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Part Taking Samples the Laboratory Tests第十三部分 化验取样The first test is no problem,做第一项检查没有问题,but the second one has to be done on an empty stomach.但第二项目得空腹做.How long do I have to fast?我得禁食多久?Can I do the liver function test?我可以做肝功能检查吗?Hold out your hand please.把你的手伸出来.Im going to take a small sample of blood from your middle finger.我来从你的中指上采一点血.Will it hurt? Youll only feel a small prick.疼吗?你只会觉得一点小小的刺痛.Here is a box your stool sample.这是你大便的采样盒.Use something to scrape off a little about the size of a soybean,用东西挑起黄豆般大小的一块and put it in the box.放到盒子里.And here a bottle your urine sample.这是小便的采样瓶子. 669日照做人工授精青岛青医附院官网Talks between the top nuclear negotiators from the U.S. and North Korea went into ;overtime; Thursday after a day of what were described as ;substantive and serious; discussions. U.S. negotiator Glyn Davies told reporters in Beijing the sides were in ;mid-negotiations; and had decided to have dinner together and then pick up the talks again on Friday. He said the teams had covered a ;number of issues; but declined to go into detail about any sticking points such as the issue of nuclear enrichment.星期四美国和朝鲜高级核谈判代表的会谈进入加时期。此前双方用了一整天时间进行了被形容;实质性的严肃讨论;。美国谈判代表戴维斯在北京对记者说,双方正在谈判中,已经决定共进晚餐,然后在星期五继续会谈。他说,双方谈判涉及了一些问题,但是他不愿提供有关棘手问题的细节,比如浓缩核材料问题。This is the third round of meetings between the countries since July, but the first since North Koreas new leader, Kim Jong Un, succeeded his father late last year. Davies and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Kye-gwan, met with aides for more than two hours Thursday morning at North Koreas embassy and then resumed the talks in the afternoon at the U.S. Embassy.这是去年七月以来美、朝间的第三轮谈判。也是金正恩在去年底继承父亲金正日权力以来第一次美、朝会谈。戴维斯跟朝鲜首席谈判代表金桂冠举行了会谈。两人的助手们也出席了会谈。星期四上午会谈持续了两个多小时,会谈地点是朝鲜驻北京使馆。当天下午,双方又在美国使馆继续会谈。来 /201202/172661青岛市市立医院在哪

青岛新阳光妇科医院做人流青岛做人流一般要多少钱Frances former first lady Bernadette Chirac, whose husband Jacques had confessed to a roving eye, on Wednesday expressed sympathy for Valerie Trierweiler after revelations of President Francois Hollandes affair with an actress.法国媒体12日报道,法国前总统雅克希拉克的夫人贝尔纳黛特希拉克当天表示,很同情“第一女友”瓦莱丽特里耶韦莱的遭遇。她自己也有过被丈夫背叛的经历。The 80-year-old told Europe 1 radio that being First Lady and always in the limelight was not easy.;You know its quite difficult,; Chirac said. ;I loved it...but I was lucky to be the mayor of Pariss wife for 18 years, the wife of the prime minister for four years and for 10 years the wife of a minister.;本月10日,瓦莱丽获悉男友奥朗德与女演员朱莉?加耶偷情后大受打击,因神经衰弱和低血压入院接受治疗。贝尔纳黛特?希拉克说:“我真心希望她只是有点倦怠了。”并补充说,愿意“分担她的悲伤”。Jacques Chirac had confessed to his weakness for women in 2007, shortly before leaving office, saying: ;There have been women I have loved a lot, as discreetly as possible.; Bernadette Chirac said her thoughts were with Hollandes partner Trierweiler, who is recovering in a presidential retreat in Versailles west of Paris following a weeks stay in hospital prompted by the scandal over the presidents love life.雅克?希拉克在2007年离任前承认自己风流多情,“我爱过很多女人”。上世纪70年代,他因爱上法囀?费加罗报》女记者计划与妻子离婚。因为有着一个风流多情的丈夫,贝尔纳黛特?希拉克更能体会瓦莱丽此刻的心情;I really hope its only a case of tiredness,; Chirac said of Trierweilers hospitalisation, adding that she ;shares her sorrow;. Trierweiler on Saturday left the Paris hospital where she had been admitted on January 10 suffering from nervous exhaustion and low blood pressure for La Lanterne in Versailles. Hollande said he would clarify Trierweilers position before an official visit to the ed States in February after revelations by French glossy Closer that he was involved in a love affair with 41-year-old film actress Julie Gayet.现年80岁的贝尔纳黛希拉克曾先后成为巴黎市长夫人、总理夫人和总统夫人,一直备受关注。她坦言,当“第一夫人”和承受万众瞩目是很不容易的。来 /201401/274264海阳第一人民中医院怎么样,收费贵吗1. How about your grades of study?你的学习成绩怎么样?. How are you getting along with your studies?你的学习成绩怎样?3. What was your best subject in college?你大学时最好的科目是什么?. In all my subjects, I got excellent scores.所有科目我都拿到很高的分数5. I was the top student among my classmates.我是班里的尖子生6. I won the scholarship in every semester.我每学期都获得奖学金7. Compound talents are needed in the society and I must study continually to keep abreast with the times.社会需要复合型人才,我必须不断学习才能跟上时代的步伐8. I got an average of 90 marks in English.我的英语平均分达到 90 分9. My records were not very good and I failed in some examinations.我成绩不是很好,一些科目还不及格. My best subject was English. I got rewards in every academic year.我最好的科目是英语,每学年都拿奖学金Dialogue 1对话 1A: How about your grades of study?A: 你的学习成绩怎么样?B: I had been doing quite well. In all subjects,1 got excellent scores.B: 我的成绩很好,在所有科目中我都拿到很高的分数A: Well. In that case, you must have got good records in English, too.A: 恩,如果是这样的话,你的英语应该也不错了B: Yes, I was the top studcni among nn classmates.B: 是的,我是班里的尖子生A: How about your oral English?A: 你的英语口语怎么样?B: Quite well. 1 took the National English Speaking Contest in CCTV and I got first place.B: 我的口语很好,我曾经参加过年中央电视台的全国英语演讲比赛,并得了第一名Dialogue 对话 A: How were you getting along with your studies?A: 你的学习成绩怎样?B: Quite well. I made good records in college. I won the scholarship in every semester.B: 我的成绩很好,大学时各门功课都不错,每学期都拿奖学金A: In addition to your major, did you have other fields to study?A: 除了你的专业,你是否还学了其他领域的知识?B: Yes, I had taken finance courses in a training school. Compound talents are needed in the society and I must study continually to keep abreast with the times.B: 是的,我在培训学校学习金融社会需要复合型人才,我必须不断学习才能跟上时代的步伐 9青岛市立医院打胎

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