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新疆维吾尔自治区维吾尔医医院去疤多少钱新疆注射润白颜玻尿酸多少钱石河子疤痕修复多少钱 Part 4 Basic Information第4部分:基本信息I.Useful ExpressionI.实用表达1)Where can I change some money?1)我可以去哪换点钱?2)You can go to the Bank of China(BOC)/2)你可以去中国.You can go to the Agricultural Bank of China(A)/你可以去中国农业.You can go to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(IC)/你可以去中国工商.You can go to the Construction Bank of China(C).你可以去中国建设.3)Excuse me.Where could I get a haircut?3)请问在哪里可以理发?4)Could you tell me a good palace to get my hair done?4)你能告诉我一家好的理发店吗?5)How are you feeling today?5)今天感觉怎么样?6)Do you feel better now?6)现在好点儿了吗?7)Do you need a doctor?7)要不要找个大夫看看?8)Do you need some medicine?8)需要药吗?9)Excuse me.Where could I send a postcard/a letter/ an email?9)请问在哪可以寄明信片/寄信/发电子邮件?10)What would you like to have?10)想吃点什么?11)Beijing duck is the most famous food in Beijing.11)北京烤鸭是北京最有名的菜.12)Do you like seafood hot food or something else?12)吃海鲜,辣菜还是什么别的?13)Would you like something to drink?13)你想喝点什么?II.DialoguesII.对话1)A:I would like to change some money.Where should I go?A:我想换点钱,到哪换呢?B:You can go to the BOC/IC/A/C.B:可以去中行/工商行/农行/建行.2)A:I want to have a haircut./I want to get my hair done.2)A:我想理理发./我想做做头发.B:I know a very good barbershop,I will take you there.B:我知道一家理发店很好,我带你去吧.3)A:You are not looking well today.3)A:今天你气色不大好.B:Oh,I have a very bad headache.B:唉,头痛得厉害.A:Sorry to hear that.Do you need a doctor.A:真糟糕,要不要看大夫?B:No,thanks.I have taken some medicine.B:谢谢,不用了.我已经吃过药了.4)A:Excuse me.How can I send some postcards back home?4)A:请问我怎么给家里寄几张明信片?B:There#39;s a post office south of the Bank of China.B:中国南边有个邮局A:And where can I make an international long-distance call?A:在哪能打国际长途电话B:The post office provides that service too.B:邮局里也提供这项务A:How about sending an e-mail?A:那要发电子邮件呢?B:There#39;s a lot of internet bars and computer rooms on the street.B:街上有很多网吧和电脑房.5)A:What do you fancy for lunch?5)A:午饭你想吃什么?B:Chinese food,I guess.B:还是中餐吧.A:Do you like seafood,hot food or something else?A:吃海鲜,辣菜还是什么别的?B:Just take some food like what we have at home.B:来点家常菜吧.A:They have dumplings,noodles,and rice here Which do you like?A:这儿有饺子,面条和米饭,你要哪个?B:Dumplings,please.B:饺子吧.A:Something to drink?A:喝点什么?B:Tea will be fine.B:茶就行了 /200606/7730阿拉尔除晒斑多少钱

博乐市注射丰唇一针多少钱吐鲁番处女膜修复多少钱 Mary is very indecisive,she cannot make decisions very quickly.玛丽是非常优柔寡断的,她不能很快地作出决定。indecisive表示没有决断力的,优柔寡断的;它的反意词则是decisive,表示坚决的,果断的。A decisive person is needed to deal with the situation.应付这一局面需要一个坚决果断的人。 /200803/29363乌鲁木齐市友谊医院整形

博乐市耳部整形多少钱Tostig was the Earl of Northumbria and also the family hothead,诺森比亚伯爵托斯提戈 在家族中向来鲁莽and had managed to provoke a northern rebellion against him.曾挑起过一次北部叛乱He#39;d been fleecing abbeys and monasteries,creating his own private army他搜刮各个修道院 建立了自己的私人军队and generally acting like a greedy tyrannical brat.活脱脱一个贪婪残暴的顽童Inevitably, the local nobles rose against him,declared him outlaw当地贵族必然奋起反抗 他们认定他为不合法 and put in their own man to be the new earl.并安排自己人顶替了伯爵Harold was sent by King Edward to sort out the mess哈罗德受爱德华国王派遣 前去解决纷争and was immediately faced with two tough choices.他立马就迎来了两难的选择He could back his younger brother Tostig against the rebels,若持弟弟托斯提戈与反抗贵族为敌but that might create a civil war.就会引发一场内战Or he could forget about blood ties and support Tostig#39;s enemies.若不顾血肉之情 持托斯提戈的敌人In return, they might feel grateful enough to offer him their crucial support贵族们可能会感恩于心 在他准备夺下王位的时候when the time came for him to make his bid for the English throne.回报他以至关重要的持In the end, Harold put ambition before brotherly love.最终 哈罗德的野心战胜了手足之情He threw out Tostig and replaced him with the Earl Morcar.他扔下了托斯提戈 让莫卡伯爵代替了他Harold had broken Godwine clan solidarity and turned his own brother into a mortal enemy.哈罗德破坏了戈德温家族的团结 将亲弟弟变成了自己的死敌It was this merciless war of brothers which in the end cost Harold his throne and his life.正是兄弟间无情的战争 让哈罗德最终赔了王位 更丢了性命More than anything else,it was the cause of the death of Anglo-Saxon England.更重要的是 这也成为了盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰消亡的原因 /201607/457431 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463909新疆维吾尔医医院激光祛痘手术多少钱博乐市绣眉多少钱



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