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莱西市第一人民妇保中医院是公立医院吗青岛怎样让脸上的毛孔变小Indian Government Prepares for Crucial Confidence Vote印度联合政府为信任投票作准备  There is hectic political lobbying in India, where the Congress-led coalition government is preparing to face a vote of confidence later this month. The government opted to hold the vote after angry leftist parties took back their support to protest a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 印度的政治游说活动正在紧张进行。联合政府正在为本月晚些时候举行的一次信任投票作准备。在愤怒的左翼政党为抗议印度跟美国达成民用核协议而撤回对联合政府的持后,印度政府做出举行信任投票的决定。The Congress-led coalition government says a special session of parliament will be convened to hold the confidence vote.  印度国大党领导的联合政府说,为了举行信任投票将召开一次议会特别会期。The government, which controls only 225 lawmakers in the 545 lower house of parliament, lost its majority earlier this week when communist allies took back their support.  在印度议会下院人民院的545个席位中,政府仅仅控制225个,本周早些时候,共产党联盟撤除对联合政府的持,使政府失去了多数党地位。The communist parties have vowed to do everything they can to stop the government from finalizing a civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. The deal will give New Delhi access to civilian nuclear technology, from which it is barred, because it has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.  共产党联盟誓言要竭尽全力制止政府最后敲定跟美国达成的一项民用核协议。因为印度没有签署核不扩散条约,它被禁止得到民用核技术,而这项协议将使印度得到民用核技术。The government says that it will only conclude the nuclear deal after proving that it has parliamentary majority. 印度政府说,只有在实它拥有议会多数地位之后,才会完成这项核协议。Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in New Delhi Friday, that the government is confident of passing the test in the lower house of parliament, known as the Lok Sabha. 外交部长慕克吉星期五在新德里说,政府有信心经受住在人民院的考验。"Parting company with the left is sad, but sometimes in politics it happens," said Mukherjee. "There is no bitterness among us. But at the same time we shall have to accept this challenge, with our courage and conviction which we are going to do. Everybody is prepared to face the vote of confidence in Lok Sabha." 克吉说,“跟左翼政党分手是件悲哀的事,但是在政治生活中,这样的事情会发生。我们没有心怀怨恨。不过与此同时,我们必须怀着勇气和对我们要做事情的坚定信心,接受这一挑战。每个人都在为人民院的信心投票作准备。”But the Congress Party is taking no chances, and is busy trying to cobble together parliamentary support to ensure its survival.  不过,国大党没有心存侥幸,他们为了确保胜利正忙于在议会活动,努力获得议员们的持。Party managers were closeted in meetings with small political parties on Friday to enlist the support of as many lawmakers as possible.  该党领导人星期五在跟较小的政党举行闭门会议,尽可能地争取更多议员的持。The Congress Party-led alliance has aly secured the vital support of a regional group, the Samajwadi Party. But it needs the backing of more lawmakers to ensure that it can win the confidence vote. There are also worries that some lawmakers of the Samajwadi party may rebel.  印度国大党领导的联合政府已经获得了来自一个地区性政党--印度社会主义党的关键持,不过它仍然需要更多议员的持才能确保赢得信任投票。也有人担心,一些社会主义党的成员有可能反叛。Both the fate of the nuclear deal with the ed States and the government will depend on the outcome of the crucial confidence vote. 不论是民用核协议,还是印度政府的命运都取决于这场至关重要的信任投票结果。If the government loses the vote, it will have to call early elections. It will also not be in a position to move ahead with the civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 如果政府没有获胜,那它将不得不提前举行选举;此外政府也无法处在一个推动跟美国的民用核协议向前发展的地位上。But a confident government says that will not happen.  但是印度政府有信心地说,上述情况不会发生。The government has aly taken the first step toward implementing the deal by submitting a draft plan for inspections of its civilian nuclear reactors by the International Atomic Energy Agency. That move has further angered India's leftist parties and other opposition parties, who say a government without a majority should not move ahead with an international agreement. The communist parties say the nuclear pact will bring New Delhi too close to Washington. The Indian government says it needs the deal to ensure future energy supplies for the country.200807/43907山东省青岛德州激光治疗痘痘专业医院 Economy to Top Agenda of Bush Meetings in Europe布什欧洲之行经济问题是重点  President Bush says economic matters will take center stage in meetings this week with European leaders. 布什总统说,经济问题是他这次欧洲之行跟欧洲领导人讨论的核心问题。What is expected to be President Bush's last major trip to Europe comes amid slow U.S. economic growth, skyrocketing energy prices, and a weak dollar.  美国经济发展减缓、能源价格扶摇直上、美元对欧元不断贬值 - 布什总统就是在这个背景下开始了他作为美国总统的最后一次主要的欧洲之旅的。As he left the White House, Mr. Bush said Americans are understandably concerned about pocketbook issues, and that there are things the ed States and Europe can work on together to chart a better future. 布什总统告诉新闻记者,美国人担心自己的钱包越来越扁是可以理解的。但是他强调,在有些事情上,美国和欧洲可以共同努力, 走向一个更加美好的未来。比如,双方可以采取共同行动来解决能源价格高涨的问题。"We will remind our friends and allies overseas that we are all too dependent on hydrocarbons," he said. "We must work to advance technologies to help us become less dependent on hydrocarbons." 布什总统说:“我们将提醒我们的朋友和海外盟友,我们全都太依赖碳氢化合物(化石燃料)了。我们必须努力推动技术进步,来帮助我们减少对于碳氢化合物的依赖。”In addition to encouraging less consumption of fossil fuels, Mr. Bush repeated his call to open an ecologically-sensitive region in Alaska for oil drilling in order to boost U.S. crude supplies. 除了呼吁减少化石燃料的消耗之外,布什总统还再次呼吁开放在阿拉斯加州生态敏感区进行石油开采,以提高美国国内的原油供应。The president said the ed States is committed to a strong dollar, which he said is in America's interests and will benefit the global economy. During the Bush presidency, the U.S. dollar has lost roughly half its value against the euro.  布什总统还说,美国坚持强势美元政策,因为这对美国和整个世界都有好处。在布什担任美国总统期间,美元对欧元几乎贬值了一半。The president said the U.S. economy has continued to grow despite what he termed "unprecedented challenges." He expressed confidence that a stimulus package that includes rebate checks to American taxpayers will help boost U.S. economic performance in the months to come. 布什总统表示,美国经济在前所未有的挑战面前一直持续增长。相信美国联邦政府的经济刺激方案,其中包括向美国纳税人提供退税款,将在今后的几个月帮助振兴美国经济。Mr. Bush's trip begins with an annual summit of the ed States and the European Union in Slovenia. He will also visit Germany, Britain, France, Italy and the Vatican. 布什总统这次欧洲之行的第一站是在斯洛文尼亚出席美国和欧盟举行的年度峰会。然后他将访问德国、英国、法国、意大利和梵蒂冈。Aside from economic matters, Mr. Bush said he will thank European nations for troop commitments and other initiatives in Afghanistan, where he said much work remains to be done.200806/41756US Fed Chief Defends Investment Bank Bailout伯南克为美联储救助贝尔斯登辩护Top U.S. financial officials say the markets could have been thrown into chaos if the government had not taken strong action to rescue a big investment bank that was falling into bankruptcy. But critics say the move put billions of dollars at risk, and unfairly helps large investors at a time when ordinary people facing home foreclosure get little aid.  美国负责金融工作的高级官员表示,如果政府没有采取强有力的行动挽救一家濒临破产的大投资的话,金融市场可能会出现混乱。不过批评人士说,这个举动存在使数十亿美元遭受损失的风险,而且在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的老百姓没有得到什么帮助的时候,给大的投资机构提供了不公平的帮助。 Bear Stearns, one of the biggest investment banks in the country, was on the verge of bankruptcy last month, until the U.S. central bank stepped in to help JP Morgan arrange to buy the struggling bank, something critics say put billions of dollars of taxpayers' money at risk. 美国最大的投资之一贝尔斯登上个月处于破产的边缘,后来美国的中央出面介入帮助根大通做出收购这家挣扎之中的的安排。批评人士说,这种做法可能使纳税人的数十亿美元付诸东流。But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee the Bear Stearns rescue was justified because the collapse of the firm would hurt confidence and stall trading in markets that are aly troubled. 不过,美联储主席伯南克星期四在参议院的委员会作时表示,出手救助贝尔斯登的行动是合理的,因为这家公司的倒闭会损害投资人信心而且使已经麻烦不断的市场交易活动出现停滞。"The damage caused by a default by Bear Stearns could have been severe and extremely difficult to contain," he said. 他说:“贝尔斯登的违约所引起的伤害可能会非常严重而且极难控制。”New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner played a key role in the effort to prop up Bear Stearns and says officials took the action reluctantly, but decided the cost of inaction was too high. 纽约联邦储备行长盖特纳在救助贝尔斯登的努力中扮演了一个关键的角色。他说,有关官员在采取救助行动的时候并不情愿,但是认定不采取任何行动的代价太高了。"Americans would face lower incomes, lower home values, higher borrowing costs for housing, education and other living expenses, lower retirement savings, and rising unemployment," he said. 他说:“美国人将面临更低的收入,更低的房价,在住房、教育和其他生活出方面都面临更高的借贷成本,更少的退休金和日益上涨的失业率。”Several senators urged officials to avoid similar problems in the future by speeding efforts to streamline and improve regulation and oversight of the financial system. 好几位参议员敦促金融官员通过加快精简和改善金融体系的管制和监督来避免今后出现类似的问题。Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd agreed that rescuing Bear Stears was necessary because the failure of a large institution would be a risk to the financial system. 参议院委员会主席、康涅狄克州的民主党参议员多德也认为,救助贝尔斯登是必要的,因为一个大的金融机构的倒闭将会给整个金融体系造成威胁。But he said the government should be just as quick and generous in helping throngs of troubled homeowners facing foreclosure for the same reason officials came to the aid of the big investment bank. 不过他说,在帮助大量因为同样的原因而面临丧失房屋赎回权的屋主方面,政府也应该向帮助大的投资那样迅速和慷慨。"Thousands and thousands and thousands of foreclosures create as much systemic risk as one investment bank," Senator Dodd said. 他说:“上百万的房屋被收回所带来的系统性风险与一家投资倒闭带来的风险一样多。”Home foreclosures have put the U.S. housing industry in a state of turmoil, and has hurt the overall economy here and elsewhere. 大量的房屋被收回导致美国的住房业陷入动荡而且对美国以及其他地方的整体经济造成损害。A bill designed to help avert some foreclosures has been under discussion by senators this week. One version of the plan would expand counseling services for families in danger of losing their homes, give local governments grants to buy foreclosed properties, and offer tax breaks for people who buy them. It would also give tax breaks to some homebuilders. 参议院这个星期已经开始讨论一个旨在帮助避免一些房屋被收回的法案。该项计划的一个版本将扩大给那些可能失去房子的家庭提供的咨询务,给地方政府提供资金来购买赎回权被收回的房产以及给那些购买这些地产的人提供税收上的优惠。这个文本的法案还将给一些房屋建筑商提供税收上的减免。200804/33399海阳妇幼保健医院价位表

青岛去除疤痕The increase in the obesity could lead to as many as 1500 more cancers a year in Britain by the year 2010. Cancer Research UK which carried out the survey claims that too few people are aware of the link between excess weight and the risk of developing tumors. "I could lose a whale weight if I must do now."Louise Diss is determined she'll never go back to the days when she weighed over 20 stone. She knew it wasn't good for her, but she had no idea her weight was putting her in great risk of developing cancer. Then, doctors found an abnormal growth in her womb. In the end, it wasn't cancer, but the scare was her spur to lose weight.I was absolutely determined to do something about it, I've got children, I want to be live to be old and healthy. And I, I realized that I was worth more than, you know, getting ill and getting old, or getting the ill before I go old.She's not alone, there is widesp ignorance of the cancer risks of being overweight.After smoking, obesity is one of the biggest preventable causes of the disease.But according to Cancer Research UK, only 29 per cent of overweight or obese people know that. They say excess weight causes 3.8 percent of all cancers. And if obesity rates keep rising, there will be 15, 00 extra cases a year by the end of the decade.It's very worrying, because obviously these cancers are largely preventable by changes to lifestyles. So it's important that we get the message out there and encourage people to find ways to reduce their risk of cancer where they can. But with one in four Britons now clinically obese, we are used to hearing warnings about the risks. The question is whether this one would be able to make a difference.Jane Hughes B News. NASA has set plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the moon. It's sown the centre could be used as a staging post for any manned mission to Mars.James Westhead reports. 200805/39570青岛诺德医院光子嫩肤多少钱 Well, Eric and Cathy are the definition of a work husband and work wife and they are here with us now, but it definitely begs the question guys. First of all, good morning.Good morning.Good morning Janet.Has it always been Platonic?Has it always been Platonic, Eric?Um, there was that one night in Rio, but er, it never really panned out.I had a dream once. It was quite disturbing actually.Disturbing?A little bit,(really, really, that makes me feel pretty good).You are like, you are like my brother.(Right, right.) Yeah, it's been Platonic since Day One.Yeah.Hey, Eric and Cathy, it's Matt in New York, uh, what, inyour obvious married couples, real married couples' fight, so what do you guys fight about?Usually whether or not we're platonic, Matt.Yeah.There it is.What it comes down to..It's the only thing we fight about.Yeah.You know what, it's, we have an advantage here that er, there, there's not a lot of fighting. A lot of the time we spend er, on the air is having a good time, and though the majority of our morning is spent er, on the air the whole time and once we leave here, we just go homes and fight with our regular spouses as usually.Oh, we love that.Yeah, exactly, all right, guys, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Good to see you both, and Janet, thank you as well, and so is an office spouse a good idea, is it a really bad one? Today's contributor Dr.Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist, Gail, good morning to you. Good morning, MattWhy do people form these types of, of husband-wife relationships at work?The same reason that people can get married even though the divorce rate is 50%, because in fact men and women do seek each other out. They bring something different to the table with each other, so you know, a...as opposed to a,a friendship between a woman and a woman, a man and a man, a man brings perhaps directness, honesty, cut to the chase, none of this emotional stuff. A woman brings perhaps more emotionality to it, more of the feeling state. I can really confide her in, men and women want that from each other.Yeah, yeah, but if you, if you are telling inside jokes, if you are confiding about your personal life, that's really close to the border of an emotional affair, (absolutely), and we talked about that on the show a lot. Absolutely, so that's the question, you have to be honest, not only with each other, but with yourself about how close you're,you are coming up to the boundary and you have to have clear boundaries.As you say, it's very important: Meet the real spouse.Absolutely, if you are being secretive from your real spouse about what's going on with the relationship at work, then you are having an emotional affair, so you have to meet this spouse, you have to have interaction, you have to have openness. Keep business about business.That's right, so we are not talking about touching, we are not talking about flirting, dressing provocatively, drinking a lot together. When you do those things, then somebody is gonna have an accident and cross the line.And,and beware of the emotional red flags, I would imagine one if you are starting to look forward to Mondays more than you are looking forward (oh, yes) to Fridays, you are in big trouble.Oh yeah, you are in big trouble. And if one of you is having trouble in your own marriage and you are talking a lot about that you are in trouble. If somebody is cheating and they are talking about that, that's a red flag as well.How do you break up an office marriage?Well, you know what. Breaking up any relationship is difficult, but if you don't cross these boundaries and you don't get into what's more of an emotional affair, it would be easier to cut off because you'll have more of the business, business, you know, this isn't working out from a business perspective, so keep it back there and it's easier to end.Someone who's just been through an amical...amicable divorce with a, an office spouse, you know.You could say that would be true, right?Exactly right.You could say that would be trueGail Saltz, thank you very muchI'd love to. 200809/50532青岛什么能让皮肤变白

青岛安全整形医院Karadzic: Poet Obsessed With Violence全球首要通缉犯之一卡拉季奇落网 The arrest Monday of Radovan Karadzic, one of the most wanted fugitives from war crimes justice, ended a 13-year manhunt for a man who played a key role in the worst European atrocity since the Second World War. 卡拉季奇是全球因战争罪而受到通缉的头号逃犯之一,他星期一被逮捕,从而结束了对这名在二战以来欧洲最凶残的暴行中发挥了重要作用的人的搜捕行动。Karadzic was the leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was indicted in 1995 by the Hague war crimes tribunal for his role in the killing of civilians during the 43-month siege of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. He was also charged with genocide for masterminding the slaughter of some eight thousand Muslim men and boys at what had been the ed Nations safe area of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia. Karadzic went underground in 1997 and had been on the run ever since.  卡拉季奇是1992至1995年波黑战争期间波斯尼亚塞族领导人。海牙战争罪法庭1995年就他在波斯尼亚首府萨拉热窝被围困43个月期间屠杀平民行动中所起的作用提出起诉。卡拉季奇还被控策划了在波斯尼亚东部联合国划定的安全区斯雷布雷尼察屠杀大约8千名穆斯林男子和男孩的行动。1997年,卡拉季奇藏匿起来,逃亡至今。Political analyst Ivan Vejvoda heads the Balkans Trust for Democracy in Belgrade. He says the arrest of Karadzic is good news for the Balkans and for the world and offers solace to the victims of the ex-Yugoslav wars of the 1990s."It also shows very importantly that the new government in Belgrade has demonstrated in practice what it said rhetorically, that it has the political will to move forward and make the arrests of the remaining [war crimes] indictees a priority of its government," he said.Karadzic is 63 years old. He was born of Serbian parents in the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro. Trained as a psychiatrist, he at one time was a physician for a soccer team. He also published a book of poetry before becoming active in politics.  卡拉季奇现年63岁,出生在前南斯拉夫黑山共和国,父母是塞尔维亚人。他的专业是精神病学,曾经是一足球队的队医。他投身政治之前,还出版过一本诗集。In 1989 he cofounded the Serbian Democratic Party in Bosnia-Hertzegovina. He was adamantly opposed to Bosnia becoming an independent state and warned that the territory's Muslim majority would be unable to defend itself in the event of civil war. In 1992 he declared the Serbian part of Bosnia independent and designated himself as president.  1989年,卡拉季奇和其他人共同创建了波黑塞尔维亚民主党。他坚决反对波斯尼亚独立,并警告说,一旦发生战争,占波斯尼亚人口多数的穆斯林没有能力保卫自己。1992年,卡拉季奇宣布波斯尼亚的塞尔维亚部分独立,并自任总统。Karadzic's principal collaborator in the Bosnian war was General Ratko Mladic, who is also accused of genocide for his role in the Srebrenica massacre and the siege of Sarajevo. Mladic also has been on the run and it has been rumored for years that both men had found sanctuary in Serbia.  卡拉季奇在波斯尼亚战争中的主要同党是拉特科.姆拉迪奇将军。姆拉迪奇也因为在斯雷布雷尼察大屠杀和围困塞拉热窝行动中所起的作用而被控犯有族群灭绝罪。姆拉迪奇同样在逃。多年来,一直有传闻说,卡拉季奇和姆拉迪奇躲藏在塞尔维亚。Vejvoda says it will not be long before Mladic is arrested as well. 巴尔干民主基金会负责人韦沃达认为,姆拉迪奇被逮捕归案的日子也不会太久了。"It was an expectation that when this new pro-western, pro-European government came in [earlier this month, in Belgrade] that in fact it might probably be Mladic who would be the first to be arrested," he said. "So this is a surprise for everyone [that it was Karadzic first], of course, because there was a lot of talk that Karadzic may be hiding in Bosnia or between Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro." 他说:“人们曾经预测,一旦这个亲西方、亲欧洲的新政府开始在贝尔格莱德主政,第一个被逮捕的很可能就是姆拉迪奇。所以,卡拉季奇首先落网,出乎所有人的意料,因为一直有很多人说卡拉季奇可能藏在波斯尼亚或者在波斯尼亚、塞尔维亚和黑山中间的某个地方。”European Union officials call the arrest of Karadzic a milestone. The chief prosecutor of the war crimes tribunal says the date of Karadzic's transfer to the Hague will be determined in due course. Ivan Vejvoda in Belgrade expects Karadzic will be sent to the Hague within days. 欧盟官员称逮捕卡拉季奇是一个里程碑。战争罪行法庭首席检察官说,将在适当的时候决定把卡拉季奇递解到海牙的日期。韦沃达预计,卡拉季奇可能在几天内就被送往海牙。200807/44628 Now it could be a revolution for the publishing business. It's been called electronic paper, computer device which can hold 100 books or receive newspapers downloaded whilst you sit on a train or anywhere else. But instead of a flickering computer screen to give you a headache, the makers claim it's just like ing from normal paper. British consumers'll get their first chance to buy the product within the next couple of weeks. But are we really y to say goodbye to the traditional book? Well, our Science Correspondent Tom Clark reports.We Britons have a voracious appetite for words, each year we buy around 300 million books and every day digest miles and miles of words in 13 million newspapers. Since the time of Gutenberg, all those words have been printed on paper. But is this device or something like it about to change the way we get our words forever? Farewell to the dog-eared novel, the well-thumbed but out-of-date guidebook and the grubby newspaper, meet Iliad, the first E-paper device to come to Europe. It's a whole new technology in screen display. It produces a very stable, very clear image; you can this in bright sunlight.Er,it's a stable display, there is no flicker, so it's completely different to what you would normally expect from a computer screen or a PDA. Behind this and several new E-ers coming out soon is a technology developed by an American company called E Ink. The display is made up of thousands of tiny spheres, each no wider than a human hair. The spheres sit on top of an electronic grid; each sphere is filled with a clear fluid containing black and white charged particles. By changing the charge in one part of the grid, the black negatively charged particles move to the top of the sphere, the white to the bottom, making that part of the screen black. The opposite charge sends the particles the other way. Software controlling the charges across the grid can produce any pattern you want. Its makers hope it will revolutionize ing. But the Sinclair C5 was supposed to revolutionize driving, so we took the Iliad to meet the ing public. 'You can it, fine. It's, it's just like ing a book.''This is set up like a book, you know, in the same way, the same sort of er,dimensions as a book page. So, yeah, it looks quite good.''Do you think it's gonna replace the book, do you think we're all gonna be ing new thing in one of these...'No, not at all''Why not?''Because this isn't, books are lovely, aren't they? And this is er,another bit of sort of plasticky metal stuff. To add to all, so um... lives are aly full of plasticky metal stuff.'Would it be better if it was bendy? One British company is developing a flexible E-paper screen, almost as thin as a real sheet of paper. 'It's very lightweight, so you can carry it around like a regular magazine. And this is incredibly robust, you know, I can just take my shoe and do this to it, and nothing happens to the display. This is just Ramp;D electronics, the real product will look something like this. We will be able to shrink all the electronics into something on the edge of the device, so it'll be like a magazine.'A paper-like device that can store hundreds of novels, update the news while you browse the headlines and weighs less than a paperback, almost certainly has a future. But as long as sand gets stuck between pages and corners are folded to keep your place, new technology isn't going to consign paper to the wastebasket. 1.voracious:adj. ardently enthusiastic about a certain activity; ravenous 狼吞虎咽的, 贪婪的2.well-thumbed:adj.A book or magazine that is well-thumbed is creased and marked because it has been so often.3.charged particle:small particle which carries an electrical charge 4.dimension:n. measure; size尺寸, 容积, 次元 5.consign:v. To consign something or someone to a place where they will be forgotten about, or to an unpleasant situation or place, means to put them there. (FORMAL)200805/39350东营去眼袋胎记好吗费用青岛市市立医院评价



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