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哈尔滨九州妇科医院好不好哈尔滨市三院体检Anna: Help, help! (Banging on door)Tom: Help us! Were locked in.Narrator: Oh, dear. 你还记得 Tom 和 Anna 被反锁在文具柜里了吗? 那可怎么办? 别人会怎么说呢? 我们马上就要知道了…Denise: Goodness, whats that? Anna is that you? And is that you Tom?Anna: Yes, help! Were locked in.Denise: Dont panic, Ive got the key (unlocks door). There. How on earth…Tom: …its not how it looks Denise. We were just… erm…Anna: …just looking for envelopes.Denise: Really?!Anna: Yes, yes, really. The door slammed shut and locked from the inside when Tom walked in.Tom: Yeah, shes right. Just walked in, shut the door and bang.Denise: Hmm. Lets just keep it our little secret shall we. (Aside to Anna) I thought you had better taste Anna!Paul: Ah, there you are Anna, I need a word with you… Oh, you look like youve been caught doing something you shouldnt! Ha ha.Anna: But I havent.Paul: Just joking Anna. Now could you step in to my office, we need to touch base about the European marketing strategy.Anna: Are we playing baseball?!Narrator: No Anna! Touch base 是一个比喻。他想和你碰碰面,讨论一下工作进行得怎样了。Go on Anna, lets see what he has to say.Anna: Oh I see. (Office door shuts) That door doesnt lock does it?Paul: No, I dont think so. Right Anna. Biscuit? These new peanut ones are quite nice. So how are things, with the project?Anna: Well, Ive done some cold calling and have an order from a company in France.Paul: I see. Very impressive – but have they signed on the dotted line yet?Anna: The dotted line?Paul: Have they actually signed the contract yet?Anna: Well, no but…Paul: …thats the problem. Theres a rival company whos also targeting the European market called Tutti Fruity - and theyll do anything to steal our customers.Anna: Oh I see.Paul: So to keep our head above water, we need a clear strategy… and thats why Ive put you in charge. So what shall we do?Narrator: 我感觉 Paul 好像是一无所知,所以他还指望着你能想出些好主意。Anna: I think youre right – but I dont know what to say.Narrator: 告诉他需要把价格压到市场最低价 price the rivals out of the market 这样竞争对手都没法跟你竞争,不得不退出市场。你可以说 corner the market 意思是垄断市场。Anna: Oh, thanks. Thats very useful.Paul: So Anna, any thoughts?Anna: Lots Paul. I think weve got to compete on price…Paul: Oh yes.Anna: We need to price Tutti Fruity out of the market. We need to corner the market so that everyone knows we are the best choice for good quality, good value plastic fruit.Paul: I like it!Anna: And… and…Narrator: 告诉他和客户建立好的合作关系非常重要 build good relationships with our customers. 给客户们提供好的务。Anna: …we need to build good relationships with our customers. Talk to them regularly, send them gifts… go and meet them face-to-face.Paul: Face-to-face? Yes, great idea – just what I was thinking. If we follow this strategy I reckon there could be a bonus for us all by Christmas.Narrator: 恭喜你,Anna 干得不错。很有说力。如果能把你的建议和想法实现的话,那就能挽救公司了。那让我们来复习一下刚才你用到的那些和扩大欧洲市场战略计划有关的词汇和表达…Weve got to compete on price.We need to price the rivals out of the market.We need to corner the market.We need to build good relationships with our customers.Narrator: 不错,看起来事情进展的还很顺利,不过这会不会仅仅是表面现象?Denise: Anna! Anna! That man from France has called again and left a message. Hes not happy this time. Something about us trying to rip them off!Anna: What? Rip them off?Denise: It means overcharging them or giving them poor quality goods.Anna: Thats not fair. Im going to have to sort this out.Narrator: Thats it Anna! 快去和客户沟通一下,保持良好的合作关系可太重要了。我们下次节目再会。 听力挑战:Paul 告诉 Anna 他想 touch base, 这是什么意思?上期:法国的公司同意从 Tip Top Trading 购买什么商品?:5000 个皇家柠檬。 /201211/211118方正县做产前检查多少钱 Discount折扣A:Even with volume sales our costs for the Exec Uciser wont go down much.A:即使是大量销售,我们的“健身乐”生产成本仍然无法降低太多。B:Just what are you proposing?B:那么你的建议是?A:We could take a cut on the price. But 20% would reduce much our profit margin. We suggest a compromise 10%.A:敝公司可以降价,但是七五折会过度削低我们的毛利率。我们建议打九折。B:Thats a big change from 25%! 10% is beyond my negotiating limit. Any other ide as ?B:那跟七五折相差太多了!九折实在超出我们谈判限度。有其他方案吗?A:I dont think I can change it right now. Why dont we talk again tomorrow?A:我现在没办法更改方案。这样吧,我们何不明天再谈?B: Sure .I have to talk to my office anyway. I hope we can find some common ground on this.B:可以。反正我也得和公司讨论一下。希望我们能够达成共识。B:Robert, I have been instructed to reject the numbers you proposed, but we can try to come up with something else.B:罗伯特,奉公司指示,我不能接受你们所提的折扣,但我们还可以尽量找出其他可行的办法A:I hope so, Dana. My instructions are to negotiate hard on this deal, but Im trying very hard to reach some middle ground.A:希望如此,丹。上面指示我要强硬地谈这笔生意——但我一直想达成折衷的方案。B:I understand. We propose a structured deal. For the first six months, we get a discount of 20% and the next six months we get 15% .B:我了解。那么我们提议阶段式交易,前半年先给我们打八折,后半年则打八五折。A:Dana.I cant bring those numbers back to my office, theyll turn it down flat.A:丹,我没办法向公司报告这样的数字——他们一定会断然否绝。B:Then youll have to think of something better, Robert.B:罗伯特,那你就得想出更好的方案了。 /201511/407219More people in the US have favorable views of China, according to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center.皮尤研究中心的最新调查显示,有更多的美国人对中国抱有好感。The survey released last Tuesday finds that 44% of Americans have a favorable opinion of China, up from 37% a year ago.这项公布于上周二的调查发现,44%的美国人对中国抱有好感,比一年前7%有所上升。It describes the growth in positive ratings for China as partly due to declining concerns about economic threats from China.调查称,美国人对中国的好感度上升的部分原因是他们对来自中国的经济威胁的担忧降低。The survey shows that Democrats and young Americans have more favorable views towards China.调查显示,民主党人和年轻的美国人对中国的好感度更高。The favorable rating of China among Republicans, who generally hold more negative attitudes toward China, has also improved to 39% compared with 27% a year ago.在通常对中国持更负面看法的共和党人中,对中国抱有好感的比例也有所上升,从一年前7%升至39%。The Pew survey was basically in line with a Gallup poll released in February, which showed that half of Americans now view China favorably.皮尤的这项调查与盖洛月发布的一项民调基本一致。盖洛普的民调显示,目前有半数美国人对中国抱有好感。来 /201704/503494哈尔滨市医科大学医院第一院营业时间

黑龙江九洲医院农保能报销吗不用课本学商务英语口语第36期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。哈尔滨南岗区怀孕检测多少钱 M1: John, I'd like to see you in my office for a minute.M2: Yes, sir, I'll be there in just a moment.M1: John, I have been watching you. I've been paying attention to you over the last quarter and I'm impressed. You've done a tremendous job in tackling some difficult accounts. I just want to let you to know, after this month's performance reviews, I'm recommending you for promotion.M2: Gosh sir, thank you, sir! I had no idea there were any positions opening up in our department.M1: well, it's not going to be in our department.I've recommended you for an interdepartmental transfer. There's supervisory spot opening up in financial. I'm turning your name in for it.M2: Management? Wow, I had no idea I could move so quickly from entry level to managerial staff.M1: you've earned it. /201001/94692哈尔滨省五院顺产多少钱

哈尔滨市九洲医院有没有位置商业英语口语 26暂无文本 /200707/16099 something doesnt grow on trees 不是从天上掉下来的(传统表达法)英文释义Traditional expression referring to something (usually money) that is not easy to acquire, but that requires hard work, and so deserves respect.例句When I was young, I was lazy, but then I realized that money doesnt grow on trees, and if I wanted to be rich I needed to work hard.我年轻时很懒,但后来我知道,钱不是从天上掉下来的。要想发财,就得努力工作。 /201309/253732哈尔滨医科大学附属第二医院属于专科医院吗哈尔滨医大二院检查白带多少钱




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