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妇也能跳芭蕾Far from being heavy, lumbering and clumsy, pregnant women are often fascinating, beautiful andserene, according to the artistic director of one British ballet company.And to prove it, Balletlorent is recruiting 12 pregnant women to star in a dance production alongside six professional ballet dancers."MaEternal" will be performed in the northern English city of Newcastle in May and is offering the 12 who get through the auditions "a chance to share with an audience the beauty of what it means to carry the life of another within you."Artistic Director Liv Lorent, who, coincidentally, is pregnant herself, says she has always been keen to combine trained dancers with people from all ages and stages in life to make her ballet productions richer."I've done projects in the past where I have invited all sorts of people -- children, old people, builders, footballers, doctors, all sorts -- to take part," she said."This is another development of a long-held wish to mix up the different physical types in my choreography. The shape of people changes the way they move, and I like that very much."She notes the stark contrast between the typically lithe light and muscular physique of a dancer, and the softer, rounder contours of a pregnant woman, and delights in it."You can't get a 25-year-old size 8 ballet dancer type body to move with the weight, the gravitas or the sheer cheerful spirit of a pregnant woman," she said.Lorent promises that no previous dance experience is necessary to audition for a part in MaEternal. The only requirement is that anyone wishing to take part should be up to 32 weeks by the time of the performance on May, 14. Beyond that, she says, the risk is too high of unplanned dramas on stage.As well as recruiting 12 pregnant women, Lorent has also signed up Lynn Campbell, an active birth therapist who runs pregnancy classes in and around Newcastle, to advise on the movements and abilities of expectant mothers."Culturally we don't always have the words to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, and although people are often fascinated by it, they don't know how to express that, so they say things like 'Aren't you big!'" Campbell said."So this is a real opportunity for pregnant women to be seen in a new way." 在英国一家芭蕾舞公司的艺术指导看来,妇并不笨重、迟缓、笨拙,相反,她们常常十分美丽迷人、宁静安详。为了明这一事实,“芭蕾洛伦特”公司目前正招募12名妇,与另外六名专业演员共同出演一部芭蕾舞剧。这部名为《MaEternal》的芭蕾舞剧将于5月在英国北部城市纽卡斯尔上演,顺利通过选拔的12名妇届时将“有机会与观众共同分享‘生命育之美’”。“芭蕾洛伦特”公司艺术指导丽芙#8226;洛伦特自己也是个准妈妈,她说为了使自己的作品更加丰富,她一直喜欢邀请不同年龄、不同社会背景的人与专业演员同台演出。她说:“在过去的一些作品中,我邀请过小孩、老人、建筑工人、足球运动员、医生等各种各样的人参与演出。”“我一直希望能在编舞中加入各种不同体型的人物,邀请妇同台是又一次新的尝试。人的体形会改变其动作方式,我对此很感兴趣。”洛伦特注意到,舞蹈演员身体轻盈柔软、体格健美,而妇的形体则更加柔和圆润,她对这种鲜明的对比很感兴趣。她说:“你不可能让一个身形苗条的25岁芭蕾演员跳出妇的那种厚重、庄严或欢愉的感觉。”洛伦特说,报名参选者不需要有任何舞蹈经验。唯一的条件是有意参演的妇在5月14日演出当天期最多为32周。她指出,如果超过32周,上演“意外剧目”的风险太大。除招募妇外,洛伦特还聘请了一位名叫琳#8226;坎贝尔的生育专家,为参演妇提供动作及技能指导。坎贝尔在纽卡斯尔市内及周边地区开设有期培训班。坎贝尔说:“从文化意义上说,我们似乎一直没有合适的言辞来赞美育之美,尽管人们常被这种美所吸引,但却不知道该如何表达,所以总会说‘你的肚子好大啊!’之类的话。”“所以妇跳芭蕾是以一种全新的方式展示育之美的绝好机会”。 /200803/31194In Britain, Christmas Day is normally spent at home, with the family, and it is regarded as a celebration of the family and its continuity. Preparations start well in advance, with the sending of Christmas cards and installation of a decorated Christmas tree in a prominent place in the home. Although it is now a firmly established tradition, the Christmas tree was first popularised by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, who introduced the custom from his native Germany in 1840.   在英国,圣诞节往往在家和家人一起过,且被视为对家庭和睦的一种庆祝。准备工作很早就开始了,大家寄贺卡且在家最显眼的地方装饰圣诞树。尽管这已经成为了根深蒂固的传统,圣诞树最早是由维多利亚女王的丈夫,阿尔伯特王子在1840年从德国引入这一风俗,且开始流行起来。  Some houses are decorated with evergreens (plants which do not lose their leaves in winter); a wreath of holly on the front door and garlands of holly, ivy and fir indoors. Bunches of mistletoe are often hung above doorways - any couple passing underneath must exchange kisses! Traditional food is prepared: sweet mince pies, a rich Christmas cake and the Christmas pudding. Everyone has their own favourite recipe, but they’re all packed full of spices, nuts, dried fruit and brandy.   Presents are bought and wrapped, and traditionally placed under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Christmas is both a secular and a religious holiday, and many families like to attend a midnight service at church on Christmas Eve, or celebrate Christmas in church on Christmas morning.   一些房子用常青植物(冬天不会掉叶子的植物)装点;前门挂圣洁的花圈,屋内用圣洁的花冠,常春藤和皮毛装饰。一捆捆的槲寄生经常放在门口上方——任何从下走过的情侣都必须互吻!要准备的传统食物:甜馅的派,一个花式的圣诞蛋糕和圣诞布丁。人人都有自己喜爱的食谱,但都用足了香料,坚果,干果和白兰地。礼物是买来包好的,通常都是在圣诞夜摆放在圣诞树下的。圣诞节也是世俗的宗教节日,许多家庭喜欢在圣诞夜去教堂参加午夜活动,或者在圣诞节早上去教堂庆祝圣诞。  The excitement begins for children on Christmas Eve, when they hang up their stockings (an old sock or, more ambitiously, pillow cases) around the fireplace or at the foot of the bed for Father Christmas to fill with presents. The English Father Christmas or Santa Claus is first recorded in his traditional red and white outfit in a woodcut of 1653, but the story of Santa arriving in his reindeer-drawn sleigh and descending down the chimney to fill children’s stockings with presents derives from the USA.   圣诞节最兴奋的要属孩子了,他们在壁炉边或者床角挂起袜子(一只旧袜子,或者贪心点,一个枕头),来装圣诞老人的礼物。英国的圣诞老人或者叫Santa Claus最先在1653年被木刻下来,穿着传统的红白饰,但是关于圣诞老人坐驯鹿拉的雪撬来,并且下到烟囱里给孩子送礼物的故事却是来源于美国的。  Practically everyone sits down to a Christmas dinner in the early afternoon of Christmas Day, traditionally roast turkey, but some families prefer goose or roast beef. The turkey is followed by the Christmas pudding, brought to the table flaming hot. Brandy is poured over the pudding, then lit. After dinner, everyone relaxes by going for a walk, playing games, enjoying their presents or watching television.   实际上,人人都在圣诞节那天下午早早地坐下吃圣诞晚餐,烤火鸡是传统食物,但有些家庭更喜欢鹅或者烤牛肉。在圣诞布丁之后上的菜就是热气腾腾的火鸡。白兰地斟在布丁上,然后点燃。晚饭后,所有人都去散散步放松一下,玩玩游戏,赏玩他们的礼物或者看看电视。 /200803/29062Women may get a glow during pregnancy, but now it turns out that men feel they are more attractive as well - only after the baby has arrived.女人在怀期间可能会容光焕发,但现在研究发现,男人也会因此而感到自己魅力倍增——不过是在宝宝出生以后。In the first study of its kind, men said that their self image improved after the birth in what is being called a ‘hidden benefit’ of becoming a dad.这一研究是首次对这一课题进行探讨,男人表示他们的自我形象在宝宝出生后有所改观,这就是初为人父的“潜在益处”。The scientists said that men could get the boost because they feel they are more masculine having just seen a mini version of themselves enter the world.科学家称,男人自我形象改善是因为他们刚目睹自己的微缩版降临世间,这让他们感觉自己男子气概倍增。They could also get a kick out of women cooing over them as they walk around with their baby.在男人抱着宝宝外出散步时,那些围着他们柔声交谈的女人们也让他们感到愉快。Women by contrast did not experience such a lift about their appearance - possibly because the physical demands of raising a child left them a shadow of what they used to be.相比之下,女人在孩子降生后却没有感觉自己形象有所改善,这可能是因为带小孩对女人的体力要求较高,让她们无暇自顾,所以感觉自己还是老样子。The study examined 182 people who were all newlywed adults with an average age of 24 for a woman and 26 for a man.该研究调查了182名新婚成人,其中女性的平均年龄为24岁,男性的平均年龄为26岁。They asked them to give their verdict on their own wellbeing and appearance at the start of the study, the one year anniversary and the second anniversary.研究人员让这些人分别在研究开始时、结婚一周年时和结婚两周年时对自己的幸福度和形象做出评价。One question asked them to rate how attractive they found themselves on a scale of one to 10 and how ordinary they thought they were on a scale of one to five.其中一个问题是让他们按1到10的等级对自己的魅力指数做出评价,还让他们按1到5的等级评价自己有多普通。For men who didn’t have children, notions of attractiveness remained stable.那些没有生育小孩的男人对自身魅力的看法一直保持稳定。But those who became fathers during the study’s timeframe felt more attractive after their child was born than they did previously.但那些在研究期间成为新爸爸的人在孩子出生后相比以前感到自己更有魅力。Lead researcher Alicia Cast, an associate professor the University of California-Santa Barbara, said: ‘I was talking about this paper with my husband and he commented on the attention he got when he was seen in public holding our son after he was born. Like: ;Aren’t you a good dad;, ;Look at that new dad with his baby;.首席研究员、加州大学圣塔芭芭拉分校的副教授艾丽西娅?卡斯特说:“我和我的丈夫谈论这篇论文时,他提到他抱着刚出生的儿子外出时所得到的关注。人们会说:‘真是个好爸爸’,或者说‘看那个抱着宝宝的新爸爸’。#39;Women get that feedback, too, because everybody loves a new baby. But that (benefit) may be countered by other things she’s experiencing that he’s not, in terms of how her body has changed and being more physically tired.“女人也会得到这样的回应,因为大家都喜欢小宝宝。不过这一益处可能被她正经历而男人没有经历的其他事情抵消了,比如身体发生了变化,感觉更疲劳。‘There’s a lot of attention paid to how women think about themselves – particularly their bodies and their physical attractiveness – after childbirth.“很多研究关注的是女人在生孩子后如何看待自己——尤其是自己的身体和外表吸引力。‘But to our knowledge there’s been nothing that looked at men’.“但据我们所知还没有研究关注男人在孩子出生后对自己的看法。” /201304/234414

IF SHAKIRA, a Colombian pop star, marries her boyfriend, the Spanish national footballer Gerard Piqué, the only unusual things about it would be that she is even more famous than he is and ten years older. Otherwise, theirs would be just a celebrity example of one of the world’s biggest social trends: the rise of international marriages—that is, involving couples of different nationalities. A hundred years ago, such alliances were confined to the elite of the elite. When Randolph Churchill married Jennie Jerome of New York, it seemed as if they had stepped from the pages of a Henry James novel: brash, spirited American heiress peps up the declining fortunes of Britain’s aristocracy. Now, such alliances have become almost commonplace. To confine examples to politicians only: the French president Nicolas Sarkozy is married to the Italian-born Carla Bruni and his prime minister Franois Fillon has a Welsh wife, Penelope Clarke. Nelson Mandela is married to Graa Machel (from Mozambique). Denmark’s newprime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is married to a Briton, Stephen Kinnock. And two leading ladies of Asian countries, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and India’s Sonia Gandhi, are both widows from international marriages. In rich countries alone such unions number at least 10m.试想哥伦比亚流行明星夏奇拉和她的男朋友西班牙国脚Gerard Piqué结婚了,唯一引人关注之事就只是她比她丈夫更有名气,她丈夫比他小十岁这两件事。他们的结合其实只是一个当今社会最大趋势之一的名人案例。什么趋势呢?那就是跨国婚姻的崛起,既包含了两个不同国籍的夫妇的婚姻。一百年前,这样的婚姻只限定在精英与精英之间的联姻。Randolph Churchill 和 Jennie Jerome的婚姻,就像是从Henry James的小说走出的现实故事:自以为是、年轻气盛的美国年轻女继承人让英国没落的贵族在资产财富上重新振兴。现在这样的婚姻已经是司空见惯的事了。单单就政治家而言,就有很多例子:法国总统萨科奇,他的夫人Carla Bruni就是意大利生的,法国总理Franois Fillon有一个威尔士夫人Penelope Clarke,纳尔逊曼德拉娶了来自莫桑比克的夫人Graa Machel,丹麦新的总理Helle Thorning-Schmidt也娶了外籍的英国的妻子Stephen Kinnock,还有两个亚洲国家女领导人缅甸的昂山素季和印度的索尼娅甘地,她们都是跨国婚姻的遗孀。就只发达国家,跨国结婚的夫妇至少有一千万。International marriages matter partly because they reflect—and result from—globalisation. As people holiday or study abroad, or migrate to live and work, the visitors meet and marry locals. Their unions are symbols of cultural integration, and battlefields for conflicts over integration. Few things help immigrants come to terms with their new country more than becoming part of a local family. Though the offspring of such unions may struggle with the barriers of prejudice, at their best international marriages reduce intolerance directly themselves, and indirectly through their progeny.跨国婚姻之所以重要,部分原因是因为它不仅符合并且就是全球化浪潮的产物。人们在国外度假,到异域留学,在别国生活或工作,这些拜访的客人遇见了心上人,然后和当地人喜结连理。他们的结合象征着文化的融合,也充满了文化融合过程中的擦。比起成为当地家庭的一分子,他们更多的感触是接受移民国家时的无助无奈。也许他们的后代会与由于偏见产生的隔阂抗争,但这些跨国情侣会以最佳的方式宽容忍让,或是直接通过自身的努力,或是通过他们的后代。 /201304/234369

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