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欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第9节】9.So it impossible me to make it to the bar at ten.四级词汇讲解:It is+adj.+ sb. to do sth.是对话中经常出现的句式之一,意为“对某人来说做某事……”make it意为“达到既定目标,及时抵达,走完路程,(病痛等)好转”,尤其用于口语中,本句中意为“及时抵达”又如:He finally made it as an actor.他最后成了一名演员英语四级考点归纳:口语中经常出现的有关make的动词短语还有:※ make out1)“有(友好)关系”如:How did you make out with your classmates?你和同学关系如何?)“把……说成”如:He not such a good doctor as some people make out.他不是某些人所说的那样好的医生※ make good1)“成功地实施”如:He made good his escape.他成功地逃脱了)“实现”如:She made good her promise.她实现了诺言3)“成功”如:He made good as a writer.他成为了一位成功的作家学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 My plan College life我的大学计划 -- :01: 来源: My plan College life我的大学计划三年高中生活即将结束,我们也将交上这最后的答卷,有没有想过以后的大学生活呢?  I'm extremely excited now ,In face of new envirenment of study and life ,I must make a good plan it .  我现在感到无比的兴奋,面对的学习和生活环境,我必须为此做个好的打算  Study comes first so I should make new goal and improve my study method.Hard will I study in the college as I do now.It is also important to learn how to live by myself . I will join in various activities and try my best to manage the relationship with other classmates.  学习是第一位的所以我要制定新的目标并改善我的学习方法在大学里,我要像现在一样的努力学习学会独立生活也同样重要,我要参加各种各样的活动,并尽我所能处理好和其他同学的关系  No matter what I will meet in the future,happiness or sorrow,keep an optimistic attitud towards life and I believe that my college life will be colorfull as planned.  不管我将在未来的日子里遇到什么,快乐或悲伤,对生活始终保持乐观的态度,我相信我的大学生活一定会像我想象的那样丰富多 My plan College life


考研英语 考研英语大纲词汇(1) -- :38:00 来源: 英语词汇那么多,哪些才是考研的考生们必须掌握的呢?想必很多同学对这一点都很茫然吧!在此,文都考研想要告诉大家,大家在复习考研英语词汇的时候,可以以考研英语大纲中对词汇的要求为指导来复习大家一定会想:考研英语大纲还没出来怎么办?是不是要等到大纲出来后再复习考研英语词汇呢?no,no,no.....等到那时候再复习词汇就晚了其实,每年的考研英语大纲中对词汇的要求都差不多,变化不大,考研的同学们可以先参考去年的考研英语大纲词汇,等考研英语大纲出来后,再查漏补缺为了帮助大家复习好考研英语大纲词汇,爱语吧考研网特整理了《考研英语大纲词汇,请同学们熟记aart.一(个);每一(个);(同类事物中)任一个abandonvt.离弃,丢弃;遗弃,抛弃;放弃abdomenn.腹,下腹(胸部到腿部的部分)abidevi.(abode,abided)(by)遵守;坚持abilityn.能力;本领;才能,才干;专门技能,天资ablea.有(能力、时间、知识等)做某事,有本事的abnormala.反常的,不正常的,不规则的aboardad.amp;prep.在船(飞机、车)上;ad.上船(飞机)abolishvt.废除(法律、习惯等);取消aboundvi.大量存在;(in,with)充满,富于aboutad.在周围;大约 prep.关于;在周围 a.准备abovea.上述的 ad.在上面 prep.在..之上,高于abroadad.到国外,在国外;在传播,在流传abrupta.突然的,出其不意的;(行为等)粗鲁无礼的absencen.缺乏,不存在;缺席,不在;缺席的时间absenta.缺席的;缺乏的,不存在的;心不在焉的absolutea.绝对的,完全的;确实的,肯定的absorbvt.吸收(水、光、蒸汽等);使全神贯注abstracta.抽象的 n.摘要,梗概 vt.提取;摘录要点absurda.荒谬的,荒诞的,荒唐可笑的;不合理的abundancen.丰富,充裕,大量abundanta.大量(充足)的;(in)丰富(富裕)的abusevt.滥用;辱骂;诋毁 n.滥用;恶习;弊端academica.学院的,大学的;学术性的;理论的academyn.(高等)专科院校;学术社团,协会,研究院acceleratev.使加速,使增速,促进 vi.加快,增加accentn.口音,腔调;重音(符号)vt.重读acceptvt.接受,领受;认可,同意 vi.同意,认可acceptancen.接受,接收,验收,接纳;承认,认可accessn.进入;接入;到达;享用权;入口 vi.存取accessoryn.附件,附属品;(为全套衣增加美感的)饰accidentn.意外遭遇,事故;意外(因素)accidentala.偶然的;意外的;无意中的acclaimv.向amp;;欢呼,公认 n.欢呼,喝,称赞accommodatevt.向amp;;提供住处;对...予以照顾性考虑accommodationn.(accommodations)住宿,留宿;膳宿供应accompanyv.陪伴,陪同;伴随,和...一起发生,伴奏accomplishv.实现(计划等);达到(目的);完成(任务)accordvt.给予(欢迎、称颂等) vi.amp;n.符合,一致accordancen.一致,和谐,符合according toprep.据照amp;;(所说、所写);amp;;,视amp;;accordinglyad.相应地,照着办,照;于是,a.叙述,说明;账目,账户 vi.说明,解释antn.会计人员,会计师accumulatevt.堆积,积累,积聚vi.累积,聚积accuracyn.准确(性);精确;准确度accuratea.正确无误的;准确的,精确的accusevt.控告,指责 vi.指控,指责accustomeda.惯常的;习惯的,适应的(一般作表语)achevi.痛;哀怜 n.(指连续)疼痛、酸痛achievevt.实现,完成;达到,得到vi.达到预期目的acidn.酸,酸性物质a.酸的,酸味的;尖刻的acknowledgevt.承认;接受;告知(信件等的)收到;答谢acquaintvt.(with)使认识,使了解,使熟悉acquaintancen.认识,相识,了解;相识的人,熟人acquirev.获得;学到(知识等);养成(习惯)acquisitionn.取得,学到,养成(习惯);获得的东西acren.英亩;田地;地产acrobatn.特技演员,杂技演员acrossprep.横过,越过;在的对面 ad.横过,穿过actv.表演;举动;起作用 n.行为,法令;一幕actionn.行动,动作;作用;运转;行为;战斗activatevt.启动,激活;驱动,驱使;使开始起作用activeadj.活跃的,敏捷的,积极的;在活动中的activityn.活动;活力;能动性;actorn.男演员;演员,行动者actressn.女演员actuala.实际的;现实的,真实的,目前的acutea.剧烈的;敏锐的;成锐角的;尖的,高音的adaptvt.使适应,使适合;改编;改写 vi.适应addvt.加;增加(进);进一步说写 vi.(to)增添addictv.使沉溺;使上瘾 n.沉溺于不良嗜好的人additionn.加,加法;附加部分,增加(物)additionala.额外的,附加的,另外的addressn.住址;致词 v.向...致词;在信封上写姓名adequateadj.充足的,足够的;适当的,胜任的adherevi.(to)粘着;坚持,遵守;依附,追随adjacenta.(to)(时间上)紧接着的;邻近的,毗邻的adjectiven.形容词 a.形容词的,用作形容词的adjoinv.临近,靠近;贴近,毗连

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  英语专业四级 年专四作文预测:Crisis -- :: 来源: 年专四作文预测:CrisisCrisis is to our life what illness is to our body. Just as fatal disease can destroy our body and sometimes even put an end to our lives, so does smashing crisis knock us down so hopelessly that we might never have chance of standing up again. However, most crises that frequent us in life are not such category. They, like occasional ailments which sometimes can bolster our body’s immune system, are mostly minor and surmountable and theree making us hardy enough to survive whatever adversities in our later life. Even those serious crises, if handled properly, can be turned to a blessing to us, too.  As far as a nation is concerned, crisis can be rendered beneficial. Take Wenchuan earthquake which shook most of Sichuan recently example. The crisis has cost us Chinese a lot. Houses collapsed, bridges broke down and many affected areas were cut off from the outside world. Nearly a million people lost their homes, ten thousands of people were injured and another ten thousands of people were killed. But our sufferings won’t go in vain. Scientists are more determined to improve the means by which we ecast earthquakes with more accuracy. We should build houses which can survive the destructive earthquakes. And we also should better the mechanism to face the emergencies and crisis.  As economic life, crises are not always rendered bad. During these times, we can stop the race of fast economy to speculate about some fundamental issues of humanity such as how much high-speed development in this way can contribute to the well-being of human life. Just take my own country instance. Of course, in the past two decades or so, our economy has gained the highest speed man has experienced. But haven’t we paid too much? Our rivers are polluted. Our natural resources are shrinking. Our national power of creation is drained. Is it worthy of it? Isn’t it high time we gave it a serious thought? Shouldn’t we stop making ourselves long in quantity and short in quality? And chance of deep thought has come with this crisis, which is now deepening in most parts of the world.  Crisis sometimes contributes to our life treasure in a way that few can imagine. It can weather us and make us strong enough to face ourselves when we feel weak. Eric, my uncle is a case in point. He had hard time in his childhood going through such a fatal disease that he had never thought he could survive. He was in due course saved by doctors. Ever since then he regarded his life as a second given by God and has been so grateful to the world that he has been doing whatever he can to give back in the same measure to other fellows. And now he is living a happy and successful life.  As a well-known ancient Chinese notion goes, the past lessons if not gotten can be good teachers us all. If we can bear in mind the various sufferings and ordeals we have experienced, then our sufferings will not go unrewarded and those of our compatriots who was killed in the earthquake did not die in vain. We should take the lessons from crisis and regard them as a chance new growth.。

  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 schedule --31 ::50 来源: I will be in the third grade in the next term.Sin ce the highschool entrance examination is coming soon, there is a great need me to make a precise plan of my studies. From September to November,I will follow the teachers in the new lessons learning, and after class , the contemporary exercises are necessary. Bee the end of the first term, I will review all the lessons from beginning again. From March to April, review all I have learned a second time. Beginning from April, models tests should be the all.Several days bee the exam, I will go over all the mistakes in the papers and have a good rest the exam.

  . We have come to the last and most important step of the experiment. 我们的实验现在已经到了最后也是最重要的一个阶段考研英语 年考研英语之高频词汇(一) -- 19::3 来源: 对于年考研的考生来说,现阶段最重要的就是英语词汇的备考,,小编给大家整理了精华的考研英语高频词汇供大家参考,希望能够帮助大家更好的备考!cap, cep, ceiv, ceip, cip cup 拿,抓,握住capacity助记:cap(拿)+ acity(表状态,情况)→能拿住→(有)能力释义:n. 容量,容积;接受力;能量,能力举例:1. Our new hall has a seating capacity of 1,000.我们的新礼堂能够容纳1,000人就座. The test is used to measure a child’s capacity learning这种测试用于衡量儿童的学习能力capture助记:capt(抓)+ ure(表行为)→抓住→捕获释义:v. 俘虏,捕获,占领;引起注意,吸引住举例:1. He was captured during the war and put in a Vietnamese prison camp战争期间他被捕了,被送进了越南的一个监狱营. The leading actor on the stage captured our attention舞台上的主角吸引了我们的注意力concept助记:con(一起)+ cept(抓,引申为接受)→大家都接受的东西→理念释义:n. 理念,观念,概念举例:She added that the concept of arranged marriages is misunderstood in the west她补充说包办婚姻的概念在西方被误解了deceive助记:de(变坏)+ ceive(拿,抓)→用不好的手段拿→欺骗释义:v. 欺骗,蒙蔽举例:I do not wish to deceive the young girl who loves me我不想欺骗这个爱我的年轻女孩perceive助记:per(全部)+ ceive(拿,抓)→全部拿住→察觉,感知释义:v. 察觉,感知;理解,领悟举例:1. I perceived a slight sour taste in the wine我觉得酒里有股淡淡的酸味儿. I perceived John’s comments as a challenge我把约翰的话当作是一种挑战receive助记:re(再)+ ceive(拿,抓)→把…拿回来→接收到释义:v. 收到,遭到,接待举例:He received more of the blame than anyone when the plan failed to work当计划失败之后他受到的指责比任何人都多anticipate助记:anti(先)+ cip(拿)+ ate(做)→先拿到(想法)→预料,预感释义:v. 预料,预感,预期举例:At the time we couldn’t have anticipated the result of our campaigning当时我们不可能预期到我们活动的结果participate助记: part(部分)+cip(拿,抓,握住)+ate(做)→抓住成为一部分→参与释义:v. 参加,共享举例:1. They expected him to participate in the ceremony他们希望他参加这个典礼. I participate your suffering and joy我和你同甘共苦principle助记:prin(主要的)+cip(拿,抓,握住)+le(名词词尾) →抓住主要的东西→ 原理,原则释义:n. 原理,原则举例:1. These people lack all understanding of scientific principles这些人缺乏对科学原理的全面理解. A bicycle and a motorcycle are built on the same principle自行车和托车是根据同样的原理制造的principal助记:prin(第一,首要)+ cip(取)+ al(人,物)→拿主意的第一个人→校长, 负责人释义:a. 主要的;n. 校长,负责人;主角;资本举例:1. Through it all Richard Nixon moved as if he were himself a spectator, not the principal尼克松自始至终表现得像旁观者,而不是主角. How much interest will there be on a principal of 00?5000美元本金的利息是多少?occupy助记:oc(再次)+ cupy(抓)→抓住地盘→占领  释义:v. 占领,占据;使忙碌举例:1. They are occupying themselves in growing their own food他们自己正忙于种植自己所需的粮食. Even small aircraft occupy a lot of space即便小飞机也会占用很多空间ann, enn year 年annals助记:ann(年)+ al(名词后缀)→年鉴释义:n. 编年史,年报,年鉴举例:He has become a legend in the annals of military history他成了军事编年史上的一个传奇perennial助记:per(始终)+ ennial(年的)→终年的释义:a. 四季不断的,终年的,长期的举例:Our perennial problem is not having enough money长期困扰我们的问题就是缺钱disaster助记:dis(消失)+ aster(星星)→星星消失了,预示着灾难的来临释义:n. 灾难,天灾,灾祸举例:It was the second air disaster in the region in less than two months这是不到两个月内该地区内的第起空难astrology助记:astro(星星)+ logy(学说)→关于星星的学问→占星学释义:n. 占星术,占星学举例:Astronomy inherits from astrology天文学的前身是占星术 astronomy助记:astro(星星)+ nomy(规则,法则,习惯,关于某个事物的知识)→关于星 星的知识→天文学释义:n. 天文学举例:He dipped into astronomy他对天文学稍有涉猎dict say 说dictatorial助记:dict(说)+at(动词词尾)+or(名词词尾)+ial(形容词词尾) →听一个人说 的→独裁的释义:a. 独裁的举例:The revolution bring about the downfall of the dictatorial regime革命推翻了独裁政权predictable助记:pre(预先)+ dict(说)+ able(形容词后缀,表示可以被…的,有…能力 的)→可以被预先说的→可预测的释义:a. 可预见的,可预测的举例:This was a predictable reaction, given the bitter hostility between the two countries考虑到两国之间的强烈敌意,这种反应是可以预见的indicator助记:in + dic(说)+ or(表人或物)→提供指示的人或物→指示器释义:n. 指示器,[化学] 指示剂举例:He flipped his indicator, and took a left他打开汽车方向灯,向左转了弯contradict助记:contra(反对)+ dict(说)→说反对的话→反驳释义:v. 反驳,否定;同…矛盾,同…抵触举例:1. She dared not contradict him她不敢反驳他. Her version contradicted her daughter’s她的说法与她女儿的说法相矛盾年(TOEFL)高分词汇集锦:bright(光亮的)造词 -- :55:56 来源:qnr  .(尤指生病期间或病愈后,糊涂状态中或过后)头脑清晰的,清楚的 elude i5lu:d vt. 1.使不能理解,使不能记得,使不能达到 .(以胆量、机智或技巧)避开,逃避 elusive i5lju:siv a.1.难懂的, 难捉摸的, 易忘的 .难以定义或描述的 3.避开的,不易被抓获的 elucidate i5lu:sideit vt.阐明,解释,说明 translucent trAnz5lju:snt a.半透明的,光亮而不完全透明的 hallucination hElu:sineiFEn n.1.幻觉,幻想 .幻想的事物 逻辑辨记忆提示:由lus, luc,lud演化而来的英文单词围绕着“bright(光亮的)”造词这组词难理解的是以下两条造词思维:1)英文把“物理上的光亮”和“思想上的明亮”不分,如enlighten(v.启发,启蒙)就来自“light”,实际上“light”本身就有“light(明白,理解)”,“bright”的“聪明的”之意就是指理解能力强的;)英文把“物理上的光亮”和“心情上的快乐”不分,如lust,lusty, delight, bright(快乐的,愉快的) 词汇 高分 光亮 集锦 词汇 造词 bright TOEFL

    7. Spare-time learners are usually the best learners. Their rate of learning is helped by the fact that they want to learn and consequently try to learn.Captain, said the squire when I#39;d finished, you were right,and I was wrong.船长,我讲完后乡绅说,你是对的,我错了。But I#39;ve never known a crew planning to mutiny that did not show some sign of it before. said the captain.我还从没遇到过海员酝酿暴乱而不露声色的,船长说。That#39;s Silver,said the doctor.He#39;s a very clever man.这就是西尔弗,大夫说。他是个精明人。He#39;d look very clever with a rope around his neck, sir!他精明得快上绞架啦,先生!replied the captain.But we must make a plan.船长答道。但我们必须想个对策。We can#39;t go back, or they would know at once.我们不能返航,那样他们马上就知道了。But we have some time be-fore the treasure is found, and there are some honest men a-mong the crew.我们在找到宝藏之前还有时间,船员中还有几个正直的人。Your men, squire?你的人如何,乡绅?As honest as myself,agreed Mr Trelawney.和我一样可靠,乡绅说。And ourselves, said the captain.加上我们这些人,船长说,That#39;s seven, with young Hawkins here.一共七个人,包括霍金斯在内。Now, what other honest men are there?还有其他可靠的人吗?Probably the men Trelawney chose before he met Silver,said the doctor.屈利劳尼先生在遇到西尔弗之前选的人也许可靠,大夫说。No,said the squire.Hands was one of them.不,乡绅说,汉兹就是他们的人。Well, gentlemen, said the captain.We must wait and watch carefully,until we know our men.好吧,先生们,船长说,我们必须坐观事态发展,等待摸清敌我之间的情况后再说。 关于《金银岛》作者介绍 罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森(Robert Louis Stevenson,1850年11月13日—1894年12月3日)出生于苏格兰的爱丁堡。小说家、诗人与旅游作家,也是英国文学新浪漫主义的代表之一。 /201307/246983

  考研英语 考研英语:记忆单词有妙招! -- :: 来源: 首先,删除已经熟练掌握的词汇,以免浪费时间这里,特别需要注意的是在考研英语词汇中,有一种熟词生义的情况,因为他们往往是出题者的偏爱其次一定要坚持合理的复习原则第一有计划的背英语单词几乎是天天必背的,但是一定要有计划性,尽量避免用整段时间如整个上午来背单词,有时候又一天不翻一下单词书的现象,最好制定一个计划,多少天背完一遍,每天背多少个,每天什么时候背,都应该规划地清清楚楚关于什么时候背,应该因人而异,但这里可以推荐一个方案,即没整段时间开头的半个小时第二大量但快速的背考研要做的事情实在太多,,由不得我们慢悠悠地来,背单词不可能花太多时间,但是背单词又必须要用时间来磨的一个行之有效的方法是每次大量地背,迅速地背,在一定的时间内保反复记忆几遍第三有重点的背任何时候学习单词的时候都应该区分、有重点地学习而且考研大纲对于不同的考研词汇往往有不同的要求,比如有的单词要知其义,有的单词则要求掌握其搭配和用法同时,了解考研单词四大类别第一类:熟词如age,ant,bee,die,等等对于这类词,我们只需盖住中文释义,快速浏览过去,看是不是完全掌握了,掌握了的用线划去,不太熟悉的做上记号;第二类:熟词生义指那些我们以前学习过的熟词,这类词的某些意思我们已经掌握,但是考研词汇大纲中他们又有了新意,如school;学派;,book;预定;,对于这类词我们一定要高度重视,因为这些是命题人最偏爱的考点;第三类:生词这指我们没学过或是比较陌生的词,这类单词有些是拼写较复杂,有些是出现频率低,但是这类单词的用法比较固定,本身不附带其他记忆任务,如:anniversary,homosexual,homogenization,nonetheless等等,对于这类单词,我们做到在文章中出现能认识即可第四类:核心词这是备考时最重要的词这类词本身意义较多,附带短语较多,搭配灵活,在各类场合出现频率较高,并且有许多同义词和反义词,如confine,considerable,apply等等最后,通过各种方式找到备词的捷径,体验到背词的乐趣考研背词需要大量记忆和不断重复,过程枯燥乏味如何让自己找到背词的乐趣是搞定考研词汇、完成基础阶段复习任务的前提建议考生除了利用零散时间背单词书以外,可以通过在线背单词功能的应用,来可以摆脱背词的枯燥总之,单词的复习以强化记忆与及时检测为主导,找出单词间的内在联系和记忆特点,从而提高记忆效率


  欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第5节】5.I ran into Sally the other day.I could hardly recognrze her.四级词汇讲解:本句的听力难点在于对短语run into的理解run into意为“偶然碰见”the other day意为“前几天”,表明事情发生在过去can hardly意为“几乎不能”,表示否定的含义英语四级考点归纳:短语run into在口语中的其他常见用法归纳如下:※ 表示“遭遇(困难等)”如:The man kmows his daughter has run into trouble.这个男人知道他的女儿有麻烦了※ 表示“共计,达到……之多”如:The guests on his wedding ran into 1,000.出席他婚礼的宾客达00人之多※ 表示“驱车造访”如:The young lady ran into the country with her mother and had a good day.那个年轻的女士驾车带着她母亲到乡下转了一圈,玩得很开心※ rarely意为“很少,不常(not often ) ;如:Ben rarely visits his grandpa who lives in Mexico.本很少去看望住在墨西哥的爷爷※ hardly往往强调能力上达不到,意为“简直不,很难”如:It was so dark that I could hardly see anything.天那么黑,我简直什么也看不见※ searcely往往强调不足,常同enough,sufficient,any等表示程度的词连用,意为“不太,几乎,简直没有”如:The bankrupt man has scarcely any money left.这位破产的男士几乎没剩什么钱了※ barely与hardly和scarcely的意思相近,意为“几乎,勉强,仅能做到”但后面接ever, any, at all等词时,则只能用hardly或scarcely,不能用barely如:We scarcely ever used the emergency generator.我们几乎从未用过这台紧急发电机学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

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    6. I walked to the ticket counter. When the ticket-seller saw me, her otherwise attractive face turned sour, violently so.

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