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2017年10月19日 09:30:30来源:医护共享

Crowdfunding campaign for Oshawa twins raises more than ,000为奥沙华双胞胎进行的募资活动筹集了,000Though Neocate, the special infant formula their twins must have, is still not covered by insurance, donations are helping out — including ,000 from a local car dealership’s owner.尽管这对双胞胎必需的婴幼儿配方奶粉,纽康特(Neocate),不属于保险范围,然而捐款帮助他们解决了这一问题,包括一位汽车经销商捐赠的,000。After the Toronto Star and other media reported on the difficulties facing an Oshawa couple struggling to pay for infant formally their twins need to eat, a crowdfunding campaign has raised more than ,000 to help them.一对奥沙华夫妇无力付双胞胎必需的奶粉,多伦多星报和其他媒体报道后,发起了募资活动,为其筹集了,000。Trevor Grant and Jamie Barrette had twins early this year, but they were born with a birth defect common in premature babies. Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) prevented the twins (their fourth and fifth children) from digesting regular food.Trevor Grant和Jamie Barrette今年生下一对双胞胎,然而却有早产儿中常见的先天缺陷。坏死性小肠结肠炎(NEC)使这对双胞胎(他们的第四个和第五个孩子)无法消化常规食品。Eventually, doctors prescribed a special, amino-acid based formula called Neocate, which allow the babies to digest the nutrients they need without risking damage to their digestive systems.最后,医生为他们开了一种特殊的被称为纽康特的氨基酸型配方奶粉,使这对婴儿可以消化他们所需要的营养,而不损害消化系统。However, Neocate is very expensive (Barrette estimates they currently spend about per day on the formula) and is not covered by many insurance plans, including theirs.然而,纽康特非常昂贵(据Barrette预算,他们现在每天为这种奶粉花费大约),然而,却不属于保险范围。This is because the formula is considered a nutritional supplement, not medicine, and lacks a Drug Identification Number. While some plans will cover it through a special discretionary fund, Barrette and Grant cannot expense the formula to their insurer, Sun Life.因为这种配方被视为营养补充品,不是药品,缺乏药物鉴定编号。尽管一些保险计划可通过一种特殊的可自由配的资金为其投保。然而,Barrette和Grant无法让其保险公司加拿大永明金融集团(Sun Life)为其报销这种配方。Despite multiple pleas for an exception, Barrette says the insurance company has not budged, and there has so far been no word from Grant’s employer, through which they are insured.尽管很多人请求为这对夫妇破例,然而,Barrette说,保险公司并没有让步,目前Grant的雇主还没有透露任何消息,Grant夫妇是通过其雇主投保。But thanks to substantial help from the community, including the crowdfunding success, Barrette says her faith in humanity has been restored.然而,由于社会的大力援助,包括这次募资成功,Barrette说,她又重新恢复了对人性的信任。“It’s been amazing. The people that have just reached out to us are amazing. We would be completely lost without them,” she said.她说,“太不可思议了,这些向我们伸出援手的人们太好了!如果没有他们,我们就彻底完了。”“And it’s complete strangers and just sweet, and the things they do for people they don’t even know, it warms your heart.”“对我们来说,完全是陌生人,却那么好,为他们不认识的人做这些事情,让人的心里暖暖的。”译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/401549。

  • Macau#39;s casino operators came under fresh pressure on Tuesday following sluggish trading over the Chinese New Year holiday, which comes amid a wider crackdown on lavish spending by mainland officials.在经历了春节期间的交易低迷后,运营商的股票在周二遭遇了新的抛售压力。中国内地的反腐运动正在广泛打击官员的奢侈消费。Shares in Wynn Macau tumbled as much as 7.9 per cent to HK.10 while Melco Crown Entertainment fell 7.2 per cent to HK.30. Galaxy Entertainment Group fell 7.3 per cent to HK.70 and Sands China fell 7.4 per cent to HK.05, making them the worst performers on Hong Kong#39;s Hang Seng index.周二,(Wynn Macau)股票下跌7.9%,至20.1港元。新濠亚(Melco Crown Entertainment)下跌7.2%至64.3港元。集团(Galaxy Entertainment Group)下跌7.3%至37.7港元。金沙中国(Sands China)下跌7.4%至35.05港元。巨大的跌幅,令它们成为香港恒生指数(Hang Seng)中表现最差的股票。Revenues for casino operators in the former Portuguese colony have been weighed down over the past year amid an official Chinese push to reduce corruption and its bedfellow, ostentatious spending.在过去一年里,由于中国官方采取措施大力打击腐败及与之伴随的奢侈性消费,运营商的营收已大大降低。The development has made high rolling mainland punters warier about publicly gambling in the enclave, which remains the only place in China where casinos are allowed.这一局面令出手阔绰的内地赌客对于在公开变得十分小心。是目前中国唯一允许开办的地方。Last year casino revenues in Macau saw their first full-year annual decline since records began in 2002, according to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.根据监察协调局(Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau)的数据,去年的营收出现了2002年有记录以来的首次全年年度跌幅。Gaming revenues in 2014 fell 2.6 per cent to 351bn patacas (bn), ending an 11-year run of gains. They fell for an eighth consecutive month in January.2014年,业营收下跌2.6%至3510亿元(合440亿美元),结束了长达11年的增长。今年1月,业营收连续第8个月下跌。Driving the dip in share prices this week are analysts#39; reports which suggest gambling was weak over the recent Chinese New Year break, traditionally a peak period for travel and leisure spending.促使本周股价下跌的直接原因是分析师的报告。这些报告暗示,这次春节假期业依然十分低迷,而春节在往常却是旅游和休闲开的高峰期。Analysts at Barclays said that average daily table revenues were HK0.5m for the week to February 23, a period which included five days in the holiday period, compared to HK1m the weak before which they added was ;much weaker than we had anticipated.;巴克莱(Barclays)分析师表示,在截至2月23日的一周内(包括5天春节假期),日平均营收为5.105亿港元。相比之下,前一周的日均营收为5.41亿港元。分析师补充说,这一结果“大大低于预期”。Analysts at Daiwa Capital Markets said that overall gross gaming revenue was ;exceptionally lacklustre;; they expect revenues for the sector to hit a five year low this quarter.大和资本市场(Daiwa Capital Markets)的分析师表示,业总体毛收入“异常糟糕”。他们预计,本季度该产业营收将降至5年最低。Macau chief executive Fernando Chui has said he will conduct a review of the gaming sector in Spring 2015.特首崔世安(Fernando Chui)曾表示,他将在2015年春对业开展评估。 /201502/361055。
  • Shh! As the country#39;s property market starts to deflate, China#39;s cities may be relaxing their property curbs. But it doesn#39;t mean they want too many people to know about it.嘘,安静一点。随着房地产市场开始走下坡路,中国的一些城市也许正在放松楼市调控,但这并意味着它们想让太多人知道这一点。The latest example comes from the northeast city of Shenyang, where the glare of media attention after it was reported that the government was easing property curbs prompted some real estate types to dive for cover.最新的一个例子来自中国北方城市沈阳。沈阳市政府放松住房限购的传闻引来媒体的注意力,这使得一些开发商赶紧“卧倒掩蔽”。Larger Chinese cities like Shenyang are relaxing their property policies, but want to do so quietly. Officials are loath to publicize their efforts to ease curbs for fear it would seem a tacit acknowledgement that the local economy has hit the rocks.在中国,一些像沈阳这样的大中城市正在放松楼市调控政策,但当地政府希望低调行事。当地政府不愿公开宣布放松楼市调控,因为他们担心这似乎等于默认本地经济已经陷入困境。This week, Shenyang--an economic hub and the capital of north China#39;s Liaoning province--grabbed the spotlight in local news and online, after property consultants and agents said that the city had revoked restrictions on multiple home purchases.沈阳是一个经济中心,同时也是中国北方省份辽宁省的省会。本周,有房地产顾问和中介称沈阳已取消限购令,允许购买多套房。消息在本地媒体和网络上传开后,沈阳成为了关注焦点。After such news broke, the city scrambled to tamp down such reports. Property agents who had freely talked about the relaxed curbs became more tight-lipped. A spokesman from Shenyang#39;s propaganda office told China Real Time Thursday that reports that Shenyang had completely scrapped home purchase restrictions were untrue. He said he was not authorized to say if the city has made other adjustments to local property measures.消息传开后,沈阳政府急忙打压这类报道。之前曾自由谈论限购松绑的房地产中介变得三缄其口。沈阳对外宣传办公室的一名发言人周四对《中国实时报》(China Real Time)表示,有关沈阳已完全取消住房限购的报道并不属实。他表示,自己无权透露沈阳是否对本地楼市调控措施作出了其他调整。Lawyers and analysts say Shenyang#39;s reluctance to acknowledge moves to ease the curbs isn#39;t likely to stem from fear of offending the central government, which has signaled that it wants local authorities to adjust policies according to the on-the-ground conditions.律师和分析师们表示,沈阳官方不愿承认放松楼市调控不太可能是因为害怕得罪中央,因为中央已经暗示希望地方政府根据本地情况调整政策。Instead, like many local governments, it#39;s trying to take a cautious approach, analysts said.分析师说,与许多地方政府一样,沈阳正试图采取一种谨慎的方式。#39;The local governments are given more flexibility to adjust the curbs, but they prefer to wait and see,#39; says Song Seng Wun, an economist at CIMB Securities. #39;When there is a move from central planning to autonomy, the local governments are not sure how soon they should show their hand.#39;联昌国际券(CIMB Securities)的经济学家宋诚焕表示,地方政府获得了更多灵活性来调整调控措施,但他们更愿意观望。他说,每当进行从中央计划到地方自主的转变,地方政府总不能确定应该多快表露自己的意图。Nationally, local authorities have generally avoided completely revoking property curbs. Instead, they#39;ve been making gradual adjustments--for example, by allowing more homebuyers to buy homes in other districts.中国各地方政府一般都避免全面取消楼市调控措施,而是一直在进行逐步的调整,比如允许更多购房者在其他区域购买住房。Such moves have largely been made both out of a desire to boost the market, as well as preserve social stability.采取这些行动很大程度上既是出于提振楼市的愿望,也是出于维护社会稳定的目的。#39;People are losing trust in how the authorities have handled the property market. Home prices are falling and it#39;s their nest egg at stake,#39; says a Shenyang-based property consultant, who declined to be named. #39;The local authorities want to loosen the curbs quietly.#39;沈阳一位不愿具名的置业顾问说,对于政府管理房地产市场的方式,人们失去了信任,房价正在下跌,人们积蓄的财富面临危险。他说,地方政府希望悄悄放松调控措施。Still, analysts and real estate agents pooh-pooh the idea that relaxing home purchase restrictions will help boost sales, saying that weakened homebuyer demand stems from a tight credit environment, as well as expectations that prices will fall.不过,分析师和房地产经纪人并不认同有关放松限购将有助于提振住房销售的观点。他们说,购房需求下降源于一个信贷紧缩的环境以及人们对房价下跌的预期。 /201406/305924。
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