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TED此次请来John Legend坐在钢琴前边弹边唱他的"真正的色",令人心醉。"请勇敢地\让它闪耀吧\你那色\很美\美如虹"这首歌的歌词留给孩子和老师们特别的意义。 Article/201412/346782Despite the minute success rate,尽管成功几率微乎其微the potential rewards are enormous.但潜在的回报却是巨大的We hope there would be chemicals in here我们希望这其中 有一种化学成分that would be the future cures for all sorts of disease areas.可以在未来治愈所有疾病It would be nice to think that here想象一下就在这里we do have the cures for cancer, AIDS, Malaria,能找到种药物 治愈癌症 艾滋病 疟疾any of the world Health Organisation top priorities.及所有世卫组织高度关注的疾病 那该多好If drugs are not designed but discovered,倘若药物并非设计 而是偶然发现得来then it should come as no surprise that那么 只有我们亲身尝试后we only find out what they really do to us when we take them.才知道它真正的效用也并不奇怪Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Liam!把手给我 把手给我 利亚姆This is Liam.这是利亚姆Aged five, he was disruptive, hyperactive and unable to focus.五岁 过度活跃 没办法集中 Article/201501/355904栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201511/399300

It seems wild elephants don#39;t need a full eight hours of sleep every night to maintain one of the longest memories in the animal kingdom.野生大象似乎不需要每晚睡八小时来维持动物王国里拥有最长记忆的头衔。According to one team of scientists in South Africa, wild elephants sleep an average of just two hours a night,that#39;s less than any other animal on record.根据南非一组科学家的研究,野生大象平均每晚只睡两个小时,这比其它任何动物都要少。That#39;s surprising because elephants are known for their incredible memories. And studies have shown that sleep and memory are connected.这是令人惊讶的,因为大象以其令人难以置信的记忆而闻名。研究表明睡眠和记忆是相互联系的。The team also found the pair of wild African elephants it tested slept in bursts. They slept both lying down and standing up. And sometimes, they didn#39;t sleep at all.研究小组还发现他们测试的这对野生非洲大象睡一会儿就会突然醒来。它们躺着和站着都能睡。有时,他们根本不睡觉。Sleep experts are taking the study into account, but others say it#39;s possible wild elephants have evolved to thrive with little or no sleep. The enormous mammals are busy eating 17 to 18 hours each day.睡眠专家正在考虑这项研究,但也有人说,野生大象可能已经进化到需要很少或根本不需要睡眠。这个体型庞大的哺乳动物每天有17到18个小时忙着进食。译文属。 Article/201703/495654

We#39;ve been in the capital for a couple of days,我们已在首都待了几天and we#39;re starting to appreciate the spirit of the Beijingers.我们开始欣赏北京人的精神Being in the north of the country,Beijing is exposed to some harsh, cold winters.北京坐落于中国的北方,暴露于严酷寒冷之冬Are you warm with a hat on, Ken?Yeah, I#39;m very warm with the hat on.戴上帽子暖和了吗,老谭?是的,戴上很暖和I wish I got one as well! Really?Oh, you have hair! I don#39;t. 希望我也有一顶!真的?你有头发,而我没有The locals survive it on a diet of hearty comfort food.当地人靠丰盛而舒适的食物渡过严冬And we#39;re joining them for a traditional breakfast.我们将要和他们一起享用传统早餐Smells really good.Aw, this is the kind of food I love!闻起来很不错,噢 这是我喜欢的那种食物Oh, fantastic! I feel like we#39;re at a school cafeteria. Wow!无与伦比!感觉就像在学校食堂,哇You can#39;t come to Beijing without eating a baozi.不吃包子你就不该来北京This is the pork and leek one. Yes.这是猪肉韭菜馅,是的Mmmmm! This is heaven on Earth.嗯!简直就是人间天堂It#39;s so juicy inside.里面汤汁很多Mmm!And the b is slightly sweet.嗯!面还有点甜味And the dough has to have that pillowy texture about it.面团必须有枕形纹理It#39;s steamed,just like fluffy clouds.蒸熟之后,就像松软的云It#39;s delicious.It#39;s actually like eating almost sweet nothingness. Mmm! Mmm!美味 吃起来甘甜爽滑 恩!Baozi have savoury or sweet fillings,包子有咸味或者甜味的馅料and are found across the country as street snacks.全国各地都找得到的街头小吃In Beijing,there#39;s a unique way of eating them.在北京,有一种特殊的吃法They serve the baozi with this, like, an intestine... Soup. ..soup.他们用这些东西配包子,比如,肠…汤,汤Like a garlicy soup, quite starchy.像蒜汤,相当浓稠And inside there#39;s intestine. Yeah.里面有肠,是的The locals can#39;t seem to get enough of it, so why not?当地人似乎吃不厌,怎么会吃厌呢?Mmm.嗯I#39;ve never had baozis with, like,a rich soup like that before.我之前从未吃过包裹着如此浓汁的包子Very Beijingy. Mm.非常地北京味,恩Baozi are part of the extensive dumpling family,包子是品种繁多的“饺子”家族重要的一员pleated parcels of deliciousness褶边包裹的美味that have been at the heart of Chinese cuisine for 600 years.作为中国美食的核心已经600年了In the capital#39;s highend restaurants,在首都的高档餐厅culinary pride has been taken to levels of fanatical obsession.烹饪荣誉感已经达到了一种狂热迷恋的程度Kitchens are like factory production lines,厨房俨如工厂的生产线producing thousands of dumplings a day to rulebook standards.每天按照标准生产数以万计的饺子For me, this is never going to compete with the simple pleasure of a homecooked dumpling.对我来说,这永远不会和自制饺子的简单快乐相较To perfect our techniques,we#39;re going back to dumpling school.为完善技术,我们现在要返回水饺学校 Article/201506/378917

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/378367

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