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Issue No. 1The economy is front and center on voters' minds as markets slide, banks skirt collapse and the dollar is in freefall. The mortgage meltdown, the credit crunch. Up and down investments, uncertainty in the job market, today issue No.1 is the economy. The nation's housing crisis has 1 in 10 homeowners underwater. That's 8.8 million families owing more than their home is worth, according to Moody’s economy.com. And many of those could lose their homes. 900 thousand households are currently in foreclosure according to the Mortgage Bankers Association and Industry Trade Group. American debt doesn't help the problem. The average American household with a credit card owed nearly 10 thousand dollars in 2007 according to cardweb.com which serves the credit card industry. Adam Levin of consumer information website credit.com. "It's a disastrous threat. Uh, It's a threat based on the fact that the more debt that you get yourself involved in, the less income you are gonna have available to pay for other things.”If all that debt isn't enough to pinch your pocket book, the loss of value in your investment certainly could. The stock market continues its wild ride, tanking one day, soaring the next. Despite some positive signs this week, the market's still down dramatically for the year. And it's harder to save money when you are spending more for everything you buy. Gas prices for one are at record high. All this leads to fears of recession. And with recession comes the possibility of job losses."Job loss is about as serious a threat to your financial security as there is. It's not terrible right now. The problem is the trend is going in the wrong direction, jobless claims are creeping higher." The bureau of labor statistics says 6,300 people lost their jobs in February and economists say that number will likely rise. Mix all of these factors together, it signals a threat to your bottom line, your issue No.1.Gerri Willis, CNN, New York.Notes:Meltdown: an event resulting in great loss and misfortune01/60299。

US Jobless Rate Up to 8.9 Percent, Highest in 26 Years美失业率升至26年新高  The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate in the ed States rose last month to 8.9 percent. It was the highest rate since 1983, but the number of jobs lost was not as large as expected.美国劳工部报告称,上个月美国的失业率升至8.9%。这是1983年以来美国最高的失业率。但是,当月失去的工作职位并不像预期的那么多。The commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, presented the Labor Department report to the Joint Economic Committee.美国劳工部统计局专员基思.霍尔向国会联合经济委员会陈述了劳工部的报告。"This was another bad report. There was a significant deterioration in the labor market again. The job loss is large, it is widesp, it is affecting every industry sector and every demographic group," he said. “这是又一份糟糕的报告。劳工市场明显恶化。失去的工作职位数量之大,范围之广,正影响着每一个工业部门和每一个年龄阶段。”Some 539,000 jobs were lost in April, bringing the total number of unemployed to 13.7 million, up from 13.2 million in March.4月份共失去了大约53万9千个工作机会,使总的失业人口从3月份得1320万人增加到了1370万人。But the number of job losses were the fewest in the past six months, tempered in part by the federal government's hiring of temporary workers to prepare for the U.S. census next year.但这个数据是过去六个月来失业人数单月增加最少的一次。新增失业人数减少的部分原因是由于联邦政府正在雇用临时工为美国明年的人口普查做准备。Commissioner Hall says the slowdown in layoffs could be, as he put it, "a glimmer of hope" that the economy could be improving.霍尔说,失去就业机会的速度放缓,显示出了经济可能正在改善的“一丝希望的曙光”。"That looks like a moderation, but it's only one month," he cautioned.“看起来是在减速,不过只是一个月。”Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who chaired the hearing, said the Labor Department report underscores the need for continued government assistance.来自明尼苏达州的民主党参议员艾米.克洛布查尔主持了这次听会。她说,劳工部的报告凸显了政府继续提供援助的必要性。"It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said.“这是个实,明我们必须确保人们都可以得到失业补偿,确保那些失去工作的人们得到照顾。”Republicans used the report to criticize the policies of the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama administration. 共和党人利用这份报告对国会多数党民主党以及奥巴马政府提出批评。Congressman Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in a statement that the Democrats continue to increase government intervention in the free market, taking away incentives to create jobs.来自维吉尼亚州的共和党议员埃里克.坎托在一份声明中说,民主党持续干预自由市场,打消了人们创造工作机会的动力。05/69308。

Health-care reform医疗改革Looking to Uncle Sam瞧瞧山姆大叔As lawmakers squabble, spending on health care continues to grow由于立法议员争执不下,医疗保健出继续增加Jul 30th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition POLITICIANS want to lower spending, or at least they say they do. But in all the to-and-fro over raising the debt ceiling, little sensible has been said about lowering spending in the long term. Nothing illuminates this more clearly than health care.政客们想要减少出,或者至少他们嘴上是这么说的。然而在总体上,债务限额一次又一次的争论增加了债务限额,而没有意识到减少出这一长期要求。没有比医疗保健更能清楚地解释这。A new report, published in Health Affairs on July 28th, paints a daunting picture. Health spending will rise by 5.8% each year from 2010 to the end of 2020, according to actuaries at the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In 2020 health care will account for one-fifth of America’s economy. The federal government will pay for a greater share than ever before.发表在7月28日《卫生事务》上的一个最新报告,描绘了一个令人望而生畏的画面。根据医疗保险和医疗补助务(CMS)中心的精算师的预测,从2010年到2020年,医疗出每年都将增加5.8%。到2020年,医疗保健将会占到美国经济的五分之一。联邦政府将会付比以往更多的份额。Hawks have long warned that it would be impossible to curb government spending without curtailing spending on health. Democrats claimed that their health law would lower costs. Barack Obama assembled grey-haired sages to recommend changes to entitlement programmes. Paul Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, offered his own reforms. And yet spending on health care continues to climb.赤字鹰派早已警告说,不缩减医疗出而抑制住政府出将是不可能的。民主党声称他们的卫生法会减少花费。奥巴马综合了灰白头发的专家们的意见,建议改变福利计划。众议院预算委员会主席共和党人保罗#8226;瑞安提出了他自己的改革。可是医疗保健出继续攀升。201108/147094。

But the study, which followed 7th grade teens in Australia and Washington State for one year, found that those allowed to drink under adult supervision were more likely to have had a bad experience related to alcohol. Things like becoming violently drunk, or getting injured while drunk. Other studies have shown that kids are four times more likely to become alcoholics if they start drinking before the age of fifteen. It’s not entirely clear why allowing kids to drink under supervision raises the risk of later drinking problems. Experts speculate that it could make drinking excessively seem acceptable or more desirable than it otherwise would be. In any case, the studies clearly suggest that when it comes to teen drinking, parents do best to draw a firm line and not allow their kids to drink until they’re legal.【生词注释】entirely adv. 完全地; 彻底地risk n.风险speculate v. 推测legal adj. 合法的研究跟踪了澳大利亚和华盛顿州7年级学生长达一年,并发现那些在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年更可能会经历与酒相关的糟糕经历,比如暴力酗酒或是喝酒时受伤。其他的研究表明如果青少年在15岁前就开始喝酒,他们成为酒鬼的可能性会比普通人高出4倍。现在还没有完全搞清楚为什么在成年人监督下被允许喝酒的青少年长大后会有酗酒方面的问题。专家推测那样做可能使过量饮酒看起来更容易接受或使青少年比原本更有欲望去过量饮酒。无论是那种情形,研究清晰地建议:对待青少年饮酒问题,父母应尽全力来严格控制,直到青少年达到法定年龄才允许他们喝酒。201110/159026。

You are what you click 点击什么,你就是什么 In the past, you are what you eat, but in the 21st century, you are, actually, what you click. Hello I'm Elizabeth Vargas and this is 2020 In Touch.You know the old adage "you are what you eat", well, for the 21st century some say you are what you click. Today if you wanna know anything from the meaning of life to the location of the nearest Starbucks to who dang the song, that knowledge is only a click away.But are there other mysteries hidden in that unassuming internet search box? In his new book "Click", Bill Tancer says he's learned a lot about who we are by examining what we search.It's an insight that we have into ourselves that we haven't had before. Whether you're looking for a new car or searching the best way to break up with you boyfriend, everything you type in this box is saved by your search engine. Then sold anonymously to companies like Bill Tancers, his research is based on searches made by 10 million internet users in the US. Can you anything into that or it’s just a sort of a fun stuff to know? The bottom line is that there really is some important nugget in terms of who we are and where we're going. But the most significant difference Tancer sees in internet searching is how are relationship with computers is changing becoming more intimate? They looked at the very early days of search engines, we used them mostly as utility, just to get us that piece of information we're looking for. But what our data is telling us is that people are using search engines as things like a confidante, a place to get information where you don't wanna be judged, it's just about asking the questions. Perhaps a question we might be too embarrassed to ask,, even our own doctors or spouses or anything else. Yeah.We hope you'll watch 2020 on the air every Friday night at 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock central. And keep stopping by online for our daily webcast, and previews of our upcoming stories. I'm Elizabeth Vargas, for all of us at 2020, we're in touch, so you'll be in touch.200811/56168。

Green loans dry up Investment in green businesses drops, posing a challenge to President Obama's mission to creat more green-collar jobs .He’s got the ambition. “We’ll restore science to its rightful place and wield technology's wonders, we’ll harness the sun and the winds, and the soil. All this we can do. All this we will do.” But the challenges are enormous. They begin here on Wall Street, where the financial shock waves are hitting main street and green businesses.“You see, one is a little differences from the other.....” Kevin McCleod installs solar panels and his business has grown dramatically in the past few years. But since the economy stumbled, he and his colleagues are taking a serious hit. “I am really say, personally, about 30% of my businesses is off because of not being able to securing credit, the, that the jobs, and that hurts.” “Nobody can get dollars for financing if you don’t have the cash to pay for it, there is nowhere else to get the money to pay for solar energy.”A big problem for business and for President Obama’s plan to create more green-collar jobs. “Constructing fuel-efficient cars and buildings, and developing the new energy technologies that will lead to even more jobs. ”The financial benefits of solar power are huge. "Our bills are like 5 dollars and 41 cents, it’s truly a wonderful investment, and you know, it keeps us from using oil and fighting wars for oil. "But starting at about ,000, the panels come with a hefty price tag and customers are angry they can’t get loans. “It’s pretty frustrating actually, you know that, sit there and know that, you know, I 'm, I'm phoning, you know, pretty good money and work hard and pay my bills, and you know that I can't get it. ” And for solar contractors, it’s been a dark time. “Two out of ten can't get financing, you know, and financing also is affecting my business, cause my business is being financed, my, my bank shut me down.” So all eyes are turning to President Obama. If he’s promising the industry that he’s, he wants to create the green-collar jobs, he needs to put the money out there and make it available to our industry and own homeowners”; “I hope that whatever he does, you know, helps the rest of us out, you know, the working middle class, you know, everybody is trying, you know, to make ends meet.”But with a deepening recession, concerns are running high on what used to be the sunny side of the street. Juliana Silva, from CNNmoney.com.GLOSSARY1. wield v.行使,运用,配:有效地行使、运用(如权力或影响 2. harness v. 开发, 治理; 控制 3. solar panel 太阳能电池板:一组相互连接的太阳电池 4. financing n.筹措资金, 理财, 筹集资金, 融资, 财务, 资金 5. solar energy/ power 太阳能 6. green-collar jobs 绿领职业(环保类职业/对环境不会造成很大危害的职业) 7. fuel-efficient 燃料利用率高的 8. financial benefits 财务效益;按现行市场价格和财税制度计算的效益。 9. truly adv. 确实是 真实地, 不假 10. hefty 强有力的 大幅度的 11. price tag n. 价格标签:附在货物上表明价格的标签 12. help out 帮助(某人) 帮助(某人)解决困难[做某事] 13. make ends meet 收相抵 量入为出 14. the sunny side n.向阳的一面,光明面,乐观的一面 02/63032。

Brewing mergers酿造商的并购SABMiller’s taleSABMiller神话Heroic Aussie beer-drinkers make Foster’s a tempting takeover target福斯特成为收购目标 澳大利亚啤酒消费者功不可没Sep 24th 2011 | from the print edition“FOSTER’S, Australian for beer” went one slogan. Oddly, few Aussies sip the amber nectar. In Britain, where it is ubiquitous, it is brewed by Heineken, a Dutch beermaker. Yet Foster’s, Australia’s largest brewer, looks appetising to SABMiller, the world’s second-largest. On September 21st the London-based firm seemed to end a long takeover battle by raising its cash bid for Foster’s to A.9 billion (.1 billion). The Foster’s board has recommended accepting the offer.有则广告叫“福斯特,澳洲人的啤酒”。但很奇怪,很少有澳洲人会品尝这种琥珀色的佳酿。在英国情况却是大不一样,几乎人人畅饮荷兰人酿造的“喜力”啤酒。然而现在,澳洲最大的啤酒酿造商福斯特集团正逐渐引起世界第二大啤酒酿造商,英国南非米勒集团(SABMiller,以下简称南非米勒)的兴趣。9月21日这家总部位于伦敦的公司最终决定提高收购价,以99亿澳元(101亿美元)的价格收购福斯特集团。福斯特集团董事会建议接受该收购价。SABMiller, which has 10% of the global market, will acquire a business that generates barrels of cash. Australians chug an impressive 84 litres of beer a year. (The global average is a shameful 27 litres.) And though Aussies shun the insipid stuff with “Foster’s” on the can, they love the company’s Victoria Bitter, which is the nation’s bestseller. Foster’s brews seven of the ten most popular beers in Oz and has half the domestic market by volume, though its share has slipped over the years.南非米勒目前占有全球10%的市场份额。而且将要被其收购的福斯特集团将会为其带来大量收入。澳洲人每年的啤酒消费量令人乍舌的达到84公升(全球平均量只有27公升)。尽管人们对啤酒罐上的“福斯特”标识不甚关注,但对该公司的Victoria Bitter牌啤酒却钟爱有加,该啤酒正是全澳洲最畅销的啤酒。全澳洲十大最受欢迎的啤酒中就有七种是福斯特酿造的。尽管在国内市场上福斯特集团的份额在不断下跌,但仍达到50%。201109/155674。

How to translate the Olympic 奥运菜单 China's restaurateurs ponder how to translate their s into English: graphic literal description, or toned down for western tastes?The culinary delights of China are tantalizing selection to tickle your taste buds, but what does it all mean? Beijing's restaurant s have been given a linguistic makeover in a bid to tempt visitors to the Olympic host city to eat the local cuisine, but some of the descriptions seem to have left some frustrated, let alone famished. This restaurant's specialty is steamed hair-fish, but foreign customers might puzzle over the English description, "Six must occupy cooks in a covered vessel the hairtail". While steamed chicken is described as the intriguing chicken without sexual life.China's capital has taken great pains to prepare the city for an influx of Olympic visitors especially in the Food Department.Chinese cuisine has developed over a long period of time. Chinese food is rich and varied.But this boomerang of a measure has some officials worry. An official booklet has now been issued to restaurants containing rather more bland English translations for local dishes. Some restaurants have gone against the grain, preferring their own quirky translations, offering delicacies, such as wonderful fragrant fat cow.Foodies think bland translations will stop visitors from experiencing real Chinese food.You should first let people try this type of food, so that they realize how good Chinese food is, then they should go to go-street and try the more genuine flavors or even better food cooked in a Chinese home. That's the most genuine Chinese food.So, although "The clever and dexterous woman rips the cabbage" may not appeal to the less adventurous eaters, there's hope the good sports won't mind a little food lost in translation.Suranjana Tewari Reuters.参考中文翻译:中国餐馆在翻译菜单方面左右为难:是按照字面生动的翻译还是简单的迎合西方风格?中国的美食非常诱人,但是那些菜名是什么意思呢?最近北京的餐馆为了吸引游客到他们餐馆就餐而在文字方面绞尽脑汁。但是有些菜名的描述让游客非常沮丧,更不用说饿肚子了。这个餐馆的特色菜是蒸带鱼,但是外国顾客对这道菜的描述非常困惑:“厨师必须在一个盖着的容器里煮这条带鱼六个小时”,而蒸鸡的翻译更有趣“没有性生活的鸡”。中国首都在欢迎奥运会游客方面做了非常多的努力,尤其是饮食方面。中国饮食源远流长,中国美食更是多种多样。但是方式不当的恶果引起官方的忧虑。现在官方已经向每个餐馆发放了官方手册,上面印有当地美食的比较温和的翻译。但是有一些餐馆偏偏反其道而行之,以为他们自己的翻译更能吸引顾客,更能提供美味佳肴,比如“芳香肥牛”。美食家认为,比较温和的翻译会妨碍游客品尝真正的中国美食。顾客必须“食为先”,才能整整领略到中国饮食的美味,才会走上街头去品尝更多地道的美味,或者中国的家常菜。那才是最地道的中国饮食。所以,虽然“巧妇手撕包菜” 可能不会吸引那些不爱冒险的食客,但是仍然希望成功的奥运会不要介意菜单翻译方面小小的失败。200811/56849。

Political conferences政治会议Revving up the bases发动群众Auditions down south and tactical debates up north, as activists on both sides plot a course for the coming election南部轮流试镜,北部战术辩论,两边的积极分子都在为即将到来的选举设定路线图Fired up, y to blog一气呵成,准备贴出A DEMOCRAT sits in the Oval Office, preparing to run for re-election. Barack Obama is a formidable campaigner and fund-raiser. In 2008 his campaign raised a record 5m; this time his haul may exceed billion. Gearing up to oppose him are a squabbling bunch of Republicans, united in relative obscurity save for the front-runner, Mitt Romney. By rights the left-leaning Netroots Nation gathering should have been jubilant, and the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) doleful and panicky.一位民主党人坐镇椭圆办公室,准备竞选连任。巴拉克#8226;奥巴马是一个可畏的活动家和筹款人。2008年,他的竞选活动筹集到创纪录的7.45亿美元;而这次,这一数字可能超过10亿美元。准备迎战的是一群内讧的共和党人,暂时以隐约的领跑者米特#8226;罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)为首。按理说,这时左倾的草根网民大会(Netroots Nation)应该喜气洋洋,而共和党领袖大会(Republican Leadership Conference,RLC)则愁闷惊慌。But that would overlook the left’s capacity to rain on its own parade. Despite the big Democratic reforms of the past few years, the left—or at least the roughly 2,400 lefty bloggers who attended Netroots Nation—often sees the Obama administration as hesitant and incrementalist. Joan McCarter, who moderated a panel called “What to Do When the President is Just Not That Into You” (the title comes from a popular romance/self-help book), said that Mr Obama has been “not necessarily as progressive as we hoped he would be”.然而这种想法忽视了左派的内部分歧。尽管民主党在过去几年进行了重大改革,但左派(或至少参加草根网民大会的近2400名左派主)常常认为奥巴马政府不够果决,是渐进主义者。琼#8226;麦卡特(Joan McCarter),一个名为“当总统其实没那么在乎你时该做什么”(What to Do When the President is Just Not That Into You,标题来自一本流行浪漫/励志图书)的座谈小组的主持者,表示奥巴马先生“没有我们所希望的那么进步”。201107/143693。

China’s train crash中国高铁追尾Curiouser追查真相的公众The angry response to the Wenzhou crash continues温州追尾事故继续引发公众的愤怒Aug 6th 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition THE official death toll from the high-speed rail collision near the east-central city of Wenzhou on July 23rd now stands at 40, with 191 injured. Among the tens of millions in China who now share their thoughts on the nation’s microblogging outlets are many who suspect the toll is even higher. Whatever the true numbers, other casualties may be counted in the disaster and the nature of its clumsy handling afterwards. One of these is the credibility of the government.七月二十三日,在中国东部城市温州附近发生的高铁追尾事故的官方死亡人数现在为40人,同时有191名伤者。 在中国数千万通过微来分享自己的观点的网友中,他们大部分都怀疑死亡人数甚至更多。不论真实人数是多少,其他的损失可能会算入这次事故中,以及事故发生后地处理不当。 其中一点就是政府的公信力。Days after the crash, many continue to gripe openly about the government’s response, and to doubt anything officials say. Complaints focus not only on whatever neglect caused the accident—officials say it was a signalling flaw—but also on the government’s callousness in trying to clean up the site. It buried one of the stricken rail carriages and restored rail services, all before rescue operations had ended.在事故发生后的几天中,很多人继续公开地的对政府的回应表示不满和质疑。这些不满不仅集中在所有可能导致事故的忽略因素—官方称其是信号系统的问题—也集中在政府在处理现场时的冷漠上。 政府在抢救工作停止前,他们埋了一节撞毁的乘客车厢并且重新运行了高铁。201108/148412。