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Same-sex weddings are expected to create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into California's economy. “Every time I think about it I cried, it means I get to marry the woman I love, you are gonna able to have a marriage license, you can gonna be able to be a wedding couple. There’s some legitimacy now.”In the storm moment in California, for Tracy and Tiffany who are about to walk down the aisle together. Oh, look at this, and through Robin and Diana, who fought for decades for the right of same-sex couples to marry.“It’s not just about each other, it’s said it’s open this entire possibility for every gay kid that’s growing up today, that they can grow up, and they can have marriage, and they can have families, and they can have acceptance. I mean it’s, it’s just incredibly important to us.”A monumental occasion for the couples and an unexpected boom for California’s economy.“I would say the total spending that will be generally by same-sex weddings is well over a billion dollars in the next three years.”A billions dollars and 2,100 new jobs over the next three years, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. Wedding planner Marcia Vidal says it couldn’t have come at a better time.“Are you seeing economic hard times, are things rather soft for people in your industry right now?”“Actually it is, we are definitely seeing a slowdown, and what else we’re seeing, a forecast of weddings’ being postponed even now to 2010 and 11.”Tiffany and Tracy are learning weddings are big business.“You discovered that, yes you know, you wanna have it at a place, and you wanna have someone officiating for you, oh, and we have to have a kid, and oh, by the way, don’t we want flowers?”Their budget about 40,000 dollars. “We are doing 40,000 just ourselves. And you count probably, 80 guests come in from out of the state, staying for at least 3 nights in hotels, car rentals, eating out, tourist attractions.”“We don’t want to be like two brides or two grooms”, Baker Tom Rosa says his business has aly tripled, thanks to customers like Diana and Robin. “I think price for most gays and lesbians will not be an object, because it’s something they never expected, never expected in all their life, and so the Californian ‘Gold Rushes’ are on.”“I now pronounce you spouses for life”, Diana and Robin became the first same-sex couple to officially tie the knot in southern California. And now, among the first to say, it helped the state along the way. 200812/58596。

  • In the Rocky Mountains of Central Colorado, the forces of nature create a landscape of alpine lakes, high-altitude ponds teeming with life and mountain meadows bursting with wild flowers. It is amidst these beautiful wildflower fields that one scientist has aly found alarming evidence about the potential impact of global warming. John Hart, a professor of Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkley, runs an experiment to determine what would happen if the temperature was just three degrees warmer here year around, like the forecasted effect of global warming. “That heating effect will induce dramatic effects on these subalpine meadows, causing loss of plant seed we especially value here, the flowering plants.” John Hart has come here each summer since the 1970s, examining factors affecting life in this fragile ecosystem. “This heating is actually quite subtle. We are not heating a lot. It’s only a few degrees, but it’s causing the flowering plants to produce fewer flowers and to grow less abundantly.” His setup is relatively simple. Low-power electric heaters suspended above a mountain meadow heat the ground and the plant life beneath, three degrees warmer than the surrounding area. The heaters are automatically and precisely controlled, they have been on constantly, day and night, winter, spring, summer and fall since 1991. In his global warming experiment, he suspended heaters in a grid pattern to create heated plots, then unheated plots, back and forth, so he can judge the effects side by side. The difference, three degrees of separation makes in flowers and sagebrush, is easy to see. “They suck juices out of the plant.”In the unheated natural area, sagebrush is a source of moisture for an army of thirsty insects. They keep sagebrush under control. “So they have little mouthpieces that can suck away at the nutrient.” But just a few feet away, sagebrush under the heater grows far better with fewer bugs. “...much more rapidly, we found that the heating is causing profuse growth of the sagebrush.” While that’s good for the sagebrush; it’s not good for its plant neighbors. Flowers feel the effect too. In natural areas, flowers grow thick as they always do here, but a few feet away, where it’s three degrees warmer, flowers are not as abundant. “The meadows, instead of looking lush and strewn with flowers, are now actually rather arid.” If global warming, or long-term climate change, does increase the year-around temperature here just a few degrees, John Hart predicts, in decades to come, flowers could be crowded out by sagebrush. “Global warming is more than just an ecological catastrophe; it would be a human catastrophe in all of its dimensions.”参考中文翻译:科罗拉多州中部巍峨的高山上,自然的力量创造了一幅美丽的风景画,有着高山湖,充满生命的高海拔池塘,长满野花的高山草原。在这些美丽的野花中,一位科学家发现了全球气候变暖的潜在影响的有力据。John Hart是加利福尼亚大学环境科学的教授。他组织了一个实验,观察如果这里一年之内气温升高3度会有什么情况发生,就好象全球气候变暖的预报。“热效应会对这些亚高山带的草原产生剧烈的影响,造成我们非常珍惜的开花类植物的减少。”从上世纪70年代开始,John Hart每年夏天都会来这里,检查影响脆弱的生态系统的因素。“加热量其实很微小,我们没有加热很多。仅仅几度的变化,就会导致开花类作物开花量减少,不像以前那样丰富。” 他的设备相对来说很简单。低功率的电加热器悬挂在高山草原上给地面和下面的植物加热,比周围环境温度高3度。加热器是自动化的,温控非常精确。从1991年开始,加热器就春夏秋冬日日夜夜的悬挂在那里。在他的全球变暖实验中,他按照格子状悬挂加热器,以组成加热区和非加热区,来来回回,这样来判款交互影响。3度的差别给花和山艾树造成的差别一目了然。“他们从植物里吸取汁液。”在没有加热的自然区域,山艾树是很多昆虫的水源。他们使山艾树的数目受到控制。“他们并没有吸取里面的营养。”但是就在几英尺之外,收到加热的山艾树生长状况好很多,虫子很少。“我们发现,加热使山艾树生长速度过快。”虽然这样对山艾树比较好,但是对邻近的植物造成威胁。花也感受到了影响。在自然区域,花张的比较厚密,温度高3度的几英尺之外,花开的就没有那么繁盛。“草地没有看上去苍翠繁茂,鲜花盛开,反而变成了不毛之地。”John Hart预测,如果全球变暖或者长期的气候变化导致这里的全年平均气温升高几度,未来的几十年之内,鲜花会被山艾树吞噬。“全球变暖并不只是生态灾难,对人类来说,也是一个巨大的灾难。” 200812/57873。
  • International Space Station sex banCommanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed."We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been."We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman aly on the station.Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions.In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the ed States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.Vocabulary:break new ground: to do something that has not been done before 有了新的突破out of bounds: not reasonable or acceptable 不合理的;令人无法接受的背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/107663。
  • Cristiano Ronaldos baby son born to American womanCristiano Ronaldo’s baby son was born to an American woman in June, according to reports in Portugal.The Real Madridwinger, 25, announced that he had become a father on Facebook and Twitter during the weekend.The child’s mother wishes to remain anonymous and has agreed to leave the footballer as soleguardian, the statement said.Ronaldo’s mother, Delores, and sisters Elma and Katia are preparing to raise the child, according to the Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha.The family is reportedly dealing with the paperwork necessary to move the baby from the US to Portugal. Ronaldo has homes in Los Angeles and Miami.The winger, who moved to Real Madrid from Manchester ed for a record fee of 80 million pounds (1.2 million) last year, said on Saturday that he was overjoyed to have become a father.He wrote: “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the babys mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.“No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.”Ronaldos current girlfriend, the Russianlingeriemodel Irina Shayk, reacted to the news on Facebook, writing: ;My boyfriend is now father of a boy.;Ronaldo captained Portugal during their World Cup campaign in South Africa, which ended with a 1-0 defeat to Spain in the second round last Tuesday.Vocabulary:winger:a person who plays a wing position(边锋)guardian:One who is legally responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent or a minor.(监护人)lingerie:underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women.(妇女贴身内衣)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108382。
  • Job losses in Britain increase ITN's James Blake examines what type of industries are cutting back their employment numbers. These students are at Hackney Community College training to be builders, but that's the sector that seems huge job losses over the past year. Couple to that, Hackney has won the highest unemployment rates in the country and now it's going up again. Total unemployment reaches its highest level through 11 years today. For 18 to 24 year-old, it’s even worse. It’s not been this bad since 1995. I’ve learned a few of brick lessions for brick land ships, and at the moment, I’ve got nothing, so I just wait and to hope the teachers’ help would get me as well. I am not worried, it’s about getting a job and I will get a job. Across the UK unemployment has now reached more than 1.8million, up a 140,000 in just a quarter. For young people alone it’s more than half a million, an increase of 53,000. In the last recession, Britain suffered a 31 consecutive months of rising unemployment. So economists agree it’s going to get much worse in the downturn. Some are even predicting it will reach 2.5 million by 2010. So another steep rise in the unemployment, the government has bailed out the bank since to propose tax cuts to stimulate the economy, but now the Unions has insisted it must help the growing ranks of unemployed by increasing benefits. It is that they say or poverty sps. "We have yet not seeing figures of the level we saw in early 90s and in the early 80s when three million were unemployed, but this is a different kind of recession. A lot of white collar jobs are disappearing, it is not just hitting manufacturing in the north of country, every part of the country is being affected. That's why we really do need the urgent action to make sure we don't reach the level of unemployment that we saw three million plus in previous, in previous downturns. So unemployment is rising in every sector and nearly in every region in the country. This morning the government announced it was doubling the funding of its job center rapid response from 3 to 6 million pounds with perhaps more money to come. Our job is to spend as much time in effort making sure the people stay in work when economy becomes boiled as early as possible, as well as provide as much supports we can give to people as they sadly lose their jobs to get back to the labor market as soon as possible. All that’s being done, the pre-budget report will announce the next stage that people have to wait and see what that says. Yesterday Virgin media ** announces a total of 5,000 job losses. Manufacturing, the number of jobs is now at its lowest level since records began in 1978.200811/56169。
  • The MySpace Effect MySpace和其母公司之间的相互影响 News Corp. COO, Peter Chernin, discusses how MySpace has influenced its parent company's business model, and vice-versa.Is there a Myspace effect when you are a big so-called established Media Company? Can you point at things at Myspace, that you are doing differently throughout news corp that you weren't doing before myspace, or vice versa, is there a news corp. effect at a, what was strictly, what it was, essentially internet start-up? Yeah, I think there is clearly an effect on both sides of the company. you know, I’m not sure that it’s not subtle in some ways. but I think that if you look at, i will give you an example of the myspace effect on news corp. which is a lot of people, you know, wrote about Hulu upfront and wrote about,you know,when we were getting y to start Hulu which is an idea that ultimately we came up with, with N and everyone sort of talk about big media, talk about clown co., which is my particular favorite. but, you know, if we did anything right at Hulu, and I think we did a lot of things, it’s we were relentlessly focused on the audiences and focused on the user experience and we never got caught up in we were a big media company we had to protect this and we have these rules or that. Every decision we made, we made through the lens of What's gonna enhance the user experience, what's gonna make this better for the user. and I think that very much came from, from having managed Myspace. You know, I think, if you cut it two years earlier, everybody was writing that, you know, we were gonna "foxify" Myspace and we were gonna change it and we were gonna do this. And i think one of the things we learn very quickly in Myspace was,it frankly wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t our property, it was the users' property, it was something they control,it was their content, and we were only as good as our ability to give them tools and to give them access to things that interested them, but to the degree we started ever pushing things down on them, we figured out pretty quickly that that was gonna be a disaster. and I think that focus on the user and that focus on we are only as good as how users perceived us was very instrumental in making us do a lot of things right at Hulu. And I think that sort of effect goes throughout a lot of things. I think if you look at how we think about all sorts of digital iterations in the company. I think we’ve done a reasonably good job of looking out through the lens of user experience. Right.I think… I suppose~ Myspace is very helpful. Conversely, I think, you know, has news corp. helped MySpace? I think absolutely, you know I think that / it's been giving some operating discipline and I think it's certainly been giving a lot of cash which never hurts, you know, for you to try to build up. Well, I was gonna to say the decision to create a Hulu versus put whatever bad investments into fox.com etc, / , which I’m sure, you know, you must have had people internally who would have preferred that you've done at the time, I’m guessing that was, you know, a view that you might not have had if you hadn’t done Myspace and some/ those other. Look I ,I was, I was never particularly interested in doing it through fox.com because I think if you think about you know, what users needed, what users needed / first and foremost is aggregation. You know if you think about who, when you are a user and the first question you had to do is go now, was that a comedy central television show or a Fox show, or did N produce it for Fox? And I’ve got to go to 37 different websites we believe very clearly that aggregation was a tremendous benefit to users.参考中文翻译:新闻集团的Peter Chernin探讨了MySpace对其母公司商业模式的影响,以及对本身的影响。你们是如此强大的媒体集团,MySpace对你们有什么影响呢?你可否列举出一些在收购MySpace前后新闻集团有什么不同,或者,反之,开始互联网产业之后新闻集团对MySpace有什么影响呢?是的,我认为对公司双方都有明显的影响。你知道,我不确定是不是在某些方面的影响比较微弱。但是,我可以给你举例说明MySpace怎样影响新闻集团的。当我们和N合作推出Hulu视频网站时,很多人写了关于Hulu的文章,谈论大的媒体集团,谈论我最喜欢的clown co.。但是,你知道,如果我们在Hulu网站方面做了什么正确的事情,而且我们也已经做了很多,那就是我们始终无怨无悔的以观众为中心,始终考虑用户的经历,我们从来都没有被“我们是大媒体,应该保这一点”的思想束缚,我们也没有这样那样的规定。我们所做的每一项决定,都是考虑怎样会增强用户的体验,怎样对用户最好。我想,这主要是因为我们管理了MySpace。我认为,我们很快从MySpace学到的就是,这不是我们的财产,这是用户的财产。这是由用户控制的,这是他们的内容,我们所作的只是尽自己的能力给他们一个工具,是他们一个途径来接触自己感兴趣的东西。但是从这种程度上讲,我们开始把所有的东西加给用户啊,我们很快得出结论,这将会是一个灾难。我认为集中于用户,仅仅满足于达到用户期望的那么好对我们做好Hulu是非常工具化的。我觉得那些影响贯穿了很多事情。我认为如果你看一下我们怎么思考公司内部所有的数据循环,你就会发现我们在用户体验方面做得相当不错。对。我想……我认为……MySpace非常有帮助性。相反地,新闻集团有没有帮到MySpace呢?我认为绝对有影响。你知道,它给了MySpace一个运营规则,给了MySpace很多资金来建设的更好。我还想说一下关于建立Hulu来与fox.com 相抗衡的决定,如果你内部有人的话,我确定那时候会有人持你的决定。我猜想,在你没有做Myspace之前你不会有这样的观念的。看,我在做fox.com的时候从来不会对这些特别感兴趣因为我认为,用户需要什么,用户最需要什么是一个集合体。你知道,作为一个用户,你进入一个网站第一个问题就是,会不会有喜剧节目或者fox show,N是不是会为FOX做节目?我研究了37个不同的网站,确信该集合体对用户非常有益。200811/57466。
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