星扫过太阳的那一刻,并且在其“生还”希望变得渺茫前,科学家曾预测伊森或将环绕太阳并在北半球上空散发出肉眼可见的明亮光芒。 However, scientists now suspect it fragmented into countless pieces-never to be seen again. 而现在科学家怀疑它已破碎成无数个碎片,再也无法见到。 Before the close approach, observations #39;showed that the comet had brightened and then lost brightness. So there#39;s a lot of conjecture that it might be fading,#39; said Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, a planetary scientist at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo., before the comet made its close pass with the sun. 科罗拉多州尔德太空科学研究所(Space Science Institute)的行星科学家费希尔(Padma Yanamandra-Fisher)在彗星接近太阳之前说,观察显示,这颗彗星在靠近太阳前曾一度变亮又失去了亮度。因而许多人猜测它或许正在消亡。 Since it was spotted more than a year ago, ISON#39;s behavior has constantly surprised astronomers, and they had held out hope that the comet could still put on a pretty display. On Monday, for example, it looked like it wouldn#39;t survive. Yet it was still there on Tuesday. 自一年多前被发现以来,伊森的运行状态就不断地令天文学家感到惊讶,而他们一直期望这颗彗星仍能展现出美丽的奇观。比如周一这颗彗星看起来似乎将解体,然而周二它依然存在着。 In addition to being a cosmic tease, ISON was one of the most tracked comets in history. 除了是个天体淘气鬼,伊森还成为了有史以来追踪者最多的彗星之一。 Thousands of telescopes-amateur, professional and space-borne-were being trained on this relatively tiny clump of ancient rock and ice no more than three or four miles in diameter. 上千台业余、专业和太空望远镜都被瞄准这颗原始彗星。该彗星体型较小,由石块和冰组成,直径不超过五、六公里。 The comet was discovered in September 2012 by Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok using data from the International Scientific Optical Network, whose initials provided the name. 2012年9月,俄罗斯天文学家涅夫斯基(Vitali Nevski)和诺维切诺克(Artyom Novichonok)利用国际科学光学观测网(International Scientific Optical Network, ISON)的数据发现了这颗彗星,并以观测网的英文缩写命名了这颗彗星。 Nothing like ISON has been seen in living memory. It is a relatively rare #39;sungrazer,#39; a comet that flies especially close to our sun. 现世从未见过像伊森这样的彗星。它是一颗罕见的掠日彗星,其飞行轨道与太阳极其贴近。 Unlike periodic comets that come and go like the famous Halley#39;s, ISON is pristine and was making its first journey toward the sun. Its composition-mainly rock and ice-has barely changed since it formed some 4.5 billion years ago, making it one of the oldest objects in the solar system. 不同于像著名的哈雷彗星(Halley)这样的频繁来往的周期彗星,伊森是一颗原始彗星,而这是它第一次飞向太阳,其组成(主要为岩石和冰)自约450万年前彗星形成以来几乎没有变化,这使得它成为太阳系里最古老的天体之一。 That had scientists intrigued, because ISON#39;s proximity to the sun, and the chance to study what it is made of, could provide valuable clues about origins of the solar system. 令科学家感兴趣的原因不仅是伊森离太阳之近,还因其成份研究能够为太阳系起源提供有价值的线索。 When a new comet flies close to the sun, the tremendous heat can help reveal rarer materials, such as metals, of which it is made. 当一颗新的彗星飞近太阳时,极大的热量会将构成这颗彗星的稀有材质暴露出来,例如金属。 #39;It#39;s the first time in 200 years that we#39;ve seen a comet that#39;s both a sungrazer and brand new,#39; said Matthew Knight from the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. 亚利桑那州洛厄尔天文台(Lowell Observatory)的奈特(Matthew Knight)说,这是200年来我们所看到的第一颗崭新的掠日彗星。 If ISON had survived, scientists predicted it would have been poised to put on a display in the first week of December, at least for Northern Hemisphere viewers. 如果伊森没有解体,科学家预测它将会在12月的第一周展现光芒,至少北半球的人们将能看到它。 #39;It would have a very long and bright tail as it comes up from the horizon shortly before sunrise,#39; said Dr. Knight, before Thursday#39;s fatal close encounter. 奈特在周四彗星“致命”的近日之旅前说,它将在接近日出时从地平线升起,并拖着一条很长很明亮的彗尾。 #39;If you go out 30 minutes before [sunrise], you should be able to see it with the naked eye.#39; 他说,如果你在(日出)30分钟前来到户外,你应该就能用肉眼看到它。 But that was only if ISON had survived Thursday#39;s flyby. 不过前提是伊森能在周四飞过太阳时“存活”下来。 /201312/266994聊城中医医院人流收费标准

济南省中医院网上预约咨询 China#39;s largest Internet firms have had startling success elbowing their way onto the turf of the state-run banks, but now the country#39;s banks and regulators are pushing back.中国大型互联网企业不仅杀入了国有的地盘,并且取得了令人惊讶的成功,但中国业和监管机构现在开始反击了。The central bank said Monday it would set limits on the amount Chinese can spend using smartphone payment services. In an interview with the official Xinhua News Agency posted to its website, the People#39;s Bank of China said the proposed caps were designed to limit business risks, but it didn#39;t specify what the risks are.中国央行周一说,将对智能手机付务的付款额度设限。中国央行接受官方媒体新华社采访时说,拟此上限的初衷是限制商业风险,但未明说是哪些风险。新华社网站上公布了这一采访稿。The central bank said it hadn#39;t yet determined the size of the limits on mobile spending. It said it had drafted new rules but would weigh input from consumers and Internet firms before finalizing them.中国央行说,尚未确定对移动付额度进行多大规模的限制。该行说已起草了新规定,但在定稿前会考虑消费者和互联网企业的意见。A move to curtail the amounts transferred over mobile-payment services potentially cuts off a multibillion-dollar business for companies such as Alibaba Group Holding, an e-commerce titan, and rival Tencent Holdings Ltd., which have been rushing to release products helping smartphone users shop with their phones. The regulatory blowback comes at a tough time for Alibaba, which is preparing for a listing in the U.S. that could raise as much as billion.限制移动付务转账金额的举措可能会切断电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding)及其对手腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)等企业规模达数十亿美元的业务。这些企业近来纷纷发布产品,帮助智能手机用户通过手机购物消费。中国监管部门出台此举时,阿里巴巴正面临准备赴美上市的严峻时刻,其上市筹资额最多可能达到150亿美元。Last week, responding to Chinese media reports that the central bank had proposed a cap on mobile payments of 10,000 yuan (roughly ,600) a month, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said at a Beijing conference: #39;Sometimes you#39;re not defeated by technology; sometimes it#39;s a document.#39;中文媒体报道称,中国央行提出了每月人民币1万元的移动付限额,上周回应相关报道时,阿里巴巴董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)在北京的一场会议上说,有时候,打败你的不是技术,可能只是一份文件。The big state banks aly have moved to cap the amounts depositors can transfer into online products, actions that drew an exasperated response Sunday from Alibaba#39;s Mr. Ma.中国国有大已经采取行动,限制储户对在线产品的转账金额。此举周日引发马云不满。#39;What determines success in the market shouldn#39;t be the monopolies and those with power, but the consumers,#39; Mr. Ma wrote in a post shared on Alibaba#39;s mobile-messaging application.马云在阿里巴巴旗下的移动短讯应用软件上发帖称:“决定市场胜负的不应该是垄断和权力,而是用户。”Although China#39;s central bank has said repeatedly it supports financial innovation, how it tries to regulate the Internet firms is being watched as an indicator of Beijing#39;s commitment to overhauling state-run enterprises. Economists say subjecting protected state-controlled sectors to more direct competition will be key to spurring consumption and putting China#39;s economy on a healthier footing.虽然中国央行反复表示持金融创新,但外界正在密切关注央行对互联网企业金融业务的监管举措,并以此检验中国政府作出的改革国有企业的承诺。经济学家表示,为国有企业控制的行业引入更多竞争,是刺激消费和促进中国经济健康发展的关键所在。Over the past year, Alibaba and Tencent have attracted tens of billions of dollars by marketing online investment products that feature higher returns than those on savings accounts offered by state banks.过去一年,因为提供比国有存款账户更高的收益率,阿里巴巴和腾讯推出的互联网理财产品吸引了数百亿美元的资金。The success has sent ripples through China#39;s state-dominated and heavily regulated financial industry, as many younger Chinese have transferred their savings from the banks into the online products.许多年轻人用存款账户资金购买了互联网理财产品,这些产品获得的成功在中国国有企业主导、受到严格监管的金融行业引发了震动。On Saturday, China Construction Bank Corp. became the latest of the major banks to impose limits on transfers to mobile products. It issued a cap of 5,000 yuan, or about 0, per transaction -- and a total of 50,000 yuan a month -- for deposits to Alibaba#39;s Yu#39;E Bao fund, meaning #39;Leftover Treasure,#39; according to the bank#39;s customer-service department.上周六,中国建设(China Construction Bank Corp.)也对向互联网理财产品转账设定了额度,成为最近一家采取此类措施的大型。据该行部门称,该行设定了储户向阿里巴巴“余额宝”进行快捷付的额度,单笔最高为人民币5,000元(约为800美元),每月不超过5万元。For Tencent#39;s online product, the limit is 10,000 yuan per transfer and 50,000 yuan a month, the department said.该部门称,对腾讯互联网理财产品的额度为每笔人民币1万元,每月不超过5万元。#39;No one knows who gave the banks the power to hurt depositors#39; rights to distribute their capital,#39; Alibaba#39;s Mr. Ma said in his Sunday post, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal before it was taken down. #39;No one knows who will regulate the legitimacy of the big state banks to join hands and force out#39; Yu#39;E Bao.阿里巴巴的马云在周日发布的文章中称:“也不知道谁给们权力,可以伤害储户配自己资金的权力。更不知道谁来监管四大‘国手’联合封杀的合法性?”这篇文章随后被删除,在它被删除前《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看到了这篇文章。In the past two weeks, the central bank has also temporarily suspended online payments using QR codes -- which enable fast recognition of transactions -- and virtual credit cards.过去两周,中国央行还暂时禁止使用二维码进行网上付和虚拟信用卡业务。二维码可以加快网上交易确认。The bank also has suggested that online investment products could be forced to hold reserves on the funds that they attract -- much like banks must do on their deposits.另外,中国央行还暗示,可能要求互联网理财产品像存款那样留存准备金。 /201403/281823平阴县人工受孕多少钱济南武警医院门诊怎么样



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