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三线闭壳乌龟多少钱一只蒲城县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养昌吉市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 It#39;s a safe bet that some 200 countries and regions competing in the London Olympics are represented in the British capital.保守地说,有来自200多个国家和地区的代表团在本届伦敦奥运会上一决胜负。But who will represent London? One of the city#39;s oldest and signature communities is trying not to get lost in the *clamor.但是谁能代表伦敦呢?整个城市中最古老和最具代表性的群体正试图在喧嚣中表明自己的地位。Cockneys have been proud residents of London#39;s East End for centuries – and they want to make sure the world knows it.考克尼人是多个世纪以来自豪的伦敦东区市民not;——并且他们想要全世界都知道这一点。Traditionally, a Cockney is anyone ;born within the sound of Bow bells; – the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church in the heart of medieval London. It#39;s usually taken to mean a working-class native Londoner.在传统意义上,考克尼人指的是;出生时能听到圣玛丽-勒-波教堂钟声的人;——该教堂位于中世纪时伦敦的中心地带。它通常泛指土生土长的东伦敦区工人。Cockneys speak in a distinctive accent. East Enders, as they are often called, use a distinctive form of rhyming slang, in which ;would you believe it; becomes ;would you Adam and Eve it?;考克尼人的口音与众不同。人们常常称他们为;伦敦东区人;,他们使用独特的同韵俚语(同韵俚语使用一个与单词押韵的短语代替这个单词)。比如把;would you believe it(你相信吗?);说成;would you Adam and Eve it(;Adam and Eve;是伦敦东部地区的押韵俚语,与;believe;是相同意思。)Pearlies盛装的伦敦小贩Flamboyantly dressed figures with their black costumes covered in thousands of pearl buttons - does that ring a bell?这些身穿缀满珠母纽扣的黑色饰、盛装打扮的小贩,是不是让你觉得很熟悉?They are probably among the most recognizable Cockney symbols – the so-called Cockney royalty: Pearly Kings and Queens.他们或许是最鲜明的考克尼象征之一——这就是所谓的;考克尼皇室;:珠母纽王和王后。Organized by local officials before the Olympics, these ;Kings and Queens; met journalists and guests in an East End pub to help raise some awareness for the Cockney culture.奥运会开幕之前,在当地官员的组织下,这些;国王和王后;们在东区的一家酒吧里同诸位记者和来客见面,借此让人们了解考克尼文化。The ;pearlies; have their origins a century ago in a street sweeper named Henry Croft, who adapted the button-festooned clothes worn by London apple-sellers to help draw attention to his charity *fundraising.这些;穿着缀满珠母纽扣节日盛装的伦敦小贩;的历史可以追溯到一个世纪之前,那时有位名叫亨利#8226;克罗夫特的清洁工。他将伦敦苹果商贩所穿的以纽扣镶边的装加以改造,以吸引人们来参加他的募捐活动。Today, pearlies across London elaborately decorate hand-sewn outfits to raise money for charity. Many pass their honorary Cockney titles on from parent to child. But they worry their traditions may soon be lost.如今,为了筹钱做慈善,整个伦敦的盛装小贩精心装饰着一件件手工缝制的装。许多小贩将这种象征荣誉的考克尼人头衔传给下一代。但他们还是担心这种传统文化不久将消亡。;We are dying out,; said Jimmy Jukes, the Pearly King of Bermondsey and Camberwell in south London. ;A lot of people think we#39;re just about fancy dress.;;我们这种传统濒临衰退,;来自伦敦南部坎伯威尔和柏孟塞区的;珠母纽王;吉米#8226;朱克思如是说。;很多人认为我们只是喜欢穿着花哨罢了。;Changing times时代在变Some believe the distinctive Cockney brand of English is also in danger of dying out. In today#39;s East End, the children of immigrants speak with Cockney accents, but their slang is as likely to come from American *jargon.有些人相信,与众不同的考克尼英语也面临着消亡的危险。在如今的伦敦东区,虽然外来移民家庭的孩子说的是考克尼口音,但是他们说的俚语可能来自美国方言。Yet most Londoners recognize that ;apples and pears; is a slang for stairs or ;trouble and strife; means wife, even if they wouldn#39;t use the expressions themselves.然而大多数的伦敦人还是能够辨别出俚语;苹果和梨;指的是楼梯(编辑注:pears和stairs押韵),;麻烦和冲突;指的是妻子(编辑注:strife和wife押韵),尽管他们自己可能不会使用这些表达。But don#39;t count the Cockneys out just yet. This is a community that#39;s proud of its resilience. East Enders, after all, withstood the bulk of wartime bombing and personify Britain#39;s ;Blitz Spirit;.但是,不要忽视考克尼人。这是一个以坚韧为荣的群体。毕竟这些伦敦东区人经受住了战火的考验,而且赋予了大不列颠的;闪电战精神;。Local resident Vicky Groves hopes to share that culture with the world during the Summer Games.作为土生土长的考克尼人,维奇#8226;格洛夫斯希望借夏季奥运会之机,与全世界分享考克尼文化。;All eyes are on London,; she said. ;I think it#39;s great to be able to say, we#39;ve got traditions that go back hundreds of years.;;全世界都注视着伦敦,;她说。;我们有着几百年的传统,我想这样向世界宣告是再合适不过的了。; /201208/194590The only shoe dilemma faced by many men used to be deciding between black or brown but now, eye-catching footwear is opening up a brave new world of self-expression. ;There are studs, sparkle, print and colour everywhere,; says Ed Burstell, managing director of London department store Liberty. ;Men are now more trend aware – certain brands and styles hit the floor and they#39;re gone right away. They#39;re also prepared to spend more.;过去,许多男士所面临的两难问题通常是在黑色与棕色鞋之间进行取舍,但如今推出的则是个性十足、标新立异的鞋履。;如今的鞋上,各种饰钉、亮点、条纹以及颜色随处可见,;伦敦百货店Liberty总经理埃德#8226;伯斯戴尔(Ed Burstell)说。;男士如今越来越具有时尚意识——某些品牌与款式推出后被一抢而光,男士们愿意为此掏更多的钱。;Witness the rapper Tinie Tempah in Jimmy Choo glittery slippers (no socks), paired with a dinner suit; DJ Mark Ronson in rainbow hues; Kanye West in Christian Louboutin#39;s gold-studded men#39;s loafers, and Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am, in eye-catching high-tops. Yet while musicians have always embraced the more outre side of footwear, now they are no longer an exception.英国说唱歌手蒂尼#8226;坦帕(Tinie Tempah)堂而皇之地身着晚礼,脚上却穿着一双Jimmy Choo发光拖鞋(而且未穿袜子!);DJ歌手马克#8226;罗森(DJ Mark Ronson)身穿五缤纷的装;坎耶#8226;维斯特(Kanye West)穿着镶嵌金色饰钉的克里斯蒂安#8226;娄伯丁(Christian Louboutin)乐福鞋;黑眼豆豆组合(Black Eyed Peas)中的嘻哈明星will.i.am则是穿着一双令人咂舌的高帮鞋。音乐家总是喜欢穿稀奇古怪的鞋履,而如今他们也不再那么另类了。;We#39;re seeing a lot of customer interest in some men#39;s styles,; says Stacey Smith, menswear buyer for online retailer Matches. ;Christian Louboutin and Pierre Hardy have waiting lists long before the product hits stores.;;我们看到很多消费者喜欢流行的男款,; 斯泰西#8226;史密斯(Stacey Smith)说,他是Matches网上零售店男装部采购员。;克里斯蒂安#8226;娄伯丁与皮埃尔#8226;哈迪(Pierre Hardy)的产品上架前,订单早已络绎不绝。;Indeed, due to customer demand, Christian Louboutin is opening a new dedicated men#39;s footwear store on London#39;s Dover Street this autumn, following New York and Los Angeles locations this summer, and Jimmy Choo recently launched a dedicated men#39;s store in London#39;s Burlington Arcade. On the shelves at Louboutin there will be peacock-blue calf-leather brogues with decorative zipper detailing, gold-capped leopard-print slippers and golden-studded tartan fabric loafers (pound;795). At Jimmy Choo, expect to find ponyskin army-print loafers and purple and pink suede shoe-boots (pound;350).毋庸置疑,由于消费者对所推出的新品趋之若鹜,今年秋天,继今夏在纽约与洛杉矶开设分店后,克里斯蒂安#8226;娄伯丁在伦敦多佛街(Dover Street)新开了一家男装专卖店;Jimmy Choo近日在伦敦伯灵顿市场街(Burlington Arcade)也开了一家男装专卖店。在娄伯丁新专卖店里,届时孔雀蓝小牛皮布洛克鞋会与点缀装饰拉链豹纹拖鞋(鞋头镶金)与镶嵌金色饰钉的格子布乐福鞋(售价795英镑)同架销售。Jimmy Choo新专卖店销售的则是迷纹小马皮乐福鞋与紫色及粉色山羊皮鞋靴(售价350英镑)。Prada has created lace-up shoes decorated with applique leather flowers and studs, alongside two-tone lace-ups where the bottom half looks like it has been dipped in cherry-hued paint (pound;870 and pound;620 respectively). Alexander McQueen has floral embroidered slippers (pound;615), and Pierre Hardy is offering leopard-print brothel creepers (pound;300).普拉达(Prada)除了推出双色系带鞋(鞋跟下半部看上去像是在鲜红色颜料中浸泡过一样)外,还推出了装饰皮质贴花及饰钉的系带鞋(售价分别为620英镑与870英镑)。亚历山大#8226;麦奎(Alexander McQueen)推出了绣花式拖鞋(售价615英镑),而皮埃尔#8226;哈迪推出的则是豹纹款超厚橡胶底鞋(brothel creepers,售价300英镑)。;The best men#39;s styles are now easily on a par with their womenswear equivalents in price and the use of more luxurious skins and finishes,; says Smith. ;The secret is that they#39;re not too costumey. They#39;re fun but there#39;s real workmanship and quality materials,; says Burstell.;最潮的男款如今在价位、奢侈皮质用料以及打磨工序等方面与女款不相上下,;史密斯说。;奥秘就在于它们不是显得太过奢华,相反却设计奇妙、做工非常讲究以及使用上等材质,;伯斯戴尔说。;‘Better-made shoes are more popular in general now,; agrees Toby Bateman, buying director at men#39;s online retailer Mr Porter, adding that hand-made classic John Lobb styles in particular are selling fast on the site.;通常说来,做工考究的鞋如今更容易流行,; Mr Porter网络零售店男装采购部主管托比#8226;贝特曼(Toby Bateman)对此持同样看法,他并补充说手工打造的经典款约翰#8226;洛布 (John Lobb) 鞋在网店上尤为畅销。However, Lobb#39;s handmade styles (around pound;600) offer years of wear while these new ;directional; designs mimic the seasonal changes usually seen in womenswear and are thus a less reliable investment. Will they catch on with male consumers?但是,洛布手工款鞋(售价约600英镑)经久耐穿,而这些新推出的时尚鞋通常也存在类似女款鞋那种季节性的变化,因而在经济上不太划算。时尚男鞋能俘获男性消费者的;芳心;吗?One place that is particularly resistant to passing trends is the City of London. Says one City lawyer: ;I wore dark brown lace-ups as a change one week and those were considered ‘statement#39; enough. I was mocked for weeks by my conservative colleagues, so I am not sure these would go down well. Perhaps in media ...;对流行时尚具有;强耐抗性;的地方是伦敦金融城(City of London)。金融城一位律师这么说道:;有一周,我换了一双深棕色系带鞋,觉得很是标新立异。结果,我的那些保守朋友取笑了我好几周,因此本人不知道这些另类鞋会不会流行下去,也许媒体可以大肆吹捧……;Another Lloyd#39;s broker adds: ;I don#39;t think the commissionaires would let me in to the Lloyd#39;s building with them on and at the weekend my teenage boys say they wouldn#39;t let me leave the house in them.;英国劳合社(Lloyd#39;s)一位经纪人补充说:;我觉得自己若是穿这样的鞋上班,劳合社的门卫都不会让我进大楼;周末时,家里十来岁的儿子们说我若是穿这样的鞋,他们都不会允许我出门。;So why the sudden rush to bolder styles among the sartorially adventurous males? ;There#39;s a growing confidence among male consumers, who are becoming increasingly fashion literate and y to be more playful with their wardrobes,; says Smith.那么,那些追求新潮饰的男士为何会突然间青睐这种前卫的流行时尚?;原因是男性消费者的自信心越来越足,他们越来越了解时尚,希望尝试一把欢快风格,;史密斯说。The trend started in spring 2011 with Prada#39;s platform trainers, brogues and espadrilles, which became cult hits, and the reinvention of men#39;s slippers in opulent fabrics. The growing embrace of brothel creepers has also encouraged men to be more experimental.这股时尚风肇始于2011年春季,当时普拉达推出了厚底运动鞋、布洛克鞋以及登山帆布鞋(很快被消费者争购一空)以及重新打造了华丽织布类男士拖鞋。超厚橡胶底鞋的盛行也不断鼓励男士一试为快。;Trainers have also been a major driver,; says Burstell. ;There#39;s been a huge string of statement, bright styles, which have been really popular, and worn by lots of famous people. It#39;s encouraged men to be braver. These rare styles also appeal to the collector in men, which we#39;ve seen with sneakers for years. Shoes have become another geek pursuit.;;运动鞋也是主要的推波助澜者,;伯斯戴尔说。;市场上标新立异、颜色亮丽的鞋应接不暇,它们很受消费者欢迎,而且很多大名人都喜欢穿。它们鼓励男士更大胆地去尝试新款。这些稀有款式还引起了男性藏家的深厚兴趣(这几年来,旅游鞋的收藏就是个明),鞋成了社会另一大怪癖收藏之对象。;At the same time, observes Bateman, ;the statement shoe is much less scary than a statement jacket. Perhaps our bravery has migrated from our socks – it used to be these that the ‘classic#39; man kept as their subversive bit of fashion and now it#39;s the shoe. A coloured shoe or a velvet slipper makes me feel slightly more rebellious.;与此同时,贝特曼注意到:;相比标新立异的夹克,标新立异的鞋履不太会让消费者存有顾虑。也许我们的无畏源自以前穿袜子——过去的袜子款式多样,以致于名人们把它视作颠覆时尚之物,如今则是鞋履担此;光荣角色;。色艳丽的鞋或者天鹅绒拖鞋让本人觉得有了;挑战时尚传统;的底气。; /201209/201279阳山县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

亚达伯拉象乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么武隆县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 We most associate yawning with boredom or being sleepy, but new research suggests it can be good for your health—by cooling down your brain. Scientists at Princeton University found a big yawn can regulate the temperature of the brain and prevent over-heating. During winter, Professor Andrew Gallup and his team asked 80 random pedestrians to look at images of people yawning and then recorded whether they yawned in response. They then performed the same trial in the summer. The researchers found that half of the participants yawned in winter while only a quarter yawned in summer. You may think people would tend to cool the brain by yawning more in summer. But according to the theory, yawning cools the brain via a heat exchange with cooler air. This system therefore wouldn't work on a scorching summer's day. Professor Gallup said: "Yawning should be suppressed—in ambient temperatures exceeding body temperature because taking a deep inhalation of air would not promote cooling. He also suggested that this is the first study to show that yawning frequency varies from season to season. It could help explain why humans become confused and disorientated in extreme heat as the brain has limited ways of cooling itself down. The research is published in the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience. 据英国《每日邮报》9月20日报道,人们把多把打哈欠和无聊与瞌睡联系在一起,但一项新研究表明,打哈欠可以给人脑“降温”,有益健康。 普林斯顿大学的科学家发现,打一个大大哈欠可以调节人脑温度,避免人脑过热。 安德鲁#8226;盖洛普教授和他的团队在冬天随机测试了80名路人,让他们看关于人们打哈欠的图像,记录他们是否以打哈欠回应,他们在夏天也做了相同的试验。 研究人员发现,在冬天,一半参与者都会打哈欠,而在夏天打哈欠的受试者只有25%。也许人们会认为,人在夏天时更倾向于给脑子降温,但是,根据该理论,打哈欠得通过和较冷的空气进行热传导才能降低人脑温度。因此,该系统无法在闷热的夏天发挥作用。 盖洛普教授说:“当周围温度超过人体温度时,深吸空气并不能帮助降温,打哈欠也就会受到抑制。” 他还表示,该研究首次表明,打哈欠的频率会根据季节而变化,这能够帮助人们解释人脑降温途径受限时,会变得困惑和茫然的原因。 该研究发表在《进化神经系统前沿》杂志上。 /201110/157089同心县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养

东莞市佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养 2012年是中国的龙年, 从历史影响上看,龙在中华大地呼风唤雨近万年,最终成为民族图腾,精神象征,文化标志,情感纽带。在中国文化中,龙有着重要的地位和影响。上下数千年,龙已渗透了中国社会的各个方面,成为一种文化的凝聚和积淀。龙的文化除了在中华大地上传播承继外,还被远渡海外的华人带到了世界各地,在世界各国的华人居住区或中国城内,最多和最引人注目的饰物仍然是龙。因而,;龙的传人;、;龙的国度;也获得了世界的认同。从距今7000多年的新石器时代先民们对原始龙的图腾崇拜,到今天人们仍然多以带有;龙;字的成语或典故来形容生活中的美好事物。现在小编就帮你整理了学一些有关;龙;的成语和俗语,一起来学习一下吧。1. 叶公好龙叶公:春秋时楚国贵族,比喻口头上说爱好某事物,实际上并不真爱好。Lord Yersquo;s love of the dragonprofessed love of what one really fears2. 画龙点睛画龙点睛原形容梁代画家张僧繇作画的神妙。后多比喻写文章或讲话时,在关键处用几句话点明实质,使内容生动有力。adding eyeballs to the picture of a dragon to bring it to life, which is to put the finishing touches to something3. 望子成龙希望自己的子女能在学业和事业上有成就。hold high hopes for onersquo;s child4. 藏龙卧虎 指隐藏着未被发现的人才,也指隐藏不露、深藏不露的人才。crouching tiger, hidden dragonundiscovered talent5. 车水马龙形容车像流水,马像游龙。形容来往车马很多,连续不断的热闹情景。heavy traffic on the street/be crowded with people and vehicles/incessant (endless) stream of horses and carriages6. 老态龙钟形容年老体衰,行动不灵便。龙钟:形容行动不灵便的样子。老:年老。be old and shaky; doddering old age; old appearance with bent back and unsteady steps7. 龙凤呈祥在中国传统理念里,龙和凤代表着吉祥如意,龙凤一起使用多表示喜庆之事。prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix/in extremely good fortune8. 乘龙快婿 乘龙:好比乘坐于龙上得道成仙;快婿:称意的女婿。才貌双全的女婿。Riding dragon with an ideal son-in-lawson-in-law with a promising future or endowed with talents and good looks9. 虎穴龙潭龙潜居的深水坑,老虎藏身的巢穴。比喻极险恶的地方。a hazardous spot10. 龙飞凤舞原形容山势的蜿蜒雄壮,后也形容书法笔势有力,灵活舒展。like dragons flying and phoenixes dancinglively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy; elegant handwriting; exquisite calligraphy; flourish one#39;s pen quickly and dexterously; swift movement of calligraphy11. 生龙活虎形容活泼矫健,富有生气。a lively dragon and an active tiger12. 攀龙附凤喻依附帝王以成就功业或扬威。亦比喻依附有声望的人以立名。fawn upon the influential people/social climbers13. 鱼龙混杂比喻坏人和好人混在一起。只能指人,不可用来形容物。fish and dragons jumbled togethervarious kinds of people mixed up; a mixed lot14. 群龙无首一群龙没有领头的。比喻没有领头的,无法统一行动。a host of dragons without a head; a group without a leader15. 大水冲了龙王庙大水冲了龙王庙,一家人不认一家人:比喻本是自己人,因不相识而相互发生了冲突争端。conflicts arise between people on one#39;s own side16. 虎踞龙盘形容地势险要。a strategic fortress as if guarded by a tiger and a dragon17. 龙生九子龙生九子之传说龙生九子是指龙生九个儿子,九个儿子都不成龙,各有不同。the nine sons of the dragon18. 龙争虎斗 龙虎一样争斗。比喻势均力敌的各方之间,斗争或竞赛十分激烈。a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents19. 来龙去脉本指山脉的走势和去向。现比喻一件事的前因后果。the beginning and subsequent development of; cause and effect20. 龙马精神龙马:古代传说中形状象龙的骏马。比喻人精神旺盛。energetic/full of vigor /201201/169231亚洲巨龟怎么养图片批发价格永顺县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养




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