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Jessia在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:崩溃。Jessica:Morning 怡茹! Oh..you dont look so well, are you sick?YR:生病倒没有,就是精神快崩溃了。老板让我做调研,一共需要1000多个样品数据! 我已经做了两个星期,头昏脑胀,可还是没做完! I am going crazy!Jessica:Dont freak out yet. 怡茹,咱们一块想想办法!YR:Wait a second...你说,freak out?Jessica:Freak is spelled f-r-e-a-k, freak; freak out 就是崩溃的意思。YR:OMG! Thats totally me! Im freaking out! 你说想办法,我已经上网找,问朋友,去图书馆查,都没有现成的数据,完全要自己一点一点搜集! 我觉得我已经走投无路了....Jessica:Yeah... seems like you are at the end of your rope. This phrase basically means you are out of options. Im so sorry 怡茹!YR:At the end of my rope? 真形象。绳子到头了,没有别的办法。Im SO at the end of my rope! Jessica,你说要是我无法按时完成任务,那可怎么办呀! 老板都催我两次了,我现在感觉如履薄冰。Jessica:Yeah, being on thin ice is definitely not the best feeling in the world.YR:On thin ice 就是中文里说的如履薄冰吧?太形象了。Jessica:You know what? Im not worried about you. I think you can definitely finish the assignment on time!YR:真的吗?好,那我加油,一定按时完成,做得漂漂亮亮的!Jessica:Thats the spirit!YR:我去了! Bye Jessica!Jessica:Wait 怡茹! Before you go, tell me what youve learned today!YR:第一,崩溃可以用 to freak out;第二,走投无路,无技可施是 at the end of someones rope;第三,如履薄冰是 on thin ice. /201306/243713

SITUATION 77情景 77Whats on your mind?你在想什么?Youve told me three times now that Jane bought a new mink coat.你已经告诉我三次,说珍习了件新的貂皮大衣。She got it on sale.她的大减价的时候买的。Whats on your mind?You have a mink coat!你在想什么?你有豹皮大衣!Yes,but its so old.I hate it!是有,但是它太旧了,我讨厌它!I think it still looks good.我认为它看起来还是很好。Thats because youre not a woman!那是因为你不是女人!Susan,youve been very quiet lately.Whats on your mind?苏珊,你最近都很安静。你在想什么?Oh,Im worriedd about taking my driving test.哦,我在担心我的驾驶执照考试。I thought you took driving lessons.我以为你上过驾驶课。I did,but I really need to practice more so I can feel confident.我是上过,但是我真的需要多加练习,我才能觉得有自信。Im not busy this weekend .Why dont we go for a long ride out in the country?我这个周未不忙。我们何不一起到乡下好好兜个风?Oh,could we?Id love it.噢,我们可以吗?我很喜欢。Mr,Jones,may I speak to you?琼斯先生,我能和你谈谈吗?Sure,Mr.Kao.Whats on you mind?当然,高先生。你有什么事?Well,sir,Ive been here for two years.唔,先生,我到这里已经两年了。Yes.Arent you happy here?是的。你在这里不快乐吗?Oh yes,sir!我快乐,先生!But Id like to be considered for that opening in the sales department.但是业务部的那个空缺,能不能把我考虑进去?You should speak with Don Smith.Hes in charge of that depart ment.你该对唐.史密斯说。他负责管理那个部门。 /201206/186492

Finn: Hello Feifei. Welcome back to the office.芬:你好菲菲。欢迎回到办公室。Feifei: Hi Finn. Back to work!菲菲:你好芬。回来工作!Finn: How was your holiday? You look great.芬:你的假期怎么样?你看起来不错啊。Feifei: Oh thanks, fantastic. We spent every day on the beach…菲菲:哦谢谢,很棒。我们每天都在沙滩上...Finn: Nice…芬:不错...Feifei: Yeah, just relaxing, swimming, ing novels, eating fresh seafood, and my favourite new thing: playing beach volleyball!菲菲:是的,放松,游泳,读小说,吃海鲜,和我最爱的新事物:玩沙滩排球!Finn: Cool – you must have had a ball!芬:酷啊,你一定有一个球!Feifei: Of course we had a ball. We were playing volleyball! You cant play volleyball without… a ball.菲菲:我们当然有一个球。我们在玩排球!你不能在没有球的情况下玩排球。Finn: Youre right, you do need a ball – but you see I meant…芬:对,你确实需要一个球,但你知道我指...Feifei: I know what you meant, just kidding! To have a ball means to have a really good time, to enjoy yourself.菲菲:我知道你的意思,只是开玩笑!“有一个球”指度过很好的时光,玩得好。Finn: Yes, well did you? Have a good time?芬:是的,那么你呢?有没有玩得好?Feifei: We had… a ball!菲菲:我们玩的很好!Finn: Listen to these other people who had… a ball.We went to my sisters wedding at the weekend. Everyone had a ball – it was so much fun. I had a ball at the party. So many of my friends were there and the music was great.芬:听一听其他“有一个球”的人吧。我们周末参加了我的婚礼,每个人都享受这段时光,那真是太有趣了。我很享受这个派对,我在场的那些朋友也是,而且音乐很棒。Feifei: Of course we dont always use it to talk about things in the past.菲菲:当然我们不经常用它来形容过去的事。Finn: Yes, listen out for people having a ball, like this one:Im having a ball in my new job. Its so much better than my old one.芬:是的,仔细听人们“有一个球”的例子,比如这个:我很享受我的新工作,它比我的旧工作好多了。Feifei: Or you can combine with will when talking about the future.菲菲:或者在说将来的事的时候你可以把它和“将要”结合起来。A: Im not sure about joining the singing class.A:我不太确定是否要加入歌唱班。B: Of course you should join – youll have a ball!B:你当然要加入,你会享受这个课的!Finn: Anyway Feifei, its good to have you back.芬:总之菲菲,有你在身后真好。Feifei: Good to be back.菲菲:在你身后真好。Finn: Were having a ball.芬:我们要举办一个舞会了。Feifei: I know, its fun to be in the studio again.菲菲:我知道,再一次来到演播厅很有趣。Finn: No, were really having a ball.芬:不,我们真的要举办一个舞会了。Feifei: Eh?菲菲:嗯?Finn: Yes, B Learning English is holding a ball – a formal party where people come and dance - tonight.芬:是的,B学英语要举办一个舞会,一个正式的派对,今晚人们可以来跳舞。Feifei: Oh, that kind of ball–our ball! Id completely forgotten!Im playing volleyball tonight.菲菲:噢,这种舞会,我们的舞会!我完全忘记了!我今晚要玩排球。Finn: Well, Im sure youll have a ball whatever you do!芬:好吧,不管你做什么我相信你一定会享受的!Feifei: Haha – yes, well you have a ball, at the ball!菲菲:哈哈,是的,那么希望你享受舞会!Finn: Very good. For more English phrases, log on to bbclearningenglish.com. Goodbye.芬:很好。想要看更多英语短语,登陆bbclearningenglish.com。再见!Feifei: See ya.菲菲:再见! /201312/268980

Todd: OK. Were back with Jeanna. You wanna talk about your summer vacation.好的,吉娜。能谈谈你的暑假吗。Jeanna: Sure. I went to Las Vegas, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; Tahoe, California; and San Diego, California and I went to Disneyland.好的。我去了内华达州的,里诺,和加利福尼亚州的塔霍湖,圣地亚哥,我还去了迪斯尼乐园。Todd: Wow! Sounds like a really good time.哇!听上去你玩得很愉快。Jeanna: Yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun.是的。我玩得很有趣。Todd: What was the best place?最棒的地方是哪里?Jeanna: Probably Las Vegas. It was the most interesting.也许是。那里最有趣。Todd: OK. why was it the most interesting?好的。为什么那里最有趣呢?Jeanna: It was just really busy and there was always stuff going on. Ya know, never resting.那里很繁华,总有各种活动,你知道,那里从来不闲。Todd: OK. Ah, for example what stuff is going on? Like, what did you do?好的,例如什么活动,你在那里做什么?Jeanna: Well, we went shopping a lot, in a lot of different casinos that had malls in them, we went and visited the Hoover Dam.我们经常购物,在不同的里都有购物中心,我们还去了胡佛水坝。Todd: Oh, wow! Its pretty big.哇!水坝很大。Jeanna: Yeah, really big.是的,很大。Todd: Thats a lot of water. Did you go swimming?那里有很多水,你游泳了吗?Jeanna: No.没有。Todd: Can you swim in the Hoover Dam?能在胡佛水库里游泳吗?Jeanna: You can swim in the reservoir.能在蓄水池里游泳。Todd: I mean in the reservoir. Yeah. OK. How did you get to Las Vegas?我就是说在蓄水池里。好的。你怎么到的?Jeanna: By plane from Oakland to Las Vegas.从奥克兰搭乘飞机到的。Todd: OK. How long did it take?路上花了多长时间?Jeanna: About an hour and forty-five minutes.大约花了1小时45分钟。Todd: OK. Do you think youll go back to Las Vegas someday in the future?好的。Jeanna: Hopefully.希望如此。Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot Jeanna.好的。谢谢你,吉娜。Jeanna: Youre welcome.不客气。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/200204

今天要讲的习惯用语有这样一个共同的关键词: flip。 Flip这个词有多种不同的意思,而且既可以是动词也可以是名词。当flip作动词的时候有一种意思是急促而突然地翻动。比方说: the boiling water in the pot flipped out its lid, 锅里沸腾的水掀翻了锅盖。我们今天要学的第一个习惯用语就是: flip out。 习惯用语flip out其实就是借用在火上满锅沸腾的水和蒸气往上直冲掀翻锅盖的画面,来形象地比喻人怒火中烧,以致按捺不住失去了控制。其实习惯用语flip out还有一种形式就是: flip ones lid。 Lid是盖子,flip ones lid要是直译也是掀翻了盖子。它也用来描绘人怒气直冲、失去自制。 Flip out和flip ones lid,起先出现在二十世纪四十年代早期的电影或者杂志上,随后逐渐融会到日常生活的语言中。我们听两个例子。先说话的是个学生,刚拿到了发回来的英语课作文,正对自己得到的评分大发脾气:例句-1:Look at this! I spent days on this paper and even paid a graduate student to help me, and this stupid professor gives me a D! Man. Ill flip out if I cant get at least a C in this course.他说:瞧瞧这个!我在这篇文章上花了几天时间,甚至还花钱雇了位研究生来帮我,而这个笨蛋教授竟然让我得D! 哼,我这门功课至少要拿个C,要不,我会闹翻天。这里的习惯用语flip out意思就是怒不可遏地吵闹。******当一个人flip out或者flip his lid, 他甚至会愤怒得仿佛失去了理智。我们再听个例子, 这段话在说Mickey有一天走出家门发现他的汽车竟然被偷走了。这下他可真是暴跳如雷了:例句-2:Did you see Mickey when he saw his car was gone? He totally flipped out - he was hopping around like a crazy man, screaming and yelling out in the middle of the street.他说:你见到Mickey发现自己丢车时的那模样吗?他简直是失去理智了- 在大街中心象疯子似地暴跳如雷、尖声喊叫。这里的flip out意思还是激怒得几乎失去理智。******今天要学的第二个习惯用语是: flip side。 这里flip成了名词了,意思是反面或者次要的一面, 而flip side原来是指唱片的反面的。要是唱片的正面录制了一首热门的流行乐曲的话,唱片的反面往往会录上一些听众反应平平的并不引起轰动的乐曲。当然作为习惯用语flip side不再指唱片的另一面了。下面有个例子,我们听听flip side在这段话里表示什么。例句-3:Its fantastic that the President has planned to balance the budget and give Americans a tax break. But the flip side is that students just coming out of college are getting the least tax break of all.他说:总统已经打算要平衡预算并且给予美国人税额优惠。 但是刚从大学毕业的学生得到的税额优惠却比谁都少。这段话说了总统减税计划的两方面。一方面广大美国人民都能享受有关优惠,而另一方面,刚毕业的大学生从中得到的好处却少于任何人。 The flip side在这里放在这两种情况之间,显然用来表示语气的转折,导出相对方面,作用相当于on the other hand.******再听个例子也应用了习惯用语flip side,说话的人得到了新的工作机会,正在权衡利弊:例句-4:The new job would pay me twice as much money as I make now, The flip side is the family would have to move across the whole country and my wife and kids sure dont like that idea.他说: 那份新工作的薪金比我目前的多一倍,然而另一方面,为此我们全家人却不得不跨越整个美国迁居到那一边去。我太太和孩子绝对不喜欢那主意。这里的the flip side也是用来引导问题的相对方面的,作用相当于on the other hand. /201410/329534

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