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To buy an hour from father-Samuel向爸爸买一个小时A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting him at the door.一个人工作到很晚,带着疲惫与愤怒回到家里,却发现5岁大的儿子正在门口等他“Daddy, may I ask you a question?”“爸爸,我可以问你一个问题吗?”“Yeah sure, what is it?” replied the man.“当然,什么问题?”“Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”“爸爸,你一个小时赚多少钱?”“That none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?” the man said angrily.“这不关你的事怎么问这样一个问题?”父亲生气地说道“I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?” pleaded the little boy.“我只是想知道请告诉我吧,你一个小时赚多少钱?”小男孩乞求地说“If you must know, I make $ an hour.”“真想知道就告诉你吧,我一小时赚美元”“Oh,” the little boy replied, with his head down. Looking up, he said, “Daddy, may I please borrow $?”“噢,”男孩说着,低下了头接着,他抬起头来问:“爸爸,我可以借你美元钱吗?”The father was furious, “If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard every day such childish behavior.”父亲生气了:“如果你问这个问题,只是为了借钱买无聊的玩具或其他没用的东西,那就赶紧回你的房间睡觉去想想你怎么会这么自私我每天工作这么辛苦,得到的竟是这样幼稚愚蠢的举动”The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door. The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money? After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that $ and he really didnt ask money very often.小男孩静静地走进自己的房间,关上了门这个人坐下后,更加为这个男孩的问题生气了这孩子怎么敢问这样的问题,就为了借些钱呢?大约过了一个小时,他才平静下来了,开始想:也许他真的需要这美元买什么东西呢,他并不是经常要钱花The man went to the door of the little boy room and opened the door.于是这个人走到小男孩的门口,打开了门“Are you asleep, son?” He asked.“你睡了吗,孩子?”他问“No daddy, Im awake,” replied the boy.“没有呢,爸爸我醒着,”男孩回答“Ive been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier,” said the man, “It been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here the $you asked .”“我在想,可能刚才我对你太严厉了,”父亲说,“经过漫长的一天,我把怒气都发到你身上了这是你要的美元”The little boy sat straight up, smiling. “Oh, thank you daddy!” He yelled. Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The man, seeing that the boy aly had money, started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money, then looked up at his father.小男孩坐直了身子,笑了:“噢,谢谢爸爸!”他忍不住呼喊起来接着,他伸手到枕头底下,拿出一把皱巴巴的钞票看到男孩已经有钱了,父亲又忍不住要发火小男孩慢慢地数着钱,然后抬头看着父亲“Why do you want more money if you aly have some?” the father grumbled.“既然你已经有钱了,为什么还要更多钱?”父亲粗鲁地抱怨说“Because I didnt have enough, but now I do,” the little boy replied. “Daddy, I have $ now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.”“因为我的钱不够,不过现在够了,”小男孩回答,“爸爸,我现在有美元了,我可以买你一小时的时间吗?请你明天早点下班,我想和你一起吃晚饭” 3739He held the line against his back and watched its slant in the water and the skiff moving steadily to the north-west.他攥住了勒在背脊上的钓索,紧盯着它直往水中斜去,小船呢,不停地朝西北方驶去This will kill him, the old man thought. He cant do this ever. But four hours later the fish was still swimming steadily out to sea, towing the skiff, and the old man was still braced solidly with the line across his back.这样能叫它送命,老人想它不能一直这样干下去然而过了四个钟点,那鱼照样拖着这条小船,不停地向大海游去,老人呢,依然紧紧攥着勒在背脊上的钓索;It was noon when I hooked him,; he said. ;And I have never seen him.;“我是中午把它钓上的,”他说“可我始终还没见过它”He had pushed his straw hat hard down on his head bee he hooked the fish and it was cutting his ehead. He was thirsty too and he got down on his knees and, being careful not to jerk on the line, moved as far into the bow as he could get and reached the water bottle with one hand. He opened it and drank a little. Then he rested against the bow. He rested sitting on the un-stepped mast and sail and tried not to think but only to endure.他在钓上这鱼以前,把草帽拉下,紧扣在脑瓜上,这时勒得他的脑门好痛他还觉得口渴,就双膝跪下,小心不让扯动钓索,尽量朝船头爬去,伸手去取水瓶他打开瓶盖,喝了一点儿,然后靠在船头上休息他坐在从桅座上拔下的绕着帆的桅杆上,竭力不去想什么,只顾熬下去Then he looked behind him and saw that no land was visible. That makes no difference, he thought. I can always come in on the glow from Havana. There are two more hours bee the sun sets and maybe he will come up bee that. If he doesnt maybe he will come up with the moon. If he does not do that maybe he will come up with the sunrise. I have no cramps and I feel strong. It is he that has the hook in his mouth. But what a fish to pull like that. He must have his mouth shut tight on the wire. I wish I could see him. I with I could see him only once to know what I have against me.等他回顾背后时,一看陆地已没有一丝踪影了这没有关系,他想我总能靠着哈瓦那的灯火回港的太阳下去还有两个钟点,也许不到那时鱼就会浮上来如果它不上来,也许会随着月出浮上来如果它不这样干,也许会随着日出浮上来我手脚没有抽筋,我感到身强力壮是它的嘴给钓住了啊不过拉力这样大,该是条多大的鱼啊它的嘴准是死死地咬住了钢丝钓钩但愿能看到它但愿能知道我这对手是什么样儿的,哪怕只看一眼也好 319559

特别声明该文章为语段选自《书虫之《苔丝,语段精讲为可可编辑编写品嚼语段Dairyman Crick insisted that all the dairy people should milk different cows every day,not just their favourites.奶场主克里克坚持让所有奶场的工人每天挤不同的奶牛,而不是只挤他们最喜欢的那几头He was worried that a dairymaid might leave the dairy,and then her cows would not like being milked by a stranger.他担心一旦哪个挤奶女工离开奶场后,她的奶牛会不喜欢被一个陌生人挤奶However,Tess began to find that the cows which came to her usually happened to be her favourites.然而,苔丝渐渐发现,分配给她的奶牛碰巧总是她最喜欢的几头This made her milking much easier. But she soon realized that it was not by chance,as it was Angel Clare who sent the cows in milking.这让她挤起来更加轻松但她很快发现这不是什么凑巧的事儿,因为是安吉尔·克莱尔分派待挤的奶牛;Mr Clare,you have sent me my favourite cows!;she accused him one morning, blushing.“克莱尔先生,你总是把我最喜欢的奶牛分给我!”一天早上,她红着脸指责他说;Well, it doesnt matter,; said he.;You will always be here to milk them.;“啊,这不要紧,”他说,“你反正会总在这儿挤它们的”;Do you think so?I hope I shall.But I dont know.;“你这么以为吗?我希望如此,但我不知道”Afterwards she was angry with herself.说完之后,她对自己有些恼火She had spoken too seriously to him,as if he were involved in her staying or leaving.她刚才对他说话时太严肃了,好像把他牵扯进了她的去留问题In the evening after milking she walked in the garden alone, thinking about it.傍晚挤完奶后她独自到园子里漫步,心里还想着这件事 59

啃嚼语段One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.8月的一天,太阳正从薄雾中缓缓升起In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.在马勒特村附近的一片金黄的麦地上,阳光正照射着两根漆过的木头These,with two others below, med the turning cross of the reaping-machine.这两根,加上下面的两根,就组成了割麦机上转动的十字形曲柄It was y today harvest.这是在为今天的收割做准备A group of men and a group of women came down the road at sunrise.日出时分,一群男人和女人沿着大路走来了As they walked along, their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge.他们的脸沐浴在阳光中,脚则落在了树篱的阴影里They went into the field.他们走进了麦地Soon there came a sound like the love-making of the grasshopper.很快传来一种蚱蜢求爱时发出的声音The machine had begun, and three horses pulled it slowly along the field.Its arms turned,bright in the sunlight.机器开始运转了有三匹马拉着它慢慢地往前开机器的曲柄转动着,在阳光下闪闪发光Gradually the area of standing corn was reduced.渐渐地,麦地里竖着麦子的部分减少了So was the living space of the small field animals,who crowded together,not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end.田间小动物们的生存空间同样也就减少了它们簇拥在一起,并不知道它们终究是无法从机器下逃生的语段精讲1. One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.短语窜烧:in August:在十月份 rise through:穿过......而升起妙语生花:The sun was rising through the mist.(景物描写). In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.短语窜烧:a yellow cornfield:金黄的麦地 in a cornfield:在麦地上语法点拨:painted wood是指“刷过油漆的木头”,这里painted是过去分词作前置定语修饰wood妙语生花:The sun shine on something.阳光照在......上(景物描写)3. These,with two others below, med the turning cross of the reaping-machine.词汇窜烧:m:形成 cross:交叉 reaping-machine:割麦机 reap:收割短语窜烧:turning cross:转动的十字柄 two others:其它的两个3. It was y today harvest.加分短语:be y :准备...... e.g. They were armed to the teeth, y any emergency. 他们已全副武装, 随时准备应急The filter is now y operation. 这种滤器目前即将投入运转. A group of men and a group of women came down the road at sunrise.短语窜烧:1. a group of:一群 e.g. A group of children are playing games on the playground. 一群孩子正在操场上做游戏. at sunrise:在日出时分,在日出时 e.g. They set out at sunrise. 他们日出时出发The birds start singing at sunrise. 鸟儿在黎明时开始歌唱 3. come down the road:沿着大路向下走 PS:down在这里是介词,表示方向,意思是“沿着......而下”5. As they walked along, their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge.短语精讲:1. walk along:一起走 PS.:along既可以做副词也可以做介词,作为副词,意思是“向前,一起”,作为介词,意思是“沿着......”例如:walk along the street(沿着街道走). in the sun:在阳光下 3. in the shadow:在阴影中妙语生花:Their heads were in the sun while their feet were in the shadow of the hedge. 他们的脸沐浴在阳光中,而他们的脚则落在了树篱的阴影里6. Soon there came a sound like the love-making of the grasshopper.语法点拨:这个句子是倒装句,倒桩的结构是:there+come+主语再如:There comes the bus. 公交车来了词汇详解:sound在这里是作为可数名词用,前面有a修饰作为可数名词,它的意思是“ thing that produces such a sensation; thing that can be heard ”例如:I heard a strange sound outside. 我听到外面有一种奇怪的声音He crept upstairs without a sound. 他悄悄地上了楼词汇串烧:love-making:n. 做爱,性交 grasshopper:n.蚱蜢,蝗虫7. Its arms turned,bright in the sunlight.妙语生花:Something is bright in the sunlight. (某物)在阳光下闪闪发光Ps. in the sunlight:在阳光下8. Gradually the area of standing corn was reduced.词汇精讲:1. standing corn是指“竖立着的麦苗”,standing是现在分词作前置定语,意思是“竖立着的”. reduce:vt. 使......减少 e.g. This shirt was greatly reduced in the sale. 这种衬衣在大减价时降价很多3. area:u.n. 范围,面积 e.g. The area of the office is 35 square metres.办公室的面积是35平方米8. So was the living space of the small field animals,who crowded together,not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end.语法点拨1:So was the living space of the small field animals是倒装句式结构是:so+系动词+主语这句话是以so开头,was是系动词,the living space of the small field animals是主语语法点拨:the living space意思是“生存的空间”,living在这里是现在分词作前置定语语法点拨3:who crowded together是非限定性定语从句修饰先行词animals语法点拨:not knowing that they could not escape the machine in the end是否定结构的现在分词短语做后置定语定语,修饰名词animals短语窜烧:in the end:最后 e.g. Justice triumphs in the end. 正义终将得胜crowded together:簇拥在一起 e.g. She takes us to dark place in the est where the trees are crowded together. 她将我们带到树林里黑暗的地方,那里树木拥挤的生长在一起 357



  To daffodils咏黄水仙花robert herrick罗伯特·哈里克fair daffodils,we weep to see美的黄水仙,凋谢的太快,you haste away so soon;我们感觉着悲哀;as yet the early-rising sun连早晨出来的太阳has not attaind his noon.都还没有上升到天盖stay, stay,停下来,停下来,until the hasting day等匆忙的日脚has run跑进but to the even-song;黄昏的木暮霭;and,having prayd together, we在那时共同祈祷着,will go with you along.在回家的路上徘徊we have short time to stay, as you;我们也只有短暂的停留,we have as short a spring;青春的易逝堪忧;as quick a growth to meet decay,我们方生也就方死,as you,or anything.和你们一样,we die,一切都要罢休as your hours do,and dry你们谢了,away我们也要往了,like to the summer rain,如同夏雨之骤,or as the pearls of morning dew,或如早上的露珠,neer to be found again.永无痕迹可求 95

  Samantha: Good morning. I had a few questions about buying a bus ticket. Do I need to buy one in advance? Agent: You can, but it’s not necessary. You just need to arrive at the terminal at least an hour bee the scheduled departure time to buy your ticket. Boarding begins about to 30 minutes bee departure. Samantha: Can I reserve a seat? Agent: No, seating is on a first-come, first- serve basis. I recommend getting there early during peak times, but getting a good seat isn’t usually a problem with the night service buses. Samantha: I want to go from Charlestown to Myrtle Beach. Do you know how many stops the bus will be making? Agent: I think that bus makes six stops to pick up passengers en route, but you can check the schedule to be sure. That doesn’t include rest stops and meal stops. If you want to make fewer stops, you can buy a ticket one of our express buses. Samantha: How many bags can I bring on board? I’ll have two big pieces of luggage. Agent: You’re allowed two bags. The handler can help you load them upon boarding, but you’re responsible retrieving them when you get off. Can I help you with anything else? Samantha: No, thanks. Agent: Thank you calling and have a safe trip. 601

  Kindo: What that?金道:那是什么?Nookie: It my new e-book er. Im just downloading some new books onto it.女郎:它是我的新电子书阅读器我刚才下载了一些电子书Kindo: I havent bought one yet. Im old school. I still prefer a printed book.金道:我没买过这玩意我是守旧的人我宁愿读纸质的图书Nookie: But if you havent tried it yet, how do you know you wouldnt like it better? This e- book er can store over ,000 digital books and it easily portable. Imagine trying to carry an entire library from place to place.女郎:如果你不尝试的话,你怎么知道哪种阅读方式更好?电子书阅读器可以容纳1万本电子书,而且很便捷试想一下你能把整个图书馆从一个地方带到另一个地方Kindo: I dont usually ,000 books all at once and I hear that there are a lot of incompatible mats out there. Each company is trying to edge out the others by establishing their mat as the mat. I think Ill just wait until the dust settles.金道:我从不一次性阅读1万本书,而且我听说有各种不相容的格式每家公司都在研发自己的格式来试图排挤公司我想我还是等到尘埃落定了再说吧Nookie: The different mats arent that big a deal. You can easily convert a book in one mat to another.女郎:格式不同也没什么大不了你可以轻而易举地将一种格式转为另一种格式Kindo: I like the look of text on a printed page.金道:我喜欢纸质书上的文本外观Nookie: You mean that faded text on that yellowed page? On an e-book er, you can adjust the text size, font, and even line spacing.女郎:你是指发黄页面上褪色的文本吗?在电子书阅读器里,你可以调节字体大小,字形甚至是行距Kindo: Can I get all of the out-of- print books on my shelves in digital mat?金道:我能将书架上所有绝版的图书转换成电子格式吗?Nookie: Well, Im not sure.女郎:嗯,我不清楚Kindo: Until I can, Ill stick to my low- tech books.金道:除非可以,否则我还是会忠实于低科技图书原文译文属! 66In my family, there are penny-pinchers and spendthrifts, and everything in between. My brother Frank has the reputation being stingy with money. He likes to save up and only spend when he has to. I bet he has a lot stashed away. He's careful with money but he does spend it when he thinks it's necessary, and his wife and kids are very comtable.On the other hand, my brother Jack is known as a spendthrift. It's not that he's a big spender or a high roller. It's just that he's not very careful with money and doesn't think it's that important. When he has it, he doesn't think twice about spending it. With his friends, he's generous to a fault.So, what am I? A penny-pincher or a spendthrift? I guess I'm a little of both. It depends on who's asking and how much they want to borrow. 98



  Salesperson: Hi, have you been helped? Greg: No, I haven’t. I’m looking a new phone. Salesperson: Are you with our company right now? Greg: No, I’m thinking about switching. Salesperson: Okay, let me show you our most popular phone. This one has a lot of good features. It’s got a camera phone, a recorder, instant messaging, and you can download music or ring tones. Greg: I’m really looking a flip phone. Salesperson: Oh, in that case, this is the one you want. Let me tell you a little about our plans. With our .99 plan, you get 00 minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, and free mobile-to-mobile. Greg: Do the minutes roll over if I don’t use them all in one month, and do I need to sign an agreement? Salesperson: We don’t have rollover minutes, but if you think 00 isn’t enough, we have higher plans 700, 00, and unlimited minutes. The .99 plan requires a 1-year agreement. Greg: Okay, let me think about it. Salesperson: No problem. Just let me know if you have other questions. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 17


  Antonio: What is that smell?! It stinks!安东尼奥:什么味道?太臭了!Candace: This is a dish my roommate taught me to make. Itrsquo;s really good. Want a bite?坎迪斯:这是我室友教我做的菜真地很好吃不想尝一口吗?Antonio: Yoursquo;ve got to be kidding me! You actually eat that? You can stomach something that smells that foul?安东尼奥:你开玩笑吧?!你真吃了吗?你能吃得下那么臭的东西吗?Candace: Donrsquo;t knock it until yoursquo;ve tried it. I admit that itrsquo;s an acquired taste, but once you develop a taste it, yoursquo;ll not only like it, yoursquo;ll crave it like I do.坎迪斯:你没吃过,有什么权利发表?我也是慢慢才喜欢这种食物的一旦你尝一尝,你就不仅会喜欢上它,你还会像我这样离不开它了Antonio: I would never crave something that unappetizing. Yoursquo;ve gone over the edge. Irsquo;ve always known you were weird, but this takes the cake.安东尼奥:我从来不会想吃那样的食物你是疯了吧?我一直都觉得你是个怪人,但这次的事也太荒谬了Candace: You need to open your mind to new culinary experiences. You need to wake up your taste buds. Your palate will thank you it. If you try it, you might like it.坎迪斯:你需要解放思想,接受新的美食体验你需要唤醒你的味蕾,这样你肚子里的馋虫会感谢你的如果你尝一尝,你会喜欢上它的Antonio: If I try it, I may puke!安东尼:如果我尝了,我可能会吐! 89

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