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宾县妇幼保健医院官网黑龙江省第六医院妇科地址Greenland is an island covered by the second largest ice sheet on the planet.格陵兰拥有世界上第二大的冰原On the west coast is the massiveJakobshavn Glacier.宏伟的雅各布冰河便处在它的西海岸Its become the front line in scientists attempts to understand这里已经成为科学家了解whats happening to the worlds ice today.全球变暖现象对世界冰层的影响的前沿阵地Until as recently as 1997, the glacier was relatively stable.直到1997年冰河都是稳定的But since then, its changed dramatically.然而自此之后冰河变成变化剧烈In the last five years, its retreated over six miles.过去5年冰河缩短了十公里那么多It might seem strange, but the reason the glaciers retreated so much但是它缩短的原因is because its started flowing faster.是因为冰河的流速加快The Jakobshavn Glacier is now moving at over 130 feet a day,现在它一天流动四十米the fastest in the world.成为世界上The faster it flows, the thinner it becomes.流动得最快也最薄的冰川This weakens the ice, causing it to break up.这使得冰川断裂了The result, the fjord is jam-packed with ice结果,峡湾全是拥挤的冰块that has broken off the front of the glacier and is drifting off to sea.碎裂的冰山漂洋过海201510/405521哈尔滨市哪些医院治疗妇科病好 来自世界各地最令人瞩目的艺术家们拓展音乐边界,为观众带来眩人的表演和惊人的创意,感受大师的魅力。201503/362126And the ship is 27 metres long, so its longer than the biggest of the ocean-going yachts. Its a really massive ship, its the biggest, most complete Anglo-Saxon ship ever found.;船体长达27米,是已知最大最完整的盎格鲁-撒克逊时期的船只。Were inland. Why would anybody here want to be buried in a ship?我们身处的是内陆,那为何有人会希望被葬在船上?;Ships were very important to these people. The rivers and the sea were their means of communication. It was much easier to go by water than it was by land at this time, so that people, say, in modern Swindon, would have been on the edge of the world to these people. Whereas people in Denmark and Holland would be close neighbours.;对当时的盎格魯撒克逊人来说,船只极为重要。河流与海洋是他们主要的交通路径。在那时,水路交通比陆路方便得多。因此,当时居住在现代斯温顿的人对他们来说无异于居住在世界尽头,而丹麦和荷兰则是他们的近邻。And the big question of course - for anybody looking at the grave and what was found in the grave - is that theres no body.当然最大的谜团—对任何人看着坟墓,坟墓中斯所发现的是没有尸体。Where do you think the body is?你觉得身体在哪里?;Well, the absence of the body was a bit of a mystery when the excavation happened, and people wondered whether this could be a cenotaph - i.e. a burial where the body had been lost - so its a sort of symbolic burial if you like. But nowadays we think a body was buried in the grave, but because of these special acidic conditions of this soil it just dissolved away. What you have to remember is that a ship is a water-tight vessel, and when you put it in the ground the water percolating through the soil builds up in it and it basically forms an acid bath in which all these organic things like the body and the leatherwork and the wood dissolve away, leaving nothing.;人们曾认为这可能是个衣冠冢,是无法得到逝者尸体时的一种象征性墓葬。但我们现在认为,它的确曾埋葬过逝者,只是当地特殊的酸性土壤分解了所有尸骸。你知道,船是不透水的,因而埋入地下之后,泥土中析出的水分逐渐汇聚其中,基本上形成了一个注 满酸性液体的浴缸。一切有机物如尸体、皮革、木头等都被溶解, 因而消失了。We still dont know who that owner was, but the Sutton Hoo helmet put a face on an elusive past, a face that has ever since gazed sternly out from books, magazines and newspapers. Its become one of the iconic objects of Britains history.我们至今仍未了解这艘船的主人是谁。但萨顿胡头盔给了这段难以捉摸的历史一张面孔,一张自发现以后便不断出现在书籍、报纸和杂志上, 庄重地凝视着人们的面孔。它已成为英国史的代表性物品之一。201509/400136黑龙江省武警医院预约

黑龙江哈市医大三院属于私人医院吗?黑龙江哈市第十医院好吗? l+FSks(Aj[ppu@s@lGDWavsaThis is CNN STUDENT NEWS. You give us 10 minutes. We`ll give you current events with zero commercials. I`m Carl Azuz.z__nR~ln|jxYdzWe`re starting today on the Korean Peninsula. Even though an armistice ended fighting in the Korean War in 1953, North and South Korea are still divided and they`re still rivals. The North is a communist dictatorship. The South is a republic and an ally of the U.S.O_2;_wtKjjThat`s why the world was concerned when things got heated once again earlier this month. Landmines badly wounded two South Korean soldiers who were patrolling the demilitarized between the two countries. North Korea denied laying them, but South Korea responded by making propaganda broadcast across the border.YdESfDM;l+u+Q(3QipWThat infuriated the North. Troops were mobilized. Talk of war was in the air. But things settled down yesterday when the two sides reached an agreement. North Korea said it regrets that South Korean soldiers were injured by landmines, and South Korea planned to stop its propaganda broadcast.,7I#Rcn.1WHeSTOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The DMZ is 160 miles long and it cuts through the Korean Peninsula. And despite being called the demilitarized zone, it`s one of the most heavily guarded military barriers in the world. About a million active duty troops to the North, about 600,000 to the zone, and big reserves as well, all on a footing for war really for the past 60 years, in case there might an invasion from the other side.#hpaBwrj-GSNow, we`ve seen some new skirmishes and the latest point of contention is this, these high tech speakers that the South is using to broadcast messages into the North. How could this make such a difference? Well, you have to consider the power of these speakers and the nature of the messages. These speakers, one unit, for example, set in the mountains along the South here, would have the capability of reaching by day, about six miles into the North. By night, about 12 miles in and the sound carries a little bit better. ,OZDK,RNf9UThe messages that have been sent recently have been sharply critical of the Northern leadership, sometimes they used defectors to the South to call out to their former countrymen. And the North feels a little bit powerless to do anything about this in terms of a quid pro quo, because even though they have their own speaker systems, theirs will only carry about a mile, and in some cases, that will not even get them across the DMZ himself.yvC;@3JM6l译文属原创,d6K,]GGH6n@xuY。EDF++3jsKUOfHwr%h+FVZ@nV6Om7Sf[Zh]iYvxk@bu(m%-AJ; /201508/395408哈市一院做人流手术好吗

黑龙江省妇儿妇科医院可以做NT检查吗Unlike laws made by humans,the laws of nature cannot ever be broken.不同于人所制定的法规 自然法则永远不可违背Thats why they are so powerful and,when seen from a religious standpoint,controversial,too.所以它们的威力才会如此强大 而从宗教观点来看 也才会充满争议if you accept, as I do,that the laws of nature are fixed,若你和我一样认同 自然法则永远不变then it doesnt take long to ask,what role is there for God?应该很快就会发问 上帝的角色为何This is a big part of the contradiction between science and religion.这就是科学与宗教抵触的重大论点And although my views have recently made headlines,虽然我的观点近期成为头条it is actually an ancient conflict.但其实这是由来已久的争议Back in 1277,Pope John XXl felt so threatened by the idea of laws of nature that he decreed them a heresy.回到1277年 教皇约翰21世 深感自然法则思想的威胁 于是颁布教令指其为异端邪说Unfortunately,that did nothing to change the law governing gravity.无奈这无法影响重力法则A few months later,the palace roof collapsed and fell on the Popes head.数个月后 宫殿的屋顶崩塌 落在教皇头上But organized religion soon found a solution.但高度组织化的宗教 很快就找出了解决之道For the next few hundred years,接下来数百年it was simply stated that the laws of nature were the work of God,他们声称 自然法则是出自上帝之手and God could break them if he wished to.只要上帝有意就能打破201603/429531 In the 1950s,20世纪50年代 depression was a strictly private affair.抑郁症绝对是一件隐秘的事情Those that sought help got little in return.那些寻求帮助的人几乎得不到回馈The few drugs that were只存在的寥寥数种药物on offer were unlikely to lift your spirits.却几乎无法改善人们的心情You would have dry mouth,你会遇到口干blurred vision, problems passing urine.视线模糊 排尿困难的问题Youd feel knocked out and dopey.你会觉得神志不清 反应迟钝It would be barely better这种状况比你than the situation you were actually in to start with.药前的情况好不了多少It all changed when a new wave of drugs came along.一种新药物的到来 改变了这一切Scientists had realised that a brain chemical,科学家意识到 一种大脑中的化学物质serotonin, affects our mood.血清素 影响着我们的情绪If they could find a way to boost如果他们能够找到一种the amount of serotonin in the brain,提高大脑中血清素含量的方法it could improve our sense of wellbeing.就能够提高我们的幸福感They tested hundreds of compounds他们检验了数百种化合物and managed to create a new class of drugs最终成功研制出了一种药物that had a fraction of the它消除了side effects of the older anti-depressants.传统抑郁症治疗药物的副作用This group was termed这组化合物被命名为selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors,选择性血清素再吸收抑制剂SSRIs.简称SSRIsSoon they were known simply by the很快人们便熟知了其商品名brand name of the first one on the market, Prozac.这也是市场上首次出现此类药物 百忧解201502/360605哈尔滨医大二院是公立还是私立道外区妇幼保健医院体检收费标准



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