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辽宁抚顺妇幼保健院属于几级抚顺清原县人民医院专家咨询Miss the flight错过班机Is this the right counter to check in this flight?这里是这趟航班的登机口吗?Can I have a look at your ticket?我能看一下您酌机票吗?Here you are.I have just come from downtown.给你,我刚刚从城里赶过来I am sorry.sir.Your plane has just taken off.对不起,您的飞机刚刚起飞Really? What can I do now? I cant miss the important meeting.真得?我该怎么办啊7我绝对不能错过那场会议的I am so sory to hear that.Maybe you should go to the inmation counter over there.They can give you some advice.我真的很抱歉或许您可以去那边的问讯处,他们能给您些建议清原县医院在哪个区 Our offers are 3 days.我们的报盘三天有效We have extended the offer as per as your request.我们已你方要求将报盘延期The offer holds good until 5 oclock p.m. 3nd of June, 1997, Beijing time.报价有效期到1997年6月日下午5点,北京时间All prices in the price lists are subject to our confirmation.报价单中所有价格以我方确认为准This offer is subject to your reply reaching here bee the end of this month.该报盘以你方本月底前到达我地为有效This offer is subject to the goods being unsold.该报盘以商品未售出为准Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇subject to以……为条件,以……为准offer subject to our written acceptance以我方书面接受为准的报盘offer subject to sample approval以样品确定后生效为准的报盘offer subject to our final confirmation以我方最后确认为准的报盘offer subject to exportimport license以获得出口(进口)许可为准的报价offer subject to prior sale以提前售出为准的报盘offer subject to goods being unsold以商品未售出为准的报盘offer subject to your reply reaching here以你方答复到达我地为准的报盘offer subject to first available steamer以装第一艘轮船为准的报盘 3773Here's a new warning from health experts: Sitting is deadly. Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods even if you also exercise regularly could be bad for your health. And it doesn't matter where the sitting takes place at the office, at school, in the car or before a computer or TV just the overall number of hours it occurs.   健康专家日前发出最新警告:久坐会致呀?越来越多的科学家提醒,即使经常锻炼身体,长时间坐着也会对健康产生有害影响。而且不管你坐在哪里——办公室、学校、车上或是电脑、电视前——重要的是你坐着的时间。  Research is preliminary, but several studies suggest people who spend most of their days sitting are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack or even die.  目前该研究尚处于初步阶段,但已有几项研究显示,每天大部分时间都处于静坐状态的人更容易发胖、患心脏病甚至死亡。  In an editorial published this week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Elin Ekblom-Bak of the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences suggested that authorities rethink how they define physical activity to highlight the dangers of sitting.  瑞典体育及健康科学学院的艾琳 艾克布洛巴克上周在英囀?运动医学》杂志上发表的一篇文章中建议,相关机构应重新考虑如何界定身体锻炼,以强调久坐的危害。来 /201001/95681抚顺那家有医院治疗男性早泄比较好

抚顺曙光医院男科专家咨询Things are on the up for US billionaires with more than half of them adding to their net worth in a year which once again saw Bill Gates as the richest of them all, Forbes magazine said on Wednesday.  《福布斯》杂志周三称,美国亿万富翁们的财政情况正在好转,超过半数的富豪在过去一年中净资产有所上升,而比盖茨则再次成为美国首富。  Gates, founder of Microsoft, was the richest person in the ed States for the 17th year in a row with an estimated worth of billion, up billion from last year.  微软公司创始人盖茨以540亿美元的资产总值连续第17年蝉联美国首富,他的财富比去年增加了40亿美元。  No. 2 on the list was investor Warren Buffett, worth billion, up billion. Oracle founder Larry Ellison's net worth was unchanged, in third place, at billion. Christy Walton, heir to Walmart founder Sam Walton's fortune, was in fourth place with billion, up .5 billion.  位居榜单第二的是投资大亨沃伦#8226;巴菲特,其资产总50亿美元,比去年增加了50亿美元。甲骨文公司创始人拉埃利森的净资产未发生变化,70亿美元,位居第三。沃尔玛公司创始人萨沃尔顿的财富继承人克里斯沃尔顿排名第四,资产总40亿美元,比去年增加了25亿美元。来 /201009/114628抚顺男科医院能用医保卡 May I speak to Marry Lin please?我可以和Marry Lin说话吗?I’m sorry Marry is out right now.对不起,Marry现在出去了When will she be back?她什么时候会回来?Why don’t you call back later this afternoon?你为什么不今天下午再打过来呢? 7985抚顺新抚人民医院好不好

抚顺康复医院地址 Nearly one in 11 graduates are unemployed six months after leaving university the highest proportion for 17 years, a study reveals today.  英国今日发布的一项调查显示,/11的大学毕业生在离校六个月后还未能就业,达到了17年来的最高比例。  Rising numbers are taking jobs that do not require degrees, including as waiters and checkoutworkers, the survey of almost 225,000 graduates shows.  该调查覆盖了2.5万名毕业生。结果显示,越来越多的毕业生开始选择那些不需要学位的岗位,其中包括务员和收银人员。  The poll, by the Higher Education Careers Services charity, covered 82% of those who completed an undergraduate degree last summer and live in the UK. The pollsters interviewed the graduates in January six months after they left university. It comes as ministers plan to substantially increase the amount graduates pay for their degrees.  此次调查由慈善机构高等教育就业务处进行。调查涵盖了去年夏季在英国取得本科学位且目前在英国生活的82%的毕业生。调查人员于今年一月份,即毕业生离校六个月之后,对他们进行了访问。调查进行之时,恰逢多位部长计划要大幅提高大学生的学费。  The study found 8.9% of graduates, or just over 21,000, were out of a job after six months, a one percentage point rise on the previous year.  该研究发现,8.9%的毕业生.1万多人)在毕业六个月后还没有工作,与去年相比上升了一个百分点 The proportion of university leavers with a graduate-level job as defined by the government has dropped 3.3 points to 62.4%, the charity found. The proportion working in retail and cateringrose by 3.8 points to 14.4% about one in seven.  调查发现,毕业生微薄的起薪赶不上通货膨胀的速度。目前大学毕业生的起薪平均为19695英镑,与去年相比增加8英镑。那些学习过汉语的毕业生起薪最高,年薪2.45万英镑。而艺术专业的毕业生起薪最低,仅为14625英镑。来 /201011/117930新抚区男科专家望花区医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好



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