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广东省妇幼保健院治疗不能怀孕番禺计划生育医院网上预约挂号潮州治输卵管堵塞哪家医院最好 These are the incredible works of art created by residents in a Dutch village to celebrate their greatest painter on the first Sunday of September every year。这些不可思议的作品是由荷兰一村庄的居民所创作的,在每年九月的第一个星期日,他们都以此来庆祝其最伟大的画家。Legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh was born in the village in 1853 so he has often popped up as a theme in the Netherlands#39; oldest flower festival, dating back to 1936.传奇艺术家文森特·梵高于1853年出生于这一村庄,所以他经常作为主题出现在荷兰最古老的花卉节日中,最早可以追溯到1936年。Towering beauty: The floral masterpieces, draped in dahlias, are paraded around the streets of Zundert in the south of the Netherlands on giant floats up to twenty metres long and towering 10 metres high。高耸的美景:这些由大丽花装饰的花型杰作在荷兰南部的津德尔特的大街上游行,它由长20米、高10米的巨大花车来运载,。Attracting 50,000 people this year, it also celebrates the region’s proud reputation as a global supplier of dahlias, an area now covering 33 hectares (81 acres) of 600,000 dahlia bulbs in fifty different species。今年的游行吸引了五万人,除纪念梵高之外,这场游行还庆祝了该地区引以为豪的大丽花产业(作为供应商),现在该地区覆盖了33公顷(81英亩)、60万多的大丽花球,多达50个不同品种。This huge, flowered float makes its way along the street to marvels from the crowd at the Netherlands#39; largest flower festival。在荷兰最大的花卉节日上,这辆巨大的花车绕街游行,群众发出惊叹的声音。More than 50,000 people attended the parade, a tradition dating back to 1936 which is the oldest flower parade in Europe, but only dahlias, flown in specially for the parade, are used to decorate the enormous sculptures。五万多人参加了这场游行,其传统可以追溯到1936年,是欧洲最古老的花卉游行,但是这些巨大的雕像只用特意为这场游行准备的大丽花装饰。There is a different theme every year and in 2015, locals were proud to celebrate Van Gogh, who was born in Zundert in 1853.每年游行的主题都不一样,而在2015年,当地居民们非常自豪能够为1853年出生于津德尔特的梵高庆生。But this year, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of his death, the town decided to devote the whole parade to his artistic genius, with all 19 floats dedicated to him。但是今年,为了纪念梵高逝世125周年,这座城镇决定将整场游行都献给这位艺术天才,他们把19辆花车都献给了他。The theme gave rise to a diverse range of float designs, all in the spirit of Van Gogh, with thousands lining the streets to see them go by。花样繁多的花车设计灵感都源自这次的主题,无不体现着梵高精神,供千上万的人站在街边欣赏。 /201509/399356A leading Chinese matchmaking website, jiayuan.com, surveyed nearly 15,000 unmarried people to gauge their views on potential partners and lifestyle choices, and found that most women think their ideal mate should earn at least 6,701 yuan (,030) a month, according to Xinmin Evening News.据新民晚报报道,国内知名婚恋交友平台世纪佳缘网对近1.5万未婚人群进行了调查以了解他们的婚恋观。结果显示,大多数女性认为理想伴侣的月薪至少要达到6701元(折合1030美金)。The survey showed that most of the women, hailing from many regions, think it necessary for a man to have an apartment as a prerequisite for marriage.而本次调查还显示,各个地区的多数女性都认为,男人结婚的前提条件是要有一处房子。A significant number of male respondents with monthly incomes of more than 10,000 yuan prefer not to give their pay slips to their wives. The results showed that the vast majority of post-80s female respondents have a strong desire to control the purse strings, with 78 percent of women demanding their partners hand their pay slips over to them.而在月薪过万的男性受访者中,有相当一部分人表示不愿意将工资卡交给妻子。调查结果显示,绝大多数80后女性受访者管钱欲较强,78%的女性会主动要求对方向她们上交工资卡。It also showed that 33 percent of males and 50 percent of females insist that a potential partner#39;s family should match their own in both social and economic standing.在“婚姻应该门当户对”这一观点上,33%的男性和50%的女性表示赞同。The survey revealed that male respondents are more concerned with a partner#39;s looks (68 percent), age (64 percent), and education background (25 percent). Females care more about age (61 percent), looks and income (60 percent), and owning an apartment (46 percent).另外,男性最关注对方的有如下几点:长相(68%)、年龄(64%)和学历(25%),女性最关注对方的有如下几点:年龄(61%)、长相和收入(均为60%)、有房(46%)。Male respondents with lower academic qualifications and less income said they long for marriage because they feel lonely and want somebody around, according to the report.根据报告显示,学历不高和收入较低的男性受访者表示,他们渴望结婚是因为他们觉得寂寞,想有一个人陪伴在身边。In addition, male respondents have a stronger desire for two children than their female counterparts, but overall, those born post the 1980s have the least desire for two children, the survey found.此外,调查还显示,男性受访者想要两个孩子的愿望比女性受访者更强烈。但总体而言,80后想要两个孩子的愿望最不强烈。 /201602/427459广州白云人流术

天河长安医院治疗多囊卵巢多少钱广州番禺阴道紧缩手术 Move over, humans, it seems animals need makeovers too. It#39;s all the rage in South Korea right now as pet owners are actually paying for cosmetic surgery for their furry companions!人类,麻烦腾点地儿,看起来动物们也需要化妆美容。主人花钱给宠物做美容手术在韩国已掀起一股热潮。Some of the popular procedures include tail shortening and ear trimming for dogs, to make them ‘cute#39; with pointy ears. Fat reduction is another popular surgery, along with stretch marks removal, wrinkle smoothing, double eyelid removal and even botox injections. These procedures start from and ostensibly run into the thousands.一些受欢迎的美容手术包括为剪短尾巴、修饰耳毛,变成“可爱”的尖耳朵。抽脂术也是很流行的美容手术,此外,去除妊娠纹、除皱、去双眼皮甚至是注射肉毒杆菌也很受欢迎。这些手术收费从60美元到几千美元不等。It#39;s not entirely surprising, given that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. This is the place where tourists become unrecognisable to the extent that they need special doctor certificates to return to their native lands after having work done on their faces. So it was only a matter of time before people started thinking of botoxing their pets as well.鉴于韩国是世界整容之都,出现这种现象也就不足为奇。到韩国的游客可以整容整到面目全非,必须出具医生的特别明才能回到本国。因此,韩国人想要给宠物注射肉毒杆菌只是早晚的事情。The dog in the before and after photos above apparently had plastic surgery done because his inner eyelids were pointing towards the eyes. After the procedure, his eyes look bigger, a feature that many pet owners love.通过对前后两张照片的比较,可以看出显然是做过了整容手术,因为它的内眼皮吊起来了。手术后,的眼睛明显变大了,这是许多主人喜欢的模样。According to one anonymous veterinarian, ;Plastic surgery for pets in the past were for medical reasons but the result also brought better looking dogs, so there is a growing customer base getting a plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons on their dogs.; Apparently, a few doctors believe that these surgeries are “medically safe” and ethical. They say it#39;s the ;owner#39;s right; to make their pets look beautiful.一位不具名的兽医称,“过去通常是出于医疗考虑才给宠物做整容手术,结果正好令更漂亮了,导致越来越多的消费者为了漂亮而给自己的整容。”的确,有的医生认为整容手术“符合医疗卫生安全”和道德标准。他们称让宠物更美是“主人的权利”。In fact, a few vets are actually pitching cosmetic surgery to pet owners. According to an article in Chosun Daily, a woman visited a vet to get vaccinations for her five-month-old puppy. The doctor, however, asked if she wanted to close the gap in the canine#39;s mouth which he considered unappealing from a cosmetic perspective.事实上,确有部分兽医给宠物主人推销整容手术。《朝鲜日报》的一篇文章指出,一位女性让兽医给自己五个月大的小注射疫苗,结果这名医生称从美容角度考虑,的嘴不大好看,问她是否愿意给小做口部缝合手术。Animal lovers in South Korea are horrified by the trend, which many consider animal abuse. Lots of them feel people have no right to inflict their distorted sense of aesthetics on helpless animals. Korean veterinarian magazine Daily Vet conducted a survey in which 63 percent of pet owners wanted plastic surgery for dogs to be banned. Many of them have taken to social media to express their disgust.韩国动物爱好者对这股潮流感到恐惧,多数人认为这是一种动物虐待。许多人认为人类无权将这种扭曲的审美观加诸于无助的动物身上。韩国兽医杂志Daily Vet做过一项调查,63%的宠物主人希望叫停整容术。许多人还在社交媒体上表达对该行为的反感。;Did the dogs say they want plastic surgery,; one person asked.“们说过它们想做整容手术吗?”有人问道。“I don#39;t care about people who want and get plastic surgery, but this is too much,” another wrote. “Are you saying because they look up to the owners, the owners can do anything to them?”另一位网友写道:“如果是人们自己想做并做了整容手术,我无所谓,但是给宠物做整容就太过分了。难道它们靠主人来养活,主人就可以对它们为所欲为了吗?”;What is the difference between this and forcing your own children to get plastic surgery,; another pointed out.还有人指出,“这和强迫你自己的孩子整容有什么区别。” /201510/402138天河治妇科炎症的医院

广州长安医院输精管堵塞怎么样好不好You Won’t Believe How Much Sugar Is In Your Daily Starbucks你很难相信每天喝的星巴克含多少糖Flavored drinks sold by chains like Starbucks may contain up to a whopping 25 teaspoons of sugar, according to a new analysis by a British campaign group Action on Sugar.根据英国活动团体针对糖的一项新研究,像星巴克这样的连锁店售卖的调味饮料或许含有高达满满25茶匙的糖分。That’s about as much sugar in three 12-ounce cans of Coke and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association.这大概相当于3罐12盎司的可乐和超过三倍的美国心脏协会建议的成年人每天最大摄入糖量。The report flagged 98 percent of hot flavored drinks from major coffee chains in the U.K. for containing excessive levels of sugar, with 35 percent having 9 teaspoons of sugar or more. Although the focus of the study was on drinks sold in the U.K., the nutritional information found on the companies’ websites show that the amount of sugar used is similar in the U.S. and in other countries. 这篇报告指出,英国主要的咖啡产业链中98%的热调味饮料含有超额的含糖量,其中35%有超出9茶匙的糖。尽管这项研究的关注点只是英国饮料的情况,但是根据公司网站上关于营养成分的信息,含糖量在美国及其它国家也是一样的。Seven of the 10 drinks with the most sugar are sold at Starbucks. At the top of the list was a venti hot mulled fruit drink flavored with grape, chai, orange and cinnamon, clocking in at 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving. A venti white chocolate mocha with whipped cream has 18 teaspoons of sugar; a venti chai latte has 13; and the seasonal pumpkin spice latte has 10.含糖量最高的饮料10瓶里有7瓶都是星巴克的。位居榜首的是一款超大杯加糖水果热饮,带有葡萄,印度茶,橘子和肉桂,每杯含有25茶匙的糖。一款带有生奶油的超大杯白巧克力卡,每杯含有18茶匙的糖;一杯超大杯印度茶拿铁含有13茶匙;还有季节性的南瓜香料拿铁含有10茶匙。The report includes a comprehensive plan in which it recommends all unhealthy food and drink reduce their sugar and fat content by 50 and 20 percent, respectively. It also suggests a 20 percent tax on all sugar-sweetened drinks and a ban on any advertisements of unhealthy food and drink aimed at children. 研究报告包含了一份综合的计划,建议所有不健康的食品和饮料分别减少50%和20%含糖量和脂肪含量。它还建议对所有含糖的饮料征收20%的税,并禁止针对孩子的不健康食品饮料广告。In response to the survey, a Starbucks spokesperson said that the chain plans to cut added sugar in its drinks by 25 percent by the end of 2020. “We also offer a wide variety of lighter options, sugar-free syrups and sugar-free natural sweeter, and we display all nutrition information in-store and online,” the spokesperson said.作为对这项调查的回应,一位星巴克的发言人表示,连锁店计划在2020年前减少饮品中25%的糖分。“我们还会提供更多的少糖选择,无糖糖浆以及无糖天然甜味剂,并且在商店和网站上展示出所有的营养成分,”发言人说。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430224 东莞人工授精多少钱广州天河哪里做人流好多少钱




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